@ALBUM 5150 WARNING ! this text may have some spelling errors ) all songs written by Eddie

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@ALBUM: 5150 WARNING ! this text may have some spelling errors :) all songs written by : Eddie, Sammy, Michael and Alex @SONG: Best of Both Worlds I don't know what I been livin' on but it's Not enough to fill me up I need more than just words can say I need everything this life can give me Come on baby close your eyes let go This can be everything we've dreamed It's not work, that makes it work no Let the magic do the work for you Chorus 1: Cause something heached out and touched me Now I see that all I want... Chorus 2: I want the best of both worlds And baby I know what it's worth We can have have the best of both worlds a little Heaven right here on earth There's a picture in the gallery of a Fallen angel looked alot like you We forget where we come from sometimes I had a dream it was really you Chorus 1 Chorus 2 Solo You don't have to die to go to heaven Or hang around to be born again Just tune into what this place has got to offer Cause we may never be here again Chorus 2 @SONG: Dreams World turns black and white Pictures in an empty room Your love starts fallin down Better change your tune Reach for the golden ring Reach for the sky Baby just spread your wings Chorus: We'll get higher and higher straight up we'll climb We'll get higher and higher leave it all behind Run, run, run, away Like a train runnin off the track The truth gets left behind And falls between the cracks Standing on broken dreams But never losing sight Spread your wings Chorus So baby dry your eyes, save all the tears you've cried Ohh that's what dreams are made of Oh baby we belong in a world that must be strong Ohh that's what dreams are made of Solo Chorus Higher and higher who knows what we'll find And in the end on dreams we will depend Cause thats what love is made of @SONG: Why Can't this Be Love Oh here it comes again That funny feelin again winding me up inside Every time we touch Hey I don't know Just tell me where to begin cause I never ever Felt so much Chorus 1: No I can't recall any love at all Baby this blows 'em all away Chorus 2: It's got what it takes So tell me why can't this be love Straight from my heart oh tell me why Can't this be love I tell myself Hey only fools rush in an only time will tell If we stand the test of time All I know You've got to run to win an I'll be damned if I'll get hung up on the line Chorus 1 Chorus 2 Solo Chorus 2 Tell me why can't this be love Baby why can't this be love Got to know why can't this be love I wanna know why can't this be love @SONG: Love Walks In Contact is all it takes To change your life to lose your place in time Contact! Asleep or awake Coming around you may wake up to find Questions deep within your eyes, Things you've never realized Chorus: So when you sense a change Nothing feels the same All your dreams are strange, love comes walkin' in Some kind of alien Wait for the opening Then simply pulls a string Another world, some other time You lay your sanity on the line Familiar faces familiar sights Reach back remember with all your might Ohh there she stands in a silken gown Silver lights shining down Chorus Love comes walkin' in Solo Sleep and dream is all I crave I travel far across the Milky Way To my master I become a slave Til we meet again some other day Where silence speaks as loud as war And the earth returns to what it was before Chorus Love comes walkin' in @SONG: "5150" The love in me is never straight and narrow Unless the love is tried and true You take a chance with new beginnings Still we try, win or lose, take the highs With the blues Chorus: Always one more, you're never satisfied Never one for all, only one for me So why draw the line, meet you half the way If you don't know what that means I feel like running politician Just trying to please all the time I give you my share with no conditions Going wide, running long, feeling lost But not for a long Chorus Solo Chorus @SONG: Inside It's not what you are It's how you dress That's one thing I've learned from the guys I must confess Now me, look, I got this job not just beeing myself Huh uhh I went out and bought some brand new shoes Now I walk like someone else Maybe I'm crazy or just too high But all this can't be worth my Piece of the pie Sittin 'round just gettin' high Temporarily pacified I guess less is more Something special, something new Some brand new group to sink my teeth into Sittin 'round just getting high Temporarily pacified Chorus: That's what's going down on the inside Don't let this get around to the outside This ain't no party, this ain't no show! So don't be tryin' to putt no mo jo on my butt, anyway Solo Chorus x4 @SONG: Good Enough U.S. prime, grade A stamped guaranteed Just grease it up and bring on the heat Throw it down and roll it over once or twice Then chow down Chorus: She's good enough, good enough to huh! I can't get enough, I can't get enough She's good enough to huh! Hey me yea I been working up an appetite Seems like the harder I work the more my body needs I like to open up with a little six on the half shell Then it's 3-6-9 time Chorus Hey waitress you got any specials here tonight Me and the fellas might be interested in Rack a what Well I'll have some of that I'll be the first to say that I'm blind to the world Cause I'm two days gone and I just can't see But I ain't no fool and honey I know a good thing And she's comin' she's comin' So come on, come on, come on cause she's Good, good, good enough Good, good, good enough Good, good, good enough Good, good, good enough ohhh! @SONG: Summer Nights Ain't no way I'm stayin' home tonight I'll be out until the mornin' light Just hangin' 'round the local parking lot Checkin' out the girls see what they got Yea they love it when me and the boys Start playin' love with them human toys Yea we just wind 'em up and let 'em go, oh yea Chorus: Summer nights and my radio That's all we need baby don't cha know We celebrate when the the gang's all here Hot summer nights that's my time of the year We made it through the cold This freezin' snow is gettin' really old Next year I'll head out for the coast Say boys I think that might just call for a toast, yea I got a line, you got a pole I'll meet you down at the ole fishing hole Yea them girls are biting good tonight Oh yea, uh oh, oh yea Chorus @SONG: Get Up Chorus 1: Feel like throwing in the towel don't be a fool They're out to knock you out, put you down For the count Watch the left, watch the right, below The belt They'll run you round and round it's plain to see It's never gonna stop they'll run ya till you drop There ain't no power around can keep a good man down Chorus 2: There's still some fight in me That's how it'll always be Hold your head up high, look 'em in the eye, never say die Get up and make it work You say that love has got you down well that's bull If love has got you down then love can pick you right back up There ain't no power around can keep a good man down Walking down a dead end street No mercy at your feet They're holding all the cards, making things so hard, before it goes too far Get up and make it work Get up and make it work Solo Chorus 1 Chorus 2 Get up and make it work Get up and make it work Get up and make it work get up and make it workX-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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