Subject TINY TOON ADVENTURES Episode Guide, Seasons 2 + 3 (eps. 66 - 98) Date Mon, 7 Dec 1

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Newsgroups: Path: spies!sgiblab!!caen!umeecs!!plucky From: (Chris Adamson) Subject: TINY TOON ADVENTURES Episode Guide, Seasons 2 & 3 (eps. 66 - 98) Message-ID: Organization: ACME Looniversity Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1992 18:47:14 GMT Lines: 419 See previous message for my comments. --Chris ------------------------------ cut here ------------------------------ TINY TOON ADVENTURES episode guide (through 12/6/92) by Chris Adamson,, 12/7/92 [ "Tiny Toon Adventures", characters, stories, etc. are the trademarks and copyrighted possessions of Time Warner Inc., used totally without the slightest whiff of permission (but I'll bet they'd be flattered anyway). This episode guide is (c)1992 Chris Adamson, and you are hereby granted permission to copy it as you like, but please do NOT create derivative works without writing me for permission first. ] --------------------------- Key to headers: XX : [#YY -- <ANIMATION SUBCONTRACTOR>] ZZ -- <DATE> Where XX represents the order of episodes (e.g. 1 = premiere) YY represents Warner Bros.' "house number" ZZ is either SHORTS (episode consists of two or more 'toons) or FULL (episode is one full-length story) House numbers and Warner's official titles courtesy Nick Sayer and Robert Jung (et. al.) of and their accomplices. ---------- SECOND SEASON ('91-'92) ---------- 66 : PLEDGE WEEK [#168 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 9/16/91 Time for the Tiny Toon Telethon! Too bad they let Elmyra be an operator... "It's All Relatives" -- Babs' grandma and mom insist that she do that 'really funny thing'. She tries every topical imitation she can think of and can't come up with it... "Lifeguard Lunacy" -- Arnold tries to 'break in' junior life- guard Calamity Coyote, catch my drift? "The Kite" -- A bug mistakes Hamton's kite for a butterfly buddy. See also "huh?" in episode 23. 67 : GOING PLACES [#167 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 9/17/91 It's field trip day for the toons! "When You're Hot..." -- The toons visit a fire station, where Pete Puma manages to set Acme Loo on fire. "That's Art Folks!" -- Babs gets conked on the head during a trip to the art museum, and goes on a weird dreamy trip through art. See also 'Bunny Daze' and 'Elmyras Round the World'. "Slaughterhouse Jive" -- The toons visit Montana Max's meat packaging plant and politically correct the naughty carnivore. 68 : ELEPHANT ISSUES [#169 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 9/18/91 As has been stated before on "Hep me! I been politically corrected AGAIN by the Tiny Toons!" "Why Dizzy Can't Read" -- T.V. is bad. "C.L.I.D.E. and Prejudice" -- Prejudice is bad. "One Beer" -- Alcohol is bad. 69 : HOG-WILD HAMTON [#171 -- Akom] FULL -- 9/19/91 Hamton's folks go out of town, and Plucky invites everyone in Acme Acres (even Fowlmouth, Elmyra, and Gogo) to a rollicking party at Hamton's place. Things get out of hand, and Hamton can't keep the noise from irritating Egghead Jr. next door, who responds by blowing up Hamton's house. 70 : PLAYTIME TOONS [#166 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 9/20/91 A romp and frolic through the wonderful world of fully-licensed toys. Bug your folks for money! "Happy Birthday Hamton" -- Babs, Buster and Plucky buy them- selves gifts at the store, then dump their old toys off on Hamton. "Fit to be Toyed" -- Montana Max destroys all his toys, and gets his credit cut off. He has to turn to his imagination instead. "Strung Along Kitty" -- Furrball finds Mary Melody's hair ribbon and makes it his best friend. See also 'The Kite' in episode 66 (and "Huh?" in 23). 71 : TOON PHYSICS [#170 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 11/4/91 Orson Whales teaches us about classic concepts of toon physics, including the force that bonds the Universe together: "dumb sight gags". "Once Upon a Star" -- Elmyra wishes that her Barbette doll would come to life. Be careful what you wish for, Elmyra -- you might get it. "A Cub for Grub" -- Sneezer ships out for cub scout camp, and Furrball tags along as a scout leader to get a shot at a Sneezer snack. "The Year Book Star" -- Egomaniacs Babs Bunny and Plucky Duck engage in a no-holds-barred competition to see which one of them can get the most photos in the yearbook. 72 : ACME CABLE TV [#179 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] FULL -- 11/11/91 Remarkably similar to "K-ACME TV" (#64), this is another fine collection of one-liners and throw-away gags from the world of U.S. television. Gogo slams "Cosby", Elmyra owns the world's smartest dog, Blink Winkleman hosts the "Toonywood Squares", Furrball is the Disney- esque "Cat Who Thought He Was A Hammerhead Shark", and Babs hosts an info-mercial. 73 : BUSTER AND BABS GO HAWAIIAN [#173 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] FULL -- 11/18/91 Buster and Babs bring Hamton's "Fleche de Larde" to a screeching halt, and go to Spielberg for a better script. He gives them an episode written (in real life) by three young gals from Virginia, which sends the bunnies on a trip-from-hell(tm) to Hawaii. Fortunately, they've got Bugs' credit card... 74 : HENNY YOUNGMAN DAY [#174 -- StarToons] SHORTS -- 11/22/91 Henny Youngman, master of the one-liner, is today's substitute teacher. And how did he get to Acme Loo? PRACTICE! "Stand-Up and Deliver" -- Babs sets out to make her name in stand-up comedy, but gets wiped out when Robin Killems goes on stage right before her. "The Potty Years" -- Plucky reminisces about the day his parents introduced him to the toilet. Dare I say: HUH? "Lame Joke" -- Buster keeps trying to tell a lame joke, and he manages to finish it off for good. 75 : LOVE DISCONNECTION [#172 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] SHORTS -- 11/25/91 Two disastrous trips down the aisle of dating hell, as offered up by Buster's best Chuck Woolery impersonation. "My Dinner with Elmyra" -- Montana Max is forced by his folks to endure a date with Elmyra in this double-length short. Having to order her a Happy Baby Puppy Face Meal at Weenie Burger is one thing, but can he sit through "The Adventures of Fido and Mewmew" with her? "The Amazing Three" -- Babs, Shirley, and Fifi grow tired of their unsophisticated guy friends, and slip into a Perfecto Prep senior party. Sticking around for "Will Dizzy Eat It" might have been a better idea... 76 : KON DUCKI [184 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] SHORTS -- 2/3/92 Join Pluck Hyerdahl (sp?) and his sidekick Koom-Bye-Yah (sp?), along with bit player Sweetie (not sp), as they attempt to prove that Pluck's prehistoric 70's ancestors could have built a raft -- filled with Abba 8-tracks and Screaming Yellow Zonkers -- to make their evolutionary journey to Salinas! Then, stick around as Buster Bunny hosts the ego-stroking documentary "The Making of Kon Ducky (sp!)", dhich shows us how Plucky Duck's genius brought such a masterpiece to the screen. 77 : SEPULVEDA BOULEVARD [#185 -- Akom] FULL -- 2/10/92 In this spoof of "Sunset Boulevard", Montana Max is the Hollywood screenwriter / idea-thief who accidentally stumbles into the mansion of Elmyra Desmond, the washed-up once-and-future star of "Cutsey Toons". She gets him to write "101 Cute Puppies Meet the Pretty Pretty Princess" as her comeback vehicle, but will movie mogul Cooper Daville be interested? Don't bet on it. 78 : TAKE ELMYRA PLEASE [#177 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] FULL -- 2/17/92 Buster and Babs introduce us to a story about Elmyra's family, in which her dad invents a clean-burning fuel that poses such a threat to the environmentally-unconscious Happy Sunny Oil company that they send two lackeys over to the Duff household to extract the formula for the fuel. Unfortunately for them, this is accomplished by kidnapping Elmyra, who thinks she's being brought in for a taping of the "Elmyra Fun Show". Apparantly, this episode was to be the pilot for a spin- off called "Elmyra's Family", which will NOT be premiering anytime soon on your local ACME affiliate... (cheer or sigh here). 79 : HOW I SPENT MY VACATION [# n/a -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] MOVIE -- 3/11/92 (released as an 80-minute home video) The 'toons finally make it to Summer Vacation in this feature- length home video, which features (pun!) five or so plot-lines passing the baton to one another: * Plucky discovers that Hamton's parents are taking the Pig family to Happy World Land (gasp and drool!) and Plucky manages to get himself invited on what turns out to be a nightmare voyage across the country in a sweaty back-seat. * Buster starts a squirt-gun fight with Babs that quickly escalates to the flooding of Acme Acres, with the Bunnies being washed downriver on an odyssey to Possum Swamp, a shotgun wedding, and other adventures. * Fowlmouth finally drags Shirley on a date to see "Skunknophobia", presented with the audience-endangering THUD Sound System. * Speaking of skunks, Fifi is hot for Johnny Pew, the Hollywood hunk of a skunk who's staying at the Acme Plaza Hotel. * Elmyra loses her grip on Furrball, and her folks take her to one of those wild nature safaris where you're _supposed_ to stay in the car. But we know Elmyra, don't we? * Dizzy sheds. All in all, it turns out to be a wild summer for everyone, except perhaps Montana Max, who is missing and believed to have been exiled to summer camp on Nickelodeon... ---------- THIRD SEASON ('92-'93) ---------- 80 : THIRTEENSOMETHING [#178 -- Startoons] FULL -- 9/14/92 Babs answers Buster's challenge and seeks her fortune in New York, where she adopts the human guise of Babs Bunawalskioversmith, and quickly becomes the star of "thirteensomething", the hit teen angst TV show. Buster, left high and dry without a partner, auditions new toon bunnies while watching Babs' career from afar. Oh yeah, Shirley whacks the heck out of Plucky a half-dozen times. 81 : NEW CLASS DAY [#181 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 9/15/92 I think that title is pretty self-explanatory, don't you? "Just-Us League of Super-Toons" -- BatDuck and Decoy (the Pig Hostage... see also episode 39) apply for admission to the afore- mentioned league, but get dissed when they admit to not having any really cool special powers. Encyclopedia-like knowledge of DC comics is helpful here... "Sound Off" -- Buster and Babs star in this spoof of 30's-era silent black-and-white cartoons. Pie-eyed Dizzy and Fifi also make an appearance, and if you wondered why they don't make 'em like they used to, now you know. "A Night in Kokomo" -- Buster, Babs, Plucky and Gogo take on the parts of the Marx Bros. in this homage. 82 : FOX TROT [#190 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 9/16/92 Buster and Babs spend the episode being chased by two foxes, now that they're on the Fox network (groan!). "My Brilliant Revenge" -- Plucky's bagpipe playing (?) distracts Hamton so much that the pig smashes Plucky's pipes to pieces. Plucky plots, then reconsiders, his revenge. "Can't Buy Me Love" -- The most evil little girl in the world, Rhoda, moves in next door to the only girl dumb enough to want to be her best friend: Elmyra. "Phone Call from the 405" -- Buster and Babs get a cellular call from their boss, Steven, who talks them through a hasty rewrite of their last toony scene. 83 : WHAT MAKES TOONS TICK [#189 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsha] SHORTS -- 9/17/92 Buster and Calamity take us on a tour of the inner workings of our favorite toons. "Whirlwind Romance" -- Dizzy falls for a whirlwind. Kind of like "The Kite" (see episode 69). "Going Up" -- Remember the joy and delight you felt when you first saw that cute, precious Baby Plucky cartoon ("The Potty Years", episode 74)? Here's your chance to experience that same cartoon all over again. Someone restrain my exuberance before I hurt myself. "Nothing to Sneeze At" -- An unemployed closet monster takes the one job no one else wants: Sneezer. Watch for the cameos by a horde of classic WB monsters. 84 : FLEA FOR YOUR LIFE [#186 -- Wang] FULL -- 9/18/92 The Flea family from epsiode 11 is still on Furrball, and they're now toiling for the benefit of the evil Boss Tick. Tick's got a thing for Flea-o's sister Itchy, as well as for making the ticks weave cat-fur jackets for his profit. 85 : THE RETURN OF BATDUCK [#201 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsha] FULL -- 9/19/92 (Broadcast as an episode of "The Plucky Duck Show") One would think it would be enough for Plucky to have his own show on Saturday morning, but not when he hears that Tim Burton is casting the new Batman movie. Plucky, fresh from his recurrent stint as BatDuck, takes off for Tim Burton's soundstage to beg and plead for the role. 86 : TOONS TAKE OVER [#193 -- Freelance Animators] FULL -- 9/21/92 One last lame script pushes Buster, Babs, and Plucky over the edge, so they take over the Warner Brothers studio to make their own Shakespearean, romantic, violent action-adventure. They write, produce, and shoot their cartoon, then make the mistake of screening it for Cooper DaVille (as well as most of the free world). 87 : TWO-TONE TOWN [#194 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsha] FULL -- 9/28/92 Foxy and Roxy are two black-and-white toons who haven't had work in years, so Buster and Babs go to the mat for them and get them a shot at Warner's new cartoon show. Given that their only competition is Plucky's lame "Hudson Duck", it shouldn't be that hard, should it? 88 : BUSTER'S DIRECTORIAL DEBUT [#192 -- Wang ] SHORTS -- 11/2/92 Buster finally gets his shot at directing an episode of Tiny Toons, specifically "Furrball on the Roof", but he gets distracted by: "Fit to be Stewed" -- Babs and Buster come across a carrot cake house in the woods, and Babs can't help but invite herself in, completely ignoring the name on the mailbox: Sandy Witch. In due course, Babs gets turned into a non-toon rabbit and Buster is left to his own devices to keep from becoming Two Rabbit Stew "Ducklahoma" -- Plucky interrupts Buster and Furrball to demand a better part in the episode. Buster teams up with the anvils to put Plucky, Shirley, Hamton and Elmyra into a toony parody of Rodgers and Hammerstein. 89 : WASHINGTOON [#195 -- Akom] FULL -- 11/4/92 (originally scheduled for 11/3/92) The spokesperson for Adults Against Funny Cartoons demolishes Acme Acres with an anti-tooniness device, so Buster and Babs set off to get help from Washington, where they discover that Vice President Dan Quayle is their number one fan. Because this episode was broadcast the day after Bush and Quayle lost the election, it can be seen as the most extreme example of topical humor becoming dated -- WASHINGTOON was a piece of Bush-era nostalgia in the episode's premiere! 90 : TOON TV [#180 -- Wang] FULL -- 11/9/92 A follow-up to TINY TOON MUSIC TELEVISION (no. 51), this episode has Buster and Babs doing a countdown of their top ten (well, 7 actually) music videos: * "It's in his Kiss" by ??? -- Babs fantasizes about romantic scenes with Buster, adapted from "King Kong", "The Little Mermaid", "Phantom of the Opera", etc. * "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy / Russian Dance (Video Game Blues)" adapted from Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite" -- Plucky and Fowlmouth trade vocals on a tribute to video-game addiction. * "Nothing Compares to Yul" a parody of Sinead O' Connor's "Nothing Compares to You" -- A quick sight gag with a bald(!) Shirley extolling the praises of Yul Brenner. * "The Name Game" (traditional) -- Elmyra and the toonsters sing the name game on a space station. I don't know why. * "Toon Rap" (original) -- "Vanilla Lice" raps about the various characters in Acme Acres. * "Do You Love Me?" by The Contours -- The reverse of "It's in his Kiss", i.e. told from Buster's point-of-view. * "Yakkity Yak" by The Coasters (?) -- Plucky gets caught up in a laundromat robbery in the 1955 Bronx. 91 : GRANDMA'S DEAD [#187 -- Akom] FULL -- 11/10/92 Another epsiode featuring Elmyra's family (see #78), the Duffs. This time around, Elmyra's grieving over the loss of her pet hamster, Jan Brady, but all the neighbors get the idea that Elmyra's vacation- ing grandma has bought the farm. 92 : MUSIC DAY [#191 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsha] SHORTS -- 11/11/92 "Ruffled Ruffee" -- Buster's guitar jams raise the ire of kiddie star Ruffee, who's playing a let's-be-happy-and-obediant themed concert nearby. He's taught to party... Buster style. "The Horn Blows at Lunchtime" -- Sneezer rehearses his trumpet playing in the basement while munching down on some limburger. The sound and smell drift up through the vents to the lunchroom... "Loon Lake" -- Shirley's performance in the ballet "Loon Lake" is endangered when her snotty fellow dancers try to trip her up. Fortunately, Babs is there to set them straight. 93 : THE HORROR OF SLUMBER PARTY MOUNTAIN [#196 -- Akom(?)] FULL -- 11/12/92 Elmyra, mistress who's a dork, introduces us to a story about Buster, Plucky, Hamton, Babs, Shirley, and Fifi on a scary sleep-out in the woods. At first, the guys and gals pull pranks on one another, but it becomes clear that someone or something else is in the woods with them! (* - Episode was broadcast with incorrect credit pages, so the animation studio might not be Akom) 94 : SPORTS SHORTS [#183 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 11/13/92 "Minister Golf" -- This is the third "Baby Plucky" short. The only good thing about Tiny Toons' cancellation is that there won't be a fourth one. "The Undersea World of Fifi" -- Fifi, as an ersatz Jacques Cousteau, sends the ever-expendable Elmyra on an underwater explor- ation for the the rare and curious sea monkeys (and other aquatic cuddly creatures) in this double-length short. 95 : WEEKDAY AFTERNOON LIVE [#188 -- Wang] FULL -- 11/16/92 Blard Simpleton is the guest host on this episode-length parody of "Saturday Night Live" (old and new), featuring * A commercial for Cheese E. Sneezer's * Babs, as the Rich-ster, at Appomattox * Plucky & Buster "...are going to blow (clap!) you up" * Dizzy as "Samurai Film Critic" with Hamton as Roger Pigbert, reviewing films like "Dances with Lobsters" * Emyra's really awful film late in the show * Buster doing the news * Sneezer and Sweetie for Already Been Chewed Gum * Plucky as the obnoxious lounge singer * Buster, Babs, and Elmyra as the "Cornheads" 96 : A CAT'S EYE VIEW [#176 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 11/16/92 No, there is no discernable theme today. "Little Dog Lost" -- Byron escapes from Elmyra's house and gets adopted by a much nicer owner. "Party Crasher Plucky" -- Plucky, desperate for a date with Shirley the Loon , invites himself to Shirley MacLaine's private party. "Homeward Bound" -- Furball makes friends with a kitten from a wealthy family. 97 : BEST OF BUSTER DAY [#175 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 11/23/92 Bugs reads Buster the riot act. Buster speaks his case with three Buster-oriented cartoons. "Compromising Principals" -- Buster, wanting to keep Yosemite Sam at ACME Loo (so as not to have him replaced by someone competant), sabotages Sam's guided tour of the school. "Maid to Re-Order" -- Max fires Grovelly the butler, and when Buster can't stand the Grovelly's staying in his burrow, Buster and Babs take over at Max's place to lower Max's standards. "Class Without Class" -- Bugs and the Tasmanian Devil compel Buster and Dizzy to duke it out, but they eventually come up with better ideas. (* - Although he wrote 2 shorts in this episode, Charlie Adler quit as the voice of Buster Bunny, and John Kassir replaces him in a few bits of this episode, as well as in #98) 98 : IT'S A WONDERFUL TINY TOON CHRISTMAS SPECIAL [#098 -- Startoons] FULL -- 12/6/92 (shown at 7:00 PM EST on Fox) Buster, despondant over the failure of his production of the Acme Loo Christmas Play, decides to leave Tiny Toons and throw himself out of the picture. At this point, a big white rabbit named Harvey is sent down from on high to show Buster what Acme Acres would be like without him, i.e. a parody of "It's a Wonderful Life." <!--end content--> </pre> <!--placeholder01--> <!--placeholder02--> <p> <!----------------------------------------------------------------------> </font> <font size=3> <center> <img border=0 alt="---" src="../greenbar.gif"> </center> <p> <center><table border><td height="60" width="468"> <!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/cgi-bin/adrotate/ad.cgi?r=2" --> </td></table></center> <p> <script>givecookie("BodyThetans", "Skeptic Tank Archives")</script> <address> <a href=""> E-Mail Fredric L. Rice / The Skeptic Tank </a> </address> <br> </body> </td></tr> </table> </html>