THE ALIEN SEX FIEND DISCOGRAPHY BEGUN-42291 LAST UPDATE-22292 All UK releases unless other

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From: Morpheus Laughing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE ALIEN SEX FIEND DISCOGRAPHY BEGUN-4/22/91 LAST UPDATE-2/22/92 All UK releases unless otherwise noted ALBUMS Who's Been Sleeping in My Brain? a. LP Anagram GRAM 10 released 11/83 b. CD Anagram CD GRAM 10 + Crazee & New Christian c. LP Relativity EMC 8002 US released 3/84 d. LP Rebel LP 65-1472 GERMANY released 3/84 Acid Bath a. LP Anagram GRAM 18 released 11/84 b. CD Anagram CDM GRAM 18+ Boneshaker Baby/I'm a Product(live)/EST/ 30 Second Go c. LP Rebel LP 65 1426 GERMANY released 11/84 d. LP Epitath ASFLP -2 US 1985 e. CS Anagram C GRAM 18 11/84 + Boneshaker Baby Liquid Head in Tokyo-Live a. LP Anagram M GRAM 22 released 7/85 b. Rebel LP 60-1434 GERMANY released 7/85 Maximum Security a. LP Anagram GRAM 24 released 10/85 gatefold sleeve b. LP Rebel LC 5433 GERMANY released 10/85 gatefold sleeve and printed inner sleeve c. LP Antler Antler 037 Belgium released 10/85 artwork appears on an insert d. CS Anagram C GRAM 26 10/85 + IT-the Album the First Alien Sex Fiend Compact Disc I'm doing Time in a Maximum Security Twilight Home/Mine's Full of Maggots/Do You Sleep/In and Out of My Mind/Spies/Fly in the Ointment Seconds to Nowhere/the Beaver Destroys Forests/Do You Sleep(Not of One Mind)/Depravity Lane/E.S.T.(Trip to the Moon)/Boneshaker Baby/Ignore the Machine(Electrode Mix)/Attack!!! a. CD Anagram CD GRAM 25 released 3/86 limited edition + poster IT-the Album a. LP Anagram GRAM 26 released 11/86 limited edition has free Do-It-Yourself Fiendzine poster with lyrics illustrated by the band. later pressing have printed inner sleeve of drawings by the Mob b. LP SPV LP 65-1471 GERMANY released 11/86 c. CS Anagram C GRAM 26 10/85 + Maximum Security Here Cum Germs a. LP Anagram GRAM 31 released 9/87 b. LP PVC 8960 9/87 c. CD VAP 85044-28 JAPAN released 9/87 d. CS Anagram C GRAM 31 9/87 + Buggin' Me/It Lives Again/Hurricane Fighter Plane All Our Yesterdays a. LP Anagram GRAM 34 released 2/88 collection of first 9 singles in B&W gatefold sleeve + printed inner sleeve b. CD Anagram CD GRAM 34 + EST(extended)/Drive My Rocket c. CS Anagram C GRAM 34 2/88 ext EST + Drive My Rocket Another Planet a. CD Anagram CD GRAM 38 relaesed 11/88 b. CD SPV 80-2890 GERMANY released 11/88 c. LP US d. CS Anagram C GRAM 38 11/88 + Satisfaction Too Much Acid? a. LP Anagram GRAM 41 released 9/89 b. CD Anagram CD GRAM 41 c. CS Anagram C GRAM 41 Curse Katch 22(I. You, II. Along Cums Reality, III. Hubble Bubble, IV. Goodbye to Space)/Now I'm Feeling Zombified/Stress/Blessings of the State(ext.)/Eat! eat! Eat! (An Eye for an Eye)/Ain't Got Time to Bleed Dali-isms/Burger Bar Baby/I Think I a. LP Anagram GRAM 46 released 9/90 b. CD Anagram CD GRAM 46 + Bleeding Reprise/Mad Daddy Drives a U.F.O Wuthering Wind/Radio Jimi/Hands of the Silken/Blessing in Disguise c. CS Anagram C CGRAM 46 9/90 d. CD Sinclair SCS 1005 US + same bonus tracks as Anagram CD SINGLES Ignore the Machine b/w Gurl at the End of My Gun! a. 7" Anagram ANA 11 released 8/83 b. 7" Anagram ANA 11 re-released 2/85 c. 7" Anagram P ANA 11 picture disc 2/85 d. 12" Anagram 12 ANA 11 8/83 + Under the Thunder e. 12" Anagram 12 ANA 11 2/85 + I'm Not Mad f. 12" Anagram S ANA 11 3/85 electrode mix + Ignore the Dub g. CD Anagram CD ANA 11 88 same as f. + Ignore the Machine picture CD h. 12" Relativity EMC 1205 8/83 as d. USA i. 12" Rebel 50-1430 3/85 as f. GERMANY Lips Can't Go b/w Drive My Rocket Uranus a.7" Anagram ANA 15 released 11/83 b. 12" Anagram 12 ANA 15 11/83 + Topydown Mix & Second Coma RIP b/w New Christian Music a. 7" Anagram ANA 18 limited edition with poster sleeve in B&W,later available in a bone yellow and B&W cover a limited number of which were on blood red vinyl b. 12" Anagram 12 ANA 18 + RIP New Dub Track c. 10" Anagram 10 ANA 18 + Crazee/New Christian Music limited edition 3/84 Dead and Buried b/w Attack a. 7" Anagram ANA 23 released 8/84 limited # on blood red vinyl b. 7" Anagram P ANA 23 limited edition picture disc 8/84 c. 12" Anagram 12 ANA 23 + Ignore the Machine Dub EST(Trip to the Moon) b/w Boneshaker Baby a. 7" Anagram ANA 25 released 10/84 b. 11" Anagram 11 ANA 25 + I Am a Product 8/84 I'm Doing Time in a Maximum Security Twilight Home/I'm Doing Time(version) b/w In and Out of My Mind(version)/Backward Beaver a. 12" ANAGRAM 12 ANA 30 released 9/85 I Walk the Line EP I Walk the Line b/w School's Out Here She Comes b/w Can't Stop Smoking a. 7" Flicknife Records SFLEP 106 released 5/86 double 7" pack b.12" Flicknife Records FLEP 106 5/86 Smells Like... b/w Buggin' Me a. 7" Plague ANA 32 released 10/86 b. 12" Anagram 12 ANA 32 10/86 the Shit Mix + Plip Plop Mix 1 c. 7" SPV 50-1470 10/86 GERMANY Hurricane Fighter Plane b/w It Lives Again a. 7" Anagram ANA 33 released '87 b. 12" Anagram 12 ANA 23 '87 + Hurricane Fighter Dub&It Lives Again (Again) c. 12" SPV 50-1477 GERMANY as b. the Impossible Mission b/w My Brain is in a Cupboard-Above the Kitchen Sink a. 7" Anagram ANA 34 released 6/87 b. 12" Anagram 12 ANA 34 + Impossible Mission 2 also released in GERMANY on SPV 50-1493 the Impossible Mission mini-lp the Impossible Mission/It Lives Again/Hurricane Fighter Plane/Smells Like .../Buggin Me/My Brain is in the Cupboard-Above the Kitchen Sink the Impossible Mission #2 a. 12" Passport Records pvc6917 Here Cum the Germs b/w Here Cum the Germs Ravi mix 2/Int w/Nik on Finland Radio a. 7" Plague Records ANA 38 released 9/87 b. 12" Plague Records 12 ANA 38 + Here Comes Cums Dub&Camel Camel ravi mix 1 no int 9/87 c. 12" SPV 50-1496 GERMANY as b. Stuff the Turkey b/w They Call Me Crazee a. 7" Anagram ANA 40 released 12/87 lmtd ed on red or green vinyl b. 12" Anagram 12 ANA 40 + They Call Me Crazee(ext)/Bootiful Dub/ Crazier Still 12/87 lmt ed on green or red vinyl Bun Ho(Cranium Mix)/Silver Machine b/w Satisfaction/Bun Ho!(Time Gentlemen Please) a. 12" Plague 12 ANA 45 10/88 Haunted House b/w Haunted House(dub) a. 7" Anagram ANA 46 released 4/89 b. 12" Plague 12 ANA 46 c. CD Plague CD ANA 46 4/89 picture CD Now I'm Feeling Zombified b/w Psyche Out/BIM a.12" Anagram 12 ANA 52 released 9/90 b.CD Anagram CD ANA 52 + Ain't Got No Time to Bleed COMPILATION APPEARANCES Batcave a. LP London CAVE 1 released 5/83 includes R.I.P. note: ASF's first vinyl outing Blood on the Cats a. LP Anagram GRAM 009 released 11/83 includes Wild Women(version) BOX SETS the Alien Sex Fiend Box Set Ignore the Machine 12"(white vinyl) originally released in 85 R.I.P. 10" originally released in 84 E.S.T. 11" originally released in 84 Smells Like...12" (w/banned cover & brown vinyl) Stuff the Turkey 12"(green vinyl) a. Box Set Windsong International limited & numbered edition includes-four colour poster by Nik -t-shirt designed by Nik -fanzine booklet with discography -individualized plastic shit ala Smells Like... cover VIDEO Liquid Head in Tokyo-Live released 7/85 EDIT a. Jetti Sound JE 160 Overdose a. Jetti Sound JE tab A Purple Glistener a. Jetti Sound JE 115 BOOTS and MISC the Loud,the Mad,the Ugly and Old Nik a. 3 track demo tape 1983 Turn Up the Monitors a. Live in the UK and USA 1983-84 Half Alive at the Paradiso '86 a. one-sided includes 4 demos and two minute interview Hot New C90 a. three demos and live material with Alice Cooper Friday the 13th Stereo Live a. Live at the Crash Club Halloween Trip Tape a. selections from German Halloween Tour Trip to Hell a. Live in Germany selection + demos of Another Planet lp and Get Into It mail to add or comment on this discography. Any information is welcome. Most of this discography comes from the Feb 1991 issue of 'Spiral Scratch' magazine.


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