Front 242 _Integration Eight By Ten_ Video Review Price - A nice $12.95, brought at Digita

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Front 242 _Integration Eight By Ten_ Video Review Price - A nice $12.95, brought at Digital Underground, on South St. Running Time - 37'25" Features - *Great* quality, Dolby Surround, Stereo Hi-Fi. Put out by - SMV Enterprises, Sony Music/Video. Songs/Videos included. 1. Headhunter - 3'13" * 2. Rythm Of Time - 3'40" * 3. Take One (live) - 5'19" 4. Masterhit (live) - 6'18" 5. Tragedy >For You< - 4'42" * 6. Quite Unusual - 3'43" * 7. Funkahdafi (live) - 3'24" 8. Front By Front - 4'42" * * - Dolby Pro Logic Surround. Ok, so I finally got it, and man, and I happy. This is a *must* for any Front 242 fan, or a person who just wants neat sounding music and a cool video to show at their next party. The quality on this video is amazing, perhaps the *best* picture I have ever seen on video, also the sound is *fantastic* on all tracks except _Take One_, which sounds dated, but good none the less. This could almost pass for a laser disk. Well worth the $12.95. 1. Headhunter, shot in grainy black an white, and dolby pro logic surround. This is just the stock song with a few extra tracks moved to the rear speakers for that extra effect of surround. 2. Rythm Of Time, Its funny, this is what I picture in my mind when I hear this song. Scenes of flying over tundra/forest, mixed in with a large destructive "object". The song is close to the album mix, with a few extra tracks thrown in for the rear speakers. A true CyberPunk video. 3. Take One Live, ok, this is live, looks like some TV appearance they made at one time, no live audience, just them on a stage playing. This *is* live, or at least, a good remix. The song is slightly different than the album mix. Nice intro, that shows the members of the group. 4. Masterhit live, Stage with crowd, same song. Musta been a tape. Cool intro. 5. Tragedy >For You<, ok, I think they could have done more with this one. The song is stock, the video, is them stumbling trough the desert, pulling a shopping car, filled with vegetables. A fat woman dancing on a table. The video makes no scene (like any of them do?), but its not even cyberdustrial, just strange. There are a few extra tracks moved to the rear speakers for the surround. 6. Quite Unusual, The group is dancing in a large open room, with a small midget flying a R/C helicopter with a camera on it. Neat idea, the camera is flying around, watching them dance and sing. Few extra tracks for the rear speakers again. 7. Funkahdafi live, and how! This is just a video tape of a concert, the song is a bit slower, and slightly different. 8. Front By Front, What the hell is this? There is no song "Front By Front", just an album. Its actually a small video compilation of 4 other videos spliced together. It starts out with the video (And sound) to Welcome to Paradise, then skips into Headhunter (again Ug!), then into Feed The Felines, and BACK to Headhunter, then over to Feed the Felines, and then ends again with Welcome To Paradise. I have no idea why they did this. I wish they had shown the entire videos to Paradise, and Feed The Felines, not just pits an pieces. Over all, a good tape, and enjoyable all the more if you have the A/V setup to watch it! A must for F242 fans!


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