Author David Gilmour Album title About Face Until we Sleep - Dance, to the movement of the

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Author: David Gilmour Album title: About Face Until we Sleep ----- -- ----- Dance, to the movement of the stars Sing till the walls around us ring Pray that it never fades away Until we sleep Feast, go ahead now, take your fill Drink, till the room begins to sway Play, and your cares will blow away Until we sleep Into a deep and dreamless sleep our spirits fall And what we sow we cannot reap nor keep at all Work, though the work will break your back Rest, hope to feel your spirits rise But the years, have cut you down to size Now go to sleep Into a deep and dreamless sleep our spirits fall And what we sow we cannot reap nor keep at all Murder ------ Some of them standing, some were waiting in the line As if there was something that they thought they might find Taking some strength from the feelings that always were shared And in the background, the eyes that just stared What was it brought you out here in the dark? Was it your only way of making your mark Did you get rid of all the voices in your head? Do you now miss them and the things that they said? On your own admission you raised up the knife And you brought it down ending another man's life When it was done you just threw down the blade While the red blood spread wider like the anger you made I don't want this anger that's burning in me It's something from which it's so hard to be free But none of the tears that we cry in sorrow or rage Can make any difference, or turn back the page Love on the Air ---- -- --- --- Love on the air I keep transmitting but reception is hazy I don't get an answer Keep sending it faster Always knew it was crazy To put my love on the air. No one will hurt me again No one will cause me to lie No one will control me by pain No one will cause me to cry I was looking for love In wandering eyes Like a ship trying to fix on a beacon I learned how to sigh On the ribbon and wires It's a habit that's so hard to weaken No one will ever manipulate Make me promise to do or die No one can make me hesitate What can I lose if they try I was looking for love Like the very first time Didn't realise love never left me Contradicted - conspired I connived and designed Nothing on earth could arrest me. Reception is hazy When you put your love on the air Always knew it was crazy To put my love on the air But I only communicate When I put my love on the air You don't have to consummate Love on the air Blue Light ---- ----- She's a blue light, yes it cannot be denied She will give you back your pride She squeezes, she freezes, she does what she pleases But she says she thinks of others, all the time You must rise to her defense when she's in danger Turn around and you're looking at a stranger She steals your savings from under your bed And leads you into places even angels fear to tread She's a blue light She's not amused, when you're trying to upstage her So you choose to do nothing to enrage her 'Cause under her mantle you feel safe from the cold And you're safe from the danger of ever growing old She's a blue light I'm not very good with this funky sort of thing, But, uh, sometimes, when the inspiration strikes, I can get down with the best of them. Out of the Blue --- -- --- ---- Out of the blue on the wings of a dove A messenger comes, with the beating of drums It's not a message of love Our childern are born, and we keep them They must have the right, to live in the light To be safe from the storm Out of the blue, with wings on his heels A messenger comes, bearing regrets For the time that he steals But steal it he will, my children's and mine Against our desires, against all our needs Our blood spilled like wine Over and over we call . . . no one hears And further and further and further we fall And though we pray that we soon will awake It is clear, that it's no dream at all Our lives are at stake I cannot believe, nor even pretend That the thunder I hear, will just disappear And the nightmare will end So hold back the fire, because this music is true When all's said and done, the ending will come From out of the blue All Lovers are Deranged --- ------ --- -------- It takes a fool to phone a fool When both have said it all We make the rule, bemoan the rule That neither one should call But love that was Is love that is Demands to always be unchanged But then all lovers are deranged. We walk away with memories And clutch them to our hearts We're disembodied entities We move in fits and starts For burning wine Intoxicates, And takes all caution in its flames All lovers are deranged. You know that you don't really fall in love Unles you're seventeen The break of day will make your spirits fly But you can't know what it means Unless you're seventeen. It takes a fight to start a fight And differences remain We have the right to think we're right We're addicts feigning shame For love recalled Is love reborn We're determined to relive the pain But then lovers are deranged. You Know I'm Right --- ---- --- ----- You can scream and shout with all your might Dig in your heels and hold on tight Either you are wrong or I am right You speak the lines you've overheard The ring of truth in every word You know you're right and that's absurd We really seem to have a problem here But it is you or me Whatever I have going through my mind You always have to disagree It's just a matter of opinions It's not a simple fact Why don't you try to see the other side Don't turn your back Now we survey this silent battleground Recriminations all around And still no compromise is found Now we really have a problem And it won't just disappear And all the friends we thought we could rely on Just want to whisper in my ear "It's just a matter of opinions You know you keep both in sight Why should you bother with the other side When you know yours is right." Cruise ------ Cruise you are making me sing Now you have taken me under your wing Cruise, we both know you're the best How can they say you're like all the rest Cruise, we're both travelling so far Burning out fast like a shooting star Cruise I feel sure that your song will be sung And will ring in the ears of everyone Saving our children, saving our land Protecting us from things we can't understand Power and Glory, Justice and Right I'm sure that you'll help us to see the light And the love that you radiate will keep us warm And help us to weather the storm Cruise, you have taken me in And just when I've got you under my skin You start ignoring the fears I have felt 'Cause you know you can always make my poor heart melt Please don't take what I'm saying amiss Or misunderstand at a time such as this Because if such close friends should ever fall out What would there be left worth fighting about Power and glory, justice and right I'm sure that you'll help them to see the light Will you save our children, will you save our land And protect us from all the things we can't understand? Power and glory and justice for all Who will we turn to when your hard rain falls? Let's get Metaphysical (Instrumental) ----- --- ------------ Near the End ---- --- --- And when you fell you're near the end Will you just turn it over and start again Is there a stirring in your heart As the time comes when we will have to part? And when you fell you're near the end And there's a stranger where once was a friend And you are left without a word Only the whispers that you've overheard Standing in silence, holding my breath Disconnected and dry And though I'm certain that there's nothing left To hold on to, to give or to try Some things never change, no don't ever change And I'm feeling the cold Thinking that we're getting older and wiser When we're just getting old And when you feel you're near the end And what once burned so bright is growing dim? And when you see what's been acheived Is there a feeling that you've been deceived?


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