(30268) Wed 23 Dec 92 1104p By Gregory Hempel To All Re Bauhaus St Local DOUBLE DARE I dar

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(30268) Wed 23 Dec 92 11:04p By: Gregory Hempel To: All Re: Bauhaus St: Local --------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOUBLE DARE I dare you, to be real, to touch a flickering flame, the pangs of dark delight don't cower in night fright Don't back away just yet from destination set I dare you to be proud to dare to shout aloud for convinctions that you feel like sound from bells to peal I dare you to speak of your despire for beurocracy, hypocracy - all liars IN THE FLAT FIELD A gut pull drag on me into the casm gaping we mirrors multy reflecting this between spunk stained sheet and odorous whim calmer eye-flick-shudder-within assist me to walk away in sin where is the string that Theseus laid find me out this labyrinth place I do get bored, I get bored in the flat field Yin and yang lumber punch go taste a tart then eat my lunch and force my slender thin and lean in this solemn place of fill wetting dreams of black matted lace of pregnant cows as life maps out onto my brow the card is lowered in index turn into my filling cabinet hemispheres spurn I do get bored, I get bored in the flat field Let me catch the slit of light for a maidens sake on a maiden flight in the flat field I do get bored replace with Piccadilly whores in my yearn for some cerebral fix transfer me to that solid plain hammer me into blazed pain moulding shapes no shame to waste and drag me there with deafening haste A GOD IN ALCOVE Go and look for the dejected once proud idol remembered in stone aloud then on coins his face was mirrored take a look it soon hath slithered to a fractured marble slab renunciation clad his nourishiment extract from his subjects that mass production profile He's a God-in-in an alcove Once he spread the rain so they dreamt in vain once he spread the wheat had made garlands for his feet until the lily poet of our times horizoned on the line love became the in theme then opposing fakers thrice by ten don't perceive his empty plea that redundant effigy He's a God-in-in an alcove Take in view his empty stool what's left in satin cool clawing adornment for his crimes they saw they had to draw the line so they sent him far away to a little alcove all alone He's a God, a God Now I am silly silly, silly, silly, silly DIVE We're going down to the kamikazi dive Fishnet leatherette Pussy Galore pseudo sumo wrestler on the door dangerous dances the dragons claw K-Tel oriental the monkey's paw You're a dead ringer for Madame Butterfly snappy little fingers stitch my thigh you're so necromantic venomous and vain mixing molotov cocktails in the subterrain We're going down to the kamikazi dive like insects in a Chinese lantern now we're feeling so alive, what's showing? We're going down to the kamikazi dive like manic moths in Chinese lanterns now we're feeling so alive, what's showing? THE SPY IN THE CAB Hidden in the dashboard the unseen mechanized eye under surveylance the road is full of cats eyes it's sick function to pry the spy in the cab Coldly observing-calously reserving a drivers time automated autonomy playing on his mind the spy in the cab The spy in the cab An eye for an eye a spy for an eye an eye for an eye a spy for a spy A twenty four hour unblinking watch installed to pry installed to cop the spy in the cab I spy with my little eye SMALL TALK STINKS Small talk stinks see the young man in his new gown talking up to his boufant drag he says he loves you with flowers something that he's never had a sentence should be like a serpent quick with a sting in its tail string me a line that has meaning and depth there's no small talk with walky talkies small talks stinks I said it stinks small talk stinks You whisper sweet nothing chit-chat back-chat there's no idle gossip in brail taking combs three times a day twice an hour identikit cute lips from wall to wall stand in line for the photo call see the young man in his new gown talking up to his boufant drag small talk stinks ST. VITUS DANCE Back in the good old days when dancing meant exploding the idea was simple for a decent overloading and for a multiple flash with no chords attached he came up with a more remote flash trigger it's connected to an accessory in his hip which automatically fires in perfect synchro but perhaps his most exciting development in his angle they call it the dance it's the St. Vitus dance such flexibility what an accessory see his soft bounce what flexibility such a soft bounce what an accessory And for special effects he has six filters three coloured red with the others pilfered and if you really want to know what that means he could throw a blue flash from eighty five feet of course you might want to check out your own little output so we devised a few simple and easy to crack contorsions so you can bump and scrape all the day through with the dance, it's the St. Vitus dance such flexibility, what an accessory such a soft bounce what flexibility, such a soft bounce check his hot shoe, feel his output he's a light machine, see his angle he's a light machine STIGMATA MARTYR In a crucifixation ecstasy lying cross chequed in agony stigmata bleed continuously holes in head, hands, feet, and weep for me Stigmata, oh you sordid sight stigmata in your splintered plight look to your crimson orifice in holy remembrance in scarlet bliss Stigmata Martyr NERVES Nerve ends tick in flicker book animation one eye's closed in fear, anticipation will it stay shut? Will it ever open? What if? Nerves! Tell tale tongues lick at seven senses brittle spittle sparks you are defenceless the fabric of dreams is ripped apart as you feel the twist of the shadowed dagger in your pumping heart Nerves Nerves like nylon, nerves like steel A trail of random cutlery cuts a dash in the concrete underpass sense of serenity is shattered in the glint of splintered glass Nerves Nerves like nylon, nerves like steel HAIR OF THE DOG The man who was mortally wonded in war kept on fighting the man who was cut to the quick by love kept on loving the man who was mercilessly tortured by thoughts kept on thinking the man who was crippled with concern kept on caring Hair of the dog hair of the dog that turned hair of the dog The man whose eyes were sore from obscenities kept on looking the man whose heart bled, killed by compassion kept on feeling the man whose legs buckled under exertion kept on running the man whose ears burned with the sound of his own name kept on listening Hair of the dog hair of the dog that turned hair of the dog THE PASSION OF LOVERS She had nut painted arms that were hers to keep and in her fear she sought cracked pleasures the pasion of lovers is for death said she licked her lips and turned to feather And as I watched from underneath I came aware of all that she keep the little foxes so safe and sound they were not dead they'd gone to ground The passion of lovers is for death said she the passion of lovers is for death She breaks her heart just a little too much and her jokes attract the lucky bad type as she dips and wails and slips her banshee smile she gets the better of the bigger to the letter The passion of lovers is for death said she the passion of lovers is for death OF LILLIES AND REMAINS In the marbled reception hall, I received a three band gold ring, from Mark, a token of esteem, running through ghost closet locker rooms, to hide from Peter, who has fallen to the old cold stone floor, wheezing and emitting a seemingly endless flow of ectoplasmic white goo from ears and mouth a wind rushes through hall, whistles as it breezes through the narrow slits in the green locker doors, I hide in one of these, No. 13 barely concealed but hopeful blackout blackout! I will climb this high wall in remembrance of Clancy to regain or re-earn my life as I died just a flicker of an eyelid ago, the wall has many holes and many foot pieces to fasten to the wall is dangerous, and this is my penance my penance and my task I did it once and they wondered yet I need to go, once more around up breathtakingly across rigidly down easily - and foolishly I endeavoured again to climb the wall in vain and capture back my chain of lillies and remains... DANCING Dancing on hot tiles dancing on tender-hooks dancing down church aisles dancing on holy books dancing on crocodiles dancing on hallowed ground dancing Nyinsky style dancing with the lost and found Dancing on rock'n'roll's grave dancing on burning coals dancing on 'Jesus saves' dancing with old scratch soul dancing on flick knives dancing a stiletto groove dancing our nine lives away dancing in the Louvre Dancing in catacombs dancing in tuxedo dtag dancing in dark rooms dancing on all your flags dancing in the Vatican dancing on the papal gown dancing on the taxman dancing on the crown We're dancing to the dark side of this tune HOLLOW HILLS Ancient earth work, fort and barrow discreetly hide their secret abodes the most fearful hide deep inside and venture not there upon yuletide For invasion of their hollow hills that music hold, and Oberon fill is surely recommended not for fear of death, in fear of rot hollow hills, hollow hilis Baleful sounds and wild voices ignored ill luck luck, disaster, the one reward violated sanctity of supermen's hills so sad, love lies there still so sad - so sad hollow hills, hollow hills witches too, and goblin too and speckled sills lament, repent, oh mortal you so sad, so sad fade!... KICK IN THE EYE And he spoke of pastures green I was never told why each journey lasts an age and my throat feels dry it must be the lesson hidden deep inside it must be the lesson so roll the tide So I began the crossing my throat burned dry searching for satori the kick in the eye I am the end of reproduction given no direction every care is taken in my rejection Kick in the eye Every care is taken with my rejection and my abduction to my addiction every care is taken with my protection and my abduction from my addiction Kick in the eye IN FEAR OF FEAR You fear the lesson and fear to walk and fear to pass on you fear to talk The teacher was feared your parents too then you became the fear of you Look to yourself climb over the wall and see behind that you're not so small then you won't blame fear when competing's too much as you fall on your back as you fail to touch And I say to you when your fear is strong when you fear your life then your fear is wrong set free your past so shredding the skin then you won't fear the fear of sin Fear MUSCLE IN PLASTIC Be like a dog lay flat on my back pull my feet off the ground let my head hit the sack I'm muscle in plastic Nyjinski's bad move just a white show piece l've got nothing to lose I preach for the praise can't laugh so I gaze like a bad offset l'm just counting the days l'm a muscle in plastic... Sonar blips on my arms my head's increased just a hotel inmate l'm the lover deceased l'm the latent impression of dancer's leg I like faking persuasion and laying my bed l'm a muscle in plastic... THE MAN WITH X-RAY EYES Shoes that no man would want to wear wipe away the night's last cold stare red fist curled round the house wash away boy shelly's shoes (wash) Chocolate power is so crisp the atomic open house is really here and we have gone so desperate your power knows no bounds and heavier with time are our shoes that no man would want to wear new tread wipes a wet road so dry - it stings Into the borrowed course under the dreadful birds under the singing soil and all those guilty clouds I have seen too much wipe away my eyes too much MASK The man of shadows thinks in clay dreamed trapped thoughts of suffocation day he's seen in iron environments with plastic sweat out of chiselled slits for eyes From the growth underneath the closed mouth you'll catch it you listen rack trapped cubist vowels from a dummy head expression from a dummy head expression The transformation is invested the mysterious and the shameful while the thing I am becomes something else part character part sensation The shadow is cast etc... THIRD UNCLE (Brian Eno) There are tins there was pork there are legs there are sharks there was John there are cliffs there was mother there's a poker there was you then there was you There are scenes there are blues there are boots there are shoes there are Turks there are fools they're in lockers they're in schools they're in you then there was you Burn my fingers burn my toes burn my uncle burn his books burn his shoes cook the leather put it on me does it fit me or you it looks tight on you SILENT HEDGES Following the silent hedges needing some other kind of madness looking into purple eyes sadness at the corners works of art with a minimum of steel Pure sensation the beautiful down grade going to hell again Self confidence leaks from a thousand wounds faults to civilisation burning the private paradise of dreams minus hands of the electric clock Pure sensation the beautiful down grade going to hell again going to hell again again SILENT HEDGES Following the silent hedges needing some other kind of madness looking into purple eyes sadness at the corners works of art with a minimum of steel Pure sensation the beautiful down grade going to hell again Self confidence leaks from a thousand wounds faults to civilisation burning the private paradise of dreams minus hands of the electric clock Pure sensation the beautiful down grade going to hell again going to hell again again IN THE NIGHT In the night, in the chair he sits there, he sits tight no more cans, no more crime see the place, see the time you ever know He walks light, don't know how maybe now, in the night Oh, I know, yes, I know there's no chat he's for show you ever know Sees the place and tries to get the time he's slowly slipping into the slime can't inject into his veins blood and guff ooze out and stain cares not that he really bleeds death not hell is what he needs sees the place, checks the time some other place, some other time you never know Slipping up and down his writhing side his eyes begin to ponder pride subjective pics of misled youth before him lies the dreadful truth 'undignified' 'insignified' his wrist on to the razor slides you never know SWING THE HEARTACHE Out of her mouth it came as no surprise lipstick stained on whipcream lies I feel that if I had been uglier it would have been easier There it sat, blinked and spat in a black feather hat and said 'The Rat' (I now possess quasi success) But she was to be a better singer swing the heartache just for her sake SPIRIT Tonight I could be with you or waiting in the wings lift your heart with soaring song cut down the puppet strings I wear a coat of drums and dance upon your eyes turn the tables upside down change the lows to highs I fill you up with butterflies crown the heads of kings be glad of first night nerves for fear gives courage wings If I am on the sidelines chances are you'll miss wait alone and spotlit for doctor theatre's kiss The stage becomes a ship in flames I tie you to the mast throw your body overboard the spotiight doesn't last I could be with you or waiting in the wings lift your heart with soaring song cut down the puppet strings I may tap you on the shoulder and whisper 'go' in red strip your feet of lead my friend Call the curtain raise the roof spirits on tonight We love our audience THE THREE SHADOWS (part II) Oh classic gentlemen say your prayers to the wind of prostitution to your faces, and rex complexes riddle my breast full of the oppressed puss O gentlemen, with your fish that you surround, all around and you man, will always point your fishes, at me But I will always exist because I always exist damn good too The rat race begins the fat face stings I hold the fresh pink baby with a smile I slice off those rosy cheeks because I feel so thirsty and Oedipus rex complexes... THE THREE SHADOWS (part III) O gentlemen swallow your prayers because the wind makes a mockery of men your soul become a fish you swim in idle waters and drink other fishes piss your soul feeds on fish on piss, puss and men who in turn, become as you have become a fish no, not even that, but a symbol of fish hooked by the baby flesh of maggots a ripple of life in tin this tin could become your world too so choose between this and water choose between tin and piss do you still feel thirsty now are you thirsty now are you thirsty now do you still feel thirsty thirsty now... ALL WE EVER WANTED WAS EVERYTHING All we ever wanted was everything all we ever got was cold get up, eat jelly sandwich bars, and barbed wire squash every week into a day The sound of drums is calling the sound of the drum has called flash of youth shoot out of darkness... factorytown Oh to be the cream EXQUISITE CORPSE Life is but a dream I make the air fall apart around me now as the petals are no more a corroding, shrinking stalk remains bereft of his blooms and the ultimate cruelty of loves pinions beset his appearance no king could replenish his state now browning, sinking, dying a thousand deaths Terry sat up and hugged the army surplus bag around his skinny waist it was cold and the person beside him has failed badly legs apart his eyes lit up the sky's gone out - the sky, the sky - the sky's gone out Zzzzzzzzzz! The sky's gone out SHE'S IN PARTIES Learning lines in the rain special effect by loonatik & drinks the graveyard scene the golden years She's in parties it's in the can Freeze frame screen kiss hot heads under silent wigs fall guy's tumble on the cutting room floor look-a-likes fall on the cutting room door She's in parties... Learning lines in the rain special effects by loonatik & drinks freeze frame screen kiss, hot heads, lightsand powder, it's patently obvious She's in parties... Hot lines under a rain of drums cigarette props in action dialogue dub, now here's the rub she's acting her reaction She's in parties... ANTONIN ARTAUD The young man held a gun to the head of God stick this holy cow put the audience in action let the slaughtered take a bow The old man's words, white hot knives slicing through worm butter the butter is the heart the rancid pealing soul Scratch pictures on asylum walls broken nails and match sticks hypodermic hypodermic hypodermic red fix One man's poison is another man's meat one man's agony another man's treat Artaud lived with his neck placed properly in the noose eyes black with pain limbs in vamps, contorted the theatre and its double the void and the aborted Those Indians wank on his bones KING VOLCANO Overshadowed by her sister pretty girl would screem King Volcano gave me numbers King Volcano is clean Lonely people burn like candles only we are clean WHO KILLED MR. MOONLIGHT Consider green lakes and the idiocy of clocks someone shot nostalgia in the back someone shot our innocence A broken arrow in a bloody pool the wound in the face of Midnight proposals someone shot nostalgia in the back someone shot our innocence In the shadow of his smile All our dreams have melted down we are hiding in the bushes from dead men doing Douglas Fairbanks stunts All our stories burnt our films lost in the rushes we can't paint any pictures as the moon had all our brushes Extracting wasps from stings in flight who killed Mr. Moonlight? Who killed Mr. Moonlight? in the shadow of his smile SLICE OF LIFE Her gaze hit the side of mine so I opened it out to destroy what you thought was difference So I lied to you once again so I painted over you once again so I die before you once again what's the difference Come clearly where the tlavour's seen here in black and white you've got two seconds baby boy in burning light white light what's the difference Clear up what you are burn out these eyes rip up this place and scream I am your slice of life Shivering under lamposts shivering under glass your standing on charisma again God knows it cannot last what's the difference Ice inside your body blood inside your soul yet still twelve faces stand around hugging your skinny bones what's the difference So clear up... And the car opened him up to so much more and the money is brighter with a wider smile and the problem expands inside your head I am your slice of life HONEYMOON CROON Honeymoon croon tonight sew my socks tonight I say whose on the race tonight lurking lipstick tickle tickle Marylin on Send her by air mail par avion certificate ecstasy in my head hire out Sybill Vane for my bed Honeymoon croon tonight... She insists on tying down after the soldier sator all alone in the cathedral bar she preys in dockland she asks to see her hidden side she, the colour of his money Honeymoon croon tonight... Marylin's fading fast better get straight the catch from the side walk is in a state the sound of footstep - mummy's here l'll be her good boy, l'll never fear better fix her drink tonight bed times come must be out of this urge to use my gun KINGDOM'S COMING Madness in the winds got something to say it ripped you apart it will always be that way Kingdom's coming, causes chaos will cut to pieces the film you saw today it's your big bad secret your crown of thorns you want got nothing, nothing, nothing at all Just look back, back again you wanted ail, but it's on the run the sky will open soon, could be today your kingdom's coming, coming this way Can't take it easy now can't turn back forget your bastard ego get it off your back It's too late now can't turn back your kingdom came today BURNING FROM THE INSIDE Running without aim throu the razor weeds that only reach my knees and when l'm lying in the grey deep I don't know how to walk the boards I open my eyes and look at the floor and now I don't see you anymore There is no choice, we make the point to counter act, a threatening hand close my hold let's be near the atmosphere HOPE Your mornings will be brighter break the line tear up rules make the most of a million times no THE SANITY ASSASSIN Sinister echoes clutching at straws letterboxes screaming you try to pin him to the wall you end up on the ceiling locked in a dome the shadows flicker by he's the mad cap pusher delerium the drug he's dealing He drops a capsule in your drink and spikes your dreams with madness He's the sniper in the hiils hiding in the holes in your head he's the poison in your poison the razor in your bed hanging on a picture eye lid needle and thread you empty yourself once again he's always one step ahead was it whispers in your ear nothing that you said? he's walking in your sleep now he keeps your fat paranoia well fed He drops a capsule... The sanity assassin stays up allnight stalking the sanity assassin picks of victims like flys the sanity assassin let his fingers do the walking the sanity assassin the crack shot between your eyes he's got you in his sights He drops a capsule... DARK ENTRIES Caressing bent up to the jug again with sheaths and pills invading all those stills in a hovel of a bed I will scream in vain oh please mill lane leave me with some pain went walking through this city's neon light in fear of disguising my warping seathing pressure lines and graceless heirs intangible of price trying so hard to find what? What was right I came upon your room it stuck into my head we leapt into the bed degrading even lice you took delight in taking down all my shielded pride until exposed became my darker side puckering up and down some avenue of sin too cheap to ride they're worth a try if only for the old times cold times don't go waving your pretentious love he's soliciting on his tan brown brogues girating through some lonesome devils row pinpointing well meaning upper class prey of walking money checks possessing holes he often sleekly offers his services exploitation of his finer years work with loosely woven fabrics of lonely offices clerks any lay suffices his dollar green eye BELA LUGOSI'S DEAD White on white translucent black capes back on the back Bela Lugosi's dead the bats have left the bell tower the victims have been bled red velvet lines the black box Bela Lugosi's dead undead undead undead the virginal brides file past his tomb strewn with time's dead flowers bereft in deathly bloom alone in a darkened room the Count Bela Lugosi's dead undead undead undead TERROR COUPLE KILL COLONEL His eyes were heavy he carried a card one couple questioned the other discharged terror couple kill colonel in his West Germany house shots from three feet dragged himself to the phone terror couple kill colonel and has he lay there playin' games with his pain the felt his choice of job was such a mistake he could have been a doctor in a soft easy chair instead he choose three stars a territorial affair terror couple kill colonel in his West Germany house SCOPES Scopes electroscopes galvanoscopes hydroscope polemescope telescope microscope sizemoscope periscope polariscope kaleidoscope stethoscope the twenty scopes --- * Origin: (1:130/603) X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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