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****************************************************************** GROANIN MITCHELL'S ROCK AND ROLL BBS NEWSLETTER ***************************************************************** Volume 2, Issue 9 September 24, 1990 ------------------------- ALBUM REVIEWS ================= ****************************************************************** Welcome back to the Rock and Roll Newsletter Album Reviews. If you'd care to look over the reviews for August, I've zipped 'em up and put them in the IBM Textfiles directory. The name of the file is ALBUM_2.ZIP. As well you'll find ALBUM_1.ZIP, which contains the reviews from April to mid July. Anyway, on with the stuff for this week... ***************************************************************** CURRENT ALBUM ================= ANDY CURRAN +++++++++++++++ ANDY CURRAN +++++++++++++++++ Andy Curran is the former singer with the Toronto band, "Coney Hatch". You might remember "Hey Operator" and "Monkey Bars". Kim Mitchell produced the "Hatch's" stuff and now Andy has branched out on his own. Curran has a very good rock voice and a distinctive style of writing that sets him apart from your average rock and roll bar band. This album is interesting and has it's moments, but for the most part it's predictable. The tune that's receiving the lion's share of airplay in Southern Ontario is "Licence To Love". It's a good chunky tune that reminds one of Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love". It's the catchiest song on the album. As in Coney Hatch, Curran relies on the standard "pump" beat in his heavier songs. "No Tattoos" and "I Got This Feeling" are good chug along entries. "Whiskey and the Devil" is the most interesting song on the album. It's got a really neat acoustic introduction that leads into a sleazy groove. The tune was written about the after the gig partying that goes on in all rock bands. Here, specifically between Curran and former lead guitarist "Steve Shelski". As the lyrics say, "Whiskey and the Devil go hand in hand". Ain't it true!! "One Woman Man" is a neat song with some very nice "Leslie" style guitar work. Two songs which probably translate very well live are "Moonbeam" and "Right Where You Want Me". All in all, this is a good album for hard rockers, and I'm sure this L.P. is a prelude for bigger and better things. Bye the way, Andy Curran is currently playing the clubs in and around the city, so go catch his act if you get a chance. Coney Hatch's forte was live performances and Andy Curran follows proudly in those footsteps.. ****************************************************************** OTHER RECENT RELEASES +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Gary Moore Still Got The Blues This an excellent example of old style, no bells and whistles guitar playing. Gary Moore did a stint with Thin Lizzy a few years back. He's got a great feel and this album proves it once again. Especially good is the title track. It's a slow soulful blues-rock song. His playing is reminiscent of Jeff Beck and Joe Satriani. Good L.P. Living Colour Time's Up Living Colour are an all black hard rock unit. They centre around lead player Vernon Reid. He is an amazing player. The band has been likened to a "Hendrix" style, but in reality they're just a good straight ahead rock band. For people who liked their first release, "Vivid", you'll love this one. Bob Dylan Under The Red Sky Great new stuff from Bob. This material is tougher and more electric than anything he's done in a long time. One song, "Unbelievable" is a chunky shuffle that Dylan sings with a gritty rasp. He even keeps his harp solo down to eight bars!! Bye the way, word has it that he has a clause in his live contract that prohibits anyone from looking him in the eye. Really.... Joe Walsh The former Eagle guitarist has a new album coming out. No word on the tunes yet, but check out his bands line-up. John Entwhistle form The Who, Skunk Baxter from Steely Dan and Keith Emerson from E.L.P. Unbelievable!!! Joe never ceases to amaze me..There goes the neighbourhood.. Ginger Baker Middle passage Yes, Ginger Baker is still alive. The former drummer with "Cream" has been living in Nigeria for the last few years. He's got a sixteen track studio where he's been experimenting with jazz and African rythyms. The tunes are all very deep in meaning, and the style varies from instrumental to reggae to jazz. Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughan Family Style This is the last major session work Stevie Ray did before his death. In tandem with his brother Jimmy, he put together a soulful, bluesish album. Well, it's a good legacy. The song "Tick Tock" is almost a hippie tune. It reeks of The Temptations and early 70's soul music. It sounds like Van Morrison would've felt comfortable with it.. Neil Young and Crazy Horse Ragged Edge Neil has a another new piece of work for our benefit. As usual he keeps us wondering what style he'll be playing on the next record. On this release, he shows us his raunchy side. It's a rock album, no question!! "Mansion On The Hill" is typical Neil Young. Strong, chunky rythym guitar and a floating melody. Ian Thomas New Age Once again the Prince of Pop has forced us to listen to his voice once more!! How can a guy with such a bizarre sense of humour write such great songs. His tunes have been recorded by Santana and Chicago. This latest release is more of the same brilliant songwriting. I heard that if you play it backwards, you can hear old jokes in an annoying voice!! ****************************************************************** See ya for now. I hope you dug the reviews. Remember, call back each week and see what the heck is new here.. See ya next week... Rock Star... 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