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TNG Starship Index compiled by Scott Hollifield updated through the end of Season 5 Note: With a few exceptions, all of this information was taken directly from the series, or from Mike Okuda, which is just as good. The exceptions involve data such as ship classes which come from questionable, and possibly tech fandom-derived, sources. Such questionable information is denoted with an asterisk at the end of the entry. Key: Name of starship Registry: [if known] Class: [if known] Captain/Commanding officer: [if known] First officer: [if known] Description (Episode references) USS Adelphi Captain: Darson Captain Darson lost his life in the Ghorushda disaster by unwittingly violating one of the taboos of the native inhabitants. (Tin Man) USS Ajax Registry: NCC-11574 Class: Apollo A ship involved in Lt. Kazinski's warp engine experients. (Where No One Has Gone Before) * USS Akagi Involved in the Romulan blockade. It and the Hornet are led by the Excalibur to form a strategic gap in the fleet's tachyon detection grid. (Redemption II) USS Ares Registry: NCC-45167 Class: Renaissance First Officer: Cmdr. Flaherty Exploring the Vega Omicron sector where intelligent life forms are indicated. Command offered to William Riker; Riker accepted but declined again before transfer. Affected by the latent Tartjannen mutagen, Ens. Mendez stole a shuttle from the Ares and took it back to the planet. (The Icarus Factor, Identity Crisis) * USS Bozeman Class: Soyuz Captain: Morgan Batesman Travels in time over 80 years and is trapped in a causality loop which also captures the Enterprise. (Cause and Effect) USS Berlin Registry: NCC-14232 Class: Excelsior Holding picket duty in the Romulan Neutral Zone. Joined with the Enterprise to defend against Romulan unrest. (Angel One) * USS Bradbury Registry: NCC-72307 Class: Corsair Meant to ferry Ens. Wesley Crusher to Starfleet Academy; Crusher missed it and remained on the Enterprise. (Menage A Troi) * USS Brattain Registry: NCC-21166 Class: Miranda Captain : Zaheva First Officer : Cmdr. Brink Science vessel with a crew of 34. Its crew went mad from the effects of artificially-induced dream deprivation and killed one another. The Brattain was escorted to a starbase by the USS Enterprise and is currently undergoing recommission. (Night Terrors) USS Constantinople Class: Liner Crew of 2012 colonists, disabled. Its crew suffered from severe hypoxia; they were saved by the Enterprise with only 46 injuries. (The Schizoid Man) USS Drake Captain: Paul Rice A light cruiser destroyed by the Echo Papa 607. Command offered to William Riker at one time. (Arsenal of Freedom) USS Endeavor Participated in the Romulan tachyon blockade. Was part of the Katarian plan to distribute mind-control devices throughout the Federation. (Redemption II, The Game) USS Enterprise Registry: NCC-1701-C Class: Ambassador Captain: Rachel Garrett Lost in a battle with the Romulans at Norendra Three over 22 years ago. Capt. Garrett died in an alternate timeline while in battle with Klingon warships; the Enterprise was led back into its own time and space by Lt. Richard Castillo. (Yesterday's Enterprise, Redemption II) USS Enterprise Registry: NCC-1701-D Class: Galaxy Captain: Jean-Luc Picard Built at the Utopia Planetia shipyards on Mars. Crew compilent of over 1000. In the alternate timeline, it is a Galaxy-class warship capable of carrying over 6000 troops. USS Essex Registry: NCC-173 Class: Daedelus Captain: Bryce Shumar First Officer: Morgan Kelley Crashed on the moon of Mabu Six over 200 years ago. Incorporeal prisoners of the planet attempted to use the Essex to escape, unsuccessfully. (Power Play) USS Excalibur Captain: William T. Riker (acting) First officer: Geordi LaForge (acting) Participated in the Romulan blockade. (Redemption II) USS Fearless Registry: NCC-14598 Class: Excelsior Transported Lt. Kosinski to the Enterprise to commence testing his new warp drive designs. (Where No One Has Gone Before) * USS Gettysburg Captain: Mark Jameson Commanded by Jameson before he was promoted to the admiralty. (Too Short a Season) USS Goddard Registry: NCC-59621 Class: Korolev Meant to rendevous with the Enterprise; the meeting was delayed. (The Vengeance Factor) * USS Grissom Federation ship closest to the Sigma Erani system; it was too far away to help the Enterprise obtain more hytritium. (The Most Toys) USS Hathaway Registry: NCC-2593 Class: Constellation Commanding Officer: William Riker (temporary) Orbited Braslota Three as a derelict until it was returned to service as part of a wargames project with the Enterprise, which was interrupted by Ferengi attack. (Peak Performance) USS Hermes Participated in the Romulan tachyon blockade; ordered to join with the Sutherland and the Tian Nam Men. (Redemption II) USS Hood Registry: NCC-42296 Class: Excelsior Captain: Robert DeSoto First Officer: William Riker (formerly) Transported Geordi LaForge and the Crushers to Farpoint Station to meet the Enterprise; transported Tam Elbrun to the Enterprise. Was en route to assist the Enterprise at the Neutral Zone. Its meeting with the Enterprise at Browder Four to help terraforming efforts was delayed. (Encounter At Farpoint, Tin Man, The Defector, Allegiance) * USS Horatio Class: Ambassador Captain: Walker Keel Mysteriously destroyed after Keel warned Picard about the deadly Starfleet investigation. (Conspiracy) USS Hornet Involved in the Romulan blockade. It and the Akagi are led by the Excalibur to form a strategic gap in the fleet's tachyon detection grid. (Redemption II) USS Intrepid It was the first ship on the scene after the Khitomer Massacre, and picked up Worf and Kahlest. Its logs were tampered with while filed in Klingon databases, as discovered by the Enterprise. CPO Sergei Rozhenko served aboard her as a warp field specialist. (Sins of the Father, Family) USS Kyushu Destoryed by the Borg at Worf 359. (Best of Both Worlds) USS Lalo Class: Freighter Attacked by the Borg between Zeta Alpha Two and Sentinel Minor Four. She was presumed lost in battle. (The Best of Both Worlds) USS Lantree Class: Class Six Supply Ship Captain: L. Iso Tolaka Its first officer was affected by Thelusian Flu; this combined with Darwinian antibodies caused the Lantree's crew of 26 to grow old and die. (Unnatural Selection) USS LaSalle Reported radiation anomalies in the Gamma Origulon system. (Reunion) USS Melbourne Class: Nebula In dock at Starbase 74. Command offered to William Riker; was lost in a battle with the Borg at Wolf 359. (11001001, The Best of Both Worlds) USS Merrimac Registry: NCC-61827 Class: Nebula Tranferred the party of Ambassador Sarek back to Vulcan from Legara Four. Returns Ensign Wesley Crusher to Starfleet Academy following vacation aboard the Enterprise. * (Sarek, The Game) USS Monitor Registry: NCC-61826 Class: Nebula Was en route to assist the Enterprise at the Neutral Zone, but would arrive too late to be of help. (The Defector) * USS Phoenix Registry: NCC-65420 Class: Nebula Captain: Benjamin Maxwell Went on an unauthorized attack mission against the Cardassians. Maxwell was taken into custody by Starfleet. (The Wounded) USS Potemkin Class: Excelsior William Riker served here as a Lieutenant. It was the last ship, before the USS Enterprise, to make contact with Turkana Four. Dr. Toby Russell transports to the Enterprise from it. (Peak Performance, Legacy, Ethics) USS Renegade Captain: Tryla Scott (formerly) A frigate, commanded by Scott while under control of the Parasites. (Conspiracy) USS Repulse Registry: NCC-2544 Class: Excelsior Captain: Taggart Tranferred a new crew supplement to the Enterprise, including Dr. Katherine Pulaski. Contacted by the Enterprise later when searching for Pulaski's transporter records. (The Child, Unnatural Selection) * USS Rutledge Captain : Bejamin Maxwell (formerly) Chief Tactical Officer : Miles O'Brien (formely) Other crew: Will Kaden (The Wounded) USS Shiku Maru Captain : Silvestri The last ship prior to the Enterprise to attempt contact with the Tamarians. (Darmok) USS Stargazer Registry: NCC-2893 Class: Constellation Captain: Jean-Luc Picard Picard's first command; was the first to encounter - and be lost to - the Ferengi. While under Picard's command, visited Chalna; and was engaged in battle by Cardassians. Was presented to Picard as a gift by the Ferengi nine years after being lost. (The Battle, Allegiance, The Wounded) USS Sutherland Captain: Data (acting) First officer: Christopher Hobson (acting) Participated in the Romulan tachyon blockade; grouped with the Tian Nam Men. (Redemption II) USS Thomas Paine Registry: NCC-65530 Class: New Orleans Captain: Rixx (Conspiracy) * USS Tian Nam Men Participated in the Romulan tachyon blockade; grouped with the Sutherland. (Redemption II) USS Tolstoy Destroyed by the Borg at Wolf 359. (Best of Both Worlds) USS Trieste Registry: NCC-37124 Class: Yosemite Ship that Base Commander Orfil Quinteros recommended pursue the Enterprise - it was the closest to Starbase 74, but was too slow. Lt. Cmdr. Data served on it at one time, during which he experienced his first trip through a wormhole. (11001001, Clues) * USS Tsiolkovsky Registry: NCC-53911 Class: Oberth Infected with the Psi-2000 virus. Its crew committed suicide. (The Naked Now) USS Victory Registry: NCC-9754 Class: Constellation Met with the Enterprise at coordinates 3629 x 584. Named after an ancient Earth sailing ship. A Victory away team on Tartjannan, consisting of Lt. Geordi LaForge, Lt. Susanna Leitjen, Lt. Paul Hickman, Ens. Mendez, and Ens. Anthony Braval, contracted a parasitic mutation which began transforming them five years later; only Leitjen and LaForge survived it. (Elementary Dear Data, Identity Crisis) USS Wellington Ship that the Bynars worked on before their hijacking of the Enterprise. It reported normal operations when contacted by the Enterprise in an incident three years later. Ensign Ro Larren served here. (11001001, Remember Me, Ensign Ro) USS Yamato Registry: NCC-1305-E Class: Galaxy Captain: Donald Varley Sister ship of the Enterprise. The mysterious space entity Nagilum created a facsimile to test the Enterprise. The real Yamato was destroyed by a system virus transmitted by an Iconian probe. (Where Silence Has Lease, Contagion) USS Zapata Ship the Enterprise is assigned to rendezvous with after leaving Betazed. (Menage A Troi) USS Zhukov Registry: NCC-62136 Class: Ambassador Captain: Gleason Lt. Reginald Barclay served aboard her before transferring to the Enterprise. It transferred Ambassador T'Pel, in actuality a Romulan spy, onto the Enterprise. It transferrd additional officers to the Enterprise to assist in the survey of the Phoenix cluster. (Hollow Pursuits, Data's Day, The Game)


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