Quick description of the 1974 Tour Program wScarfe caricatures of the band Date Thu, 22 Au

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Quick description of the 1974 Tour Program w/Scarfe caricatures of the band Date: Thu, 22 Aug 91 10:42 GMT From: Adam To: ECLIPSE <@nsfnet-relay.ac.uk:ECLIPSE@REEF.CIS.UFL.edu> Subject: Scarfe drawing Sorry to be a bit behind the conversation but a few days ago there was some talk of the caricature of Floyd done by Scarfe. In the British Winter Tour 1974 tour programme this caricature occupies the centre pages. It's signed, titled and dated "Gerald Scarfe Pink Floyd Oct 1974". The rest of the programme consists of comic-strip stories in the style of 1950s and 1960s British boys comics: Rog of the Rovers: Roger Waters is a footballer (i.e. soccer) playing in a championship match for Grantchester Rovers. Roger is doped by the opposition but recovers in time to score the winning goal. Captain Mason R.N.: Nick is captain of a ship taking a precious fuel to Egypt during the war. They are torpedoed by a German U-boat but Nick manages to save the day by ramming the submarine. Rich Right - He's Rich & He's Right!: Not much story to this except Rick is a super-rich playboy. This is more in the style of the MAD comics. The Exploits of Dave Derring: Dave is a country boy who leaves his girl to become a speedway star. He's a disaster until his girl turns up at the track and he wins the race. The program is all hand drawn, no photos, and seems to be partly Nick Mason's idea. It's quite funny if you know what its making fun of (GB boys comics like the Lion, the Tiger, the Hotspur etc) Adam C. Winstanley Queen's University, Belfast eicj4829@uk.ac.qub


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