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****************************************************************** GROANIN MITCHELL'S ROCK AND ROLL BBS NEWSLETTER ***************************************************************** Volume 2, Issue 4 August 20, 1990 ---------------------------- ALBUM REVIEWS ================= ****************************************************************** Salutations for another week!! How's things in musicland? We're going to keep the format of the last couple of weeks. That is, a current album review and a classic album review. If you would like to write a review and have it posted here, please feel free to. Any music, any style, whatever you'd feel like we go.. ***************************************************************** CURRENT ALBUM =============== ABSOLUTELY ++++++++++++++++ RIK EMMETT BAND +++++++++++++++++++ Rik Emmett is well known as the guitar player from "Triumph". Rik is classically trained, and is one of the better rock lead guitarists in the world. No shit!! He's that good. After close to 15 years of putting up with drummer Gil Moore's toupee, and bassist Mike Levine's inadequacies, Rik has decided to branch out on his own. The result is the album, "Absolutely". What an album it is. Rik has finally crossed the bridge into respectability. He's abandoned his shrill vocal style for an earthier one. Also, despite "Triumph's" A.O.R. success, he has moulded a brand of music that should reach a wider range of listener. "Triumph" was always more of a business arrangement than a true rock and roll band. Gil handled the money end, Mike handled the studio, (Metalworks), and that left Rik to be the sparkplug behind the music. Well now he's finally free to do what he does By far, the best song on "Absolutely" is "Big Lie". A classic combination of catchy melody and good old kick-ass rock. Rik has also taken a bit of liberty with the arrangements. The songs are a little more developed and complex. Another beaut is "Tough Times". From the nylon stringed-classical intro, to the out and out heaviness of the rest, this tune is a powerhouse. Rik has put together a killer band. I've had the pleasure of playing with the bass player, Chris Brockway, in the band, "The Dirty White Boys". Rik Emmett has been playing the club circuit in Southern Ontario this summer, and I think it's fair to say that we've been treated to one of the best club shows ever. He's come a long way since playing the old "Piccadilly Tube" at Yonge and Dundas. Triumph was great then, and Rik Emmett is about to take his place alongside "Kim Mitchell" as one of the true Canadian guitar heroes. Maybe he'll send Gil Moore to the "Hair Club For Men". Cy Sperling would definitely be impressed by "Triumph's" bankbook!!! ****************************************************************** CLASSIC ALBUM ================= JAILBREAK +++++++++++++ THIN LIZZY ++++++++++++++ Other than U-2 and Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy is the most famous of Ireland's bands. The singer and bass player, Phil Lynott was always an enigma. For one thing, he was black. For another, he died of a drug overdose in the early 80's. "Jailbreak" is probably their best known album. "The Boys Are Back In Town" was their best known song. It became an anthem of the 80's. "Romeo and The Lonely Girl" is a beautiful blend of pop and rock. "The Warrior" is a snarly moody song, almost bordering on psychedelica. For those of you that have seen the cover of "Jailbreak", you'll see that the concept of the album was typical of the post acid-rock era. It's a futuristic scene of inmates escaping jail and spreading the word of injustice and repression to the masses. Brian Downey was one of the two guitar players in the band. He was a tragic figure himself. After the initial success of "Thin Lizzy", he sank into a drug induced slide. Scott Gorham, the other lead player, eventually took over the duties of main guitarist. Check out the album "Bad Reputation" to hear the final fate of the band's sound. "Jailbreak" is indeed a classic album. The style and sound that "Thin Lizzy" created on this L.P. was truly unique. Give it a listen if you get a chance!!! ***************************************************************** Well, thanks for reading this week. One of our faithful users, "Hendrix", uploaded and album review last week. Why don't you!!! Actually, I'm getting sick of bugging people to send stuff. So..I'll shaddup already!!! See ya Soon... Rock star... X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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