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Early BBC sessions/ROIOs, reviewed by Horst [From: Horst Kiehl Date: Thu, 21 Jan 93 19:32:36 +0100] After there has been a little confusion about the so-titled "Complete Top Gear Sessions" RoIO in the last few days, it fits in that I have prepared a list of Pink Floyd's live BBC sessions, most of them Top Gear sessions, referenced to those RoIOs that I have. These include "Top Gear", "Londonfields", "The Embryo" (TSP), and (for completeness) "Libest Spacement Monitor" (TSP) and "One Of These Days" (TSP) from the Paris Theatre. I appended the list below. Perhaps most notably for those of you considering to buy the "Top Gear" RoIO is that it does *not* contain the complete Top Gear sessions. Instead of "Green Is The Colour"/"Careful With That Axe, Eugene" from the last Top Gear session (1969 May 12) it includes these from the Paris Theatre, London (1970 September 16). Also, the quality of the "Complete Top Gear" RoIO is varied. There are two tracks which I rank only Good, whereas some others I rank Excellent (out of the usual ranking scale). Some tracks are actually in better quality on "Londonfields" or "The Embryo" (TSP). The latter's final track, according to the print just "Green Is The Colour", in fact is that "Green"/"Careful" from the last Top Gear session (1969 May 12) which is missing from the "Complete Top Gear" RoIO. To me, it is disappointing that I have to keep "Londonfields" and "The Embryo" with my "Top Gear" (instead of possibly swapping them) to have the music from these sessions complete and in reasonable quality. (To do this neatly, I'll try to keep them within the same double-plus-thick box (of the "Top Gear" RoIO) by a middle part for two CDs. If I don't find such a middle part, perhaps I'll use two of those double but single-thick boxes with the double-plus-thick box's inserts.) (Speaking of Great Dane Records (GDR) RoIOs, I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy their "Eclipse" or "Man & Journey" RoIOs -- the former has destroyed recordings (from a jumping LP pickup or something, just as the final two tracks on Londonfields from 1971), and the latter's quality is only Good and doesn't compare to "Amsterdam '69", which is missing some parts of "The Journey" though. (I still have them, but they're available for swapping.) So, "Complete Top Gear" was probably the last GDR RoIO I bought.) I also have a question. Does anyone know if there are RoIOs which really contain recordings of the following? "Fat Old Sun" Paris Theatre, London 1970 September 16 "The Embryo" "Blues" Paris Theatre, London 1971 October 3 By examining the Echoes RoIO database I concluded that those RoIOs which claim to do so (if at all), in fact contained these pieces from a different date. Horst ************************************************************************ The long lines of the following text have been split to fit into 80 columns which is the limit of some mailers. Lines starting with (three) blanks (but not entirely blank) should be joined to the preceding line at column 64 (or 67 if you don't count those blanks). Reference: "Get Back To Radio", in The Amazing Pudding (TAP), issue #39, an article about all Pink Floyd BBC sessions from 1967 to 1971. (According to that article, Pink Floyd's first BBC session (Saturday Club, or something, from 1967) isn't known of featuring other music than three studio tracks from their first album, so that show isn't listed below.) ************************************************************************ Pink Floyd Live BBC Sessions ============================ Top Gear Show 1967 September 30 ------------------------------- Flaming (Barrett) T 1 [1] {G} Apples And Oranges (Barrett) T 1 [2] {VG} The Scarecrow (Barrett) T 1 [3] {VG} The Gnome (Barrett) T 1 [4] {VG} Matilda Mother (Barrett) T 1 [5] {VG} Top Gear Show 1967 December 19 ------------------------------ Vegetable Man (Barrett) T 1 [6] {G} Scream Thy Last Scream (Barrett) T 1 [8] {VG} Pow R Toc H (Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason) T 1 [7] {VG} Jugband Blues (Barrett) T 1 [9] {VG} Top Gear Show 1968 June 25 -------------------------- Julia Dream (Waters) L [8] {Ex} T 1 [10] {VG} E [4] [missing intro] {VG} Murderistic Woman (Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason) L [5] {Ex} E [3] {VG} T 1 [12] {VG} Let There Be More Light (Waters) L [4] {Ex} E [1] {VG} T 1 [11] {VG} The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) L [9] {VG} E [6] {VG} T 1 [13] {VG} Top Gear Show 1969 January 14 ----------------------------- Point Me At The Sky (Waters, Gilmour) L [6] {VG} T 2 [1] {VG} E [2] {VG} Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major (Gilmour) T 2 [2] {VG} The Embryo (Waters) T 2 [3] {Ex} E [5] {VG} Interstellar Overdrive (Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason) T 2 [4] {VG} Top Gear Show 1969 May 12 ------------------------- Daybreak (Waters) T 2 [5] {Ex} Cymbaline (Waters) T 2 [6] {VG} Green Is The Colour (Waters) - E [8] {Ex} Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason) E [8] {Ex} The Narrow Way part 3 (Gilmour) E [7] {Ex} L [7] {Ex} T 2 [9] {VG} Paris Theatre, London 1970 September 16 --------------------------------------- The Embryo (Waters) S [1] {Sup} L [1] {Sup} Fat Old Sun (Gilmour) Green Is The Colour (Waters) - S [2] {Sup} L [2] {Sup} T 2 [7] {Ex} Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason) S [3] {Sup} L [3] {Sup} T 2 [8] {Ex} If (Waters) S [4] {Sup} Atom Heart Mother (Mason, Gilmour, Waters, Wright and Geesin) S [5] {Sup} Paris Theatre, London 1971 October 3 ------------------------------------ The Embryo (Waters) Blues (uncredited) Fat Old Sun (Gilmour) O [1] {Sup} One Of These Days (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) O [2] {Sup} L [10] [destroyed] {VG} Echoes (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) O [3] {Sup} L [11] [destroyed] {VG} References - - - - - leftmost: best T: The Complete Top Gear Sessions 1967 - 1969 (GDR) L: Londonfields (The Early Years) E: The Embryo (TSP) S: Libest Spacement Monitor (TSP) O: One Of These Days (TSP)


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