A brief +quot;review+quot; of Sony Mastersound's _Amused to Death_ CD Date Tue, 12 Jan 93

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A brief "review" of Sony Mastersound's _Amused to Death_ CD Date: Tue, 12 Jan 93 18:00:10 PST From: bear@tcs.com (h.w. neff) To: echoes@tcs.com Subject: atd: 20 bit cd hi. atd is now out in sony's "super bit mapped" 20 bit cd format. (that's sony's answer to mfsl, i guess.) catalog: ck53196 "limited edition" and "master sound" in gold on a longbox sized white cardboard case which opens like a book (generic for the series, it seems) and has a self adhesive decal wrapped from front to back (which looks just like the artwork one sees when examining an unopened standard jewel box version. once open, one gets a picture of the ape on top of the tv set (the same picture as on the ltd. ed. single box) and something very like the lyrics sheet from the standard cd (only printed on a single large (and once folded) sheet of black paper.) back cover of the book holds the jewel box. no front artwork to the jewel box -- one simply sees straight thru the clear plastic to a picture of roger on the gold disc which rests in the white carrier. looks to me like the book-esque white case is not going to put up with much abuse before looking poorly.... and the sound? well, it seems to be mastered at a higher volume than the copy of atd i got from the uk (but on columbia) which i took along for purposes of comparison. it appears to be a bit "brighter" as well, *maybe* a bit more clear. in the shop i got a chance to crank up three wishes on both discs and whatever rog said couldn't be reproduced by the stereo (if one doesn't have whatever super-audiophile-vinyl is now being peddled) probably still can't be reproduced by the 20 bit cd. i'm not sure but the preacher's voices before wgw2 seem clearer. i am sure that the "home shopping club" bit (you know, the on-air conversation about the 6mm sized pearls that the lady has just bought) is clearer. down with all the credits, etc. is the following statement: "each mastersound disc is guaranteed to have been manufactured from the first generation mastertapes, actual session work tapes, or other original recording sources available. where possible, original producers, mastering engineers, or the artists themselves have assisted in the production to insure the finest possible sound. for a technical paper on sony's revolutionary "super bit mapping" process, write to "sbm, legacy recordings, radio city station, p.o. box 1526, new york city, ny 10101-1526." that's about it....and all for around us$25 at a shop near you. ttfn, bear.


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