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---- PEOPLES OF TNG ---- compiled by Scott Hollifield updated through the end of Season 5 This is an index which I recently completed which makes an attempt to catalog all of the various races of sentient beings seen or referenced in Star Trek The Next Generation. First of all, a cursory glance at this index will reveal that many of these are not distinct races, but merely human(oid) colonies or similiar groupings. I include these for completist's sake, because there are many "races" which have been referenced to vaguely (is the Arcanian diplomat mentioned in "In The Mind's Eye" a human or not? for instance), so I decided to lump them all in. (That's why I prefer to refer to this index as a list of "peoples", not "races".) This was fairly easy to do, but there are some exceptions. For instance, I omitted any references which did not clearly describe a distint group of sentient beings. Examples: the show drops names all the time like "Arcturian fizz" and "Thelusian flu" (in addition to a litany of languages like Stroierian and Denasian), but there is no evidence that there are Arcturians, Thelusians, etc. to go along with them. Under each listing, you'll see three obligatory lines with a potential fourth one: Type, Origin, Representatives (or Reps) if applicable, and a line for the appropriate episode title(s). "Type" is usually Human, Humanoid, or Unknown. What's the difference between Human and Humanoid? Good question. First, a Human is Homo sapiens sapiens. A Humanoid is a being who has two arms and two legs (or an acceptable other combination thereof), but differs from a Human in at least one of the following ways: (1) Possessing some physiological distinction which no human has (like forehead ridges); (2) Possessing some unique ability which humans generally don't have (like the Betazoids' telepathy); (3) Having evidently been around in outer space since before Earthlings began interstellar travel. The bottom line is, Humans, ultimately, come from Earth. If there's no evidence to the contrary that a particular people came from Earth, I'm going to assume they're human (like in the case of the Edo from "Justice", for example). Also, you might wonder at some of the more unique Type classifications; if a particular race suggests a more descriptive Type, I'll use it, like with the dog-like Anticans from "Lonely Among Us", who are technically Humanoid, but I list as "Caninoid". Origin indicates the planet, star system, etc. that the people is either originally from or currently makes their base on, depending on the nature of the people. Ex.: There's a whole section of space for the Romulans, yet I only list "Romulus". Representatives are members of that particular people who have been named on the show, whether in dialogue or in credits (although I don't think that there are any examples exclusive to the latter). I have omitted any obvious political titles - Marouk, instead of Sovereign Marouk; Tog, instead of Daimon Tog, etc. The exception is the case of the Cardassians, for whom I'm not sure if "Gul" - as in Gul Macet and Gul Galac - is merely a title or actually part of the personal name. The episode listings detail episodes in which the people are mentioned and/or shown. This varies according to scope of the entry. I didn't list every episode in which the word "Klingon" was said aloud (let alone every one where Worf appears), merely the ones in which we actually see Klingons (other than Worf). (For the record, future episodes with Alexander will not be listed unless they add significantly to Klingon continuity.) On the other hand, "Brothers" is listed for the Pakleds, even though they were merely mentioned in that episode. As with all my indexes, the spellings of the names are occasionally unverified beginning with the fourth season. If you have any VERIFIED spelling corrections, please let me know. Similiarly, if you want to correct or debate the usage of a particular entry or reference, leave me a public message. (June 1992) Note: This is, like the Actors index, just a simple barebones reference designed to be used in conjunction with the other files. When I have the time, I'll set about creating a new expanded version of this index, with a bit more information on each race, so watch for it. ------ Acamarians Type: Human Origin: Acamar Three Reps: Marouk, Yuta (see also Gatherers) ("The Vengeance Factor") Actosians Type: Unknown Origin: Actos Four ("Manhunt") Alassomorphs Type: Shapeshifters Origin: Daled Four Reps: Salia, Anya ("The Dauphin") Alcyonans Type: Human Origin: Alcyone ("Haven") Aldeans Type: Human Origin: Aldea, Epsilon Mynos system Reps: Radue, Rashella, Accolan, Aran, Duana, Leda, Lettian, Zena ("When The Bough Breaks") Alpha Centaurians Type: Humanoid Origin: Alpha Centauri Reps: Zefrem Cochrane ("Elementary, Dear Data", "New Ground") Andorians Type: Humanoid Origin: Andor, Epsilon Indi system (passim) Androids Type: Artificial life Origin: --- Reps: Data, Lore, Lal ("Datalore", "The Schizoid Man", "The Offspring", "Brothers") Angelites Type: Human Origin: Angel One Reps: Beate, Ariel, Trent ("Angel One") Angosians Type: Human Origin: Angosia Reps: Nayrok, Roga Danar, Zayner, Wagnor ("The Hunted") Ansata --- see Rutians Antedians Type: Marinoid Origin: Antede Three ("Manhunt") Anticans Type: Caninoid Origin: Antica, Beta Renner system Reps: Badar N'D'D' ("Lonely Among Us") Arcanians Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("The Drumhead") Armusians Type: Unknown Origin: Armus Nine ("Angel One") Atlek --- see Madinans Avedans Type: Human Origin: Aveda Three Reps: Beverly Crusher ("The Arsenal of Freedom") Bajorans (also called "Bajora") Type: Humanoid Origin: Nomadic (based in Valo system) Reps: Ro Laren, Keeve Falor, Jas Holza, Orta, Sito ("Ensign Ro", "The First Duty", "The Next Phase") Balduk warriors Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("New Ground") Bandi Type: Human Origin: Farpoint (also known as Deneb Four) Reps: Zorn ("Encounter At Farpoint") Barolians Type: Humanoid Origin: Unknown ("Unification I", "Unification II") Barzans Type: Humanoid Origin: Barzan Two Reps: Bhavani ("The Price") Benzites Type: Humanoid Origin: Benzar Reps: Mordock, Mendon ("Coming of Age", "A Matter of Honor") Berusians Type: Unknown Origin: Berusian cluster ("Devil's Due") Betazoids Type: Humanoid Origin: Betazed Reps: Deanna Troi, Lwaxana Troi, Tam Elbrun, Reittan Grax, Sabin Jenestra, Anders Hagan ("Haven", "Manhunt", "Tin Man", "Menage A Troi", "Night Terrors", "The Drumhead", "Half A Life") Bolians Type: Humanoid Origin: Bolius Nine Reps: Rixx, Mitena Haro ("Conspiracy", "Allegiance") Borg Type: Organic/cybernetic hybrid Origin: Unknown Reps: Locutus, Hugh ("Q Who", "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1", "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2", "I, Borg") Brectians Type: Unknown Origin: Brectian cluster ("Silicon Avatar") Bre'ellians Type: Humanoid Origin: Bre'el Four Reps: Garin ("Deja Q") Breen Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("The Loss", "Hero Worship") Brekkans Type: Human Origin: Brekka (also known as Delos Four) Reps: Langor, Sobi ("Symbiosis") Bringloidi Type: Human Origin: Bringloid, Ficus sector Reps: Brenna O'Dell, Danilo O'Dell ("Up The Long Ladder") Burellians Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("Redemption II") Bynars Type: Humanoid Origin: Bynaus, Beta Magellan system Reps: 11, 00, 10, 01 ("11001001") Calamarain Type: Gaseous/energy life Origin: Unknown ("Deja Q") Caldonians Type: Humanoid Origin: Unknown Reps: Leyor ("The Price") Cardassians Type: Humanoid Origin: Cardassian sector Reps: Gul Macet, Glen Telle, Glen Dara, Gul Dolek ("The Wounded", "Ensign Ro", "Unification I", "Ethics") Cerberans Type: Humanoid Origin: Cerberus Two ("Too Short A Season") Cetaceans Type: Cetacean Origin: Earth ("Yesterday's Enterprise", "The Perfect Mate") Chalnoth Type: Humanoid Origin: Chalna Reps: Esoqq ("Allegiance") Chandrans Type: Unknown Origin: Chandra Five ("Tin Man") Chrysalians Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("The Price") Constellanes Type: Human Origin: Constellane Reps: Campio, Erko ("Cost of Living") Coridans Type: Unknown Origin: Coridan ("Sarek") Creosians Type: Humanoid Origin: Creos Reps: Briam, Kamala ("The Perfect Mate") Crystal Entities Type: Unique Origin: Unknown ("Datalore", "Brothers", "Silicon Avatar") Cytherians Type: Unknown Origin: Cytherian system ("The Nth Degree") Dachlyds Type: Unknown Origin: Gemaris system ("Captain's Holiday") Darwin children Type: Humanoid Origin: Darwin Station Reps: David ("Unnatural Selection") Delbans Type: Human Origin: Delb Two Reps: Nellen Tor ("The Drumhead") Douwd Type: Unique Origin: Unknown Reps: Kevin Uxbridge ("The Survivors") Drellians Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("Devil's Due") Dremans Type: Humanoid Origin: Drema Four Reps: Sarjenka ("Pen Pals") Edo Type: Human Origin: Rubicam Three Reps: Liator, Rivan ("Justice") Energy beings Type: Plasma-based life Origin: FGC-47 Reps: Isabella ("Imaginary Friend") Ferengi Type: Humanoid Origin: Unknown Reps: Taar, Letek, Mordoc, Kayron, Bok, Kazago, Rata, Bractor Goss, Arridor, Kol, Sovak, Tog, Farek, Nibor, Omag, Lenor ("The Last Outpost", "The Battle", "Peak Performance", "The Price", "Captain's Holiday", "Menage A Troi", "Unification II", "The Perfect Mate") Galenians Type: Human Origin: Galen Four Reps: Connor Rossa, Moira Rossa ("Suddenly Human") Galvanians Type: Unknown Origin: Galvan Five ("Data's Day") Gamalons Type: Humanoid Origin: Gamalon Five Reps: Sonji ("Final Mission") Gatherers Type: Human Origin: Nomadic (originally Acamar Three) Reps: Brull, Chorgon, Temarek, Volnoth, Mallon, Penthor-Mul ("The Vengeance Factor") Gemarians Type: Unknown Origin: Gemaris Five ("Captain's Holiday") Genom Type: Human Origin: Moab Four Reps: Aaron Conor, Hannah Bates, Martin Benbeck, Matthew ("The Masterpiece Society") Ghorusdans Type: Unknown Origin: Ghorusda ("Tin Man") Gomtuu Type: Unique Origin: Unknown Reps: Gomtuu ("Tin Man") Havenites Type: Human Origin: Haven, Beta Cassius system Reps: Valeda Innis ("Haven") Humans Type: Human Origin: Earth; other extraterrestrial colonies (passim) Husnock Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("The Survivors") Iconians Type: Unknown Origin: Iconia ("Contagion") Jarada Type: Insectoid Origin: Torona Four, Jarada sector ("The Big Goodbye", "Samaritan Sector") Jentons Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("Violations") J'naii Type: Humanoid Origin: J'naii Reps: Soren, Krite, Noor ("The Outcast") Kabatrisians Type: Unknown Origin: Kabatris ("Angel One") Kaelons Type: Humanoid Origin: Kaelon Two Reps: Timicin, Dara, B'Tardat ("Half A Life") Kanarians Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("In The Mind's Eye") Klingons Type: Humanoid Origin: Klingon homeworld; Klingon space Reps: Worf, K'Nera, Korris, Konmel, Kunivas, Kargan, Klag, Vekma, K'Ehleyr (1/2), K'Temoc, Duras, Ja'rod, Kahlest, K'mpec, Kurn, Lorgh, Mogh, Alexander (3/4), Gowron, Emrel, Lursa B'Etor, K'Tal, J'Ddan, Kell, Vagh, Toral, Larg, Kluge, Bijek, K'Vada, Kahless, Morof ("Heart of Glory", "A Matter of Honor", "The Emissary", "Sins of the Father", "The Defector", "Yesterday's Enterprise", "Reunion", "In The Mind's Eye", "Redemption", "Redemption II", "Unification I", "Unification II", "New Ground") Koinoinians Type: I: Humanoid; II: Energy-based life Origin: Koinoinia Reps: II: Marla Aster replicant ("The Bonding") Kriosians Type: Klingon Origin: Krios system Reps: Vagh ("In The Mind's Eye") K'tanians Type: Humanoid Origin: K'tan, Solarian sector Reps: Caiman, Eline, Batai, Meribor, Young Batai, Danik, Administrator ("The Inner Light") Ktarians Type: Humanoid Origin: Unknown Reps: Etana ("The Game") Lairons Type: Unknown Origin: Malkis Nine ("Loud As A Whisper") Legarans Type: Unknown Origin: Legara Four ("Sarek") Ligonians Type: Human Origin: Ligon Two Reps: Lutan, Hagon, Yareena ("Code of Honor", "The First Duty") Lornack --- see Gatherers Lycians Type: Unknown Origin: Lycian system ("Conundrum") Madinans Type: Human Origin: Coalition of Madina (Atlek & Streleb) Reps: Debin, Yanar (Atlek); Kushell, Benzan (Streleb) ("The Outrageous Okona") Malcorians Type: Humanoid Origin: Malcor Three Reps: Avil Durkin, Mirasta Yale, Krola, Berel, Nilrem, Tava, Lanel ("First Contact") Malthusians Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown Reps: Bella Tiken ("Night Terrors") Mariposans Type: Human clones Origin: Mariposa Reps: Wilson Granger, Victor Granger ("Up The Long Ladder") Martians Type: Human Origin: Mars colony Reps: Simon Tarses ("The Drumhead") Melonans Type: Human Origin: Melona Four Reps: Carmen Davila ("Silicon Avatar") Menthars Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("Booby Trap") Metamorphs Type: Creosian-humanoid Origin: Creos Reps: Kamala ("The Perfect Mate") Mikulaks Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("Hollow Pursuits") Minosians Type: Humanoid Origin: Minos, Lorenze cluster Reps: Peddler (holographic image) ("The Arsenal of Freedom") Mintakans Type: Humanoid Origin: Mintaka Three Reps: Liko, Nuria, Oji, Fento, Hali, Rabo, Haki, Yari ("Who Watches The Watchers") Mizarans Type: Humanoid Origin: Mizar Two Reps: Kova Tholl ("Allegiance") Moab colonists --- see Genom Mordanites Type: Human Origin: Mordan Four Reps: Karnas, Peretor Sain, Ardan, Gilnor ("Too Short A Season") Moropa Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("Allegiance") Nanites Type: Microscopic robots Origin: Dakar, Senagal, Earth ("Evolution", "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2") Neufians Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("Brothers") Norsicans Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("Samaritan Snare") Ofidian Type: Reptilian Origin: Unknown, perhaps Devidia Two ("Time's Arrow") Omicron Thetans Type: Human Origin: Omicron Theta Four Reps: Noonian Soong, Tom Handy, Dr. Klendening, Renny Marr, Janeena, the Wellesses ("Datalore", "Brothers", "Silicon Avatar") Ornarans Type: Human Origin: Ornara (also known as Delos Three) Reps: T'Jon, Romas, Margan ("Symbiosis") Pacificans Type: Unknown Origin: Pacifica Reps: Dylaplane ("Conspiracy", "Manhunt") Pakleds Type: Humanoid Origin: Unknown Reps: Grebnedlog, Reginod ("Samaritan Snare", "Brothers") Parasites Type: Unique Origin: Unknown ("Conspiracy") Paxons Type: Unknown Origin: T-Tauri system ("Clues") Peliar Zellians Type: Humanoid Origin: Peliar Zel & moons Reps: Leka Trion, Kalin Trose, Lathel Bine ("The Host") Pentarans Type: Unknown Origin: Pentarus system ("Final Mission") Pentharans Type: Human Origin: Penthara Four Reps: Moseley ("A Matter of Time") Progenitors Type: Unknown Origin: Aldea's past ("When The Bough Breaks") Promellians Type: Humanoid Origin: Unknown Reps: Galek Sar ("Booby Trap") Proto-Vulcans --- see Mintakans Q Continuum Type: Unique Origin: Unknown Reps: Q, Q2 ("Encounter At Farpoint", "Hide & Q", "Q Who", "Deja Q", "Devil's Due", "Qpid") Qualorians Type: Humanoid Origin: Qualor Two Reps: Amarie ("Unification II") Ramatans Type: Human Origin: Ramatis Three Reps: Riva ("Loud As A Whisper") Ranans Type: Human Origin: Rana Four Reps: Rishan Uxbridge ("The Survivors") Raynans Type: Human Origin: Rayna Six Reps: Sonya Gomez ("Q Who") Risans Type: Human Origin: Risa Reps: Joval ("Captain's Holiday") Romulans Type: Humanoid Origin: Romulus; Romulan space Reps: T'Bok, Thei, Taras, Tomalak, Bochra, Patakh, Jarok, Mendak, Selok, V'Sal, Movar, Taibak, Sela (1/2), Pardek, Neral, D'Tan, Mirok, Varel, Parem ("The Neutral Zone", "Contagion", "The Enemy", "The Defector", "Future Imperfect", "Data's Day", "In The Mind's Eye", "Redemption", "Redemption II", "Unification I", "Unification II", "The Next Phase") Rutians Type: Human Origin: Rutia Four Reps: Alexana Devos, Kyril Finn, Katik Shaw ("The High Ground") Sarthongians Type: Unknown Origin: Sarthong Five ("Captain's Holiday", "Qpid") Selayans Type: Reptiloid Origin: Selay, Beta Renner system Reps: Ssestar ("Lonely Among Us") Sheliak Type: Crystiloid Origin: Shelios ("The Ensigns of Command") Solari Type: Humanoid Origin: Soleis Five ("Loud As A Whisper") Streleb --- see Madinans Sutterans Type: Humanoid Origin: Unknown Reps: Kieran MacDuff ("Conundrum") Tagans Type: Unknown Origin: Tagus Three ("Qpid") Talarians Type: Humanoid Origin: Unknown Reps: Endar, Jono (adopted) ("Heart of Glory", "Suddenly Human") Tamarians Type: Humanoid Origin: Tama Reps: Dathon ("Darmok") Tanugans Type: Humanoid Origin: Tanuga Four Reps: Nel Apgar, Manua Apgar, Tayna, Krag ("A Matter of Perspective") Tarellans Type: Human Origin: Tarella Reps: Ariana, Wrenn ("Haven") Tarchannens Type: Unique Origin: Tarchannen Three ("Identity Crisis") Tau Alphans --- see Travellers Tau Cygnans Type: Human Origin: Tau Cygna Five Reps: Gosheven, Ard'rian MacKenzie, Kentor, Haritath ("The Ensigns of Command") Telepathic beings Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("Night Terrors") Thandausians Type: Unknown Origin: Thanduas Five ("Loud As A Whisper") Tholians Type: Unknown Origin: Unknown ("The Icarus Factor", "Peak Performance", "Reunion) Tkon Type: Unknown Origin: Delphi Ardru Reps: Portal ("The Last Outpost") Tralestas --- see Acamarians Travellers Type: Unique Origin: Tau Alpha C (?) Reps: Traveller ("Where No One Has Gone Before", "Time Squared", "Remember Me") Trill Type: Parasitic/humanoid symbiosis Origin: Unknown Reps: Odan, Kareel ("The Host") Turkanans Type: Human Origin: Turkana Four Reps: Tasha Yar, Ishara Yar, Hayne ("Legacy") Two-dimensional beings Type: Unique Origin: Unknown ("The Loss") Ulans Type: Unknown Origin: Marajeritus Six ("Manhunt") Ulians Type: Humanoid Origin: Ulian homwworld Reps: Tarmin, Inad, Jev ("Violations") Valtese Type: Humanoid Origin: Valt Minor Reps: Alrek ("The Perfect Mate") Ventaxians Type: Humanoid Origin: Ventax Two Reps: Acost Jared ("Devil's Due") Vorgons Type: Humanoid Origin: 27th century Reps: Ajur, Boratis ("Captain's Holiday") Vulcans Type: Humanoid Origin: Vulcan; other extrahephaestrial colonies Reps: T'Shalik, Savar, Selar, Sarek, Sakkath, Spock, Setelk ("Coming of Age", "Conspiracy", "The Schizoid Man", "The Enemy", "Sarek", "Unification I", "Unification II", "The First Duty") Wogneer creatures Type: Unknown Origin: Ordek nebula ("Allegiance") Zakdorn Type: Humanoid Origin: Unknown Reps: Sirna Kolrami, Klim Dokachen ("Peak Performance", "Unification I") Zaldans Type: Humanoid Origin: Zaldan Reps: Rondon ("Coming of Age") Zalkonians Type: Humanoid Origin: Zalkon, Zeta Gelis cluster Reps: "John Doe", Sunad ("Transfigurations") Zibalians Type: Humanoid Origin: Zibalia Reps: Kivas Fajo, Varria ("The Most Toys")


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