Allgood, Sara Blackmail 1929 Arden, Eve Song of Love 1929 Arliss, George The Devil 1921 Ar

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Allgood, Sara Blackmail 1929 Arden, Eve Song of Love 1929 Arliss, George The Devil 1921 Arthur, Jean Cameo Kirby 1923 Astor, Mary The Beggar Maid 1921 Auer, Mischa Something Always Happens 1928 Ayres, Lew The Sophomore 1929 Barrymore, Ethel The Nightingale 1914 Barrymore, Lionel The Battle 1911 Barthelmess, Rich Gloria's Romance 1916 Basserman, Albert Der Andere 1913 Baxter, Warner Her Own Money 1914 Beery, Wallace The Little American 1917 Bergner, Elisabeth Der Evangelimann 1923 Bickford, Charles Dynamite 1929 Boyer, Charles L'Homme du Large 1920 Brady, Alice As Ye Sow 1914 Brennan, Walter The Ridin' Rowdy 1927 Burke, Billie Peggy 1916 Calhern, Louis The Blot 1921 Carey, Harry Bill Sharkley's Last Game 1909 Carroll, Nancy Ladies Must Dress 1927 Chatterton, Ruth Sons of the Fathers 1928 Chevalier, Maurice Trop Credules 1908 Chevalier, M [US] Innocents of Paris 1928 Colbert, Claudette For The Love of Mike 1927 Colman, Ronald The Toilers 1919 Compson, Betty Wanted - A Leading Lady 1915 Cooper, Gary Tricks [1st Credit] 1926 Cooper, Gladys The Eleventh Commandment 1913 Cooper, Jackie Sunny Side Up 1929 Crawford, Joan The Circle 1925 Crisp, Donald The French Maid 1907 Darwell, Jane The Capture of Aquinaldo 1913 Dietrich, Marlene So Sind die Manner 1922 Dressler, Marie Tillies Puctured Romance 1914 Erwin, Stuart Mother Knows Best 1928 Evans, Dame Edith A Welsh Singer 1915 Fields, WC Pool Sharks 1915 Fitzgerald, Barry Juno and the Paycock 1929 Gable, Clark Forbidden Paradise 1924 Garbo, Greta A Fortune Hunter 1921 Gaynor, Janet The Flood 1926 Gish, Dorothy An Unseen Enemy 1912 Gish, Lillian An Unseen Enemy 1912 Goddard, Paulette The Locked Door 1929 Gordon, Ruth Camille 1915 Gwenn, Edmund The Real Thing At Last 1916 Hardy, Oliver Outwitting Dad 1914 Hayakawa, Sessue The Wrath of the Gods 1914 Hayworth, Rita La Fiesta [Child] 1926 Holloway, Stanley The Rotters 1921 Homolka, Oscar Die Abenteur eines Zehnmarks..1926 Hopkins, Miriam The Home Girl 1928 Howard, Leslie The Happy Warrior 1917 Huston, John The Shakedown [Bit] 1929 Huston, Walter Gentelmen of The Press 1929 Jannings, Emil Im Scutzengraben 1914 Lanchester, Elsa One of The Best 1927 Laughton, Charles Piccadilly 1929 Laurel and Hardy 45 Minutes From Hollywood 1926 Laurel, Stan Nuts in May 1917 Lombard, Carole A Perfect Crime 1921 Love, Bessie Intolerance 1916 Loy, Myrna Pretty Ladies 1925 Lukas, Paul [US] Two Lovers 1928 MacDonald, Jeanette The Love Parade 1929 MacMurray, Fred Girls Gone Wild [Extra] 1929 March, Frederic The Dummy 1928 Marx Brothers Cocoanuts 1929 McLaglen, Victor The Call of the Road 1920 Menjou, Adolphe The Man Behind The Door 1914 Merkel, Una The White Rose 1923 Milland, Ray The Plaything 1929 Montgomery, Robert College Days 1926 Muni, Paul The Valiant 1929 Oakie, Jack Finders Keepers 1928 Ouspenskaya, Maria Cricket on the Hearth [USSR] 1915 Pickford, Mary Her First Biscuits 1909 Pidgeon, Walter The Mannequin 1926 Powell, William Spanish Love 1922 Rains, Claude Build Thy House 1920 Rambeau, Marjorie Dazzling Miss Davison 1916 Rathbone, Basil Innocent 1921 Rathbone, Basil The Masked Bride [US] 1925 Robinson, Edward G The Bright Shawl 1923 Rooney, Mickey Not To Be Trusted 1926 Schildkraut, Joseph Orphans of the Storm [US] 1922 Schildkraut, Joseph The Wandering Jew 1908 Shearer, Norma The Flapper 1920 Sidney, Sylvia Thru Different Eyes 1929 Sothern, Ann Broadway Nights 1927 Stanwyck, Barbara The Locked Door 1929 Stone, Lewis Honor's Altar 1916 Swanson, Gloria The Fable of Elvira... 1915 WAYNE, John Brown of Harvard 1926 Webb, Clifton Polly with a Past 1920 Wycherly, Margaret The Thirteenth Chair 1929 Young, Loretta The Only Way 1919 Young, Roland Sherlock Holmes 1922


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