ROBOTECH CHRONOLOGY (1999 - 2035) compiled and edited by Edmund K.S. Woo v2.7 ROBOTECH CHR

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ROBOTECH CHRONOLOGY (1999 - 2035) compiled and edited by Edmund K.S. Woo v2.7 ROBOTECH CHRONOLOGY 1999 Alien spaceship crash-lands on Earth, effectively ending almost a decade of Global Civil War. Originally called "The Visitor," the ship is dubbed Super Dimensional Fortress I--the SDF-1. Dr. Emil Lang, after an initial recon of the ship (in the company of Roy Fokker, Henry Gloval, T.R. Edwards, and others), begins to unravel the secrets of an extraterres- trial science known as Robotech. Macross Island becomes the focal point of Robotechnology; and reconstruction commences on the SDF-1. In another part of the galaxy, Zor is killed by Invid soldiers during a Flower of Life seeding attempt. The Zentraedi Breetai is wounded during the same raid. Commander-in-chief Dolza orders Commander Reno to return Zor's body to the Robotech Masters on Tirol. Interstellar war with the Invid, whose homeworld, Optera, has been defoliated by the Zentraedi, continues to chip away at the fringes of the Masters' galactic empire. 2002 Destruction of Mars Base Sara. Lisa Hayes's fiance, Carl Riber, is killed. Lisa turns 17. Development of the reconfigurable Veritech Fighter. On Tirol, Cabell "creates" Rem by cloning tissue from Zor. The Masters, too, have their way with Zor's body, cloning tissue for their own purposes and extracting from the scientist's residual cellular memories a vision of Earth--destination of the fortress and Protoculture matrix he has stolen and spirited from their grasp. 2003-08 Rise of the United Earth Defense Council under the leadership of Senator Russo, Admiral Hayes, T.R. Edwards, and others. Roy Fokker and Claudia Grant become fast friends. Lisa Hayes is assigned to the SDF-1 project on Macross, under the command of Captain Henry Gloval. Tommy Luan is elected mayor of Macross City. 2009 On the SDF-1's launch day, the Zentraedi (after a ten-year search for Zor's battle fortress and the missing Protoculture matrix) appear and attack Macross Island. The fortress makes an accidental hyperspace jump to Pluto, carrying the island and its population of 75,000 along with it. 15-year- old Lynn-Minmei and 19-year-old Rick Hunter are caught up in the spacefold. Lisa Hayes turns 24. 2009-11 The SDF-1 battles its way back to Earth with Macross City rebuilt inside its massive holds. Rick Hunter joins the RDF. The Battle at Saturn's Rings. The Daedalus maneuver is executed to destroy the Zentraedi ship commanded by Commander Zeril. Rick Hunter's first mission. Breetai calls up the Botoru Battalion, led by the notorious Khyron the Backstabber. The Battle at Mars Base Sara. Rick Hunter receives the Titanium Medal of Valor and earns the rank of lieutenant after rescuing Lisa Hayes from Base Sara before the destruction of the base. Ben Dixon and Maximilian Sterling are assigned to Rick's newly formed Vermillion VT Squadron. Lynn-Minmei is voted "Miss Macross." While on a recon mission, Rick, Lisa, Max, and Ben are captured by Breetai and interrogated by the Zentraedi commander in chief, Dolza. Minmei has her debut. The Earth forces learn of the term "Protoculture" for the first time. Under Dolza's orders, Azonia takes command of the mission to retrieve Zor's battle-fortress. Rick, Lisa, Ben, and Max discover that the Zentraedi are a race of clones and can be reduced to human size. They commandeer an alien battlepod and return to the SDF-1. Three "Micronized" Zentraedi spies--Rico, Konda, and Bron--are successfully inserted into the SDF-1 and meets Sammie Porters, Kim Young, and Vanessa Leeds. The SDF-1 lands on Earth. Captain Gloval submits his report on the dis- appearance of the battle fortress to the United Earth Defense Council and requests that the 75,000 survivors to be relocated from the ship. 2012 Lynn-Minmei is reunited with her cousin, Lynn-Kyle. Rick Hunter is seriously wounded during a Zentraedi attack on the fortress. Rick turns 22. Roy Fokker is killed in combat during a raid led by Miriya. Rick Hunter is promoted to the rank of Skull Leader. After almost six months on Earth, the SDF-1 is ordered to leave by the UEDC and is refused to relocate the 70,000 survivors inside the ship. The Battle in the North Ontario Quadrant. Zentraedi Quadrono Leader Miriya Parino is infiltrated as a spy aboard the SDF-1. Ben Dixon is killed in combat. Breetai resumes command of the mission to retrieve Zor's battlefortress. Small White Dragon is aired. The three Zentraedi spies return to Breetai's ship. The Minmei Cult has its beginnings aboard the flagship of the Zentraedi fleet. Lynn-Kyle founds a peace movement aboard the SDF-1. During an attack on the fortress, Rico, Bron, and Konda lead a group of defectors to the battle fortress. Asylum is granted to the three Zentraedi spies and their defectors. 2012 (cont) With Max's veritech escorts, Lisa Hayes returns to Earth to try to persuade the UEDC to have peace negotiations with the Zentraedi. Kyron becomes aware of the convoy and attacks. Rick Hunter comes to the rescue in the newly armored veritech prototype, never been tested in combat before. Max Sterling and Miriya Parino battle it out at a video arcade game and then at the park. Max and Miriya's wedding in space. Exedore arrives aboard the SDF-1 for peace talks. The Zentraedi's main fleet appears in Earthspace and lays waste to much of the planet. At Alaska Base, the Grand Cannon is destroyed and Admiral Hayes is killed. Rick Hunter falls into an early re-entry of Earth's atmosphere during the battle and rescue's Lisa Hayes from Alaska base where she was assigned to a new position by her father. Unknown to Rick and Lisa, T.R. Edwards is left behind in the base and swears for personal vengeance against them. The severely damaged SDF-1 defeats Dolza's armada of five million ships with an assist from Lynn- Minmei's voice, and returns to the ravaged Earth. Captain Gloval is promoted to the rank of admiral. Lisa Hayes and Rick Hunter both are promoted to the rank of captain. A period of reconstruction begins (2012-14), with Humans and Zentraedis working side-by-side. The Robotech Masters lose confidence in their race of warrior clones and begin a mass pilgrimage through interstellar space to Earth to recapture Zor's Protoculture matrix. 2013 Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant (son of Claudia Grant's brother, Vince) are born. Captain Lisa Hayes is promoted to admiral. A factory satellite is captured from Commander Reno and folded to Earthspace. Dr. Lang and Professor Lazlo Zand begin work on a secret project involving artificial intelligence. Zand takes a peculiar interest in Dana Sterling after undergoing a Protoculture mindboost. 2014 Kyron makes a surprise appearance and holds Minmei and Kyle hostage in exchange for the battle fortress. Rick Hunter successfully leads his veritech squadron in operation "Star-saver." Admiral Lisa Hayes is given the command of the newly built SDF-2 to go on a mission to Tirol. The Destruction of New Macross, the SDF's 1 and 2, along with Khyron's forces, Henry Gloval, Claudia Grant, Sammie Porter, Vanessa Leeds, and Kim Young are among the casualties. The remains of the three ships are buried under tons of earthen debris dredged up from Lake Gloval. End of the First Robotech War. 2015-17 Zentraedi Malcontent Uprisings in the Southlands Control Zone (South America). Jonathan Wolff comes to the attention of Commander Max Sterling. Captain Rick Hunter is promoted to the rank of admiral. Commander Max Sterling is promoted to the rank of Skull Leader. The Robotech Expeditionary Force is formed, for the express purpose of journeying to Tirol to make peace with the Robotech Masters. Aboard the factory satellite, work begins on construction of the SDF- 3. Rise of Monument City and Anatole Leonard's Army of the Southern Cross. Lynn-Minmei takes on a partner, Janice Em, at Emil Lang's urging. The Invid complete their conquest of Garuda, Praxis, Karbarra, and Spheris. 2020 The completion of the latest prototype Alpha VT, packing more armor and twice the firepower than the 1st generation VT's, equipped with ablative shields and detachable augmentation pods for deepspace flight, and the capability to link up with the Beta VT--a bulkier, thin-winged variant--thereby extending more than double its range and occupancy capabilities. Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes wed aboard the factory satellite. Dana and Bowie are given over to the care of Rolf and Laura Emerson. The SDF-3 is launched. Minmei and Janice are caught in the spacefold. Rick turns 29; Lisa turns 34; Dana and Bowie, 7. Scott Bernard, Lang's godson from the recently completed Mars Base, 6. 2025 (Earth actual) The Invid Regent takes Tirol. Sickened by his bloodlust, the Regis leaves Optera for Praxis to carry on with her Genesis Pit experiments. The Robotech Expeditionary Force arrive in Fantomaspace and engages the Invid; the fortress's spacefold generators are damaged. (the REF is unaware that the fold has taken five Earth-years, and believe the date to be 2020.) T.R. Edwards and his Ghost Squadron capture the living computer the Regent has left behind in Tiresia's Royal Hall. Tiresians Cabell and Rem inform the Plenipotentiary Council that the Robotech Masters are on their way to Earth. The Sentinels, comprised of Praxians, Garudans, Karbarrans, Haydonites, Spherisians, and Perytonians, formed to liberate planets recently conquered and occupied by the Invid horde, arrive in Tirolspace on the ship Farrago requesting aid in their cause. Tesla, Master Scientist to the Invid Regent, is a prisoner aboard the Farrago. The Zentraedi contingent of the REF agree to be returned to full size (except for Exedore) to mine Fantoma for monopole ore to fuel a new fleet of warships. The Hunters, Grants, Sterlings, and others leave Fantomaspace for Karbarra aboard the Farrago. On Earth, Senator Wyatt Moran and the commanders of the Army of the Southern Cross consolidate their power and take control of the Supreme Council. Dana and Bowie grow up under the care of the Emersons. 2026 (Earth actual) Karbarra is liberated. Tesla and Burak form a curious partnership. The Sentinels' ship Farrago is destroyed and the Groundbased Mobile Unit is stranded on Praxis shortly after the Regis's leavetaking for Haydon IV. Wolff, Janice Em, Burak, and Tesla reach the only fold module available in orbit around Praxis and fold towards Fantoma. The rest of the Sentinels are in the remaining veritechs without power in orbit around the dying planet Praxis. Death of Baldan I. T.R. Edwards holds secret talks with the Regent, and begins a personal campaign to capture Lynn- Minmei. An Invid simulagent in the guise of the Regent is sent to Tirol for "peace talks" and reveals to the REF that the Farrago has been destroyed. The Sentinels are presumed dead. Wolff and Janice Em return to Tirol and is refused a rescue ship to Praxis to pick up the surviving Sentinels. The Invid Tesla murders the simulagent sent to Tirol by the Regent. Wolff "steals" the prototype warship, the SDF-7, and arrives just in time to pick up the Sentinels before the destruction of Praxis. They continue on to Garuda. T.R. Edwards begins to hold sway over the REF's Plenipotentiary Council. Wolff is accused of murder and piracy. Control of the Fantoma mining operations goes to Edwards. Rick, Lisa, Rem and Karen are captured on Garuda and are interrogated and exposed to the planets fatal atmosphere. Mistaken as Zor, Rem is taken to Optera for the Regent. Later, Rem is sent as a gift to the Regis on Haydon IV. With Garuda liberated, Rick, Lisa, and Karen are rescued and are rushed to Haydon IV for the only medication available in the known galaxy. The Valivarre, under the command of Breetai, leaves Tirolspace (unauthorized) with the much needed monopole ore for the fleet's warships. The SDF class warships Tokugawa and Jutland are sent after Breetai. 2027 (Earth actual) The Sentinels arrive at Haydon IV shortly after the Regis's leavetaking, and "surrender" to the occupying Invid troops. Rem learns he is actually a clone of Zor. Upon the liberation of Haydon IV, Janice Em reveals herself to be an android. Rem is rescued and Sarna is killed. Haydon IV is liberated. The prototype SDF-7 is christened the Ark Angel. The Valivarre reaches Haydon IV and the Sentinels are updated on the situation on Tirol. The Valivarre returns to Tirolspace escorted by the SDF class cruisers Tokugawa and Jutland after the Sentinels decision to continue their mission to Spheris instead of returning to Tirol to deal with the threat of Edwards to the Plenipotentiary Council. Edwards loses his grip on the council after troops sent out to hunt down the Zentraedi side with them instead. Wolff, Breetai, and Grant clear the Sentinels of all charges. Max and Miriya remain behind on Haydon IV to help in the rebuilding of the planet. Baldan II is "shaped" by Teal. A new SDF-7 class warship under the command of Major Carpenter leaves Tirol for Earth and is presumed lost when the ship fails to report in to the SDF-3. Edwards and his Ghost Riders flee Tirol on a hijacked SDF-7 class ship for Optera, taking Lynn- Minmei and the awakened Invid living computer from Tiresia with them. Lynn-Kyle is killed by Edwards during his attempt to save Minmei. Spheris is liberated. Tesla leaves the Ark Angel for Optera to have it out with the Regent. Aurora Sterling is born on Haydon IV. Aurora sends a telepathic message to her sister Dana in warning of the spores from the Flowers of Life. 2028 (Earth actual) Jonathan Wolff leaves for Earth on a retrofitted SDF-7 class ship and has also failed to report in to the SDF-3 and is presumed lost. The Tokugawa launches for Haydon IV under the command of General Vince Grant. Exedore accompanies him with the council's peace proposal for the Regent. Edwards arrives on Optera. Tesla is chased off. Breetai and the Valivarre leave for Optera. The Sentinels move against Peryton. The Valivarre arrives at Optera and a battle breaks out between the Zentraedi and the Invid. Breetai and the Regent die together. Tesla and Burak sacrifice themselves to end the planet's curse. 2029 (Earth actual) The Ark Angel, Tokugawa, and the Karbarran ship Tracialle enters Opteraspace to accompany the Valivarre, now under the command of Kazianna Hesh, in the Battle for Optera. Edwards' SDF-7 and the Tokugawa are destroyed and all survivors are picked up by the Valivarre. The Ark Angel leads a direct assault against the Invid home hive, Where Edwards assumes control of the Invid. Edwards reveals the secret to Rick and Lisa the personal vendetta he has on them. Janice, in the guise of Minmei grabs Edwards, and both hurl in to the molten flames of the dying Genesis Pit. The home hive is destroyed and Minmei is rescued. Arla-non, and Teal both die. End of the Sentinels' War. Optera slowly heals from the critical wounds the Invid have made on it during their stay. Dr. Lang makes a series of shattering discoveries about the spacefold generators his teams have used in Carpenter and Wolff's ships. Ark Angel begins a slow return to Tirol. The Tracialle returns the remaining Sentinels to their home planets. Breetai's son, Drannin, is born to the Zentraedi Kazianna Hesh. 2030 (Earth actual) The Ark Angel arrives at Tiresia. Lang briefs the council and Expeditionary Force members on his discoveries. Roy Hunter is born in Tiresia. The REF and Karbarrans begin work on the main fleet ships. Lang's Robotech teams develop an integrated system of body armor and reconfigurable cycles, known as Cyclones. A new protoculture hand weapon is developed, the Mars Gallant H90 blaster. 2031 (Earth actual) Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant turn 18, graduate from the Academy, and are assigned to the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps, which includes Sean Phillips, Angelo Dante, and Louie Nichols. The Robotech Masters arrive in Earthspace to retrieve Zor's Protoculture matrix found in the SDF- 1 for the survival of their race and the Second Robotech War begins. Dana Sterling is promoted to 2nd Lieutenant after ex-c.o. Sean Phillips was reduced to the rank of private. Communications with Space Station Liberty, the only comline to the REF, has been cut. Battle at Fokker Aerospace Base. Dana is promoted to 1st lieutenant after mobilizing the 15th (without authorization) and leaving their post to be a back up contingency to the forces already being defeated at the base. Dana has her first encounter with the red Bioroid. Dana, Bowie, and Angelo volunteer for the mission to re-establish communications with Space Station Liberty. Dana and Bowie sees Zor Prime for the first time at the site of the SDF-1. They are discovered and Bowie is captured. 2031 (cont) Dana leads an unauthorized rescue mission, disguised as a routine night patrol, for Bowie. Louie Nichols of the 15th discovers a weakness in the Robotech ships and a mission is prepared. The Robotech Masters flagship is crippled and crashes near Monument city. The Army of the Southern Cross converges on the fallen Robotech ship but all actions are harmless against the ship. Lieutenant Marie Crystal of the Tactical Armored Space Corp is wounded in battle and is rescued by Sean Phillips. The 15th is ordered to enter the alien ship for a recon mission. The squad is separated and Bowie meets Musica. Dana and Louie discovers that the inhabitants of the alien ships are not androids but clones. With the 15th together again, Dana captures a Bioroid and is examined with the utmost care by Professor Zand. Another ship from the Robotech Masters' fleet descends to Earth and lifts its' fallen comrade back to orbit. Major Carpenter's ships arrive at Earth and futilely tries to engage the Robotech Masters but are them- selves obliterated. Survivors are picked up by the 15th. Zor Prime is introduced to the 15th. Unknown to him and the 15th, he is used as a spy for the Masters. Musica rejects her chosen mate Karno. 2032 (Earth actual) The new Armored Jet Attack Copter VT's are produced and readied for the 1st attack wave against the alien ships. The attack wave is crippled badly and takes refuge on Moon Base ALUCE. On Earth, Dana and Bowie go to the site of the SDF- 1 and witness the blossoming of the Flower of Life in the SDF-1's reflex engines. A second wave is prepared and General Emerson is to be the commanding officer of the mission giving a chance to the survivors of the first wave to return to Earth with their wounded. 2032 (cont) Louie Nichols' Visual Trace Firing System is integrated into the VT's weapons systems without his consent. The ATAC's are ordered to break through the alien flag ship's defenses and attempt to destroy it from the inside. Zor, now under the power of the Robotech Masters, turns on the 15th and tries to capture the squad but the 15th scatters and separately explores the entire ship. Bowie finds Musica again and both fall in love. Eventually, the 15th is captured but are freed by Musica. Zor is taken to the Memory Management Lab to be reprogrammed. The 15th bursts in and interrupts the process during the reinstatement of his memory. Zor destroys the core of the ship's power causing the destruction of the ship and the 15th leaves the alien ship with their hovertanks with Musica. Somehow, Zor manages to escape unscathed. The Robotech Masters transfer to a different ship to continue their mission for the matrix. General Emerson's flagship is destroyed and he, Lieutenant Crystal, and Lieutenant Dennis Brown are taken prisoner by the Robotech Masters. Nova Satori of the Global Military Police orders the arrest and apprehension of the "alien" Musica for questioning but is unable to find her. Bowie has taken her to the site of the SDF-1 to see the Flowers of Life. The 15th follows their trail, in turn Nova follows the 15th, and in turn again Zor follows Nova. Zor sees the Flowers of Life and his memory reawakens and he becomes the original Zor. The Robotech Masters bargain with Emerson's party for Zor and Musica to be returned to the Masters. The Masters flagship descends towards the site of the SDF-1, hoping to retrieve the matrix before it mutates into the Flower of Life, then rendering the matrix useless. All forces of the planet join at Monument City for a final battle against the Masters. In result, Monument City is leveled and there are no survivors. Commander Leonard and staff are also killed. The Masters are killed by Zor and Dana has a vision of the coming of the Invid, telepathically commun- icated to her by her sister, Aurora. 2032 (cont) The 15th, Marie, Dennis, and the remaining clone population of the Masters leave the doomed ship in transports and lands near the SDF-1 site. Zor Prime's attempt at destroying the Masters' flagship results in the loosing of the Flowers of Life from the Protoculture matrix concealed within the spacefold drives of the buried SDF-1; spores cover the planet and the Flower takes root, alerting the Regis's sensor nebula. General Emerson, Octavia (one of Musica's Triumverate sisters), Zor Prime, and Lazlo Land dies. End of the Second Robotech War. Max, Miriya, and Aurora Sterling arrive on Tirol from Haydon IV. The Invid "disappear" from Tirol's corner of the galaxy. It is assumed that the Regis has begun her move against Earth. The Mars Veritech Group leaves Tirol with 18-year- old Scott Bernard aboard. Jonathan Wolff's ship returns to Earth. An anti- Invid underground is established before the Regis arrives. Dana commandeers Wolff's ship after the drives are retrofitted with a device perfected by former 15th ATAC whiz-kid, Louie Nichols. The Robotech factory satellite returns to Earthspace from Tirol. Optera is fully seeded with the Flowers of Life and given over to the homeless Praxians, who rename the planet "New Praxis." The Flowers become the crop for a new Protoculture matrix created by Rem, who has managed to tap his progenitor's--Zor's-- memories. 2033 (Earth actual) The Invid Regis arrives. Her newly hatched army of soldiers and mecha destroy the factory satellite and easily defeat Earth's depleted defenses. Hives and farms are set up worldwide, and some Terran captives are forced to work in labor camps, harvesting Flowers and processing nutrient for use in the Regis's Terror Weapons and battlecraft. 2034 (Earth actual) Admiral Lisa Hayes resumes command of the SDF-3. Arrival of Dana Sterling on Tirol. With her are Bowie Grant, Sean Phillips, Angelo Dante, Musica and Allegra, and some of the Masters' clones. Shadow Fighters and neutron "S" missiles are developed by the REF for the assault against Earth. Instantaneous spacefold becomes a reality for the main-fleet ships. Arrival and defeat of the Mars Attack Group sent by the REF. Scott's fiancee, Marlene Rush, dies with the Mars Group flagship. Scott Bernard crashlands on Earth, but continues his mission: To reach the Regis's central hive complex, code named Reflex Point. Upon crossing a desert on his Cyclone, he meets Rand, who has just discovered the fallen flagship from the Mars Group and was joy riding on a newly acquired Cyclone when Invid scouts appeared. Scott engages the scouts and destroys them easily with the Cyclone's configurable armor. Scott and Rand approach Laacko City where they pick up Annie. The population of the city turned them over to the Invid Shock Troopers, but with the help of a mysterious red Cyclone rider, the Shock Troopers were dispatched. The red Cyclone rider disappears. Scott and company enter a dust-ridden town and attends a club where they see and meet the famous singer Yellow Dancer. A brawl breaks out and Scott ends it quickly with a shot from his blaster. Here they meet the mysterious red Cyclone rider, Rook Bartley, former of the bike gang, the Blue Angels. Her, Lancer (a male robotech freedom fighter in the guise of a female singer, Yellow Dancer), and Lunk (a former robotech bio-maintenance engineer) join Scott on his journey to Reflex Point. Lunk provides Scott with a fully maintained and operational Alpha fighter. Scott's band of freedom fighters discover that the Invid can sense the presence of Protoculture emanations. 2034 (cont) Scott's team makes a pit stop at Norristown. Using a Yellow Dancer Concert as a diversion, the team makes away with a truck load of canisters of Protoculture--fuel for their Robotech mecha. One night, Rook returns to her home town to settle a dispute which has troubled her ever since she left. Unknowingly to her, Rand is curious and follows. She has a showdown with the leader of the Red Snakes who have harassed the town ever since her ex-boyfriend--Romy--had disbanded the Blue Angels. The team approaches Roca Negra. Lunk tries to fulfill a promise to a friend by returning a book to his father, Alfred Nader, an intelligent man who spoke out against the Invid slavery, was killed by the townspeople in fear of him endangering the town. The team encounters Colonel Wolff and his anti-Invid underground. For months, Wolff has been giving Robotech soldiers to the Invid in exchange for canisters of Protoculture. Realizing his grave mistake in his actions, Wolff, in Scott's VT, aids the team in a short skirmish with the Invid and is mortally wounded. Colonel Jonathan Wolff dies. The Regis performs clonings in Genesis Pits (similar to those on Praxis) to acquire the ultimate form her Invid should take for their new life on Earth. Scott, Rand, and Annie, while on a scouting mission, discover one of the Regis's Genesis Pits. During an earthquake, the Genesis Pit is destroyed with all the life forms evolved in it. The simulagent Ariel (cloned from a female human body found in a wreckage of the Mars Division flagship) is birthed and is planted in the route Scott's team is heading. The team approach Point K, a rendezvous for all surviving units of Scott's invasion force, consisting of close to a thousand veritechs, ground units, assault mecha, supplies, and ammunitions. But instead of finding a base, they find a graveyard of ships. The Invid had already obliterated all forces at Point K. The team enters the area in search for ordinance but Scott goes in to seclusion. Rand and Rook scout the area and finds Ariel at a nearby town. Ariel, similar to a newborn child, has not learned to speak. Rand and Rook assumes her to be in shock. Lunk and Lancer discover two operational Alpha fighters and one intact Beta fighter among the wreckage. The group comes together to report their findings and Ariel is given the name Marlene by Scott for she is in the likeness of his deceased fiancee, Marlene Rush. 2034 (cont) The team approaches a mountain range and is quickly warned by the nearby town, Deguello, that the ranges are constantly patrolled because of the Invid fortress built there. A map of the secret routes to pass through the patrols were sold, but through Lancer's old time girlfriend, Carla, she reveals to him that the maps are fake and the citizens who buy and follow the map were going to their dooms. To attack the fortress, the Living Brain must be destroyed to prevent the detection of incoming Robotech mecha. Rand and Annie volunteer and successfully deactivates the Brain and the fortress is destroyed nearly trapping Scott and his veritech inside before the explosion. The Regis loses contact with the simulagent Ariel in result of interacting with humans and their emotions. Rand, caught in a sandstorm, inhales pollen from the Flower of Life and learns of the real reason why the Regis is on Earth. The team enters a jungle forest region once controlled by the Zentraedi during the Malcontent Uprisings. Micronian slaves were used then and the inhabitants now have been reduced to primitive levels. Lancer, mistaken as a woman, is kidnapped. The team rescues Lancer and rids the valley of Invid Shock Troopers. They make rafts to go down stream past an Invid hive but Annie stays behind as a jungle queen. Scott's team enters an old abandoned city but are followed by the Invid. After taking refuge in an old subway, the Invid caves in the subway exits in hopes of burying the Robotech rebels. Upon escap- ing, Annie rejoins the team. Prince Corg and Princess Sera are transmutated to human form and are ordered to go out and seek the simulagent Ariel for the cause of her disfunction. 2034 (cont) The team finds a few left over naval ships from the Second Robotech War to cross the Gulf of Mexico. They set a trap for the Invid patrols and Rook is wounded in the battle. The team takes a rest at a once beautiful beach resort. Lancer has a run in with the Invid Princess Sera and reports to Scott that the Invid are using human pilots for their mecha. Sera is disturbed by her first encounter with the human emotions in her created by Lancer. Sera prepares an ambush for the rebels in a high mountain-pass near Baja California. Upon seeing Lancer's face, Sera hesitates a moment too soon to give the order to fire and the rebels escape. Sera encounters Ariel for the first time. Scott's team encounters one of the ships and its crew from Major Carpenter's defeated fleet from Tirol. The ship and crew boldly sacrifice them- selves in destroying an Invid hive. All crew are presumed dead. The team enters the Rocky Mountains and finds the city of Denver (but really a secret underground shelter named Delta Six) buried beneath the ice. They resupply and explore the city. Scott and Marlene fall in love. While he searches for the rebels, Corg discovers them in the city and attacks. The team successfully escapes and self-destructs the power center in the city and buries the city once again. Corg encounters Ariel for the first time. The team holds a surprise birthday party for Annie. The team runs into Dusty Ayres, a human specimen the Invid used to experiment on, replacing his entire right side with Protoculture-generated organs without the use of any anesthetics, while his friends stood by and watched. He wages war on all Robotech soldiers and Scott rounds up a posse to hunt for him until the Invid attacks. With some encouragement from Rook, Dusty aids Scott in the battle and is killed. The liberation of the city of Mannattan (formerly New York City). Sera encounters Ariel again and asks her why she hasn't reported to the Regis. Ariel is ignorant to the fact that she is an Invid. 2035 (Earth actual) The Jupiter attack wing arrives in Earthspace and is defeated. Photojournalist Sue Graham updates Scott and his team on the situation with the REF main fleet. Shadow Fighters are introduced. The Synchro cannon is destroyed. Graham sees an Invid with the body of a human. Marlene and the rebel team discovers she is an Invid. Sue Graham dies. The REF main-fleet ships (Saturn Group) are folded from Tirol to Earth under the command of General Reinhardt. The attack against Reflex Point commences in space and on ground. Scott's team join forces with the ground troops and the Shadow Fighters make up the main attack group in space. The SDF-3 fails to appear in Earthspace. Rick turns 40 (or 45 in chronological years); Lisa turns 45 (or 50). Marlene leads Scott and his team in to the home hive to speak with the Regis. Scott battles with Corg and is shot down. Rand is wounded also shot down by Corg. Scott returns in the Beta fighter and kills Corg. Upon seeing the REF defense lines crumbling, Reinhardt orders the launch of the neutron "S" missiles. Upon seeing this threat, the Regis and her children take leave of the planet in the form of a phoenix of mindstuff, annihilating the remaining orbiting REF ships and its crews in the process. Upon falling in love with Lancer, Sera remains behind on Earth. Marlene also remains behind. End of the Third Robotech War. During Yellow Dancer's final concert, Lancer reveals his true gender and identity. Scott Bernard, in a salvaged Alpha-Beta fighter, leaves his past, his friends, and the Earth behind to return to Tirol to begin a search for the missing or lost SDF-3 battle fortress. On Haydon IV, Veidt and Exedore are present at the reawakening of the planet's Awareness. Max and his family are also on-planet. Cabell is on Tirol. 2035 (cont) The arrival of Scott Bernard on Tiresia. Scott informs the Plenipotentiary Council the results of the Third Robotech War. Also informing them of the SDF-3's failure to arrive. Aboard the Ark Angel, which has been spared the fate of the rest of the main-fleet ships, Scott Bernard and Vince and Jean Grant commence a search for the missing fortress. The saga continues... Downloaded from Just Say Yes. 2 lines, More than 500 files online! 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