Twin Peaks Summary of first show Perhaps you follow shows more closely than I do, but in c

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Twin Peaks Summary of first show Perhaps you follow shows more closely than I do, but in case you don't, I have summarized (as best I could) some of the characters and clues from Sunday night's (August 5) airing of the Twin Peaks rerun. CLUES: Diary: Feb. 23rd, "nervous about meeting 'J' tonight." Key to saftey deposit box found on an earlier page. a "white residue" found there as well. Fingernail: Letter "R" found under the third finger of right hand. No letter was found under the fingernail of Ronette Pulaski. Such a letter was found under the same fingernail of one Theresa Banks, killed a year earlier Video: Shows Laura and Donna having a good time in the woods. In a close up of Laura's eye we see the front headlight of a motorcycle. Murder scene: Mound of dirt a foot and a half high. Gold medallion of a half a heart. James has other half. He and Donna bury it, but someone recovers it at end of first episode. News print with a message printed in blood: "Fire, walk with me." Saftey Deposit Box: "Fleshworld" magazine with Ronette Pulaski featured in an Ad. Another ad has a truck in it. Camera fades to Leo's truck. $10 K in cash "a lot of girl scout cookies." Bloody shirt: Shelley finds Leo's bloody shirt while doing his wash. James Hearly's "testimony" to Donna: Laura said that Bobby had told her that he had killed 'this guy.' She then screamed that she loved James. PEOPLE: Laura Palmer: The deceased. Queen of the H.S. prom or homecom- ing. Leland and Sara Palmer: the deceased's parents. Leland stays pretty much off the rocker after his daughter's death. Bobby: Laura's boyfriend. Not a nice guy. Son of a military lifer. Last seen with Laura the night before 'till 9:30. Had a fight with her. Football player. Agent Cooper says he didn't do it. Has nervous habit of zipping and unzipping the sleeve of his jacket. Mike: Blonde guy. Bobby's best friend and Donna's "boyfriend" ("I sure know how to pick 'em," she tells Ed). He is also not nice. Abusive to Donna. Donna Heyward: Laura's best friend. Daughter of Dr. Heyward. Mike's reluctant girlfriend. Turns out to fall in love with James by end of first episode. James Hearly: Last person to see Laura. He may be "J" in diary. He is also a biker. He and Donna are a number by episode's end. He tells Donna that Laura screamed that she loved James just before she ran off into the night. James just rode around for the rest of the night. He has no alibi. Audrey Horn: H.S. classmate. Daughter of the owner of the Hotel in Twin Peaks. Nutty. Ronette Pulaski: Daughter of mill worker, Janic Pulaski. Found the day after the murder walking wearing only her slip. Had been raped a number of times. H.S. classmate, but sheriff says, "as far as we know, they hardly knew each other." Katherine Packard: sister of the late Andrew Packard who "practic- ally built Twin Peaks." He built the saw mill, but left it to his wife. Katherine runs the mill. Has ongoing affair with Mr. Horn. Josie Packard: Wife of the late Andrew Packard. Inherited the mill. At odds with Katherine. Carrying on an affair with Sheriff Harry S. Truman. Harry S. Truman: Sheriff of Twin Peaks. Having an affair with Josie Packard. Dale Cooper: Agent, FBI. Ed: Owner of "Big Ed's Gas Farm." He is married to a crazy woman who wears a patch over her left eye (does it move during the shows?). He seems to be carrying on with Hank's wife Leo: Trucker. Married to Shelley. He abuses her. His truck seems to appear in an ad in "Fleshworld" found in Laura's saftey deposit box. (see clues). Shelley: Married to Leo. She finds his bloody shirt. Hank: Husband of the woman (forget her name) who owns the grill where Shelley works. He is soon to get out of prison where he is serving a manslaughter charge. Lucy: Secretary for the Sheriff's department. She orders the donuts. Dr. Lawrence Jacoby: A psychiatrist in serious need of profes- sional help himself. Laura was a patient of his, but her parents did not know "that she was seeing me." Log Lady: "who's that lady with the log?" "We call her 'Log-


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