Subject TINY TOON ADVENTURES Episode Guide, part 1 (season 1, ep. 1 - 65) Date Mon, 7 Dec

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Newsgroups: Path: spies!sgiblab!!!umeecs!!plucky From: (Chris Adamson) Subject: TINY TOON ADVENTURES Episode Guide, part 1 (season 1, ep. 1 - 65) Message-ID: Organization: ACME Looniversity Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1992 18:43:40 GMT Lines: 729 Hey, kids, I finally finished it. I'll probably be doing a major rewrite over X-mas, followed by a cross-post to rec.arts.animation, so send comments and corrections as you find them. Noting my hostility towards "Baby Plucky" episodes does NOT count as a correction! ============================================================ / Chris Adamson / Honk if you helped kill JFK! / / Michigan St. U. / / / Media Arts Prgm. / ------------------------------------- / / M.A. student / , / =========================================================== DISCLAIMER: I'm sure MSU neither understands nor cares ------------------------------ cut here ------------------------------ TINY TOON ADVENTURES episode guide (through 12/6/92) by Chris Adamson,, 12/7/92 [ "Tiny Toon Adventures", characters, stories, etc. are the trademarks and copyrighted possessions of Time Warner Inc., used totally without the slightest whiff of permission (but I'll bet they'd be flattered anyway). This episode guide is (c)1992 Chris Adamson, and you are hereby granted permission to copy it as you like, but please do NOT create derivative works without writing me for permission first. ] --------------------------- Key to headers: XX : [#YY -- <ANIMATION SUBCONTRACTOR>] ZZ -- <DATE> Where XX represents the order of episodes (e.g. 1 = premiere) YY represents Warner Bros.' "house number" ZZ is either SHORTS (episode consists of two or more 'toons) or FULL (episode is one full-length story) House numbers and Warner's official titles courtesy Nick Sayer and Robert Jung (et. al.) of and their accomplices. ---------- FIRST SEASON ('90-'91) ---------- 1 : THE LOONEY BEGINNING [#148 -- Kennedy Cartoons] FULL -- 9/14/90 (shown at 8:30PM on CBS) Having crumpled up Montana Max and thrown him in the trash, a Warner Bros. cartoonist has until tomorrow morning to come up with a new cartoon series. Aiming for something between infantile cuteness and adult violence, he follows Bugs' advice that "you can't go wrong with rabbits" and creates Babs and Buster. The animator gives up and goes home, leaving Babs and Buster to populate Acme Acres with assorted loonies. When Max shows up to wreck the party, Bugs paints in Acme Looniversity as a place the bunnies can learn to deal with their adversaries (who, Bugs says, "always fall for cheesy disguises"). 2 : A QUACK IN THE QUARKS [#140 -- Akom] FULL -- 9/17/90 Plucky volunteers to show two weird-looking transfer students around the Acme Looniversity campus, only to discover that they're actually aliens from Planet X, who have been sent to bring back Earth's greatest specimen (which egocentric Plucky essentially claims to be) to battle the evil Duck Vader. Babs, Buster and Hamton steal the "Duck Dodgers" rocket and set off to save the duck in a big ol' "Star Wars" parody. 3 : THE WHEEL O' COMEDY [#113 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] SHORTS -- 9/18/90 Buster's "Spectacular Day" is replaced by the arbitrary cartoon selector, the Wheel of Comedy. He and Babs are none too pleased. "Devil Doggie" -- Elmyra adopts Dizzy, thinking he's a puppy. Watch for the "Psycho" parody, as well as lots o' violence. "Optical Intrusion" -- Furrball accidentally picks up a pair of 3-D glasses that make (big and blunt) objects actually come closer. "Win, Lose, or Kerplowie" -- Montana Max rigs a game show, until Buster intervenes on Babs' behalf. 4 : TEST STRESS [#122 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] SHORTS -- 9/19/90 Exam time at Acme Looniversity. And it's only the fourth day! "Never Too Late to Loon" -- Plucky, convinced he's going to fail his cartoon math test, gets Shirley the Loon to "channel some Einstein" into his brain. "Lil' Sneezer" -- Sylvester assigns Furrball to catch a mouse. Unfortunately, Furrball goes after the mouse with "a little cold". "To Bleep or not to Bleep" -- Fowlmouth, a young rooster with a swearing problem, enlists Buster's help in trying to get a date with Shirley. 5 : THE BUSTER BUNNY BUNCH [#119 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] SHORTS -- 9/20/90 The linking material is a goofy, violent satire on "The Mickey Mouse Club" of ancient times. "Buffed Bunny" -- Buster, trying to impress Babs, gets abused at a gymnasium run by the very pumped-up Arnold. "Squish" -- Dizzy squishes bugs. Shirley says "you could come back as a bug in the next life and get squished yourself, y'know." Of course, this is just what happens. "Born to be Riled" -- Babs manages to cheese off all her friends by impersonating them just too darn well. 6 : HER WACKY HIGHNESS [#108 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] FULL -- 9/21/90 Babs is sent home from school after wildly imitating Elmer Fudd imitating Elvis. Since nobody in Acme Acres appreciates how truly great she is, she runs away to Wackyland, where Gogo Dodo introduces her to the bizarre punniness of that uncharted cartoon territory. Buster, Hamton, and Plucky set off to find her and have wild adventures of their own on the way. Keep your thumb on the freeze-frame button, kids -- there's a lot of stuff to spot in the backgrounds. 7 : JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF ACME ACRES [#138 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] FULL -- 9/24/90 A series of earthquakes wreck Hamton's and Plucky's homes, and they eventually fall into a big crevice in the ground. Buster and Babs set out to rescue them, and find that the earthquakes are being caused by some center-of-the-earth gremlins, who are angry at the theft of their mother lode (by Montana Max, of course) 8 : STUFF THAT GOES BUMP IN THE NIGHT [#127 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 9/25/90 A tribute to scary things. "Home Wrecker" -- Montana Max drops his new summer home on Buster, and the Bunny's poltergeist returns to drive him crazy. "Fang you Very Much" -- Elmyra's pet-of-the-month delivery is a bat. A vampire bat. Pity it. "Easy Biter" -- Hamton vs. a mosquito. 9 : IT'S BUSTER BUNNY TIME [#131 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] SHORTS -- 9/26/90 The Elmyras of Many Nations are the peanut gallery for today's "Buster Bunny Bunch", a swipe at the "Howdy Doody Show" with Buster as Buffalo Bob and Plucky as Howdy Doody ("A stupid puppet? I quit!") "Bag That Bunny" -- Elmyra offers two months' allowance to Calamity Coyote for help in capturing cute little Buster. "Lifestyles of the Rich and Rotten" -- Montana Max does every- thing he can to avoid precocious interviewers Babs and Buster. "The Anvil Chorus" -- Anvils fall from the skies (in time with the music), eliminating the Elmyra Swarm and terrorizing Plucky. Plus, a brief message from "Adults Against Funny Cartoons"! 10 : LOOKING OUT FOR THE LITTLE GUY [#133 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 9/27/90 The themes are getting more and more ephemeral... "Awful Orphan" -- Sneezer gets left at Elmyra's doorstep. For once, Elmyra is the victim of her cute-cuddly-little-animal. "The Re-Return of the Toxic Revenger" -- Plucky is the super-hero who battles to stop Montana Max from stealing the swamp's water supply. "Bird-Dog Afternoon" -- A basset hound protects some motherless chicks from the always-hungry Furrball. 11 : STARTING FROM SCRATCH [#132 -- Wang] FULL -- 9/28/90 A downright wacky parody of "An American Tail": a flea is separated from his family when he ends up on Furrball while his family is in the fur of the dog that's terrorizing Furrball. Spielberg let little Flea-o go so far as to satirize the wistful music of the movie (here, he sings "Fur, Fur Away", a song nominated for a daytime Emmy(!)). 12 : HARE RAISING NIGHT [#117 -- Wang] FULL -- 10/1/90 Buster is sent on a secret agent-ish mission to stop the animal- mutation experiments of Dr. Gene Splicer. He rooks Plucky, Hamton and Babs into the adventure by telling them they're going to the Emmy Awards (which Plucky continues to believe for the entire story). Along the way, Babs wins the heart of a monster that's equal parts dog, chicken, dragon, and bull, but it all turns out OK. 13 : FURRBALL FOLLIES [#105 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 10/2/90 Oh boy! A full day of Furrball cartoons! As you might expect, he starts (and eventually ends up) homeless and pitiful, under a less- than-stable drain pipe in a back alley. "K-9 Kitty" -- Furrball hooks up with a near-blind couple who want a dog and hate cats. The charade works until their glasses arrive. "Aroma Amore" -- Furrball gets run down by a street lane-paining truck, leaving a stripe down his back. Fifi immediately goes for him. "Cross Country Kitty" -- Mary Melody adopts Furrball, then takes him across the country to keep him from eating Sweetie. He keeps making cross-continental jaunts across the U.S. while Mary's not looking. 14 : THE ACME ACRES ZONE [#128 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 10/3/90 Buster as Rod Serling, with Furrball as his toupee. "A Walk on the Flip Side" -- Rabbit-hater Montana Max wakes up to find he's become a bunny, to the delight of Babs, Buster and Elmyra. "A Bacon Strip" -- Plucky dupes Hamton into trying to skinny-dip in Monty's pool, eventually leaving the pig naked and far from home. "Senserely Yours, Babs" -- A misguided coyote experiment separ- ates Babs' sense of humor from the rest of her body. Calamity & Hamton attempt to retrieve it before Babs is permanently nerd-ified. 15 : LIFE IN THE 90'S [#126 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 10/4/90 Let's ALL be trendy. "Whining Out" -- Hamton tries to take Plucky and the Bunny's to a snotty restaurant. They should've gone to Weenie Burger. "Paper Trained" -- Montana Max tries to get out of paying Buster for his newspaper subscription. He picked the wrong bunny to bilk. "Butt Out" -- Babs battles rude smokers Roderick and Rhubella at a classy desserterie. 16 : ROCK 'N ROAR [#109 -- Wang] FULL -- 10/5/90 Buster loses his soccer ball and accidentally replaces it with a dinosaur egg. The egg hatches and he and his new pal, Rover, try to deal with Acme Acres' lack of dinosaur-compatible facilities. Meanwhile, Montana Max wants to either a)kidnap or b)blow up Rover. 17 : PROM-ISE HER ANYTHING [#124 -- Wang] FULL -- 10/8/90 It's junior prom time at Acme Loo. Buster avoids asking Babs out immediately because he doesn't have the slightest idea how to dance (his use of some old Bugs Bunny spastic, hunter-foiling dance moves makes the situation far worse). Elmyra gets stood up by Montana Max, but Babs and Buster set out to right that wrong. A great example of "another cameo, another paycheck" for almost the entire TTA cast. 18 : HARE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW [#101 -- Kennedy] FULL -- 10/9/90 Buster is finally snared by Elmyra, and the bunny leads a big prison break of all the cute animals she's captured, but is himself re- captured. Not quite enough of an idea for a full-length episode, eh? 19 : CINEMANIACS! [#102 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 10/10/90 Buster and Babs go to the local theatre, where EVERYTHING is showing (the marquee lists thousands of movies). Of course, they go theater-hopping, against the orders of Montana Max, evil usher. "Superbabs" -- Babs as a Superman/Supergirl parody, out to stop Wex Wuthor (a bald Montana Max). "Duck Trek" -- Plucky as an overweight, overacting, toupee- adorned Captain Kirk on the starship Acme. Furrball, as McCoy, talks! "Pasadena Jones" -- Buster stars in a parody of the Indiana Jones genre... duh! 20 : YOU ASKED FOR IT [#104 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 10/11/90 Plucky tries to correct the bunny-rigged "request day" with a machine that shows which character the fans want to see. He has to replace every circuit to eventually get his cartoon selected. "Debutante Devil" -- Taz assigns Dizzy Devil to "eat bunny". Babs sets him straight with a free-wheeling charm school torture session. "Slight of Hare" -- Max takes out his birthday aggressions on rent- a-friends and a magician who pulls Buster from a hat. Buster gets even. "Duck out of Luck" -- Plucky finally stars in a cartoon, but the viewers get to decide what happens to him. Apparently, the viewers are REALLY mean. 21 : GANG BUSTERS [#112 -- Kennedy] FULL -- 10/12/90 Montana Max and his gang steal a Slushie machine from the local convenience store and frame Buster for the crime. He and his lawyer, Plucky, get sent to jail. Their escape attempts don't work (although they do lead to a hilarious swipe at "Batman"), but are eventually freed to bring in their nemesis in an all-rap (blech!) final act. 22 : CITIZEN MAX [#121 -- Wang] FULL -- 10/15/90 In this "Citizen Kane" parody -- whose visuals often look JUST LIKE those of the original film -- Hamton plays the role of the dutiful reporter who tries to find out what Montana Max meant when he said "Acme". In flashback, we see the story of how Max rigged a school election and framed Buster Bunny, along with Max's eventual foiling. 23 : WAKE UP CALL OF THE WILD [#130 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 10/17/90 Babs and Buster ruminate on instinct, and the toon animals' relation to their species. Uh huh. "Migrant Mallard" -- Plucky attempts to fly south for the winter with all the other ducks, who don't talk, look funny, or eat pizza. Huh? "It's a Jungle out There" -- Concord Condor escapes from the zoo while Arnold watches 'Dialing for Poodles'. Huh? "Kitty Cat-Astrophe" -- Furrball, running amok in Hamton's house, sees images of prehistoric kitty life in the kitchen. Huh? 24 : BUSTER AND THE WOLVERINE [#107 -- Kennedy] FULL -- 10/19/90 Elmyra, at the concert hall, introduces us to this alleged parody of "Peter and the Wolf", with each of our leads represented by a (usually inappropriate) instrument. Babs gets a harp, Furrball gets a violin, Plucky is insulted with a bike horn, etc. They all run in great fear of a big, nasty wolverine who captures them and eats them all up, but Buster saves everyone in the end. 25 : YOU ASKED FOR IT, PART II [#123 -- Kennedy] SHORTS -- 10/22/90 Toon logic: Dizzy eats the viewer request mail hopper in Act I, yet Buster and Babs are pulling letters out of it in Act II. "The Weird Couple" -- Dizzy, rained out of his cave, moves in with Hamton in this 'Odd Couple' parody, complete with laugh-track. "The Return of the Toxic Revenger" -- This time, super-heroic Plucky takes on Monty's donut hole factory that's polluting the air. "Little Cake of Horrors" -- Hamton tries his best to stay on his diet and not eat the cake that literally begs to be eaten. 26 : HOLLYWOOD PLUCKY [#125 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] FULL -- 10/23/90 Plucky and Hamton travel to Hollywood, where the duck hopes to sell his script "The Plucky Duck Story" to movie mogul Cooper DeVille. The two get rooked into performing waiter and valet duties at a star-filled restaurant, and only after getting around an obstinate front gate guard does Plucky get the producer to read the script. The charicatures in the restaurant include Mike Tyson, Rosanne Barr, Batman, Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood, and the 'Star Trek' gang. 27 : EUROPE IN 30 MINUTES [#142 -- Wang] FULL -- 10/26/90 Plucky wins a trip to Europe on a game show, and he, Hamton and the Bunnies take a whirlwind trip around the continent in a tour bus from Hell(tm), noticing along the way that there are Weenie Burger stands EVERYWHERE. They eventually end up in Buckingham Palace, where they discover a plot by the servants to kidnap Prince Charles and Princess Di (who talk in an inaudible, but very British, audio blur). As it turns out, Buster and Babs get kidnapped instead, while the duck and pig are chased around by a psychotic royal chef. 28 : THE WACKO WORLD OF SPORTS [#136 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 10/30/90 Fun with sporting events. "Tennis the Menace" -- Montana Max rigs his own tennis tourney by inviting only lousy players. Then Bjorn Bunny (guess!) take him on. "Bleacher Bummer" -- Acme Loo plays a cheating Perfecto Prep in a baseball game, while Dizzy and Furrball try to sneak past Arnold. "Miniature Goof" -- The Vanderbunnys take on Roderick and Rhubella and teach them a thing or two. Watch for the mini-mall joke. 29 : RAINY DAZE [#115 -- Freelance Cartoons] SHORTS -- 11/1/90 Yep, it's raining, and the toons are BORED. "Rent A Friend" -- Max's latest rent-a-friend delivery is Buster Bunny. The usual mayhem results. "Bunny Daze" -- Babs, alone at home, keeps herself occupied with a series of dream sequences. See also: "huh?" in episode 23. "Fur-Gone Conclusion" -- Babs and Buster tunnel toward Aruba, and end up in the arctic where they try to protect a baby seal from a fur-obsessed Zsa Zsa Gabor parody. 30 : FIELDS OF HONEY [#116 -- Kennedy] FULL -- 11/2/90 Babs, depressed over the not having a classic WB female character for a mentor, is dragged down to the film vaults to settle a "Bugs vs. Daffy" dispute between Buster and Plucky. She hears a voice saying "if you watch them, you will find her", and Babs is soon wrapped up in a "Field of Dreams" parody/tribute/rip-off, in search of the long-lost Honey, female impresario and partner of Bosko, both of whom were displaced in the early 30's by the stardom of Porky Pig. 31 : SAWDUST AND TOONSIL [#137 -- Wang] FULL -- 11/5/90 Babs, Buster, Plucky and Gogo are just finishing off a day of fun and silliness in Wackyland when they see Silas Wonder's circus train pull up. Gogo freaks out, and the other toons investigate the circus. They find an assortment of sideshow creatures who've been kidnapped from Wackyland -- and Gogo's attempt to free the Sphinx results in his own capture. This leaves the other toons to save the Wackylanders before Gogo's lack of wackiness causes him to fade away... 32 : SPRING IN ACME ACRES [#135 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 11/6/90 It comes, of course, when Babs unleashes a flame-thrower on the snow drifts and ice. "Love Among the Toons" -- Cupid calls it quits and rooks Concord into taking his job. The inept pairings include Babs & Max. "Elmyra's Spring Cleaning" -- Elmyra dances her way through a housecleaning with a vacuum that gets set to "Super Apocalypse Overdrive". "That's Incredibly Stupid" -- Plucky and Dizzy compete for big prizes on a pain-oriented, self-humiliating game show. 33 : PSYCHIC FUN-OMENON DAY [#152 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 11/7/90 Shirley the Loon, from her tent aside the Acme Acres Carnival, predicts the future of, like, totally hapless toons... or some junk! "Piece of Mind" -- Calamity Coyote, falling from the Rump Tower, sees his life flash before his eyes, narrated by Wile E. "Class Cut-Up" -- Hamton can't bring himself to dissect his frog... who jumps out and starts singing when no one else is around. A "tribute" to "One Froggy Evening", or a "rip-off"? "Rear Window Pain" -- Plucky, bored in the hospital, uses the binoculars Babs gave him to snoop on people. His injuries multiply. 34 : THE WIDE WORLD OF ELMYRA [#149 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] SHORTS -- 11/8/90 Babs and Buster trek through the jungle to show us that most dangerous of creatures... Elmyra! "Turtle Hurdle" -- Cute lil' Tyrone Turtle (from "Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow") escapes Elmyra's house but has to cross a major highway to return to his pond. Michigan J. Frog taunts him. "Drooley Davey" -- Little Davey is terrorized by his inept babysitter, Elmyra. "Go Fetch" -- Barky Marky, a big friendly dog, is cured of his fetch-the-ball addiction after playing with Elmyra. 35 : A DITCH IN TIME [#155 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] FULL -- 11/9/90 Plucky doesn't do his homework or his exam cramming, so he decides to build a time machine, go back in time a few days, and do all the work he was supposed to. The Plucky of tomorrow arrives in the time machine, and current Plucky rips it off, picking up Babs and Buster to make a tour of the past, which eventually strands the bunnies in prehistoric Acme Acres while Plucky brings a dinosaur-sized Dizzy Devil to modern Acme Acres... providing Elmyra with a new pet. 36 : ANIMANIACS! [#145 -- Akom] FULL -- 11/12/90 Plucky hasn't shown up once for Animation 101, and the Acme Loo students' animation festival, where they show off their projects, is tonight! Buster spends all of Act I detailing the technical process of animating to Plucky, and most of Act II showing off story-telling trickery like wipes, fades and flashbacks. In Act III, we get to see animation reels from Elmyra, Hamton, Dizzy Devil Montana Max (well, the people he hired to do it for him), Gogo Dodo(!), Shirley the Loon, and... Plucky? 37 : CAREER OPPORTUNITIES [#111 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 11/13/90 Buster and Babs show us how to go about getting some spare cash by working part-time. "Buster's Guide to Part Time Jobs" -- Buster and Babs get jobs at Weenie Burger (or is it Big Weenie?) and have to serve Max. "Working Pig" -- Hamton gets a part-time job working in the toy department, hoping to move up to vacuum cleaners. But first he has to assist Elmyra! "Falling to Pizzas" -- Calamity Coyote is looking for a snack, but instead of savoring Little Beeper, he wants the pizzas Beep delivers. 38 : STRANGE TALES OF WEIRD SCIENCE [#103 -- Encore] SHORTS -- 11/14/90 Yep, they're all weird science all right. "Funny" science might have been better. "Allen Smithee" directs (know what that means kids? It means the director doesn't want his real name on it!). "Scentimental Pig" -- A scientist creates a super-flavor enhancer (MSG?) that makes everyone insatiably hungry. Then he spills it on Hamton. "Pit Bullied" -- Sweetie reprograms Furrball to want to eat Pit Bulls and sends him after Arnold. "Duck in the Muck" -- Plucky, as the Toxic Revenger, against Max, who this time is running an enviro-death ice-cream-spoon factory. 39 : INSIDE PLUCKY DUCK [#129 -- Kennedy] SHORTS -- 11/15/90 Babs and Buster, through the technology provided by Calamity Coyote, take a trip into Plucky's brain (mostly into his ego). "Bat's All Folks" -- Plucky as Bat Duck, telling the story of how he worked out his costume, hired Decoy The Pig Hostage, and fought the villains in the Acme Acres Museum of Really Silly Props. This is the first Tiny Toons double-length short. "Wild Takes Class" -- Plucky, trying to prove the lameness of Bugs' introductory wild takes class, does a wild take so crazy that he gets stuck in the all-eyeball state. Too bad it's class picture day. 40 : THE ACME BOWL [#120 -- Kennedy] FULL -- 11/16/90 Acme Loo has a winless season going into their big football game with arch-rival Perfecto Prep. "Are we gonna win?" "No!" "Are we gonna lose?" "We're going to be annihilated!" Roderick and Danforth, those evil Perfecto kids, are so bent on victory that they get Plucky to sell the Acme playbook in exchange for a transfer to Perfecto. But is Plucky really THIS much a shifty duck? 41 : DATING, ACME ACRES STYLE [#114 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 11/19/90 Buster and Babs give us the low down on dating. "Buster's Guide to Dating" -- Buster tries to go on a date with Babs and the bunnies list the various rules as they go along. "Love Stinks" -- Calamity gets covered with black tar and a white feather stripe, causing Fifi to think he's an available skunk "Dream Date Game" -- Another game show parody, this time with Elmyra looking for love on "The Dating Game" 42 : LOONIVERSITY DAYS [#110 -- Encore] SHORTS -- 11/20/90 Not much of a theme today, but the bunnies do get to SING the linking material for a change. "The Learning Principal" -- Buster gets sent to the principal's office, and his friends fear for his life. "Eating Between the Lines" -- Sweetie hunts down Bookworm in the library during lunch hour. "What's Up Nurse?" -- Plucky feigns illness to get out of a quiz, but finds that the infirmary is staffed by... Elmyra! 43 : BEST O' PLUCKY DUCK DAY [#118 -- Kennedy] SHORTS -- 11/21/90 Three Plucky Duck shorts. "One Minute Till Three" -- With only one minute between Plucky and a weekend of goofing off, Granny starts asking insanely hard questions and doling out 8000-page assignments for wrong answers. "Sticky Feathers Duck" -- Plucky and Hamton are hungry and broke, and the duck decides to try to swipe a candy bar (with almonds!) from the local convenience store. "Duck in the Dark" -- Plucky, staying overnight at Buster's, can't sleep after watching too many Eddie Cougar horror flicks. 44 : HERO HAMTON [#106 -- Encore Cartoons] FULL -- 11/23/90 Hamton runs afoul of Montana Max, and is forced to face him in a fight. His friends all try to help him out (especially Plucky, who hopes to make tons of money promoting this battle ala Don King), but all in all he'd rather be in Porky's "Cartoon Props" class. 45 : WHALE'S TALES [#154 -- Akom] FULL -- 11/26/90 A little baby whale is separated from its mother when mom is caught by Gotcha Grabmore, who still tracks down cute animals to make her gaudy merchandise. Elmyra brings the little whale home, where he meets Buster and Babs, who set out to foil Grabmore. Heavy on cuteness and plot while light on humor and wit, this episode seems more like "Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers" than "Tiny Toons" 46 : ASK MR. POPULAR [#141 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 12/5/90 Buster stars as Mr. Popular, a hyper-cool dude who teaches everyone in the studio audience how to be just as cool. "Dapper Diz" -- Plucky and Hamton have had it with Dizzy, so Mr. Popular hooks the devil up to a personality implanter, giving him Mr. Popular's savoir faire, Plucky's modesty, and Hamton's neatness. A double-length short. "A Pigment of his Imagination" -- Hamton feels snubbed by his friends, so he creates an imaginary friend named Tad, who turns out to be a major-league jerk. 47 : SON OF LOONIVERSITY DAZE [#134 -- Kennedy] SHORTS -- 12/7/90 Theme shmeme. "Plucky's Dastardly Deed" -- Plucky cheats on a test, and is slowly driven crazy by guilt. "Open and Shut Case" -- Hamton gets a superintelligent locker, and subsequently locks the instructions and combination inside. "C Flat or B Sharp?" -- Plucky, Buster and Hamton try to get a piano down from the bell tower, to the tune of "Hungarian Rhapsody #2". 48 : MR. POPULAR'S RULES OF COOL [#160 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 12/10/90 Pretty much the same theme as episode 46: audience members ask Buster how to be popular. "Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool" -- Buster helps Hamton lose the disco thing and get into a totally cool dance club. "Slugfest" -- Plucky, addicted to the TV show "Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs", and Hamton race through a downright vicious parody of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". Extremely funny. "Venison Anyone?" -- Montana Max and a street-smart deer named Vinnie meander through old toon hunting humor. 49 : FAIRY TALES FOR THE 90'S [#143 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 12/12/90 Babs appears as fairy-on-a-totally-visible-wire, lugging out the Fairy Tales book and videotape and getting smashed, shocked, abused, etc. in the process. "Bunnochio" -- The Acme Toy Company calls upon their last toy designer to create a hit toy. He gives up on bringing the puppet bunny to life, and the next day mistakes Buster for a brought-to-life version of said toy. This is yet another double-length short. "Bear Necessities" -- Elmyra as Goldilocks, invading the suburban home of the three bears in search of cute cuddly friends. 50 : WHO BOPPED BUGS BUNNY? [#144 -- Kennedy] FULL -- 12/14/90 The Tiny Toons and Looney Tunes attend an award ceremony for Bugs in Paris, where Bugs is kidnapped by Stanley the Elephant, still jealous over losing the Shmoscar to "Knighty Knight Bugs". Daffy is framed for the crime, so Hamton and Plucky (dressed as ninjas) attempt to break him out of jail while the Bunnies, in a running "Columbo" parody, question Stanley and try to find Bugs. Despite the title, this is not a parody of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (would that it were). 51 : TINY TOON MUSIC TELEVISION [#163 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] FULL -- 2/1/91 Babs and Buster (and guest star Julie Bruin) host this parody of MTV-style music videos: * "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" by They Might Be Giants -- Plucky as an Istanbul P.I., on the trail of a stolen statuette. * "Particle Man" by They Might Be Giants -- Plucky is the pro wrestler of the title(?!), pounded by Triangle Man, Universe Man, etc. * "Respect" by Aretha Franklin -- Babs & her walkman skate and dance about the library, courtroom, pet cemetery, etc. * "Money (That's What I Want)" by Barrett Strong -- Money- grubbing Max sings motown. Didn't see that one coming, didja? * "Top Secret Apprentice" -- Buster begins to play with Bugs' secret computer-animation system in this semi-parody of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" from _Fantasia_. 52 : THE RETURN TO THE ACME ACRES ZONE [#159 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 2/4/91 If the title doesn't tell you everything you need to know about the theme, see episode 14. "Real Kids Don't Like Broccoli" -- Buster is a detective in 21st century Acme Acres, looking for missing droids. Cyberpunk meets toon-dom, with another swipe at Fantasia to boot! "Boo Hoo Hoo" -- Hamton and Plucky visit a scary castle during a rainstorm, in search of a phone (sound familiar?). They are attended to by one nasty poltergeist. "Duck Dodgers Jr." -- Duck Dodgers and his new sidekick (Plucky) set out to stop Marvin the Martian and HIS sidekick, Marcia. 53 : THE ACME HOME SHOPPING SHOW [#161 -- Kennedy] SHORTS -- 2/6/91 And then there are days when the theme really DOESN'T have anything to do with the shorts. "Oh for Art's Sake" -- Plucky fakes his art project when he finds the "pause" button on his remote control can freeze real stuff. "Teddy Bears Picnic" -- Elmyra sings along as the three bears suffer through the company picnic. "I was a Teenage Bunnysitter" -- Babs has to babysit for cute little Duncan, a sweet little bunny from Hades. 54 : WEIRDEST STORY EVER TOLD [#157 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 2/8/91 A library episode without Bookworm. Cool. "Robin Hare" -- Buster as Robin, with Merry Men and Mary Melody, robbing from Max and giving stuff away on a game show. "To Babs or not to Babs" -- Babs tries to show William Shakespeare that she should get a part in "The Comedy of King Lear". "Elmyra's Round the World" -- Buster has an awful nightmare that combines Disneyland's "It's a Small World" with the Elmyra Swarm. 55 : VIEWER MAIL DAY [#162 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 2/11/91 From the home office in Acme Acres. "Pluck of the Irish" -- Hamton and Plucky try to stay the night at an Irish castle haunted by an evil Banshee. "Out of Odor" -- Elmyra chases Fifi, who she believes to be a cute, purple kitty. "Buttering up the Buttfields" -- Plucky has to wait on an obscenely fat couple who want "Canard a l'Orange". Plucky suggests they go with roast rabbit instead. 56 : SON OF THE WACKO WORLD OF SPORTS [#156 -- Kennedy] SHORTS -- 2/12/91 Yikes! Not again! See also #28 "Buster at the Bat" -- Acme Loo vs. Perfecto in a satiric swipe at that old poem (which now includes agents and cheating and all the other joys of modern baseball) "Buster's New Bike" -- Buster foolishly trades in his old Acme bike for a super-deluxe model from a slimy dealer. "Acme Acres' Summer Olympics" -- All the remaining sports jokes that couldn't fit into 2 episodes of the "Wacko World..." 57 : POLLUTION SOLUTION [#139 -- Kennedy] SHORTS -- 2/14/91 Hep me! I been politically corrected by the Tiny Toons! "No Deposit No Return of the Trash Bag Dispenser" -- Plucky as another super-hero, attempts to teach the totally stupid Elmyra how to recycle her canned Acme mud-pies. "Jungle Bungle" -- Babs and Buster battle the greenhouse effect, as promoted by the ruthless Ronald Grump. "Waste Deep in Wackyland" -- Montana Max draws the ire of Gogo Dodo when he starts dumping his factory's waste in Wackyland. 58 : YOU ASKED FOR IT AGAIN [#153 -- Kennedy] SHORTS -- 2/15/91 More "viewer requests". "Buster's Guide to Goofing Off" -- Buster shows us the ins and outs of procrastination, in lieu of doing his science project. "Elmyra at the Mall" -- Elmyra manages to stay in the mall after it closes and terrorize the animals in the pet store, along with rent-a-cop Arnold. "Hold the Sugar" -- Featuring the Lone Ant, the only ant in the world who doesn't like sugar. 59 : BRAVE TALES OF REAL RABBITS [#151 -- Freelance Cartoons] SHORTS -- 2/18/91 Or perhaps "Cheesy British Accents Day". "And All that Rot" -- Buster as Holmes, Babs as Watson, and Max as a reformed "Montiarity", all tossed together in a double-length parody of Scotland Yard's finest, with a really big chase scene! "Day for Knight" -- Buster is the knight on call who must rescue the recently-dismissed court jester, Babs Bunny. 60 : HOW SWEETIE IT IS [#158 -- Kennedy] SHORTS -- 2/19/91 What starts as another show about rabbits screams to a halt as Sweetie demands equal time. There may be more Sweetie in this episode than in the rest of the first season put together! "Egged-On Eagle" -- The stork, as he always does in cartoons, messes up the delivery, and a hyper-patriotic eagle thinks he is the father of Sweetie. "Let's Do Lunch" -- Sweetie is offended that Furrball doesn't appear to want to eat her. Darn. "The Raven" -- Sweetie takes over the part of the pesky raven in this loose adaptation of Poe's classic poem. 61 : NEW CHARACTER DAY [#164 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 2/20/91 Babs and Buster reject a slew of would-be Tiny Toons, including a familiar rabbit with suspenders (and a gilded wife). "The Roches" -- Maggie, Terre, and Suzzy are the Roches, a trio of harmonizing roach sisters who play a gig in Hamton's kitchen. "The Return of Pluck Twacy" -- Shirley accidentally KO's Plucky in Daffy's class, and Plucky goes into a long (as in two-shorts-long) dream sequence in which he is ace detective Pluck Twacy, on the trail of Shirley's missing, evil aura. Not half as good as it sounds. 62 : HERE'S HAMTON [#146 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 2/22/91 Did you ever think an all-Hamton episode would feature such mean-spirited, evil humor? OK, you HOPED it would, but did you THINK it would? And goofy TV-title parodies too? "Milk, it Makes a Body Spout" -- Plucky and Buster, in a bet to determine the funniest toon at Acme Loo, attempt to make Hamton laugh so hard that he torks milk out his nose. "America's Least Wanted" -- Plucky, watching TV at Hamton's house, comes to think the pig's a wanted (and valuable) criminal. "Drawn and Buttered" -- Hamton saves up and buys a big fresh lobster to cook for dinner. The lobster is none too keen on this. 63 : NO TOON IS AN ISLAND [#147 -- Wang] FULL -- 2/25/91 Babs, Buster, Hamton and Plucky are failing to have fun at the beach when Plucky gets bonked on the head by a pop bottle with a treasure map inside. They set sail in the S.S. Tiny Tub to Booty Island to claim their prize, against warnings of a "green-eyed monster" that will surely meet them there. 64 : K-ACME TV [#165 -- Wang] FULL -- 2/26/91 Babs and Buster take over the local TV station, leading to a half-hour of quick (3 minutes or less) shots at various TV shows, including "Gyp-Parody", "The Blunder Years", "Honey, I Shrunk the Clothes", a Wackyland Travel-Log, the Toon Court, etc. This was clearly meant as a first-season fond farewell episode, as all the production personnel make a cameo appearance (in the "Acme Cartoon Kit"), and the joke credit reads "This is Episode Number 65 / Just in Case You're Counting". Too bad "High Toon" got held up, making "K-ACME TV" the penultimate episode instead. 65 : HIGH TOON [#150 -- Kennedy] FULL -- 3/29/91 Babs and Buster get lost on their way to the Acmeland theme park, and find themselves in an Old West town which is being terrorized by a pack of coyote bandidos. Of course, they recruit Hamton and Plucky to help save the town. This inane episode makes for a disappointing first-season finale. <!--end content--> </pre> <!--placeholder01--> <!--placeholder02--> <p> <!----------------------------------------------------------------------> </font> <font size=3> <center> <img border=0 alt="---" src="../greenbar.gif"> </center> <p> <center><table border><td height="60" width="468"> <!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/cgi-bin/adrotate/ad.cgi?r=2" --> </td></table></center> <p> <script>givecookie("BodyThetans", "Skeptic Tank Archives")</script> <address> <a href=""> E-Mail Fredric L. Rice / The Skeptic Tank </a> </address> <br> </body> </td></tr> </table> </html>