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Newsgroups: rec.arts.startrek.misc From: Subject: Christmas Present--Lots of Top 10 Lists Message-ID: <> Organization: University of Maryland Baltimore County Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1992 18:42:32 GMT Lines: 872 For Chirstmas I decided to repost every Silly Top List and other Top 10 lists others posted since early 1992. Hope you all like them. Merry Christmas! Noel Tominack From: (David W Kimball) Date: 5-MAY-1992 23:32:21 Description: all the silly top ten lists you could ever want to read Recently I retired the silly top ten list, but included an offer to mail my entire file containing these lists to any interested party. Well, the response has been overwhelming! So as a public service, I have decided to post the whole shabang. This file contains every silly top ten list I posted this semester. Enjoy, and trek on! I will of course still honor any requests by e-mail. I love getting mail! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, the TOP TEN lines from the upcoming TNG episode, "The Enterprise Stops at Taco Bell": 10) (Troi) I sense... indigestion. 9) (Picard) Don't order the fajitas, Number One, they'll go through you at warp nine. 8) (Wesley, guest starring) Look, mister, the sign says you get a free "Little Orphan Annie" cup with any taco salad purchase, and I'm not leaving here till I get one! 7) (Worf) Klingons do NOT eat burritos! 6) (Geordi) I bet if I allowed anti-matter to collide with these chimichangas we could boost warp power by 27 percent! 5) (Dr. Crusher, pointing tricorder at a taco) Inconclusive meat readings, Captain. 4) (Picard) You're on, Number One. Whoever can squirt the most jalapeno sauce up his nose gets treated to dessert. 3) (Riker) What do you mean you don't serve tokelau here? What kind of Mexican restaurant is this? 2) (Data, re-joining Geordi after bugging Picard with a boring monologue on the history of the enchilada) I do not believe it is physically possible for me to place an enchilada in the area suggested by the Captain. 1) (Picard) When we get back on the ship and you have the conn, Number One, you'd better not queef on my chair! the TOP TEN Favorite Activities of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard --------------------------------------------------------------- 10) ordering Earl Grey tea from the computer, then smacking himself on the forehead and saying "I could have had a V-8!" 9) yelling "Punchbuggy!" and hitting Riker's arm whenever he sees a shuttlecraft 8) screwing around in the holodeck when he ought to be on the bridge 7) spotlighting unsuspecting crewmembers with the glare from his forehead 6) lecturing everybody on why it's rude to fire the phasers at other life-forms 5) sending crank subspace messages to Starfleet Command asking if Dick Hertz is there 4) asking Beverly Crusher to come to his quarters so he can show her "a REAL Picard Maneuver" 3) Ticking off Romulan commanders during tense confrontations in the Neutral Zone by asking "Are those Bugle Boy jeans you're wearing?" 2) telling crewmembers in menacing, Dirty Harry voice, "Go ahead! Make it so!" 1) putting banana peels on the transporter pads just before an away team beams back up And coming next week... the TOP TEN Reasons Riker Won't Shave! The TOP TEN reasons why Riker won't shave: -------------------------------------------- 10) Hopes his beard will draw attention away from his constant silly smile. 9) He and Worf are having a beard-growing contest. 8) It helps hide the faint, hereditary birthmark on his chin that proves he's a werewolf. 7) Hopes to look scarier to hostile aliens. 6) Starfleet has bridge personnel hair quotas and he's trying to make up for Picard. 5) He thinks Troi finds it sexy. 4) (seasons 2 to mid-4 only) Didn't trust himself to pick up a can of shaving cream because the temptation to go and spray it at Wesley was too great. 3) Wants to look more like his hero, Ming the Merciless. 2) Every time he does, Q makes his beard grow back in five minutes as a gag. 1) Picard won't let him fire up his photon blade. The TOP TEN upcoming episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation (including a preview of the first TNG movie!) 10) Breeding Grounds - Organian frat boys replace the coffee normally served on the Enterprise with Folger's crystals spiked with Klingon aphrodisiacs 9) Electro-Q-tion (alternate title: Q d'etat) - Q endows every Starfleet uniform on the Enterprise with permanent static cling; the Captain breaks the record for most shirt-tugging "Picard Maneuvers" in one episode 8) The Bonding II - Picard accidentally Crazy Glues himself to the table in his ready room 7) Deanna Does Pallas - while the Enterprise is on a mission in the Solar System's asteroid belt, Counselor Troi's Betazoid sex drive reaches its peak 6) Hell Hath No Fury - Keiko buries a machete in O'Brien's back after finding him on the holodeck cheating on her with a computer-generated bimbo 5) Globular Mustard - an alien probe of unknown origin pulls abreast of the Enterprise, opens hailing frequencies, and asks, "Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?" 4) Embroider at Needlepoint (alternate title: Prose-Q-ting Attorney) - Q puts humanity on trial again, claiming that it is a savage and tasteless race, introducing as evidence a really ugly sweater that Dr. Crusher knitted Captain Picard for his last birthday 3) The Funted - superior aliens sieze the Enterprise claiming that they wish to study humans, but in a surprise ending reveal that the crew is really on Galactic Candid Camera 2) Out, Out, Damn Spot - Data's cat gets onto the bridge and spits up a hairball on Captain Picard 1) Star Trek VII: Up the Creek - Wesley and three of his pals must win a river rafting race for Starfleet Academy (this one was billed as a BIZARRE top ten list, I thought it was more bizarre than silly) the TOP TEN signs that the Enterprise is crewed by Satan worshipers! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10) Ship's food synthesizers make only deviled ham and deviled eggs 9) Most common Sickbay complaint is neck cramps from being possessed by demons that make your head spin around, like in "The Exorcist" 8) Picard refuses to take the ship to any point in either the Northern or Southern Cross 7) When the Captain's Log is played backward, hidden messages advocating Satan worship and human sacrifice can be heard 6) A large cauldron, broomstick, and black, pointed hat are prominently displayed in Troi's quarters 5) Communicator pin changed to magical pentagram shape 4) Riker obviously made a pact with the devil that forces women to be attracted to him despite his zero personality 3) Forty percent of all male babies born on the ship are named "Lucifer" 2) Universal Translator designed to handle speaking in tongues 1) Picard tried to have the ship's name and registry changed to U.S.S. Beelzebub, NCC-666 the TOP TEN secrets about the Enterprise and its crew ----------------------------------------------------- 10) All routine maintainence on the ship is done by Oompa-Loompas 9) Dr. Pulaski was sealed alive in a seldom used Jefferies tube by Data after she insulted him one too many times 8) Riker's parents were Nazis, his middle initial "T" stands for "Third" 7) Troi starts all counseling sessions with male crewmembers by asking "So, is that a phaser rifle in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" 6) Before joining Starfleet, Jean-Luc Picard was a Chippendale's dancer 5) "Worf" is Klingonese for "pinhead" 4) Riker amuses himself by signing all reports with the abbreviation "F. Off." 3) Geordi is taking a shuttlecraft apart and mailing it home piece by piece 2) Picard is Wesley's father 1) Due to a time travel accident, Wesley is Picard's father Well, campers, this week's silly top ten list comes to us from Waterville, Maine - specifically, from Colby College, where my younger sister Katie is a freshman. We keep in touch via e-mail, and recently I suggested to her that we collaborate on a top ten list. She sent the list that you are about to read as a tentative starting point, but I liked it so much that I am posting it without alteration. She is its sole author, and all fan letters, hate mail, and/or death threats may be sent directly to or may be sent to yours truly, who will forward them to her address when I get back. Don't bother posting any remarks - she doesn't read rec.arts.startrek.misc! the TOP TEN reasons Picard won't fire the phasers: -------------------------------------------------- 10) He doesn't know how. 9) He doesn't want to succumb to crew pressure. 8) He doesn't want to lose the women attracted by his sensitive side. 7) He doesn't want to use the same effects as the old show. 6) Emily Post recommends not firing on a first encounter. 5) It saves energy. 4) He is on the holodeck pretending he has a life. 3) He is promoting a kinder, gentler Starfleet. 2) The other ship is probably carrying a relative of Tasha Yar. 1) What would his mother say? the TOP TEN worries of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard -------------------------------------------- 10) Has to figure out at least a token punishment for Worf for killing a crew member who hid a tribble in Worf's bed as a practical joke 9) The impulse engines have been making a funny noise lately 8) Crew refers to him as "Captain Chrome-Dome Retard" behind his back 7) That the voices in his head telling him to throw Counselor Troi out an airlock will become too insistent to ignore 6) Ensign Ro has introduced a strain of Bejoran V.D. into the Enterprise population that cordrazine won't even put a dent in 5) Wesley might come to visit 4) Luwxanna Troi might come to visit 3) If he doesn't get the pizzas to Starbase 141 within thirty minutes, they're free 2) The way Data keeps reading "2001: A Space Odyssey" over and over again 1) Riker will keep turning down promotion after promotion and he'll NEVER be rid of the big dork! Before we get to this week's silly top 10 list, we have a bonus top 10 list. It was written and sent to me by (Noel Tominack, ACS University of Maryland Baltimore County). I thought it was definitely worth posting, and so (with his permission, of course) here are: TOP 10 WORST STARFLEET NAMES AND REGISTRIES 10. U.S.S. Answer NCC 42 9. U.S.S. Pickup NCC 52 8. U.S.S. Satan NCC 666 7. U.S.S. Friday NCC 13-8 6. U.S.S. Oldsmobile NCC 442 5. U.S.S. James Bond NCC 007 4. U.S.S. Rescue NCC 911 3. U.S.S. Ivory NCC 99 44/100 2. U.S.S. George Orwell NCC 1984 and the #1 Worst Starship name and registry 1. U.S.S. Beverly Hills NCC 90210 written by Noel Tominack, ACS University of Maryland Baltimore County We now return you to your regularly scheduled silly top 10 list, namely: the TOP TEN Complaints of the Romulan Intelligence Agency --------------------------------------------------------- 10) Federation keeps smuggling loads of "Coed Naked Parise's Squares" T-shirts to Romulan universities 9) Every other officer is a clone of Tasha Yar 8) "Romulan" is an anagram for "unmoral" 7) Shoulder pads on our new uniforms are so big we look like a Vulcanoid version of the Green Bay Packers 6) Comissary at Agency HQ serves watered-down Romulan ale 5) Ever since we blew up our own Vulcan invasion force, it's been impossible to get volunteers for the next one 4) name "Enterprise" sounds suspiciosly like Romulan phrase "enn t'rp reis" meaning "your mother sucks eggs" 3) All of Sela's big plans work about as well as lead balloons 2) Stole the blueprints for the Federation's proposed Escher class starship, but can't make head nor tail out of them 1) $800 million credit cloaked surveillance satellite in Earth orbit was supposed to moniter Starfleet HQ, but only picks up MTV instead Ladies and gentleman, I bid you welcome to this special performance. Tonight, Bellman Productions proudly presents: Silly Top Ten List - the Musical! --------------------------------- selection #10 Music: title theme from "Gilligan's Island" Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a maiden trip, That started from this deep space port, Aboard this Starfleet ship. The mate was a mighty dorky guy, The skipper, bald and bold, The ship was ordered to Farpoint, For a two-part episode, a two-part episode. The ship got captured by the Q, The awful script was rough, If not for the fervor of the fearless fans, We would have turned it off, we would have turned it off. Now, the ship is boldly going Where no one has gone before, With Jean-Luc Picard, and Riker too, The red-head Doc, and her son, The Betazoid, An android and a Klingon man, Here on the Enterprise! * * * * * * * * * * selection #9 Music: "Home on the Range" Singers: the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-D Oh give me a home, where the Captain's a chrome-dome, Where the crew on the holodeck play. Where seldom the words "fire phasers" are heard, And Wesley at school is away. * * * * * * * * * * selection #8 Music: "With Catlike Tread" from "The Pirates of Penzance" by Gilbert and Sullivan Singers: the r.a.s.* canon police We canon-heads Don't accept all Trek. Only what's on film The rest can go to heck. No books at all! We don't believe a word Even if it was okayed by the Great Bird. So steadily we flame the techs For spouting off Franz Joseph's specs Trekkers on r.a.s! Watch our local station Do a Vulcan salutation Keep canonicity Free of FASA's blasphemy! * * * * * * * * * * selection #7 Music: theme from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Cannon-fodder red-shirt extras! Cannon-fodder red-shirt extras! Cannon-fodder red-shirt extras! You know that they'll be toasted R.I.P. They rarely last through more than just one scene, Every time you look, they're dying on the screen, When that bug-eyed monster attacks, Those security guys are nothin' but snacks. Cannon-fodder red-shirt extras! Cannon-fodder red-shirt extras! Cannon-fodder red-shirt extras! Shouldn't ever beam down R.I.P. Those red-shirt guys are really up the creek, They never live to come back the next week, Bear the brunt of every attack, So many croak, you can't keep track. Cannon-fodder red-shirt extras! Cannon-fodder red-shirt extras! Cannon-fodder red-shirt extras! You know that they'll be toasted R.I.P. * * * * * * * * * * selection #6 Music: Monty Python's lumberjack song Singer: Commander Riker Oh, I'm First Officer and I'm okay, I sleep around and I work all day! I man the bridge, I sign reports, I go to the lavatory. I hang out with the Captain, and he makes me drink Earl Grey tea! Oh, I'm First Officer and I'm okay, I sleep around and I work all day! I man the bridge, I grow my beard, I lead the away teams. I've scored on every planet onto which I have been beamed! Oh, I'm First Officer and I'm okay, I sleep around and I work all day! I play poker, I skip and jump, I visit Risa when on leave. When I whip out my horgon, the babes all run to me! * * * * * * * * * * selection #5 Music: "Can't Touch This" by M.C. Hammer Singer: Captain Picard a.k.a. M.C. Baldo My, my, my, my starship is So cool Makes me say Look here, fool the Enterprise is So rad With its 2-Live crew And Captain so bad I've met Romulans and Ferengi and dissed 'em A superfly French guy from the Sol system And you know, you can't say no When I tell you to... Make it so! Make it so! Make it so! Oh! Oh, oh, oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, oh, oh! Oh! Make it so! Make it so! * * * * * * * * * * selection #4 Music: "Takin' Care of Business" by B.T.O. Singer: Wesley Crusher I get up every mornin' To the alarm clock's warnin' And take the turbo-lift up to the bridge. I'm in charge of navigation So I've got to man my station For an acting ensign, quite a privilege. And if there's some threat Well, you sure as heck can bet That I'll figure out a way to save the day! If you ever get annoyed at this acting ensign boy, Well, I'm not the one who writes it, okay? I'll be savin' the Enterprise, every day, Savin' the Enterprise, every way, Savin' the Enterprise, it gets old, Savin' the Enterprise, in every episode. * * * * * * * * * * selection #3 Music: "There's a Hole in the Bucket" Singers: Geordi LaForge and Leah Brahms There's a hole in the warp field, dear Leah, dear Leah, There's a hole in the warp field, dear Leah, a hole. Patch the hole then, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, Patch the hole then, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, patch the hole. With what shall I patch it, dear Leah, dear Leah, With what shall I patch it, dear Leah, with what? Use a phase shift, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, Use a phase shift, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, a phase shift. And how shall I shift it, dear Leah, dear Leah, And how shall I shift it, dear Leah, just how? Reverse the polarity, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, Reverse the polarity, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, the polarity. How shall I reverse it, dear Leah, dear Leah, How shall I reverse it, dear Leah, just how? Reconfigure the crystals, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, Reconfigure the crystals, dear Geordi, the crystals. With what shall I reconfigure them, dear Leah, dear Leah, With what shall I reconfigure them, dear Leah, with what? With a proton beam, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, With a proton beam, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, a proton beam. And how shall I make it, dear Leah, dear Leah, And how shall I make it, dear Leah, this beam? Extend the warp field, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, Extend the warp field, dear Geordi, dear Geordi, extend the field. There's a hole in the warp field, dear Leah, dear Leah... * * * * * * * * * * selection #2 Music: excerpt from "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen Singer: Commander Riker (with fan chorus) Captain, just got offered a command, It's the third or fourth this year, But I really like it here, Oh Captain, I'm the show's co-star, Do they think I'm gonna just throw that away? I see a pretty good director of a man Jonathan Frakes! Jonathan Frakes! Will you direct the next episode? Phaser bolts and lightning, very very frightening me Galileo! Shuttle Galileo! Galileo! Shuttle Galileo! Galileo, Ferengi. (Magnifico!) I am just a poor boy, nobody loves me, He is just a poor boy, with poor acting ability, Spare us the fans from this monstrosity! Easy come, easy go, do you think he'll go? Bismillah! No, he will not leave the show! - leave the show! Bismillah! He will not leave the show! - leave the show! Bismillah! He will not leave the show! - leave the show! Will not leave the show! - leave the show! Never, never, never will I go - leave the show! No no no no no no no! O mama mia, mama mia, mama mia leave the show. Starfleet Command has a vessel put aside for me, for me, For me! * * * * * * * * * * selection #1 Music: the tune of "Abdul Abulbul Amir" The box office profits are valuable as gold So the crew for the big screen did steer And of all their six movies, the worst I am told Is Star Trek: The Final Frontier. Spock had a half-brother, the idea was lame The F\X were all below par In the credits the name, William Shatner, it came Under writer, director, and star. It was a disaster, the bomb was complete It was worse than we even had feared Sybok wasn't the only one feeling the pain At this God-awful movie's premier! Good morning campers! This week we are again fortunate to have a bonus top ten list, again courtesy of (Noel Tominack). So without further delay, here are: TOP 10 Problems Wesley Crusher has at the Starfleet Academy 10. Keeps bumping into doors that don't open for him 9. Doesn't have his Mommy to protect him 8. Will not get his credits in Transporter Science after he accidentally relocated the Academy to South Pole 7. Boothby "accidentally" spraying water on him every chance he can 6. Letters from Hugh G. Rection 5. Former Nova Teammates putting anti-matter in his bed 4. Thought his instructors were kidding when they said "You think you are so smart? YOU teach the damned class!" 3. Academy Internet node does not carry newsgroups 2. The commencement speaker will be the Captian of the Boseman and the number one problem for Wesley Crusher at the Starfleet Academy: 1. He never gets to save the Academy from destruction the TOP TEN lines you'll never hear on Star Trek: The Next Generation ------------------------------------------- 10) Worf: Klingons do *not* play tiddlywinks! 9) Picard: It's too bad we don't live in an enlightened, civilized era like they had in the twentieth century. 8) Geordi: Did you hear Wesley almost got kicked out of the academy again? They caught him smoking pot! Data: (looks puzzled) Pot? (brightens) Ah. Marijuana - a narcotic obtained from the hemp plant. Cannabis. Weed. Mary Jane. Grass. Reefer. Panama red... 7) Troi (to someone she is counseling): You've obviously mistaken me for someone who cares! Now get out! 6) Worf: Ouch! I got a paper cut! 5) a Starfleet admiral: Don't worry about it, Picard, there's plenty of other ships in your quadrant. 4) Riker: Not tonight - I have a headache. 3) Worf: Do we have to beam down right now? The Smurfs are on subspace T.V.! 2) Geordi: We've modified the warp coils by reversing the polarity of the inverse geometric phase integrator and adding a broad-band neutrino flux generator to the hyper-magnetic field controls. Riker: What will that do? Geordi: Not a damn thing, but it sure as hell *sounds* impressive! 1) Picard: Oh, screw the hailing frequencies. Fire all phasers! the TOP TEN T-shirts worn by members of the Enterprise crew ----------------------------------------------------------- 10) (Wesley) Starfleet Academy Funnel Team 9) (Riker) Play Jazz Naked 8) (Worf) Klingons do NOT wear funny T-shirts! 7) (Picard) Make it so! 6) (O'Brien) Beam THIS up! 5) (Data) Cochrane's equations 4) (Wesley) Hard Rock Cafe - Tau Ceti 3) (Geordi) Wanna see my dilithium crystals? 2) (Riker) My Captain got assimilated by the Borg, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt! 1) (Picard) Starship Captains do it at warp speed! NOTE: This week's installment is a collaboration between myself and my sister Katie ( In honor of the fact that it has twice the usual number of authors, it is also twice the normal length of a typical top ten list. The unexpected can be rare on a show like TNG, where the writers' motto is apparently "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", but hopefully today's entry is proof that TNG can still throw the occasional curve. To wit: the TOP TWENTY surprise plot twists in upcoming TNG episodes ------------------------------------------------------------ 20) Worf signs his son Alexander up for ballet lessons 19) The distress call they have been answering is a prank Wesley sent from the Academy 18) Guinan removes her hat, revealing that she is a Saturday Night Live style Conehead 17) Picard beams down 16) All of Geordi's lines are in words of two syllables or less, with no pseudo-scientific doubletalk 15) Troi runs amok with a machete 14) Barclay is really the Captain; Picard is just an ensign, and all of his "command" has been a holodeck simulation 13) No guest stars are relatives of Tasha Yar 12) Geordi gets a woman 11) Riker *doesn't* get a woman 10) Data states that he cannot use contractions after using one in the previous scene, and the fabric of the universe, unable to withstand the continuity error, is rent asunder 9) Picard wakes up muttering "there's no place like home" 8) Riker accepts command of another starship, the U.S.S. ZZ Top 7) Ten Forward is turned into a strip-joint, with its lead act being Beverly Crusher as "The Dancing, Disrobing Doctor" 6) Tired of not being sure whether he is a lieutenant or a chief petty officer, O'Brien beams the entire bridge crew into a black hole and assumes the rank of Captain 5) Picard fires the phasers 4) "Prime Directive" is the word of the day, entire crew goes "Aaaaahhhhh!!" at the top of their lungs whenever it is mentioned 3) Data's cat, Spot, is revealed as a Romulan spy 2) Wesley is affected the same as the rest of the crew, and a no-name security guard saves the ship 1) Picard switches from Earl Grey to Nestea Instant Tea Mix; does "Nestea Plunge" into swimming pool on holodeck Well, campers, this is the last top ten list I will be posting. I'll have too much work to do the next couple weeks, with finals and all, and then I graduate. If anyone out there wants a copy of any or all of the lists, I will be here for two more weeks, and I will check my mail occasionally, so just e-mail me your requests. I'd like to thank everyone who sent me all the great e-mail. It's been fun. the TOP TEN command decisions Captain Picard has to make -------------------------------------------------------- 10) Should he send Wesley an FTD Pick-Me-Up bouquet? 9) How big a tip to leave in 10-Forward 8) Should he open hailing frequencies or beam over a nice Hallmark card instead? 7) Stock up on minoxidol or turtle wax? 6) Whether or not to have easy-listening music played in the turbolifts 5) Should he put Spock on his Christmas card list? 4) Whether or not to have Data's cat neutered 3) Whether or not to have Commander Riker neutered 2) Bud or Coors? 1) Keep matter/antimatter warp engines or switch over to natural gas? :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: David W. Kimball :: WARNING: The surgeon general has :: :: Snark Hunting major at UNH :: determined that reading silly .sigs :: :: :: may be hazardous to your health. :: :::::::::::::::::::::::::> You rang? --Lurch <:::::::::::::::::::::::::: -- :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: David W. Kimball :: WARNING: The surgeon general has :: :: Snark Hunting major at UNH :: determined that reading silly .sigs :: :: :: may be hazardous to your health. :: :::::::::::::::::::::::::> You rang? --Lurch <:::::::::::::::::::::::::: From: Date: 11-MAY-1992 17:34:51 Description: A silly Top 10 List Hello, I am Noel Tominack from University of Maryland at Baltimore County. I was a bit nonplussed at Dave Kimball's ending of the top 10 list and decided to give it a shot myself. Please rememenr I am new at this and don't have that flair yet. If I really do a lame job I'll just quietly slip away. But for now, with the episode "I, Borg" coming up, I thought it only approrpiate that I bring you: TOP 10 WAYS TO TELL YOUR ROOMMATE IS A BORG 10. Their clothes are always black 9. The $50,000 phone bills 8. They spend 3 weeks in Florida and still look white 7. Your home entertainment center disappears, two days later they are wearing it. 6. TV reception gets poor when they walk by 5. They spend more time reading newsgroups than you do 4. Whenever you talk to them the laser on the side of their head blings you 3. An electronics store chain used them as a mascot 2. They assimilate all your food and the number one way to tell if your roommate is a Borg 1. Everything is irrelavant


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