Twin Peaks 1990 season summary Jim Gorman With help from Don Wiedman List of characters, a

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Twin Peaks 1990 season summary Jim Gorman With help from Don Wiedman List of characters, actors who plays the part and summary of who they are: F.B.I. Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) Uses Tibetan Buddhist techniques to manipulate clues. Trusts in Dream type clues. Loves (is addicted to) coffee, donuts, huckleberry pie and the like. He is shot in the very last scene of very last episode at 4:37 a.m. as he is dictating to "Diane" in his cassette dictaphone. Albert "and his team" Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) FBI forensic expert called in by Cooper. Looks and talks like Sargent Joe Friday from Dragnet. Nasty personality. Sheriff Harry S. Truman (Michael Ontkean) Sheriff of Twin Peaks. Having an affair with Josie Packard. Deputy Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz) In love with secretary Lucy Moran, and may have gotten her pregnant. He shoots Jacques Renaud at One Eyed Jacks. Deputy "Hawk" (Michael Horse) American Indian who seems to agree with Agent Hooper's trust in the mystical. Did he shoot Leo Johnson In the last episode? Shelly Johnson (Madchen Amick) Married to Leo. She finds his bloody shirt. She is having an affair with Bobby Briggs which Leo knows about. Leo Johnson (Eric DaRe) Trucker. Married to Shelley. Abusive to her. His truck seems to appear in an ad in "Fleshworld" found in Laura's saftey deposit box (see clues). Among the many clues that convince us that Leo's the chief suspect, Agent Cooper breaks a bottle with a rock when the throw of the rock was designated for Leo. According to Cooper, this Tibetan connection between soul and body means that Leo killed Laura. Leo is connected by drugs to Bobby, Mike, Jacques, Laura, Hank Jennings, and possibly a host of others. Leo sets fire to mill and ties up his wife, Shelley inside. Two birds. . . . etc. He is shot in last episode by Agent Hawk(?) just before he is able to axe Bobby Briggs. Though the shooting is shady since there are no other cops around and Hawk doesn't report it. Mike Nelson (Gary Hershberger) Blonde guy. Bobby's best friend and Donna's "boyfriend" ("I sure know how to pick 'em" she tells Ed Hurley). He's been abusive to Donna. Bobby Briggs (Danna Ashbrook) Laura's boyfriend, though not her one and only (see James Hurley and Doc Jacoby). Not a real nice guy. Son of a military lifer (that would screw up anyone). Last seen with Laura the night before till 9:30. Had a fight with her. Football player in H.S. Agent Cooper is convinced that he didn't do it. He is currently having an affair with Shelley Johnson. Major Briggs (Don Davis) Bobby's father. Military lifer, with that way of looking at the world. Betty Briggs (Charlotte Stewart) Bobby's Mom. Josie Packard (Joan Chen) Wife of the late Andrew Packard. Inherited the mill that Andrew founded. May have had Andrew done in by Hank Jennings who went to prison on a lesser charge in a deal with her. She is at odds with Andrew's sister, Catherine Martell. Carrying on an affair with Sheriff Harry S. Truman, Ben Horne and possibly Hank Jennings (very busy). Was tutored in English by Laura. A possible "J." Catherine Martell (Piper Laurie) Sister of Twin Peaks founder, Andrew Packard. He built the saw mill, but left it to his wife, Josie. Catherine runs the mill. Evidently keeps two sets of ledgers. Has ongoing affair with Ben Horne (who else?). Catherine rescues Shelley Johnson from fire in mill set by Leo. She (Catherine) went there because of a mysterious phone call. Pete Martell (Jack Nance) Wife of Catherine in what can be called a "stormy" relationship. He really runs the mill. He was a lumberjack that rich Catherine fell in love with 20 some years ago. Benjamine Horne (Richard Beymer) Owner of the Great Northern Hotel. Is interested in expanding his empire. May have set up Leo to torch the mill so that he could buy the land cheap to build his dream "Ghostwood Estates and Country Club." Has several active affairs going. Patronizes "One Eyed Jacks" a brothel and Casino across the Canadian border. Sylvia Horne (Jan D'Arcy) Ben's long-suffering wife. Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) H.S. classmate of Laura. Daughter of Ben Horne. Pretty nutty. Attracted to Agent Cooper -- may see him as her ticket out of Twin Peaks. She decides to go "undercover" as a prosti- tute at "One Eyed Jacks." Her father walks in to her room in the last episode saying, "Let's take a look at this new girl!" Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly) Ben's brother. Goes with Ben to see the "new girls" at "One Eyed Jacks." He loses the toss of the coin with Ben to try out the new wares. A possible "J" see DIARY in clues. Johnny Horne (Robert Bauer) Ben and Sylvia's son -- Audrey's brother. Wears an Indian War Bonnet atthe dinner table. Laura Tutored Johnny in special ed. A possible "J." see DIARY in clues. Dr. Will Hayward (Warren Frost) Donna's father. Nice guy. Eileen Hayward (Mary Jo Deschanel) Donna's Mother. Donna Hayward (Lara Flynn Boyle) Laura's best friend. Daughter of Dr. Hayward. Mike's reluctant girlfriend. Turns out to fall in love with James Hurley at end of first episode. Dr. Lawrence Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) Laura's psychiatrist who could use some in-depth work himself. A possible "J" see DIARY in clues. Agent Cooper's rock (see Leo) struck and knocked over the milk bottle, but did not break it when the rock was designated for Jacoby. Seems to have had more than a "client" relationship with Laura. He is led by someone (Madeline?) to the site (Easter Park) where the VIDEO is shot (see clues) and there is beaten badly. Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) The Deceased's Father. Leland Pretty much stays off-center after his daughter's death. Likes to dance with his daughter's picture. Smothers Jacques Renaud to death (?) in last episode. Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) Laura's mom. Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) The Deceased. Into drugs, possibly prosti- tution, sex magazine kinkiness. Also has a warm and cuddly side to her. Helped organize a meals-on-wheels program with Norma Jennings and tutored Johnny Horne in special ed. and Josie Packard in English. Queen of the Prom or some such thing. Madeleine Ferguson (Sheryl Lee) Laura's look-alike cousin who appears mid-season and joins with Donna and James to solve the case. Ronette Pulaski (Phoebe Augustine) Daughter of mill worker Janic Pulaski. Found the day after the murder walking on a bridge wearing only her slip. Had been raped a number of times. H.S. classmate of Laura's but sherriff Harry says,"As far as we know, they hardly knew each other." (See clues). James Hurley (James Marshall) Last person to see Laura. He may be "J" in DIARY (see clues). He is also a "Biker." He and Donna are a number by the end of the first show. He tells Donna that Laura screamed that loved James just before she ran off into the night. James just rode around for the rest of the night. He has no alibi. James' dad died when he was 10. Ed Hurley (Everett McGill) James' uncle. Owner of "Big Ed's Gas Farm" He is married to a crazy woman, Nadine. Ed seems to be carrying on with Hank's Jenning's wife, Norma. Nadine Hurley (Wendy Robie) Ed's wife who is intent on inventing a silent drapery runner. She wears a patch over her left eye. She commits or attempts suicide in last episode. Lucy Moran (Kimmy Robertson) secretary of the Twin Peaks police Dept. provider of coffee and donuts. She seems to be pregnant by Officer Andy. Norma Jennings (Peggy Lipton) Owner of the diner where Shelley Johnson works. Married to Hank, though not enthusiastically so. A possible "J" see DIARY in clues. Hank Jennings (Chris Mulkey) Just released from jail on a manslaughter charge. Seems to have an "Agreement" with Josie Packard by which he did away with Josie's husband, Andrew, in a "boating accident." He pleaded to a lesser charge of some sort in exchange for $90,000 cash from Josie. He also said to Leo, "I told you to mind the store, not to start your own franchise." All around bad guy. A real possible "J" (see DIARY in clues). Little Man From Another Planet (Michael Anderson) Dwarf in dream. See Dream sequence in clues below. The Log Lady (Catherine Coulson) Log in her arms is an eye witness to the murder. Agent Cooper is invited to ask the log who the murderer is. He is dumbfounded by the request and she says, "I thought so." Jacques Renaud: Leo's partner. Confesses to participating in the tor- ture of Laura that night. He is Canadian Drug Connection. Says that the US salesperson is "Some high school kid that's all I know." (Cooper gets this info by posing as Leo's financier). Leo says he passed out and "Leo and the Girls (Ronette and Laura) were gone." Knows nothing about the Train cars (scene of the murder). A possible "J" (see diary in clues) One-Armed Man (Al Strobel) See clues. "Killer Bob" (Frank Silva) seen in dreams (Coopers and Sarah Leland's) He says: "I will kill again." Blackie (Victoria Caitlin) Evidently the Madam of "One Eyed Jack's" the Casino and brothel across the Canadian Border. Diane: Only spoken to on cassette _____________________________________________________________________ CLUES DIARY: Feb. 23, Last entry. "Nervous about meeting 'J' tonight." Key to saftey deposit box found on an earlier page (see below) A white residue found there as well. FINGERNAIL: Letter "R" found under the third fingernail of right hand. No letter was found under the fingernail of Ronette Pulaski. Such a letter was found under the same fingernail of one Thersa Banks, killed a year earlier. VIDEO: Shows Laura and Donna having a good time in the woods. In a close up of Laura's eye we see the front headlight of a motorcycle. MURDER SCENE: Abandoned railway area. Mound of dirt a foot and a half high. Gold medallion of a half a heart. James has other half. He and Donna bury it, but it is recovered by someone at end of first episode [Dr. Jacoby?] Half burned newsprint with a message printed in blood: FIRE WALK WITH ME. SAFTEY DEPOSIT BOX: "Fleshworld" magazine found with Ronnette Pulaski featured in an Ad. Another ad has a truck in it. Camera then fades to Leo's truck. $10,000 in cash "a lot of girl scout cookies," says agent Cooper. This is one half of the dope money that Bobby was supposed to hand over to Leo. BLOODY SHIRT: Shelley Johnson finds Leo's bloody shirt while doing his laundry. He is furious when he finds it missing and comences to beating Shelley (the first time). Later beats her for having an affair with Bobby. Fun guy. Jacques says that he used Leo's shirt to stop the bleeding from Laura's neck wound made by the pecking of Waldo the Parrot. WALDO: Parrot who is shot, but before being shot, it is recorded as saying, "No Leo, No." According to Jacques, the parrot was there the night of Laura's torture and death. Laura was into some kinky stuff that involved torture. CASSETTE: Laura makes a cassette for Dr. Jacoby. James and Donna break in and get it. James concludes from it that "someone with a red corvette killed Laura." Cassette was recorded "Thursday the 23rd." "James is sweet." (crying) "I should have met you a long time ago." POKER CHIP: A piece of the chip is missing. Jacques says that it was placed in Laura's mouth while Waldo pecked at her neck. Leo said, "Bite the bullet, baby." ONE ARMED MAN: A One armed man was seen sneaking around the Intensive care unit where Ronette is in a coma. WALDO THE PARROT: Waldo is shot through a window. Just before he is shot,he is recorded as squawking "Leo, no!" See Jacques Renaud above. DREAM: Cooper looks older in his dream. Shivering Dwarf calls to Laura and she comes down stairs. Switch to man with beard who uses phrase "Fire Walk with Me." A guy (Killer Bob) who is at what looks like the scene of the crime calls out to "Mike." Then says, "I will kill again." There is a pile of earth with a circle of extinquished candles around it. Back to dwarf: He is on sofa with Laura look alike. The L. Look alike touches her nose while looking at agent Cooper and smiles. A shadow crosses the drapes behind them. Dwarf says, "I've got good news. That gum you like is going to come back in style. She's my cousin [referring to Laura look alike]. But doesn't she look exactly like Laura? She is filled with secrets. Where we're from the birds sing a pretty song and there's music in the air." Dwarf dances while Laura [l.a.] crosses room to kiss agent Cooper and then whisper in his ear. He wakes up and calls Harry S. Truman to get him to meet for breakfast, "I know who killed Laura Palmer."


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