Cheers Quiz, 18-Apr-1991 edition. Many thanks to Eric Jorgensen (jorgy@boulder.colorado.ed

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Cheers Quiz, 18-Apr-1991 edition. Many thanks to Eric Jorgensen ( and Kevin Treu (, co-authors of the Cheers episode guide, for their help in researching and proofreading this quiz. The questions are sorted by topic, not by difficulty. Estimated difficulty ratings (enclosed in [square brackets]) are: 0 = solvable by casual viewers 1 = solvable by moderately devoted viewers 2 = solvable by addicted viewers 3 = research problem + and - can be used to adjust the value. E.g., 0+ or 2-. In particular, a rating of 3+ means that even watching every single second of every episode won't help. A `*' means that the information is contained in only one episode. For these questions, the ratings are *0 = solvable if you watched the episode casually *1 = solvable if you watched the episode carefully *2 = a single line of dialog answers the question *3 = you need freeze-frame to answer this one If the rating is given as [?], that means the question was submitted by somebody else, and I didn't know the answer, so I couldn't give it a rating. Some of the questions are trick questions. You will score bonus points if you give both the obvious (wrong) answer and the correct (trick) answer. CHAPTER 1: The show itself 1: Every show begins with a close-up of the `Cheers' sign. What is the voice-over while the sign is displayed? [0] =1 How many variations on this voice over can you list? [3] =B 2: What is the title of the Cheers theme song? [2-] =1 Who wrote it, and who performs it? [2+] =2 3: `Cheers' exists in the same universe as other television programs. (For example, characters from other shows appeared on `Cheers', or vice versa.) Name the other programs. [3+] =B 4: On the other hand, `Cheers' has been established as not belonging to other universes. Name the television shows that have appeared prominently on `Cheers' as television shows. [3] =B 5: `Cheers' is also known for having cameo appearances of famous celebrities and politicians. Name all the people who have appeared as themselves on `Cheers'. [3] =B 6: All of the female regulars (Shelley Long, Rhea Perlman, Bebe Neuwirth and Kirstie Alley) have either been pregnant in real life or pregnant in character, or both. Which is which? [3] =B 7: In describing the dedication to innovative comedy, James Burrows said, ``In `Cheers', nobody slips on the banana peel.'' In what episode did somebody slip on a banana peel? [*1] =1 8: Two shows have ended with hugs that turn to asphyxiation. Describe. [2+] =2 CHAPTER 2: The Bar 9: What real-life bar was Cheers patterned after? [3] =1 10: What year was Cheers established? [1] =1 11: What was Cheers before it was a bar? [?] =1 12: When is closing time? [2] =1 13: What is the bar's maximum capacity, according to the fire code? [3] =1 14: Where does the door behind the staircase lead? [3] =1 15: Which night is Ladies' Night? [?] =1 16: Which Cheers employees car pool to work? [2] =1 17: Which night is pool tournament night? [*1+] =1 18: What is the name of the wooden Indian statue that stands by the door? [*1] =1 19: We've seen three bachelor parties thrown at Cheers, but each grinds to an abrupt halt after something happens. Describe. [1] =3 20: What can you do with a `Billiard Buddy Pool Table Adapter'? [*2] =1 21: Recite the entire text of the `Square House' sign. [3-] =1 Where can you find the sign? [2-] =1 Let R = the restaurant above Cheers. 22: What is the name of R? [0] =1 What kind of restaurant is it? [0+] =1 23: Who is the maitre d'? [2] =1 Who became the owner of R for the ninth season? [1] =1 What let the second owner gloat over Sam? [1+] =1 Let B = Cheers' main rival bar. 24: What is the name of B? [0+] =1 Name the actors who have played its proprietor. [3] =3 25: What part of town is B in? [*2+] =1 How do you get to Cheers from there? [*2+] =1 26: Another local bar is Vito's Pub. What is so special about it? [*1-] =1 27: What is the name of the local tabloid? [*2] =1 CHAPTER 3: The Bar Regulars Most of the bar regulars sit in the background, but there are a few that stand out. 28: What is the name of the old guy? [2] =1 The fat guy (not Norm)? [2] =1 29: Who is the lawyer's aide who became a lawyer? [1+] =1 And what was his first case? [*0+] =1 30: What is the street name of the swindler who occasionally frequents Cheers? [1+] =1 What is the character's real last name? [*3] =1 Who plays him? [1] =1 31: Which of the regulars can perform weddings? [*1+] =1 32: What is the name of the local Catholic priest? [1+] =1 Who plays him? [3-] =1 CHAPTER 4: Sam 33: How many times has Sam been married? [2+] =1 34: For many years, Sam was driven by his desire to buy back the bar. List the times he has blown the opportunity to get back the bar, or parts of it. [3-] =B 35: Money is also a recurring problem for Sam. Name as many instances as you can where Sam lost large quantities of money. [3-] =B 36: Continuing on the money theme, more than once somebody has whipped out his checkbook and offered to pay Sam lots of money. (Or in some other manner offered to give Sam lots of money.) Name as many as you can. [3-] =B 37: Still on the topic of money, name the transactions where the total amount of money that changed hands was less than a dollar. [2] =B 38: What is Sam's brother's name? [*0] =1 What is his job? [*1] =1 His hair color, eye color? [*2] =2 39: What is Sam's favorite color? [*2] =1 His favorite hobby? [*2] =1 40: What is the combination to the wall safe in his office? [*1+] =1 41: What was Sam's uniform number when he pitched for the Red Sox? [?] =1 Describe his first Major League save. [*2+] =1 42: Who was Sam's first sexual experience with? [*2] =1 43: What is Sam's good luck charm? [*0] =1 44: What happens when he drinks tequila? (Besides getting drunk.) [*2-]=1 45: Who is Sam's sportscaster friend? [2] =1 Who portrays him? [2] =1 46: List the times Sam and Diane have pretended to be in love when they really weren't dating. [3-] =B 47: For each of Sam's proposals of marriage to Diane, state where it was made and what Diane's immediate respose was. [3-] =B+B 48: Where were Sam and Diane to go on their honeymoon? [2-] =1 49: What was court case number 15786? [*1+] =1 50: What drink did Carla invent to get Sam's job back? [*0+] =1 If someone asks for it, what should the bartender ask? [*1] =1 CHAPTER 5: Diane 51: What was the name of Diane's fiance who dumped her at Cheers? [1+] =1 52: What are Diane's parents' names? [*2+ and *0+] =2 When did Diane's father die? [*2+] =1 53: What was the name of the sanitarium that Diane stayed at? [2] =1 For how long? [2+] =1 54: Ever since she was a child, Diane dreamed of being a what? [0+] =1 55: What was the play that Diane and Andy-Andy acted out before a Cheers audience? [*0+] =1 56: What happens when Diane's allergy to Frasier's dog acts up? [*0+] =1 And what is the dog's name? [*1-] =1 What did Sam call it? [*1] =1 57: What annoying tic does Diane have? [1+] =1 What does she do about it? [*1] =1 58: Diane keeps a rather large collection of stuffed animals. What is the name of the stuffed giraffe? [*1] =1 Which is her `dearest childhood pal'? [*1+] =1 59: Who is Jessica Simpson Bourges? [*2] =1 60: When Diane integrated her sorority in her senior year, what kind of people she push for admittance? [*2] =1 What was her sorority anyway? [*2-] =1 61: Who are the Sisters of the Divine Severity? [*1] =1 62: How did Diane satisfy her PhysEd requirement in college? [*0] =1 63: What does Diane keep between her French Club pin and her retainer? [*2+] =1 64: How much psychology did Diane study in college? [*2+] =1 To what school of psychology does she subscribe? [*2+] =1 65: In high school, Diane was voted the girl most likely to ... ? [*2] =1 66: What did Diane want to name her and Sam's first child? [*1-] =1 67: List the things Diane wanted Sam to help her choose for their life together? (The sort of things you'll find in a bridal registry.) =B 68: Why did Diane finally leave Sam? [*0+] =1 69: At last report, what is Diane doing? [*2] =1 CHAPTER 6: Coach 70: What is Coach's real name? [0+] =1 What is his other nickname, and how did he get it? [*2-] =2 71: What does everybody jokingly say is the reason why Coach =1 is so flighty? [1+] 72: What did Coach coach? [2+] =1 73: What is his daughter's name, and who played her? [*0] =2 His late wife's name? [2] =1 74: What is Coach's secret weapon for getting women interested in him? [*0+] =1 75: Which is Coach's night off, and how does he spend it? [*2] =2 76: Complete the following song: Albania! Albania! You border on the Adriatic. Your land is mostly mountainous, And your chief export is ---. [*1+] =1 What song is it sung to? [*1-] =1 77: What is the bunt sign? [*2] =1 78: Who is Coach's and Sam's favorite actor? [*1+] =1 79: Who was Coach's pen pal? [*1] =1 80: Why does Coach attend the reunion of a black family every year? [*1+] =1 CHAPTER 7: Carla 81: What is Carla's full name? [3] =1 82: Name Carla's children and their fathers. [3] =B+B 83: What religion is Carla? [1] =1 84: Which is Carla's night off? [*1+] =1 85: What was the name of the reform school she attended as a child? [*2+] =1 86: Why didn't Carla attend sex education class in high school? [*1] =1 Let H1 = Carla's sleazeball ex-husband. 87: What is the name of H1? [0] =1 What is his occupation? [1-] =1 Where does he live? [1-] =1 How did he propose to Carla? [*2-] =1 88: Who is H1's current wife? [1] =1 What did he enclose with the wedding invitation? [*1-] =1 What do Tortelli men do at weddings as a sign of fertility? [*1] =1 Let H2 = Carla's next husband. 89: What is the full name of H2? [0+] =1 90: What team did H2 play for, and what was his position? [0] =1 What was his uniform number? [*2+] =1 What did he drink before every game? [*1+] =1 What job did he get after he was cut from the team? [0] =1 91: Who caught the bouquet at their wedding? [*2] =1 92: How did H2 die? [*1] =1 Who was his other wife? [*0] =1 How much was his life insurance policy worth? [*0] =1 93: What was Carla and H2's song? [1+] =1 94: What is Carla's favorite meal and favorite hobby? [*2] =2 What is her favorite movie, and her favorite scene in it? [*2] =2 95: Why does she watch `America's Most Wanted'? [*2] =1 96: Where did she work before coming to Cheers? [?] =1 97: Carla's cousin is a private detective. What's his name, and whom has he spied on? [*2] =1+B 98: In Carla's family, dying family members get `The Dream'. =1 How do you pronounce `The Dream'? [*0+] CHAPTER 8: Norm 99: What is Norm's real first name? [*1-] =1 100: When Norm comes into the bar, everybody yells `Norm!'. Everybody except one. Who, and why? [0+] =1+1 101: Actually, the traditional `Norm' greeting has been spoofed more than once. List (1) the other places Norm frequents where everybody yells `Norm!', (2) other people who have had their names called in a similar manner, (3) times Norm comes in, says hello, but everybody doesn't yell his name. [3] =B 102: What is Norm's favorite eating establishment? [1] =1 103: How does Norm conclude every letter? [*1] =1 104: What was Norm's nickname in high school? [*2-] =1 What sport did he play in high school? [*0] =1 Let W1 = Norm's wife. 105: What is the name of W1? [0] =1 How long have they been married? [*2+] =1 What was her maiden name? [?] =1 106: How did Norm and W1 meet? [*2] =1 What was W1's claim to fame in school? [*2] =1 107: How close have we gotten to seeing/hearing W1? [3-] =B Who supplies her voice? [3+] =1 108: Name the times Norm contemplated cheating on her? [3-] =B 109: Describe Norm's car. [*2] =1 110: List Norm's various occupations. [3] =B 111: Who are Norm's neighbors? [*1-] =1 112: What is the name of Norm's shady friend who gets jewelry and other expensive items at cut-rate prices (and dubious legal validity)? [*2] =1 CHAPTER 9: Cliff 113: What is Cliff's mother's name? [1+] =1 114: Where is Cliff's father? Why? [*1] =2 When did he leave Cliff (the first time)? [2+] =1 115: Which district does Cliff work for? [*2+] =1 116: Who is Cliff's fellow postal employee who always gets the better of him? [1+] =1 117: When he lived with his mother, what was his curfew? [*2] =1 118: Does Cliff know karate? [*0] =1 119: What is Cliff's old license plate number from his Chevy wagon? [?] =1 120: Why does Cliff keep a collection of telephone books? [*1] =1 121: What is his least favorite time of year? [1+] =1 122: What has Cliff always wished he were? [*2] =1 123: Complete the following list: `Civil servants' `Stamps from around the world', `Mothers and sons', `Beer', `Bar trivia' and what? [*2+] =1 What do these items have in common? [*0+] =1 CHAPTER 10: Woody 124: What's his home town? [0+] =1 What is the other town that is its rival? [*1] =1 125: Where did Woody work back in his home town? [?] =1 126: What is Woody's middle name? [?] =1 127: When is his birthday? [*2+] =1 128: What was the name of his pet dog? [*2+] =1 129: In high school, he and Beth Curtis were voted most likely to ... ? [*2] =1 130: Why is Woody afraid of bowling? [*1-] =1 131: What is the name of Woody's rich girlfriend? [0+] =1 His main rival for her affections? [1] =1 CHAPTER 11: Frasier 132: What's his middle name? [2+] =1 133: To what school of psychiatry does Frasier subscribe? [*2-] =1 134: What is his mother's name? [1] =1 What does she do? [*1] =1 135: Besides proposing to Diane, why did Frasier travel to Europe? [*1] =1 136: What is the name of Frasier's psychiatric mentor? [*0] =1 137: What was Frasier's wedding gift to Sam and Diane? [*0] =1 138: What foreign languages has Frasier demonstrated a knowledge of? [3] =B Let W2 = Frasier's wife. 139: What is W2's name? [0] =1 Who were the best man and maid-of-honor at their wedding? [*1] =1 What religion is she? [*1-] =1 Where does she work? [*2+] =1 140: What is their son's name? [1+] =1 And what was his first word? [*1] =1 141: What does W2 say to Frasier after they make love, to appease his ego? [*2] =1 142: Who taught W2 how to drive? [*0] =1 CHAPTER 12: Rebecca 143: Where was she born? [*1+] =1 144: What is her favorite song? [*0+] =1 145: What kind of car does she drive? [*2] =1 146: What was Rebecca's nickname at school? [1-] =1 For that matter, what school did she attend? [*2] =1 What was her major? [*2] =1 147: What is her sister's name, and what does she do? [*0] =2 148: Identify the occupations of Rebecca's parents and other siblings. [*2+] =B 149: List the times Rebecca pretended to be in love with Sam. [3-] =B 150: Describe the circumstances surrounding each of the times Rebecca unenthusiastically consented to have sex with Sam? [3-] =B 151: Rebecca is always being asked by the corporation to throw parties or do other favors. List as many as you can. [3] =B Let L1 = Rebecca's unrequited love interest during her first year. 152: What is the name of L1? [1+] =1 What happened to him? [1-] =1 Let L2 = Rebecca's next major love interest. 153: What is the name of L2? [0] =1 What is her nickname for him? [2] =1 Why does she love him? [*0+] =1 Who was Rebecca's main rival for L2's affections? [2] =1 154: Where did L2 take Rebecca to dinner the night they `did it' for the first time? [*1+] =1 Why is he in jail? [1-] =1 155: Rebecca is fond of her `Wobbie'. Explain. [*2+] =1 156: Recite the sign that is mounted over the copy machine in Rebecca's office. [*2] =1 CHAPTER 13: Questions you aren't expected to be able to answer Don't keep score on these questions. If I were rating them, they would all be [3+] level question. 157: While casting for Cheers, the search centered on three pairs for the two lead roles. Of course, the duo of Ted Danson and Shelley Long won out. Who were the two losing teams? 158: Why did Cheri Eichen (the creator of W2) choose the name she did for the character? 159: What is the relation between Heide Perlman and Rhea Perlman? 160: Who invented the character of Cliff Clavin? CHAPTER 14: More useless trivia The `evil foosball table' subplot of ``Achilles Hill'' is an inside joke. The Cheers actors are real foosball addicts. Woody Harrelson likes to shoot spitballs at George Wendt during breaks in filming. If you look carefully, you can sometimes see a spitball just above George's eyebrow. (Woody is the prankster on the set.) Answers follow this line ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Each answer contains a reference to the episode(s) wherein the answer can be found, contained in square brackets. If the episode is given as [?], then I don't know which episode it came from. Episode titles are given in the Cheers Episode Guide being produced by Eric Jorgensen ( and Kevin Treu ( Scoring: For most questions, score one point for each correct answer. If a question has more than one part, score one point for each part. If you are asked to produce a list, score one point for each item you can list. Here are some examples: Who is the President of the United States? =1 What are the first two letters of the alphabet? =2 List the colors of the rainbow. =7 How many synonyms for `stupid' can you think of? =B For the last question, you score one point for each synonym you can think of. So if you got the first three all correct and thought of five synonyms, then you score 1+2+7+5 = 15. For trick questions, the scoring is given explicitly. Sections that begin with the word `incidentally' are for personal edification and are worth no points. A perfect score is 233 points from the regular questions, plus 122 points from the 25 bonus questions (the `B' questions), for a total of 355. CHAPTER 1: The show itself 1: `Cheers is filmed before a live studio audience.' Often Rhea Perlman says `Hey! Cheers is filmed...' [Show Down (Part 1); Power Play; Coachie Makes Three; Norman's Conquest; The Groom Wore Clearasil] Sometimes John Ratzenberger says `Here's a fascinating fact: Cheers is filmed...' [No Contest; Show Down (Part 2)] Many of the first-season episodes just show the `Cheers' sign with no voice-over. [Coach Returns to Action; Endless Slumper; The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One; Father Knows Last] Sometimes, we just hear the audio from the scene in progress: Cliff babbling. [Where There's a Will...] Coach listening to the radio. [No Help Wanted] Coach saying it's closing time. [I'll Be Seeing You (Part 2)] In the winter, you might see snow falling on the `Cheers' sign. [Christmas Cheers] For the second of a two-part episode, Ted Danson said `Last time on `Cheers'...' [Little Carla, Happy at Last (Part 2)] 2: `Where Everybody Knows Your Name'. Written by Judy Hart Angelo and Gary Portnoy. Sung by Gary Portnoy. [flashes during the end credits] Incidentally, they won an Emmy nomination for the song after the first season. 3: `St. Elsewhere'. Carla goes to St. Eligius to have her kids. [Little Sister Don't Cha] The `Cheers' sign is visible during one of Jack's strolls through Boston. Westphall, Craig, and Auschlander stopped by Cheers for drinks during the 27 March 1985 episode, appropriately titled `Cheers'. `Wings'. Norm and Cliff take a fishing vacation on Sandpiper Air, but end up spending all their time in local bars. (Incidentally, Wings was created by Peter Casey, David Lee and David Angell, who also worked on `Cheers'.) `Major League Baseball'. The `Cheers' gang appeared in one of the pre-game shows for the 1986 World Series between the Mets and the Red Sox. It was a hilarious bit featuring Bob Costas and all of the regular characters. Throughout, Diane was enamored with the TV camera and could always be seen in the background waving. A spinoff sitcom `The Tortellis' based on Nick and Loretta died a quick death. (The following are fun tidbits of information; score no points for mentioning any of them.) The `Cheers' gang also produced a short film promoting US Savings Bonds sometime between 1985 and 1987. Cliff comes in and describes his Florida vacation, and mentions that he paid for it from his savings bonds. The `Cheers' gang appeared in an `Energizer' promotion in 1991. George Wendt did one or two `Meisterbrau' commercials, pretending to a beer-guzzling sort of fellow. John Ratzenberger did a `Hallmark' commercial, pretending to be a mailman. (Most networks have a policy of not airing commercials that use characters from rival networks. That's why George and John don't portray Norm and Cliff in commercials, but rather people who happen to bear a striking similarity to Norm and Cliff.) 4: `Spencer for Hire'. [Woody for Hire and Norman of the Apes] `Jeopardy'. [My Fair Clavin; What is ... Cliff Clavin?] Cliff also offers to watch it with Ma. [Ma Always Liked You Better] `The Arsenio Hall Show'. [Where Nobody Knows Your Name] For those that care, here are the shows that were mentioned in passing, or weren't otherwise prominently displayed. `Ripley's Believe It Or Not'. Cliff hopes his potato that looks like Nixon is newsworthy. [The Groom Wore Clearasil] `LA Law'. At Frasier's bachelor party, the gang muse about what woman they'd like to have most. Norm says, `Jill Eichenberry. You know, LA Law? She married that short dumpy guy on the show. There's something about her I like...' [To All the Girls I've Loved Before] `The Addams Family' and `The Munsters' -- the gang argue which is better. [How to Win Friends and Electrocute Yourself] `Star Search' -- Sam compares it to `Die Meistersinger'. [I Kid You Not] `America's Most Wanted' -- Carla watches it. (See below.) [I Kid You Not] `Bonanza' -- Cliff notes, ``You haven't lived until you've seen `Bonanza' dubbed in French-Canadian.'' [The Cranemakers] `Ironsides' -- Woody asks Rebecca to get Raymond Burr's autograph. [Hot Rocks] `Charles in Charge'. Frasier asks the gang who wrote `A Tale of Two Cities' and gives them a hint, `Charles...' Cliff says `In Charge?' [I'm Gonna Get My Act Together and Stick it in Your Face] Incidentally, `It's a Wonderful Life' was on the bar television [Christmas Cheers]. They have mentioned other movies occasionally. `Gandhi' -- While separated from Vera, Norm took a date to see it. [Old Flames] `Thunder Road' -- Sam and Coach watch it in Diane's apartment. [Coachie Makes Three] `From Here to Eternity' -- It reminds Coach of his wife. [No Help Wanted] `The Seven Samurai' -- Diane and Frasier see it after Diane's allergy is resolved. [Diane's Allergy] `Porky's 2' and `Splash' -- Movies Sam and Norm watched on their fishing trip. [The Heart is a Lonely Snipehunter] `The Sorrow and the Pity' -- Frasier and Diane see the movie. [If Ever I Would Leave You] `Blame It on Rio' -- the movie on Sam's plane trip to Florence to stop Diane's wedding. [Rescue Me] `The Seven Samurai' -- The gang watch it and forget to invite Diane. [Diane Chambers Day] `Invasion of the Body Snatchers' and `Forbidden Planet' are two movies Cliff rents from Vince's Video Emporium. [Yacht of Fools] `Fatal Attraction' -- Carla and Eddie watch the movie their last night together before Eddie leaves for the ice show. [Bar Wars] `The Magnificent Seven' -- Cliff, Norm and Woody watch it at Cliff's house. [Jumping Jerks] `Koyaanisqatsi' -- Frasier and Lilith take Ludlow to see it. [I Kid You Not] `Indiana Jones' -- Cliff calls postmen ``the Indiana Jones of your civil servants.'' [Feeble Attraction] `Police Academy' -- Ma Clavin and Woody watch the entire series. [Ma Always Liked You Better] `Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' -- Frasier compares his arguments with Lilith to the movie. 5: Luis Tiant. [Now Pitching, Sam Malone] Tip O'Neill. [No Contest] Dick Cavett. [They Call Me Mayday] Gary Hart. [Strange Bedfellows (Part 2)] Robert Urich. [Woody for Hire, and Norman of the Apes] Alex Trebek. [My Fair Clavin (voice); What is ... Cliff Clavin?] Wade Boggs. [Bar Wars] Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr. [Hot Rocks] Mayor Raymond J. Flynn. [The Stork Brings a Crane] Johnny Gilbert. [What is ... Cliff Clavin?] Bill Medley. [Finally (Parts 1 and 2)] Anthony Frank, Postmaster General. [Cry Hard (Part 1)] Kevin McHale. [Cheers Fouls Out] Arsenio Hall. [Where Nobody Knows Your Name] John McLaughlin. [200th episode special] Bobby Hatfield. [Wedding Bell Blues] Michael Dukakis. [Sam Time Next Year] Incidentally, Herb Caen (newspaper columnist) appeared, not as himself, but as a delivery man. [Call Me, Irresponsible] 6: Shelley Long: Pregnant in real life at end of third season, not pregnant in character. Rhea Perlman: Pregnant both in real life and in character at end of first season and beginning of second season. Pregnant in character (Ludlow) in third season. Pregnant in character (Jesse and Elvis) in seventh season. Bebe Neuwirth: Pregnant in character (Frederick) in seventh season. Kirstie Alley: Pregnant in real life during summer between eighth and ninth seasons. The writers intended to write her pregnancy into the plot (Who is the father? Sam or Robin?), but Kirstie suffered a miscarriage and the plan was dropped. Incidentally, another quasi-regular, Mandy Ingber (Annie Tortelli), was pregnant in character, but we haven't yet learned what came of it. 7: In the episode where Sam tries to get away for a ski weekend with his baseball buddies, Coach is trying to break his record for breaking the fewest number of glasses in a month. But his hopes are dashed when he slips on a banana peel when making a tropical drink. [Snow Job] 8: When Sam destroys a priceless book that he was holding for Diane, he purchases it outright. Diane confesses that seeing the literate, sensitive side of Sam has stirred new feelings in her, and the two kiss passionately. But when Diane mentions that she expects $700 from Sam to pay for the book, Sam's demeanor changes: `Hold me Sam. ... Sam, you're holding me a little tight. ... Sam, I can't breathe.' [I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday] When Kelly realizes that Woody can't afford the pendant he bought for her birthday, she gives it back. When she says that love is more important than material things, they hug and she mentions that this means she won't have to buy Woody a Ferrari for his birthday. At which point, Woody's eyes open wide: `Woody, you're holding me a little too tight. ... Woody?' [The Gift of the Woodi] Andy-Andy's realistic rendition of the strangulation scene from `Othello' doesn't count. [Homicidal Ham] CHAPTER 2: The Bar 9: The Bull and Finch Pub in Boston. 10: This was a trick question. The sign at the start of the show says `1895', but the bar was actually established in 1889. Carla chose `1895' for numerological reasons. [The Stork Brings a Crane] (Score one point for each year you mentioned, for a perfect score of 2 points.) 11: Rebecca researched the bar's history for its 100th anniversary, and discovered that it was a House of Ill Repute. [The Stork Brings a Crane] Diane dreamt that it was an old house with a wine cellar, but that doesn't count since it was just a dream. [Diane's Nightmare] 12: Officially 2am, though the actual closing time seems to be rather flexible. [Never Love a Goalie (Part 1); Little Carla, Happy at Last (Part 2); What's Up, Doc?] 13: The sign above the door reads `Maximum room capacity 75 persons' (the `75' is handwritten). It is very difficult to see this sign because of its location, and the fact that even if you do see it, the camera is usually so far away that you can't make out very much. Especially not the `75' part. 14: Depends which episode you watch. It's usually a closet. [Diane's Nightmare; Backseat Becky, Up Front] But sometimes it's a staircase into the basement. [Don't Paint Your Chickens] (Diane also dreamed that it led to a hidden basement.) [Diane's Nightmare] We often see Sam or Woody carrying crates out of it, but that doesn't indicate clearly whether it's a closet or a staircase. [2 Good 2 Be 4 Real; Don't Paint Your Chickens] 15: Tuesday. [?] 16: Carla and Coach. (That's why you see them going home together.) [I Call Your Name; Cheerio Cheers] 17: Sunday. [Woody for Hire, and Norman of the Apes] 18: Tecumseh. [Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh] 19: The bachelor party Cliff threw for Fitz, his future father-in-law, ends when Fitz dies. [Money Dearest] Sam's bachelor party ends when Diane (who was the girl in the cake) throws the cake in Sam's face and marches off. [One Last Fling] Frasier's bachelor party ends when it turns out that the stripper the boys hired is one of his patients. [To All the Girls I've Loved Before] 20: You can turn the pool table into a ping-pong table, Nok-hockey table, slot car track, or salad bar. [King of the Hill] (Score 1 point for each thing.) 21: `This is a Square House. Please Report any un-fairness [sic] to the proprietor.' The quotation is embroidered on a sign hung on the wall next to the corridor to the back room. You can read it if you know where it is and the camera holds steady. 22: The sign at the base of the stairs says ``Melville's Fine Sea Food''. 23: We never see or hear Vic, the maitre d'. [Personal Business; Coach in Love (Part 1); Diane Meets Mom; How to Win Friends and Electrocute Yourself] John Hill bought Melville's. He had formal title to the back room and bathroom. In addition to being generally obnoxious to Sam, he also charged Sam a monthly rent for use of that part of the bar. (He also has a ravishingly beautiful daughter.) 24: Gary's Olde Towne Tavern. Score only 1/2 point if you didn't get the spelling correct. The correct spelling can be found on the sign outside the tavern, and it was also on the television advertisement for the tavern. [Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back] Joel Polis. [From Beer to Eternity; Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back; Cheers Fouls Out] Robert Desiderio. [Bar Wars] By the way, Gary graduated magna cum laude in American literature at Princeton. [From Beer to Eternity] 25: Beacon Hill. [Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back] Go down the street three blocks. Cheers is on your right. [Bar Wars] 26: It's a gay bar. [The Boys in the Bar] 27: The Weekly Gabber [Little Carla, Happy at Last (Part 1); Those Lips, Those Ice] CHAPTER 3: The Bar Regulars 28: Al (played by Al Rosen) is the old guy. (Al Rosen died in 1990.) Paul (Paul Willson) is the other fat guy. (Paul Willson's character was once named Gregg and once Tim.) 29: Tom Babson (played by Tom Babson) defended Sam against assault charges filed by Diane. [Chambers vs. Malone] (Score 1/2 point if you just said `Tom'.) 30: Harry the Hat. (Score 1/2 point if you just said `Harry'.) His real name is Harry Gittes and he is played by Harry Anderson. [Pick a Con ... Any Con] 31: Norm, actually. In the 60's he got one of those mail-order minister things. [Bar Bet] 32: Father Barry is played by Eric Christmas. [Little Carla, Happy at Last (Part 2); Swear to God; Death Takes a Holiday on Ice; Love is a Really, Really Perfectly Okay Thing; Achilles Hill] CHAPTER 4: Sam 33: He was once married and divorced. [Someone Single, Someone Blue; Show Down (Part 2); Young Dr. Weinstein; The Godfather, Part III; Days of Wine and Neuroses] 34: Robin offers to buy Sam his bar back if he doesn't tell Rebecca that Robin cheated on her. [Finally (Part 2)] John Hill offers to let Sam use the back room rent-free, provided Sam stays away from his daughter. [Achilles Hill] 35: Sam loses a total of $1200 after destroying a priceless book he was holding for Diane. [I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday] Sam loses $1000 after investing in Tan 'n Wash. [Tan 'n Wash] Sam spends nearly $200 at a trendy restaurant in order to upstage Diane. [Young Dr. Weinstein] Norm takes advantage of Sam's birthday generosity for $683. [Diane Meets Mom] Sam spends $8640 to fool Diane with a paste engagement ring. [Diamond Sam] Sam spends $500 after Christmas gift mixup. [Christmas Cheers] Sam gets screwed out of a lot of money by Robin. [A Bar is Born] Sam loses $1000 in an investment scheme. [Woody or Won't He?] Gary tricks Sam into giving away the $1500 he won in a bar bet. [Cheers Fouls Out] Score no points for mentioning that Sam neglected to place a bet for Woody. [Fools and Their Money] 36: Mr. Finch writes Sam a check for $2 million, but Diane tears it up, thinking it to be a fake. [The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One] Malcolm Kramer leaves Sam $100,000 in his will, but Diane insists he tear up the will. [When There's a Will] Sam refuses money from Frasier's mother to rekindle his romance with Diane. [Diane Meets Mom] Robin offers Sam $50,000 as compensation for mental anguish incurred when the yacht he was sailing blew up. [Sam Ahoy] Incidentally, Sam was on the giving end of the checkbook trick when he tried to bribe Woody to break off his engagement with Sam's goddaughter. [The Godfather, Part III] 37: Sam wins one cent from Robin. [Indoor Fun with Sam and Robbie] Sam buys the back back for a pocketful of change (around $0.85). The asking price was one dollar, but Sam couldn't quite scrounge up that much change. [Cry Harder (Part 2)] Incidentally, Harry the Hat bets Cliff a dime that he can drink a drink without touching the hat it's under. You know how the stunt works. [Pick a Con ... Any Con] 38: Derek is an international lawyer. He has curly blond hair and deep blue eyes. [Show Down (Part 1); Paint Your Office; Backseat Becky, Up Front] 39: Blue and sailing. [Battle of the Exes] 40: His birthday. [I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday] 41: 16. [3/28/91] August 5, 1973 against the Orioles; it was a doubleheader. [Simon Says] 42: Depends who you ask. When Diane asks him, Sam says he can't remember, though he does remember that he had to wait for the crossing guard to show up so he could go to her house. His second experience was with the crossing guard. [Don Juan is Hell] At Frasier's bachelor party, he says it was his sixth grade school crossing guard. [To All the Girls I've Loved Before] 43: The bottlecap from the last beer he ever drank. [Endless Slumper] 44: ``I always want Jacqueline Bisset when I drink tequila.'' [Bar Bet] 45: Dave Richards is played by Fred Dryer. (Score 1/2 point if you just said `Dave'.) More trivia about Fred Dryer appears later. 46: To explain to Diane's college roommate Rebecca Prout (Julia Duffy) why Sam isn't interested in her. [Any Friend of Diane's] More trivia about Julia Duffy appears later. To disarm a gunman. [Sam Turns the Other Cheek] No points for the time they agreed to get married to save Diane's mother's inheritance, since they didn't pretend to be in love. [Someone Single, Someone Blue] 47: (Score one point each for the proposal and the response.) Once on the telephone. Sam was in Cheers and Diane was in her apartment. (`Sam? ... If this is some kind of a joke...' She went on to say that she was swept off her feet, but wanted to be asked in a more romantic setting.) [Strange Bedfellows (Part 3) / The Proposal] Once on a boat (`No'). [The Proposal] Once in the bar (`No'). [Chambers vs. Malone] Once in court (`That didn't sound very sincere'). [Chambers vs. Malone] And again in court (`Okay'). [Chambers vs. Malone] 48: Disneyworld. [Norm's Last Hurrah; A House is not a Home] Diane wanted to go to Tibet. [Norm's Last Hurrah] 49: The assault and battery charge Diane filed against Sam (which she dropped after Sam proposed to her). [Chambers vs. Malone] 50: If someone asks for a Screaming Viking, you ask them `Would you like the cucumber bruised?' [Home is the Sailor] CHAPTER 5: Diane 51: Professor Sumner Sloan. 52: Spencer and Helen. Spencer died exactly ten years before the episode in which Sam must marry Diane, else her mother loses her inheritance. 53: Goldenbrook. [A Ditch in Time; Love Thy Neighbor] Three months? 54: A ballerina. [Peterson Crusoe; Dance, Diane, Dance; I Do, Adieu] (Score full credit if you just said `dancer'.) 55: `Othello'. Andy played Othello and Diane played Desdemona. [Homicidal Ham; Diane's Nightmare] 56: She talks in a high-pitched nasal voice. Frasier named the dog `Pavlov', but Sam renamed it `Diane'. (The dog is a she, by the way.) [Diane's Allergy] 57: She has a facial tic which causes her to twitch the right-hand side of her face. It almost ruined her chances in the `45th Annual Miss Boston Barmaid Competition'. [No Contest] It worried her father so much that he was afraid it would keep her from finding a boyfriend. [Someone Single, Someone Blue] A customer (who is a doctor) said he could fix it in 30 minutes, but Diane merely ignored him. [How do I Love Thee? ... Let me Call You Back] She meditates to get rid of it. [Endless Slumper] (It doesn't work, obviously.) 58: Mr. Jammers is the stuffed giraffe. Other stuffed animals are Freddy Frogbottom, Mr. Buzzer (a bee) and Gary Gorilla. (Gary Gorilla and Mr. Jammers don't get along.) [Power Play] Her dearest childhood pal is `Brian the Lion', a hand puppet which has become a rag for wiping the bar. [Coach in Love (Part 1)] 59: The pen name Diane used to write Sam's memoirs. [They Called Me Mayday] 60: Girls with poorly-publicized coming-out parties. [No Help Wanted] Diane was a Phi Epsilon Delta. [From Beer to Eternity] 61: The sisters at the convent Diane worked at after she abandoned Frasier at the altar. [Birth, Death, Love and Rice] 62: She bowled. In her own words: ``I needed a PE credit, and I could read between frames, and you didn't have to run. I spent six semesters sweating in a tawdry bowling alley.'' Carla notes, ``Bowlers don't sweat.'' Diane response, ``They do when they're wearing tweed.'' [From Beer to Eternity] 63: She thinks it's the box her engagement ring came in, but it's really the box from sterling silver corn-cob holders. [Diamond Sam] 64: Twenty-six units' worth. [The Godfather, Part III] That's a lot. Diane is a Skinnerian behaviorist. [Woody Goes Belly Up] 65: ... marry into old money. [How do I Love Thee? ... Let me Call You Back] 66: Emil. Sam thinks it's a stupid name. `Emil is what you eat.' [The Godfather, Part III] 67: Silverware pattern. [Money Dearest; One Last Fling] China pattern. [One Last Fling] Linen pattern. [One Last Fling] 68: She left to finish writing a novel she started five years ago. [I Do, Adieu] 69: After her book project fell through, she went to Hollywood to try to become a television script writer. [Home is the Sailor] CHAPTER 6: Coach 70: Ernie Pantusso. His other nickname is `Red' because he read a book. [Someone Single, Someone Blue] At one point, Coach introduces himself as `Satchmo'. Diane says, `Coach, you're thinking of Louis Armstrong.' Coach replies, `No, but I like that even better.' He later says to Sam, `You can call me Louis Armstrong.' But this doesn't count as a nickname, since nobody actually called him that. [Just Three Friends] Coach says that he got his nickname from his friend Barry. Coach thinks he got the name because he never flew first class. [A Ditch in Time] 71: He took one too many fastballs in the noggin. [Show Down (Part 2)] Incidentally, he claims to hold the minor league record for most times hit by a pitch. [I'll Be Seeing You (Part 2)] 72: Third base. [Never Love a Goalie (Part 1)] 73: Allyce Beasley played Lisa Pantusso. [The Coach's Daughter] His wife's name was Angela. [Coach Buries a Grudge; Coach in Love (Part 1)] 74: He'd injure himself and win their sympathy. [Coach Returns to Action] 75: First season: Thursday. He works at Cheers. `But I go a little slower, you know.' [Show Down (Part 2)] Second season: Wednesday. [Coach in Love (Part 1)] (This question is really worth three points if you got both of the days off.) 76: Chrome. `When the Saints Go Marching In'. [Teacher's Pet] 77: Rubbing the side of your nose with your index finger. [Pick a Con ... Any Con] 78: Robert Mitchum. For the past twelve years they made a point to watch his movies together whenever possible. [Coachie Makes Three] 79: Woody, whom Coach administered a correspondence course in bartending. [Birth, Death, Love and Rice] 80: They sent him an invitation by mistake. He's been attending for six or seven years now, and was to have hosted the reunion the year after he died. They called him ``Uncle Whitey''. [Behind Every Great Man] CHAPTER 7: Carla 81: Carla Maria Victoria Angelina Teresa Apollonia Lozupone Tortelli LeBec. [Little Carla, Happy at Last (Part 2); 200th episode special] (Score one point if you got `Carla Lozupone Tortelli LeBec'. Score two if you also got the `Maria ... Apollonia' part.) 82: Score one point for the name and another for the father. * Anthony Nick Tortelli Jeno (now Bennito Mussolini) Nick Tortelli Anne-Marie Nick Tortelli Serafina Nick Tortelli * ? Nick Tortelli * Ludlow (the smart one) Dr. Bennett Ludlow * Jesse > the Eddie LeBec * Elvis > twins Eddie LeBec There is some discrepancy as to whether Jeno or Anthony is the eldest. The ones marked with `*' were conceived outside of wedlock. [Anthony is eldest in An American Family; The Groom Wore Clearasil] [Jeno is eldest in Honor Thy Mother] Sympathy (but no points) if you said Dr. Marshall Lipton was the father of `?'. 83: Carla is a devout Catholic. 84: Second season: Tuesday. [Personal Business] Third season: Thursday. [An American Family] 85: St. Cletes School for Wayward Girls. [The Belles of St. Cletes] 86: She was pregnant. [Whodunit?] 87: Nick Tortelli is the owner of the `Tortelli Television Hospital'. [An American Family; If Ever I Would Leave You] He lives in Las Vegas. [Little Carla, Happy at Last (Part 1)] He said `Hey Carla, I knocked you up, and you know where I live, so I guess I have to.' [Coach in Love (Part 1)] 88: His current wife is Loretta. He enclosed a photo of himself and his fiancee, both naked. They go through the entire ceremony with their fly open. [Battle of the Exes] 89: Depends who you ask. At the wedding ceremony, his name was Edward Raymond LeBec. [Little Carla, Happy at Last (Part 2)] But we later learn that his real first name is Guy (rhymes with `me'), and that `Eddie' was just a name his American friends used. [Call Me, Irresponsible] (Score 1/2 for `Edward LeBec', 1/2-point for his alleged middle name of `Raymond', and 1 for `Guy', for a perfect score of 2.) 90: Eddie (number 33) was the goalie for the Boston Bruins at the time he met Carla. He drinks a club soda, no ice, two slices of lime, and a red straw. After finishing it, he puts the napkin on top of the glass and puts the straw on top of the napkin. [Never Love a Goalie (Part 1)] He then became a member of a travelling ice show, ``The Wonderful World of Ice'' (dressed as a penguin). [Airport V] 91: Frasier. And it came true, too! [Little Carla, Happy at Last (Part 2)] 92: He died in a freak ice show accident: He was run over by a Zamboni. [Death Takes a Holiday on Ice] Eddie was also married to Gloria. [Death Takes a Holiday on Ice; 50-50 Carla] The policy was worth $50,000. [50-50 Carla] 93: `O Canada' [Never Love a Goalie (Part 2)] 94: Chicken McNuggets and drawing underarm hair on the models in `Vogue' magazine. [Battle of the Exes] We actually see her doing it, too, though no attention is drawn to it. [I'll Be Seeing You (Part 2)] `Lady and the Tramp'. The part where they eat the spaghetti. [Battle of the Exes] 95: She is waiting for the opportunity to rat on her neighbors. [I Kid You Not] 96: The Broken Spoke. [?] 97: Santa Carbone spied on Diane at Goldenbrook, and on Vera Peterson suspecting marital infidelity. [Love Thy Neighbor] (Score one point for each person Santa spied on.) 98: You hold your hands by your ears, palms facing forward. As you say `The Dream', you close your hand, little finger first, while twisting your wrist. [Honor Thy Mother] CHAPTER 8: Norm 99: Hillary (named after his grandfather). [It's a Wonderful Wife] 100: Diane waits for everybody to finish yelling `Norm!', then she says `Norman'. 101: (1) The Hungry Heifer. [Cheers: The Motion Picture] The bar at Vic's Bowl-A-Rama. [From Beer to Eternity] (2) Pepe in the bar Sam worked at in Cancun. [One Happy Chappy in a Snappy Serape] Some guy in Gary's Olde Towne Tavern. [Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back] Some bozo when the bar clientele turns yuppy. [Bad Neighbor Sam] And for true trivia mavens, Doonesbury's comic strip of 20 March 1991. Scene: The aftermath of the war against Iraq, a Kuwaiti nightclub. First panel: Duke?: Hey... Aren't those the boys Bechtel sitting at table two? ?: Yes, Sir. We seem to be drawing every heavy-hitter in town. Second panel: Duke?: Speaking of which... Voice: 'Lo everybody! Third panel: All: Norm! Fourth panel: Duke?: [pouring a beer] How's it going general? Voice: Ahead of schedule! Which is more than I can say for that beer! (Thanks to Daniel Callahan for finding this gem.) (3) When Norm becomes rich from his investment in Tan 'n Wash, everybody is mad at him and doesn't say anything when he comes in. [Tan 'n Wash] On the first show with Rebecca, Norm comes in and only Woody yells `Norm!' Norm leaves in disgust. Later in the show, Norm comes in as part of `Operation Wayne Down the Dwain', pretending to be an average customer. One of the customers yells `Norm!' and Norm tells him to shut up. [Home is the Sailor] When Frederick says his first word, `Norm!'. [Breaking in is Hard to Do] Incidentally, it almost happens when Sam and Diane are the only people in the bar when Norm comes in, but they stop their heated conversation to yell `Norm!'. [Coachie Makes Three] 102: The Hungry Heifer. [Woody Goes Belly Up; I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday; The Bar Stoolie; Cheers: The Motion Picture; Airport V] Norm's opinion of the Hungry Heifer has varied. He also likes Wally's Pup Burger. [Finally (Part 1)] Some Hungry Heifer trivia: - Their `Carnivore Platter' consists of a steak, topped off with pork chops. [Woody Goes Belly Up] - Thursday night is the night the chef does his tribute to swine. [I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday] 103: ``And I hope the Red Sox win the pennant. (signed) Norm Peterson'' [Feeble Attraction] 104: Norm `Moon Glow' Peterson was a wrestler. [They Called Me Mayday] 105: Vera's maiden name was Kreitzer. [The Two Faces of Norm] As of the second season, they were married for eleven years. [Norman's Conquest] 106: They were classmates in high school. [Personal Business] Norm got her attention when a wrestling opponent pulled down Norm's trunks. [They Called Me Mayday] Vera was famous all over the Midwest for her hickeys. [Personal Business] Vera's parents live in ``one of those rectangular states.'' [Coach Buries a Grudge] 107: We hear Vera's voice on a tape recording. [Love Thy Neighbor] During the Thanksgiving food fight, Diane accidentally throws a pie in her face, so we get to see all of Vera except for her face. [Thanksgiving Orphans] We hear her voice and see her legs when she works as a hat-check girl upstairs at Melville's. [It's a Wonderful Wife] Her voice (and perhaps even her body) is provided by Bernadette Birkett, George Wendt's real-life wife. No screen credit is given. [It's a Wonderful Wife] 108: After he and Vera broke up, Norm dated Arlene Horsley. [Old Flames] Norm considered having an affair with the neighbor wife, Phyllis Henshaw. [Love Thy Neighbor] He was also goaded by the gang into having an affair with a client, but he couldn't go through with it. [Norman's Conquest] 109: A blue Honda Civic. [Norman's Conquest; King of the Hill] The bumper sticker reads `Accountants do it with interest'. [King of the Hill] 110: Accountant. [most of the early years] Dishwasher at Melville's. [No Help Wanted] Corporate executioner. [The Executive's Executioner] Painter. [Paint Your Office; Woody for Hire, and Norman of the Apes; Let Sleeping Drakes Lie; Don't Paint Your Chickens; The Two Faces of Norm; Sammy and the Professor] Department store Santa. [Christmas Cheers] Interior decorator. [Norm, Is That You?; Call Me, Irresponsible] No points for saying he owned `Tan 'n Wash' because he didn't. He was just an investor. [Tan 'n Wash] 111: Ron and Phyllis Henshaw. [Love Thy Neighbor] 112: Bruce. [Diamond Sam; Little Carla, Happy at Last (Parts 1 and 2)] CHAPTER 9: Cliff 113: Ester Clavin is played by Frances Sternhagen. 114: Cliff Clavin the elder is in Australia, hiding from U.S. authorities due to real estate fraud. [The Bar Stoolie] In a first-season episode, Cliff says his dad left `a few years ago'. [Sam Turns the Other Cheek] But when dad comes to visit, Cliff says his dad left when he was nine years old. [The Bar Stoolie] (Score one point for either answer; two if you got both.) 115: South Central Branch (SCB). [The Executive's Executioner] 116: Walt Twitchell (played by Raye Birk). 117: ``Curfew? Come on, Norm. I can stay out as long as I want so long as I call by ten.'' [Sam Turns the Other Cheek] 118: Of course not! [Cliff's Rocky Moment] 119: Massachusetts D86 4R3. [?] Note that Cliff drove a Studebaker in a previous episode. [Cliff's Rocky Moment] 120: ``I'm just one of those people who collects phone book cover art.'' [Bar Bet] 121: When the Sears catalogues are mailed. [No Contest; The Bartender's Tale] It was particularly bad in 1985, when the Spiegel catalogues came out at the same time. (Score 1/2 if you got the basic idea.) 122: A trapeze artist. [Peterson Crusoe] 123: `Celibacy'. They are the categories on `Jeopardy' when Cliff is a contestant. [What is ... Cliff Clavin?] CHAPTER 10: Woody 124: Woody hails from Hanover, Indiana. The rival town is French Lick, Indiana, the home town of Larry Bird. [Cheers Fouls Out] 125: The Piggly Wiggly. [?] 126: Tiberius. [?] 127: July 23. [Puddin' Head Boyd] 128: Truman. [The Groom Wore Clearasil] 129: Explode. (Because they were both very fat.) [Woody Goes Belly Up] 130: He once maimed someone in a bowling accident. [From Beer to Eternity] (Score 1/2 point if you said he killed someone.) Here's the story, in Woody's own words: I still don't know what happened, you know? One minute I was picking up the 8-10 split, and the next thing I know, the 10-pin flies and hits old Sulley right between the eyes and he goes down like a sack of wheat. Sam, I ruined a man's life. Sam says, ``Oh, come on, I'm sure you're exaggerating.'' Woody continues: Oh no, no I'm not. Old Sulley got too dim-witted to stay in bowling maintenance. Last I heard, he was a clown at children's birthday parties. Sam asks, ``What's wrong with that?'' Woody answers: He wasn't invited to them. 131: Kelly Gaines. Her other suitor is Henri, a French photographer she met in Paris. CHAPTER 11: Frasier 132: Well, I don't know. But his middle initial is W. [The Belles of St. Cletes; Birth, Death, Love and Rice] 133: Frasier is a strict Freudianist. [?] (Lilith says this outright, but it is clear long before then that this is true.) [Little Carla, Happy at Last (Part 1); Those Lips, Those Ice] 134: Hester Crane is also a psychiatrist. [Diane Meets Mom] She is no longer living. [To All the Girls I've Loved Before] 135: Frasier received an appointment to the University of Bologna. [Cheerio Cheers] 136: Dr. Bennett Ludlow (James Karen, the Pathmark spokesman). [Whodunit?] After Diane abandoned Frasier at the altar, Ludlow became his therapist. [Birth, Death, Love and Rice] 137: A session with marriage counselor Simon Finch-Royce (John Cleese). It cost him $1500, by the way. [Simon Says] 138: French. [Little Carla, Happy at Last (Part 1)] Chinese. [The Crane Mutiny] 139: At the wedding of Frasier Crane and Lilith Sternin, Sam served as best man and Rebecca as maid-of-honor. [To All the Girls I've Loved Before] Lilith is Jewish. See the next answer. Lilith works at Boston General Hospital. [The Cranemakers] 140: Frederick is being raised in the Jewish tradition, which Frasier wholeheartedly endorses, regretting that he himself wasn't brought up in a religious family. [Only for Real Men] Frederick's first word was `Norm!' [Breaking in is Hard to Do] 141: ``Thank you, Conan.'' [The Crane Mutiny] 142: Sam. [How to Win Friends and Electrocute Yourself] CHAPTER 12: Rebecca 143: San Diego. [Paint Your Office; And God Created Woodman; I'm Gonna Get My Act Together and Stick it in Your Face] 144: `You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling'. [Please Mr. Postman; Finally (Part 1)] 145: A Mercedes. [Executive Sweet; Hot Rocks] 146: `Backseat Becky' attended the University of Connecticut. (And no, we don't know where she got the nickname from. The story she told was a fabrication.) [The Last Angry Mailman] She majored in marketing. [Don't Paint Your Chickens] Incidentally, she wears a UConn sweatshirt at the slumber party she throws for Carla. [Slumber Party Massacred] Oh, and she also didn't graduate on schedule. She failed a course and had to make it up over the summer, thereby receiving her diploma in the mail. [Sammy and the Professor] 147: Susan Howe is an actress in low-budget horror movies. [Sisterly Love] (Score full credit if you just said she was an actress.) Score an extra point if you remembered she was also Miss San Diego. 148: Her father is a captain in the navy. Her mother is an interior designer. Her brothers are a surgeon and an attorney. [Paint Your Office] 149: When she embarrassed herself by kissing Evan, Sam suggests that Rebecca explain by saying she was just trying to make Sam jealous. [A Kiss is Still a Kiss] To get onto Evan's yacht. [Yacht of Fools] To fend off the advances of Martin Teal. [One Happy Chappy in a Snappy Serape (Parts 1 and 2)] To explain Sam's presence in Mr. Sheridan's house. Nary five minutes earlier, she said Woody was her boyfriend (for the same reason). [Adventures in Housesitting] 150: Rebecca promised to have sex with Sam if she lit up another cigarette. When Sam caught her smoking, she reluctantly agrees to go back to her place. She comments, ``It's all right; I'll just close my eyes and imagine someone appealing.'' [My Fair Clavin] Sam pretends to be devastated after learning that he was promoted just to be a ringer on the company softball team and tries to take advantage of Rebecca's sympathy. Fed up with fending off his advances, she goes completely limp and says emotionlessly, ``Take me here. Take me now. Please. Please.'' [The Sam in the Grey Flannel Suit] Incidentally, she sort of drunkenly agreed to have sex with him, but she passed out soon thereafter. [One Happy Chappy in a Snappy Serape (Part 2)] 151: She throws a cocktail party for Daniel Collier. [And God Created Woodman] She throws a children's party. [Send in the Crane] She babysits a dog. [Adventures in Housesitting] She throws a cocktail party for Mr. Gaines. [Golden Boyd] Now no longer full of enthusiasm for throwing parties, she throws a lousy party for her boss's brother-in-law. [Only for Real Men] 152: Evan Drake was transferred to Japan at the end of the sixth season. 153: Multimillionaire Robin Colcord (Roger Rees). Rebecca calls him her `Sweet Baby', which was also her password into the corporation data bank. [Cry Hard (Part 1)] Rebecca loved him for his money. [Wedding Bell Blues] Jean-Marie Bolieur, charge d'affaires at the French Consulate. [Finally (Part 2); Where Nobody Knows Your Name] Score another point if you remembered Christine Davi. [Finally (Part 2)] 154: Robin took Rebecca to `Wally's Pup Burger', a greasy hamburger place. [Finally (Part 1)] He was found guilty of insider trading. (He was using Rebecca to access the corporation data bank.) [Cry Hard (Part 1)] 155: A `Women Of Boston Business Award' statuette, which Rebecca won. [Little Carla, Happy at Last (Part 2)] (Ha, fooled all you people who thought it was a pet name for Robin!) 156: ``This machine is for photocopying documents, not your butt.'' [The Visiting Lecher] CHAPTER 13: Questions you aren't expected to be able to answer 157: William Devane and Lisa Eichhorn was the ``big name'' duo. The other finalist was the duo of Fred Dryer and Julia Duffy. Curiously, Fred Dryer and Julia Duffy have appeared as guest stars on `Cheers' playing friends of Sam and Diane, respectively. [Fred Dryer in Sam at Eleven; Old Flames; `I' on Sports] [Julia Duffy in Any Friend of Diane's] (Personally, I think Fred Dryer and Julia Duffy would've made an interesting combination.) 158: It was the most uptight name she could think of. 159: Heide is Rhea's younger sister. Interestingly, Heide had no writing experience when she started writing for Cheers. Although James Burrows rejected her first story, he encouraged her to keep trying and accepted her second story. Her early stories center on Carla because she felt she could do a better job than anybody else at writing for her sister. 160: John Ratzenberger created his own character. He came in for a general audition and said, ``Hey, what if there's a bar regular who's a know-it-all? This guy works for the government---he's a mailman or something.'' They were so impressed that he was promised six episode the first season and promotion to co-star status the next season. 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