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From: (Raymond Chen) Date: 4 Mar 93 20:08:24 GMT Newsgroups: Subject: [castlist] The Simpsons Cast List Also coming... "Simpsons $elling out". Capsules for the various television commercials OFF have appeared in. -- [$Id: castlist 1.5 93/03/03 23:07:34 raymond Exp Locker: raymond $] [WARNING: Some of these characters will appear in episodes not yet aired. Consider this a SPOILER warning.] The Simpsons Cast List Originally by Chip Page ( Revised & updated by Raymond Chen ( {Curly braces} indicate who provides the voice. + {ha} = Hank Azaria ! {ab} = Albert Brooks + {nc} = Nancy Cartwright + {dc} = Dan Castellaneta * {jah} = Jo Ann Harris ! {ph} = Phil Hartman * {ph2}= Pamela Hayden + {jk} = Julie Kavner ! {jl} = John Lovitz * {tm} = Tress MacNeille * {mr} = Maggie Roswell + {hs} = Harry Shearer + {ys} = Yeardley Smith * {rt} = Russi Taylor ! {mw} = Marcia Wallace + = Regular cast. * = Regular Guest Voice. ! = Regular Special Guest Voice. [Square brackets] indicate which episode the character appeared in. (Regular characters excluded.) Nonspeaking appearances are not noted unless they are particularly significant. == The Simpsons household == Homer J. Simpson The patriarch of the Simpsons family {dc} Born on 5/10/55 (35 years old) Soc Sec # 568-47-0008 Born in North Carolina. Marjorie "Marge" Simpson nee Bouvier Homer's loving wife {jk} 34 years old Bartholemew J. "Bart" Simpson Their eldest child {nc} Ten years old, fourth grade. Lisa Simpson ``Overlooked middle child'' {ys} Eight years old, second grade. Maggie Simpson Silent youngest child. {Liz Georges, Gabor Csupo, ys, Matt Groening, Liz Taylor} One year old. Snowball The Simpsons' cat that was run over. All Simpsons merchandise is dedicated to the memory of Snowball I. Snowball 2 The Simpsons' new cat. Santa's Little Helper (dog #8) The Simpsons' dog. {Frank Welker} Adopted from the Springfield Downs dog race track. Princess Lisa's pony, for a short while. {Frank Welker} [8f06] == Relatives == Abraham J. "Grampa" Simpson Homer's father. Widower. {dc} Lives at the Springfield Retirement Castle. Patty and Selma Bouvier Marge's older twin sisters. {jk} Both unmarried, 40 years old. Referred to as the "Gruesome Twosome" by Homer. Patty does not part her hair. Selma does part her hair. Patty wears necklace with oval beads. Selma wears necklace with round beads. Patty has no interest in men. Selma remains on the prowl. In [7f15], Selma wore S-shaped earrings. Selma was briefly married to Sideshow Bob. Grandma Ingrid Bouvier nee Gurney Marge's mother. {jk} Very disappointed in Marge. Has a Marge-style hairdo. Grampa Bouvier Marge's father. {hs?} Died in a freak roller coaster accident. Professional baby photographer after leaving the Navy. Herbert Powell Homer's half brother. {Danny DeVito} [7f16, 8f23] Was sent to Shelbyville Orphanage after he was born. Automobile empire destroyed by Homer. Invented baby translator. == Springfield Nuclear Power Plant == Charles Montgomery "Monty" Burns The boss. {hs} 81 years old Wayland (J.) Smithers Mr. Burns' sycophantic side-kick. {hs} Len Nasal-voiced co-worker. Carl Handsome black co-worker. Ms. Finch ``Not a man'' [7f15] Charlie Spectacled, wears a lab coat. Joey Security personnel. [7f22] Karl Homer's secretary. {Harvey Fierstein} [7f02] Smilin' Joe Fission Character in SNPP's public relations films. Rodney and Roderick fuel rods in SNPP's public relations films. Blinky 3-eyed fish from a river near the plant. [7g03, 7f01] Aristotle Amodopoulos Owner of the Shelbyville NPP. {jl} [8f04, 8f13] == Springfield Elementary School == Seymour ``Spanky'' Skinner Principal of Springfield Elementary School. {hs} Rumored to wear a toupee. Was previously principal of Springfield High School Serviced three years in Vietnam, including eighteen months as a POW. Relationship with his mother has become weird recently. Ms. Edna Krabappel Pronounced /kruh BOP ul/ Bart's fourth grade teacher. {mw} Separated from her husband. Has attempted to seduce Mr. Bergstrom Homer (!) Joey from Aerosmith Has had affairs with the Master Chef at the Happy Sumo Jose Canseco (almost) Has lusted after Woodrow Wilson/Gordie Howe. Ms. Elizabeth Hoover Lisa's second grade teacher. {mr} Ms. Hoover's marital status flip-flops between Miss and Mrs. Her hair color also changes between blue and brown. Mr. Bergstrom Substitute teacher for Mrs. Hoover. {Dustin Hoffman, a.k.a. Sam Etic} [7f19] since transferred elsewhere. Mr. Glascock Teacher, for a brief while. [8f15] Mr. Largo Bandleader and Lisa's music teacher. {hs} Otto The school bus driver. {hs} Also a bloodletting tech-dude. [7f22] J. Loren Pryor School district psychiatrist [7g02, 7f03, 8f15] Groundskeeper Willie Keeper of the school's award-winning play field. {dc} Lunch Lady Doris {Doris Grau} [8f06] == Other schools == Ms. Mellon Bart's learning coordinator at gifted school. {mw} [7g02] Professor Lombardo Art teacher at Springfield Community College. {jl} [7f18] == Bart's classmates and friends/enemies == Milhouse Van Houten Bart's spit brother {ph2} Blue hair, big nose and glasses. Not very bright. We've also met both his parents, whom Milhouse obviously takes after. Martin Prince Brainy class president. {rt} Wendell Borton Grey with curly hair, gets sick on school bus trips a lot. Also in the band. Sherry and Terry Purple-haired twins. Their father works at SNPP. Smart and like to tease Bart. Nelson Muntz A bully. {nc} Nelson is accompanied by two cronies. Lewis black Richard yellow with stylish grey hair Ezekiel and Ishmael two students with religious parents [8f22] one wears a bowtie, the other a necktie Arthur Orange-haired kid Bart did obscene things to [9F03] The ``usual gang'' consists of Bart, Milhouse, Lewis and Richard. Ethan Foley Student at ELCfGC who talks in palindromes. (``O Memsahib, Bart. Rabbi has memo.'') Sidney Swift Student at ELCfGC who speaks backwards phonetically (``Trabing norm doog!'') Cecile Shapiro Student at ELCfGC experimenting on hamsters Jimbo The tall one. \ Kerny The pudgy one. > The worst kids in town. Dolph The short one. / Samantha Stanky Milhouse's first love interest {Kimmy Robertson} [8f22] Laura Next-door neighbor. {Sara Gilbert} [7F06] Bart's unrequited love. Mr. Black Head counselor at Kamp Krusty {dc} [8F24] == Lisa's classmates and friends == Janey Hagstrom black classmate, tall thin head, protruding upper lip arguably Lisa's best friend. can touch her nose with her tongue Ralph Wiggum stringy haired classmate, son of Chief Wiggum eats paste Chuck blonde classmate who can invert his eyelids [7f19] Wanda girl whose future husband will be a janitor [8f08] Rex accomplished actor student [9F13] "Bleeding Gums" Murphy Blues sax player. == Maggie's friends/enemies == Ms. Sinclair Administrator, Ayn Rand School for Tots {jl} [8f18] == Homer's friends == Barney Gumbel Bachelor slob. {dc} Larry Bar denizen. Brought his dog to Emily Winthrop's Canine College == Grampa's friends == Jasper White-bearded inmate at the Retirement Castle. {hs} Also likes to complain. Herman One-armed owner of a military antiques store. {hs} Beatrice ``Bea'' Simmons Grampa's girlfriend who died and left him $106,000. {Audrey Meadows} [7f17] Mrs. Spencer Woman whose family didn't forget her at Thanksgiving. {mr} [7f07] == The neighbors == Ned Flanders Homer's next-door neighbor. {hs} Maude Flanders His wife. {mr} Todd Flanders His miniature-golf-playing son. {nc} Rod Flanders His other son. Sylvia Winfield Elderly woman whose pool Santa's Little Helper likes to frolic in. [7f14] Since moved to Florida. [7f06] Mrs. Quick Elderly shut-in whom Bart did chores for. {Cloris Leachman} [7f21] == Springfield Civil Servants == Jebediah Obadiah Zachariah Jedediah Springfield Town founder. Chief Wiggum Police chief. {ha} Consistently wears his badge on the wrong side of his chest. Diamond Joe Quimby Town mayor. {hs} Designator of Springfield's "SNOW DAY". Gave opening speech at comic book convention. Inaugurated Springfield nuclear warning sign. Announced renaming of Michael Jackson Expressway. Dropped starting flag at soap box derby. Proclaimed 11 Nov as Flaming Moe's Day. Sang in `We're Sending Our Love Down the Well'. Has an illegitimate son. Judge Multon Judge at Bart vs Mr. Burns trial. [7f10] Mrs. Norton Springfield Public Library librarian. [7f08] The two cops (both named Eddie) The mail lady [7g10, 7f22] == Other Civil Servants == Mary Bailey Governor that ran against Mr. Burns. {mr} [7f01] Bob Arnold Corrupt politician [8f01] Jerry Lobbyist who bribes Congressman Arnold [8f01] George and Barbara Bush The President and the First Lady [8f01, 9f07] Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton The President and the First Lady [9f13] == Children's television == Krusty the Clown, a.k.a. Herschel Krustofsky {dc} Host of the very commercial `Krusty the Clown Show'. Promotes pork products. Bart's hero. Has very poor reading skills. ``Sideshow'' Bob Terwilliger Krusty's sidekick until he tried to frame Krusty. {Kelsey Grammer} Did not speak on the show (while Krusty was in charge) but rather used a slide whistle. After being released from jail, married Selma, then tried to murder her. Back in jail. Rumored to return *again*. Side-Show Mel Krusty the Clown's new sidekick. {dc} Does not speak, but rather uses a horn. Sang in `We're Sending Our Love Down the Well'. Corporal Punishment Maintains order in the studio. Gina Ballerina Another regular. Mr. Teeny Krusty's chimpanzee sidekick. Miss Lois Pennycandy Krusty's executive assistant. [8f05] Itchy and Scratchy Violent mouse and cat cartoon on Krusty's show. Roger Myers President of Itchy and Scratchy, Intl. {Alex Rocco} Chunky the Pig Another of the characters on Krusty's show. The Happy Little Elves Yendor, Bubbles, Doofy, and Moldy (Crappy) Gloomy, the self-hating elf [mg37] Chilly, the elf who cannot love [7g01] == The media == Phil Local newscaster [mg34] Bill Pie ``In the Sky'' KBBL traffic reporter {dc} [7g01] Arnie Pie ``Arnie In the Sky'' KBBL traffic reporter {dc} [8f14] Bill and Marty KBBL deejays, generally inept {dc} Kent Brockman Emmy-winning newsman for Channel 6. {hs} Hosts `Smartline', a nightly news/interview show. Scott Christian Brockman's colleague, host of `Laugh and a Half'. {dc} Dave Glass Sportscaster for the Springfield Isotopes. {hs} [7f05] Dave Shutton Investigative reporter. [7f01, 8f11] Chick Hearn Sportscaster for the L. A. Lakers. {himself} [8f04] Keith Jackson Football commentator [7f07, 9f01] == Religion == Rev. Timothy Lovejoy Pastor of the First Church of Springfield. {hs} Panelist on `Gabbing about God', a radio show. Helen Lovejoy His wife. {mr?} Miss Albright Sunday School teacher. {tm?} His Holiness [7f16] Satan 'nuff said. {hs} God Himself [9f01] Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky Krusty's once-estranged father. {Jackie Mason} [8f05] Panelist on `Gabbing about God', a radio show. Monsignor Kenneth Daly Panelist on `Gabbing about God', a radio show. [8f05] == Television personalities == Troy McClure Former actor {ph} See ``The Stellar Career of Troy McClure'' for additional details. Watson and Dreaderick Tatum [7f13, 8f08] the champion and challenger in the Bout to Knock the Other Guy Out. (Tatum wins by TKO.) Tatum is originally from Springfield. Buddy Hodges Actor who portrayed `Fallout Boy' in the `Radioactive Man' comics. [7f21] Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon McBain Hero of a series of high-violence movies {hs} Skowie McBain's ill-fated partner [8f07] Senator Mendoza The evil villain [7f17] Sidrun Mubarradad Host of Sidrun Mubarradad's Yoga Party [8f24] == Other artists == Llewelyn Sinclair Famed director {jl} [8f18] == Local businessmen == Moe Proprietor of Moe's Tavern. {ha} Bernard Flaming Moe's bouncer. [8f08] Usher at media circus for Timmy O'Toole. [8f11] Apu Nahasapeemapetilon The Kwik-E-Mart clerk. {ha} Sanjay Apu's violence-deploring brother. [7f13, 7f18, 8f17] Pahusacheta Apu's niece. [9f02] Mr. Chupo Owner and proprietor of Chupo's Candy Store [mg34] Dr. Julius Hibbert Simpsons' family doctor. {hs} Graduated from Johns Hopkins University. May have a twin brother that is the director at the Shelbyville Orphanage. Lionel Hutz Bart's attorney when he was hit by Mr. Burns. {ph} He has a card that turns into a sponge in water. Also a pen that looks like a cigar. Executor of Bea Simmons' estate. Consulted about copyrighting the Flaming Moe. Defended Bart against murder charges. Consulted about sexual harassment charges. Della Hutz's secretary. {Doris Grau} [7f10] Dr. Nick Riviera Shifty doctor. {ha} Affiliate of Lionel Hutz. Invented candy that claims to clean & straighten teeth. Invented `Spiffy!', an all-purpose cleaner. Performed triple bypass on Homer. Dr. Marvin Monroe Psychiatrist at the Family Therapy Center {hs} (1-800-555-HUGS) Host of a radio call-in therapy show. (555-PAIN) Professor John Frink {ha} man who hoped his death ray would win Grampa's money technical advisor during nuclear scare tried to analyze Flaming Moe for secret ingredient had plan to rescue Timmy O'Toole computer tried to pick football games invented baby airplane Cowboy Bob Salesman at Bob's RV ROUND-UP. {ab} [7g09] Jacques Good bowler at Barney's Bowl-A-Rama. {ab} [7g11] Made the moves on Marge. Akira Waiter at the Happy Sumo. {George Takei} [7f11] Richie Sakai Singing customer at the Happy Sumo. [7f11] Patty Richie Sakai's wife. [7f11] Miss Emily Winthrop Barbara Woodhouse-like trainer at the Emily Winthrop Canine College {Tracey Ullman} [7f14] Princess Kashmir Exotic dancer. [7g10] (April Flowers, in real life Shawna Tiften) Apu's girlfriend. [8f06] Akira Instructor at martial arts school. [7f23] Chuck Ellis Bill collector for Springfield Collection Agency [7f23] Fat Tony Mobster {Joe Mantegna} [8f03] Yiddle Owner of Yiddle's Jokes, on the Lower East Side [8f05] Jerry Proprietor of King Toot's Music Store, the music store next to Moe's Tavern. [8f06] Dave and Dave, Jr. Father and son at the Nat'l Fatherhood Institute [8f07] Harv Bannister Representative from Tipsy McStagger's Good-Time Drinking and Eating Emporium [8f08] Jake Town barber [mg10, 8f10, 9f02] Jack Larson President of Laramee Cigarettes [8f15, 9f02] == Music == Aerosmith themselves [8f08] Sting himself [8f11] Lurleen Lumpkin Country singer {Beverly D'Angelo} [8f19] Her fame and voice have since faded {Doris Grau} [9f10] Spinal Tap themselves {Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, hs} [8f21] == Sports == Antoine Tex Ohara Owner of the Springfield Isotopes [7f05] Dan Horde Baseball announcer at the `employees and spouse and no more than three children' night. [7f05] Flash Bailey Player on the Isotopes. [7f05] Dave Rosenfield Owner of the major league baseball team. [7f05] Capital City Goofball Capital City's mascot. {Tom Poston} [7f05] "Just squeeze the weeze." Bret Gunsilman Football sportscaster {hs} [8f12] Smooth Jimmy Apollo Football sportscaster who makes predictions {ph} [8f12] Steve Sax \ Wade Boggs | ringers on Monty Burns' Don Mattingly | nuclear power plant Jose Canseco | softball team [8f13] Darryl Strawberry | Ken Griffey, Jr. | Mike Scoscia | Ozzie Smith | Roger Clemens / Magic Johnson Himself [8f04] Joe Frazier Himself [8f23] == Blasts from the past == Artie Ziff Marge's Sr. Prom date. {jl} [7f12] Mr. Harlan Dondelinger Homer's high school principal his senior year. (1974) [7f12] Mrs. Blumenstein Teacher who runs the debate team. [7f12] Mr. Sikorsky Shop teacher. [7f12] Mr. Schindler Marge's art teacher. [7f18] == Famous people == Tony Bennett himself [7f05] Larry King himself [7f11] Ringo Starr himself [7f18] Leon Kompowski the man who thought he was Michael Jackson [7f24] Neil Patrick Harris himself (as Bart Simpson) [8f03] Steve Allen Bart Simpson's electronically altered voice [8f15] Bob Hope himself [9f02] Leonard Nimoy himself [9f10] Fred, Wilma and Pebbles Flintstone themselves [8f24] Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth the Second [8f24] == Miscellaneous one-time characters == Lucille Botzcowski (Miss Botz) The Babysitter From Hell {Penny Marshall} [7g01] Cesar and his nephew Ugolin Bad French wine makers. [7g13] Maurice Their donkey. [7g13] Adil Hoxha Foreign exchange student from Tirana, Albania. [7g13] Kang, Kodos Two of the aliens from Rigel 4 in Bart's story. [7f04] Serak the Preparer Ship's cook. {James Earl Jones} [7f04] In order to pronounce the fourth alien's name correctly, you have to pull out your tongue. Kodos One of the aliens that takes over earth in Lisa's nightmare. [8f02] Truck-o-Saurus 20 tons and 4 stories of car crushing, fire breathing, prehistoric insanity (at Springfield Speedway). [7f06] Captain Lance Murdock Professional daredevil, inspired Bart. [7f06] John and Gloria Couple at Rev. Lovejoy's marriage retreat. [7f20] Ozbado Mr. Burns' jai alai opponent. [7f22] Mr. Roman Ghost writer for Burns' story about his brush with death. [7f22] Princess Opal Psychic who helps search for Principal Skinner. [8f03] Faith Crowley patriotism editor of Reading Digest magazine [8f01] Trong Van Din finalists in the essay-writing contest [8f01] Maria Diminguez Ronnie Beck Three-time soapbox derby winner and Bart's hero [8f07] Snake Criminal who... Otto brings to Bart's party [7f20] holds up the Kwik-E-Mart [8f15] is involved in a prison riot [8f19] bids farewell to Sideshow Bob [8f20] steals a Beta VCR [9f03] Mr. Bartone Gangster Bart squeals on in his dream. [8f15] Ted Carpenter From the Twirl King Yo-Yo Company [8f16] Mr. Amazing, Sparkle, Zero-Gravity, and The Cobra ``Twirl King Champions'' Teenagers who put on yo-yo exhibition [8f16] Debra Jo Smallwood Former Miss American Girl [8f18] Amber Dempsey Former Little Miss Springfield [9f02] - End of list -


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