Amused To Death - Special Vinyl Edition [From Tor Hulbakviken +lt;; Da

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Amused To Death -- Special Vinyl Edition [From: Tor Hulbakviken Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1993 15:15:26 +0100] OK, here's a little bit about the Amused To Death vinyl. I bought it on Thursday, and got it for approx. Pound 15 ($22). If I'm not all wrong, this is less than what an normal double LP costs in Norway (long time since I bought new vinyl though). Haven't played it yet, and probably wont play it either. Just used a rasor blade to cut open the plastic to get the stuff out. First, the cover. It's *not* a fold out cover, it's entirely in dim black, except for the slightly smaller (and a little more bluish) picture than on the CD, and Roger Waters at top and title at bottom in glossy black letters (hard to see actually). There is absolutly nothing else written on the outher cover (not even on the spine), and neither on the two all black inner covers (except a small: 11-051499-40 :549). Though, on the backside of the outher cover there is a sticker on the plastic (that's some of the reason I didn't tear the plastic off) with the following: ROGER WATERS AMUSED TO DEATH 'Track list' Limited edition 2 album vinyl set mastered direct to lacquer from original analogue tapes (C) 1992 Sony Music Entertainment Inc..... COLUMBIA 01-468761-20 The sticker also has a bar code (5 099746 876104). A 16 page book follows, it's the same size as a LP cover and is in glossy black (what a surprise). Front page is like the CD front cover (that is with white letters this time) but with a larger black frame. On page two there is a full page picture of Waters (with some graphics in the background) in gold and black. The book continues with the lyrics (and credits) and with a smaller picture on each page, taken from the WGW video or pictures of Roger (not the same as on CD). It ends with those usual end credits, as on the CD, plus the thing about limited edition. Also there is some very small writing in dim black that I can't read (I think it's some address to complain to if you're not stisfied with the quality). On the label of the LPs (which are usual Columbia red) is the number: 468761 0 as well as the one mentioned above (from the sticker). I can't find any indications to where it was produced. When I bought it (it was an impulse buy), I thought I'd just take a look at it and then trade/sell it off. But no I'm not so sure anymore. Though, the shop had at least one more copy left (on Thursday that is). BTW, if that didn't come through clear, the album was sealed in a plastic wraping. Also, there could be something written under the sticker I mentioned, but I wont tear the plastic off to check. Tor


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