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Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies,alt.cult-movies From: PETERC@YaleADS.CIS.Yale.Edu (Peter Correnty) Subject: Re: More Weird List Message-ID: <16B559642.PETERC@YaleADS.CIS.Yale.Edu> Organization: Yale University Date: Wed, 13 Jan 93 10:41:00 EST Lines: 1606 I saw the Weird Movie List posting and asked permission from a friend who owns a video store if I could post his listing of weird movies ... so here it is ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- A A A A A ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ADAM AND EVE - Lotsa nudity and adventure in this sleazy 60s tale. FM AELITA - Rare Russian silent with ENGLISH title cards! Gorgeous prnt. FM ALIAS JOHN PRESTON - Rare Chris Lee. FM ALICE SWEET ALICE - Exc. mystery with gore and suspense. Exc. print. OV ALIEN CONTAMINATION - Cheesy Italian ALIEN-clone. Exc. print. FM THE ALLIGATOR PEOPLE - Atmospheric b&w sci-fi with Beverly Garland. TV Nearly flawless print. ALPHAVILLE - Futuristic sci-fi. FM THE AMAZING MR. X - Old sci-fi/horror. FM THE AMAZING TRANSLPLANT - Kinky Doris Wishman oddity. A man undergoes a penis transplant and discovers that after the operation, he has developed personality quirks of the penis' previous owner; i.e. gold dangling earrings make him murder,... Bizarre. Good print. OV THE AMPHIBIAN MAN - Obscure Soviet sci-fi. Exc. FM THE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN - FM AMERICAN POP - Great animated musical for adults. FM AMUCK! - 1972 Italian suspenser with Barbara Bouchet, Farley Granger, and Rosalba Neri. Rare UNCUT version. Taut and atmospheric. Gorgeous print. FM ANATOMY OF A PSYCHO - Interesting 50s exploitation. FM AND SOON THE DARKNESS - Good Euro psycho tale w/ Pamela Franklin. FM ANGEL I, II, III - Over-the-top Asian women with guns film. FM ANGEL OR WHORE - Exc. Asian fantasy/horror. Nice print. FM ANGER (AKA TERROR IN A WOMANS' PRISON) Asian Sado-sex prison film. FM THE APE - Moldie oldie w/ strong 40s spirit. FM THE APE CREATURE - Rare E. Wallace thriller. Creepy & stylish. TV THE APE MAN - Lugosi returns. FM ARMOR OF GOD II: OPERATION CONDOR - Exc. Jackie Chan adventure is very similar to the Indiana Jones series. Incredible stunts and fx. Relentless action. Exc. print. FM ASSIGNMENT OUTER SPACE - FM ASSIGNMENT TERROR (DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN) - Jess Franco directs this rare monster madness. Not to be confused with Al Adamson's Dracula vs. Frankenstein (See below). Print is a little splicy. FM THE ASTOUNDING SHE MONSTER - Female alien holds earthlings captive. FM ASTRO-ZOMBIES - Tura Satana (FASTER PUSSYCAT, KILL! KILL!) stars in this outrageous sci-fi about alien zombies. Exc. print. FM ATLAS IN THE LAND OF THE CYCLOPS - Sword & Sandal FM ATOM AGE VAMPIRE - Italo sci-fi vampire film. Exc. FM THE ATOMIC BRAIN (aka MONSTROSITY) - Thoroughly enjoyable shlock is surprisingly gory for 60s horror. Feline brain transplants. Eyeless bodies. Twisted story. Nice print. FM ATOMIC RULERS OF THE WORLD - Japanese Starman oddity. FM ATTACK FROM SPACE - Exc. Japanese Starman film. OV ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS - Corman quickie with giant crabs who replicate their prey's voices. Excellent! Gorgeous FM!! ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES - Blood sucking leeches attack local rednecks. Some very remarkable scenes. Splicy print. FM ATTACK OF THE MAYAN MUMMY - More Mexi-mummy mayhem. FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- B B B B B ---------------------------------------------------------------------- BACCANALE - Ultra-rare sex/demon/nightmare movie with hardcore sex scenes. There's an unforgettable trip to Hell where a mean dominatrix rapes a guy with her wand. Certainly won't be shown on PBS. Very good print. FM BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD (Aka TERROR CIRCUS, NIGHTMARE CIRCUS) - Sicko abducts women and tortures them in his remote barn. Once in a while, he paints them with blood, frees them and sends his tiger after them. To complicate matters, his father has become a radioactive mutant from nuclear testing and roams the desert in search of prey. Weird. OV THE BAT (1926) - Atmospheric silent with music score. Creepy haunted house tale with a hideous villain. Gorgeous print. FM THE BAT (1959) - V. Price & A. Moorehead star in haunted house tale. FM BATTLE IN HELL - Stylish Asian kung-fu/horror w/ exc. fx. FM BAY OF BLOOD - Stylish Mario Bava thriller was the precursor to the FRIDAY THE 13th films. Highly recommended. Exc. print. FM BATTLE BEYOND THE SUN - Good fx. FM BATTLE OF BLOOD ISLAND - FM BATTLE OF THE WORLDS - FM BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE - Great monster shlock. FM BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS - Stop-motion animated lizard film. Nice FM. THE BEAST OF BABYLON AGAINST THE SON OF HECULES - FM BEAST OF BLOOD (BEAST OF THE DEAD) - Ultra rare Filipino decapitated- head bloodbath with cheesy monsters and evil scientists in the jungle. TV print minus commercials. Quality is good. BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS - FM BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS - Classic Peter Lorre. Exc. print. FM. BEAT GIRL - JD exploitation film about a low-life mother & daughter. FM BEFORE DAWN - Asian murder/horror/sex film with violent sex murders. OV BEFORE I HANG - Exc. Boris Karloff film. FM BELA LUGOSI MEETS A BROOKLYN GORILLA - Lugosi shlock. FM BELL FROM HELL - Atmospheric, suspenseful, shocking and thoroughly interesting Spanish horror about a mental patient who enacts a plan of revenge on those responsible for committing him. Unpredictable and twisted . Highly recommended. Gorgeous print is nearly flawless. ********* $19 ********** THE BELLS - Exc. silent. FM A BETTER TOMORROW - Violent Hong Kong bullet-fest with Chow Yun Fat. Directed by John Woo. Exc. print. FM. A BETTER TOMORROW 2 - Directed by John Woo. Continues story of part I. Chow Yun Fat is revived as relative. FM. A BETTER TOMORROW 3 - Pre-quel to part I. Longer version. V THE BEYOND - UNCUT version of Luci Fulci's 7 DOORS OF DEATH. Scary and graphically violent. LD THE BIG BUST OUT - Kinky Euro women-in-prison film w/ sadism and rape. Exc. print. FM BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA - Exc. print. FM BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE - UNCUT version of Dario Argento's classic with Tony Musante. Exc. print from laserdisc. LD BLACK CAT (ASIAN) - CHINESE WITHOUT SUBTITLES. OV THE BLACK CAT (FULCI) - Lucio Fulci's version of Poe's short story. FM BLACK COBRA - Laura Gemser sex/horror with killer snakes. OV BLACK DRAGONS - Bela Lugosi Nazi madness. FM BLACK FRIDAY - Bela Lugosi rarity. Exc print from film. FM THE BLACK GESTAPO - Violent blaxploitation flick with graphic violence. Exc. print. FM BLACK MAGIC TERROR (BLACK MAGIC PART III) - Bizarre Hong Kong Shaw Bros. oddity loaded with strange imagery and over-the-top violence. Nice print. FM. BLACK MAGIC (PART I) - Excessive Shaw Bros. shocker from HK. UK BLACK MAGIC (PART II) - AKA REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES - UNCUT version of Shaw Bros. horror with all nudity and graphic gore intact. With very strange zombies, blood-thirsty ghouls and over- the-top violence. FM BLACK MAGIC WITH BUDDHA - Over-the-top Asian gore film with pulsating bloody brain monsters. Exc. film! FM BLACK SABBATH - Mario Bava trilogy. Atmospheric. FM THE BLACK SCORPION - Great giant spider movie. Exc. stop-motion animation fx. A classic. OV BLACK SUNDAY (MASK OF THE DEMON) - UNCUT version of the Mario Bava / Barbara Steele classic. Atmospheric. FM THE BLANCHEVILLE MONSTER - AKA HORROR - Rare eerie 60s Italian horror based on Poe. Beautiful print. FM BLAST OF THE IRON PALM (Aka KUNG FU WARLORDS, PART III) - Excellent Shaw Brothers obscurity with incredible action and stunts. Gory kung-fu battles. Print is grainy, but watchable. V THE BLOB - 50s fun w/ Steve McQueen. Blob from space engulfs a town. FM BLOOD AND ROSES - R. Vadim Hammer vampire film. OV BLOOD BATH(1966) - Beatnik vampire/mad artist obscurity with impressive camerawork and several shocks. FM. BLOOD DRINKERS (THE VAMPIRE PEOPLE) - Obscure Filipino fright film lensed partially in nightmarish sepia tones. Bizarre, wildly absurd action and interesting camerawork. 35mm, parts are slightly scratchy, which actually adds to the film's charm. BLOOD FIEND (AKA THEATRE OF DEATH) - Exc. Christopher Lee rarity about a series of vampire-like murders centered around a theater. FM BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRE - Exc. Hanner vampire film. OV BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW - UNCUT version of the stylish period film with all sex and sadism intact. Great scary film. Exc. print. FM BLOOD SABBATH - Adult witchcraft / fantasy tale with Tony Geary of "General Hospital". Truly odd. FM THE BLOOD SUCKERS - Euro vampire horror. FM BLOOD THIRST - A very rare version of WASP WOMAN / REJUVENATOR with exc. make-up fx. Exc. FM BLOODY BIRD - (See STAGE FRIGHT) - Remarkable film from Michele Soavi. Highly recommended. BLOODY MOON - Odd Jess Franco giallo with heavy gore. FM BLOODY PIT OF HORROR - Torture film. Exc. FM THE BLOODY VAMPIRE - Atmospheric Mexican vampire film. FM BLUEBEARD - FM THE BLUE JEAN MONSTER - Asian horror/comedy with great fx and non-stop action. Remarkable. FM THE BRAIN - Donovan's Brain effectively retold. FM BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS - Great 50s sci-fi about two brains from space; one good, the other evil. The good one enters a dog's body and fights the bad one. Strange-looking brains float in the air and have two glowing eyes. Exc. print. FM THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE (aka THE HEAD THAT WOULDN'T DIE) - Great severed head fun. Jason Evers' finacee's head is decapitated in a car crash. He wraps it in a towel, jogs back to the lab w/ it tucked beneath his arm, and puts it in a solution that keeps it alive (but pissed-off). Jason also keeps a badly disfigured monster in the closet that the head communicates with telepathically while Jason searches for the perfect body for the head. A lab assistant's arm is ripped from the socket when the head inspires the monster to break-out. Exc. shlock. This is the completely UNCUT version. Exc. print. FM THE BRAINIAC - Totally wild and outrageous Mexican horror about an executed Baron who returns to Earth on a meteor (!!) and sucks the spinal fluid from hapless victims with his long tongue (attached to a pulsating hideous face) !!! Surreal. FM BRAINSUCKER - FM BREAKFAST AT THE MANCHESTER MORGUE - Gory NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD-clone from Europe. AKA LET SLEEPING CORPSES LIE and DON'T LOOK OUT THE WINDOW. UNCUT version is flawless. LD BRIDE OF THE MONSTER - Ed Wood shlocker with Bela Lugosi and a monster octopus. Great climax. Nice print. BRING ME THE VAMPIRE - FM BRUCE LEE STRIKES BACK FROM THE GRAVE - Umberto Lenzi oddity. FM A BUCKET OF BLOOD - Great beatnik / mad artist Roger Corman quickie is "sick ... sick ... sick". FM A BULLET IN THE HEAD - The action is relentless in this taut John Woo / Chow Yun Fat bloodbath. Highly recommended. UK BURIED ALIVE - Nasty Euro horror - psycho tale about a necrophiliac who keeps his lover's corpse around for frequent sex. According to reports, a real corpse was used for a graphic autopsy/ slaughter scene. Exc. print from 35mm. FM THE BURNING COURT - FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- C C C C C ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI - Exc. German silent with exc. sets, story. FM CAGED BEAUTIES - Asian women-in-prison film. Cheesy and violent. OV CALIGULA: THE UNTOLD STORY - This is not CALIGULA, but a grisly copy w/ even more graphic violence. With Laura Gemser, spears up the rear, castrations, etc. Exc. print. OV CALTIKI, THE IMMORTAL MONSTER - Great oatmeal monster film. Exc. print was transferred from 16mm. FM CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST - One of the most violent films ever made. Deodato pulls out all the plugs in this sickie. This is the uncut version with all genitalia-spearing and cannibalism completely intact. 18 OR OLDER ONLY. OV. CAPTAIN KRONOS, VAMPIRE HUNTER - Top-notch Hammer film. Exc. qual. FM CARNIVAL OF SOULS - Gorgeous print from 35mm is completely UNCUT! All of the nightmarish zombie chase scenes are intact. 84 mins. CARS THAT EAT PEOPLE - Interesting Aussie horror. FM CARPET OF HORROR - E. Wallace mystery. Good suspense. Exc. print. FM CASTLE OF BLOOD - Incredibly suspenseful Barbara Steele horror in which an author takes a bet that he can last the night in a haunted castle on Halloween, the night of the dead. Great! Nice FM. THE CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO - Hayao Miyazaki directed this exc. Japanima- tion effort. FM CASTLE OF THE LIVING DEAD - Very rare Christopher Lee / Donald Suther- land European horror. Stylish. Sutherland is in drag as a sorceress. UK. CAT AND THE CANARY (1927) - Eerie silent. FM THE CAT GIRL - The 50s answer to THE CAT PEOPLE. FM CAT O' NINE TAILS - Rare UNCUT Dario Argento horror/murder mystery about a blind man who crosses paths with the killer. Print is a bit fuzzy. From Japanese laserdisc. CAT WOMEN OF THE MOON - Astronauts encounter female race on the moon. A total laugh-riot. FM CENTIPEDE HORROR - Asian insect-fest. Absolutely incredible!! FM CHAINED FOR LIFE - Siamese twins, one is a murderess! Exc. print. FM CHAMBER OF HORRORS - 1940 version based on E. Wallace story. FM CHAMBER OF HORRORS - 1966 version involving a criminal who kills with a hookarm. TV CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED - Sequel to VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED is eerily chilling. Exc. print. FM CHINATOWN AT MIDNIOGHT - Film noirish mystery. TV CHINESE GHOST STORY - First installment in the series is an excellent work. NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES. OV A CHINESE GHOST STORY 2 - Great HK ghost story. FM A CHINESE GHOST STORY 3 - The saga continues. THE CHOPPERS - Exc. 60s biker film. FM CIRCUS OF FEAR (AKA PSYCHO CIRCUS) - Murder and mystery surround a circus in this tense E. Wallace thriller. FM CIRCUS OF HORRORS - Taut, well-acted mad plastic surgeon horrors. Exc. print. FM CITY ON FIRE - Exc. Chow Yun Fat film. FM THE CONQUEROR WORM - This is the CUT version of Michael Reeves' THE WITCHFINDER GENERAL. Still, it sports R-rated violence and a great perf by Vincent Price. Exc. print. OV THE CORPSE VANISHES - Good Bela Lugosi vehicle in which he abducts brides after giving them poisoned orchics so he can drain their blood for his dying wife. FM THE COSMIC MAN - Cool dude from space with neat sunglasses lands on Earth and creates havoc. FM COSMIC MONSTERS - FM COSMOS - WAR OF THE PLANETS - OV COUNT DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE - Scary and beautifully-lensed Paul Naschy horror about a vampire and his bloodsucking brides who prey upon visitors to their castle. Graphic and intense. Exc. print is probably the best available. Rare 84 min. vers. FM THE CRAWLING EYE - Forrest tucker stars in this eerie film about a cloud that harbors tentacled eye monsters. Gory for 1958. Exc. print. FM THE CRAWLING HAND - Astronaut explodes in space and his body parts land on Earth. Creepy and odd. Exc. print. FM THE CRAWLING TERROR - Possibly the worst film ever made. Two carpets from space swallow morons on Lake Tahoe. Tacky and cheap, but lotsa fun. Best print around! FM. CRAZY SAFARI - Weird Asian blend of genres ... sort of a THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY meets MR. VAMPIRE. Exc. print. FM CREATION OF THE HUMANOIDS - Reportedly Andy Warhol's favorite film. A grim tale of a post-war world where robotsare citizens. OV. CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA - Roger Corman quickie. FM CREATURE OF THE WALKING DEAD - Good living dead / impersonation horror. Opening scene is really a chiller. FM CREATURE WITH THE BLUE HAND - E. Wallace mystery with Klaus Kinski is creepy and engrossing. Exc. print from 35mm. FM CREATURES THE WORLD FORGOT - Exc. dinosaur/cavemen film. FM CROCODILE EVIL - Horrific Chinese horror with reptile/human rape, gore, and wild fx. Gorgeous print but NO SUBTITLES. FM CRY OF THE WEREWOLF - FM CURRY AND PEPPER - Great Asian cops/action film with incredible stunts and fx. Exc. print. FM CURSE OF NOSTRADAMUS - Mexican vampire film loaded w/ atmosphere. FM CURSE OF THE AZTEC MUMMY - Mexi-mummy mayhem. FM CURSE OF THE CRYING WOMAN - Good stylish Mexi-horror. FM CURSE OF THE DEVIL - Beautiful Paul Naschy Euro-horror. FM CURSE OF THE DOLL PEOPLE - Creepy K. Gordon Murray Mexi-horror with a troupe of devil dolls that attack at night. More suspenseful and scary than CHILD'S PLAY. Exc. print. FM CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE - Del Tenney film with black shrouded killers after an inheritance. Good suspense and imagery. FM CURSE OF THE STONE HAND - Mishmash Mexi-horror. Interesting. UK CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE - Low-budget shlock classic is loads of fun to watch. Mad scientist in the swamplands reverses evolution and creates reptilian monsters from men ... thus proving that mankind descended from reptiles, not ape! Exc. print. FM CURSE OF THE VAMPIRES (Aka THE PLAYGIRLS AND THE VAMPIRES) - Rare Euro vampire film eerily filmed in black and white. UK CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF - Exc. Hammer film w/ Oliver Reed. Exc. print. FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- D D D D D ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DATE BAIT - JD shlock. FM DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS - Stylish Euro horror directed by J. Rollin. FM DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS - Exc. living plants from space film. Exc. print. FM THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE - Exc. sci-fi. The Earth's orbit is disrupted which causes the planet to head towards the Sun. Top-rate perfs and fx. FM DEAD EYES OF LONDON - 1962 Remake of the 1939 classic. FM DEAD MEN WALK - Early living dead horror. FM DEAD OF NIGHT - Classic 1945 ghost anthology. FM DEAD RINGER (BETTE DAVIS version) - Davis in a dual role. Fun film. FM DEADLY DEAL - Asian actioner. Exc. print. FM DEADLY MANTIS - Hard-to-find on video 50s giant bug movie with famous tunnel scene. A real piece of nostalgia beautifully transferred from 16mm. FM DEADLY STRANGERS - Suspenseful Hayley Mills film about a psychotic killer that roams the British countryside. Atmospheric and fun. Exc. print. FM DEATH LINE (Aka RAW MEAT) - Rare underground cannibal film. Quality is mediocre and very grainy. $ 10. From video. DEATH MASK OF THE NINJA - Violent kung-fu madness. FM DEATH RACE 2000 - Paul Bartel spoof/sci-fi about a competition to kill pedestrians. With Sly Stallone and Mary Woronov. FM DEATH'S ECSTACY (THE BEAST) - UNCUT version that was one of the short segments in IMMORAL TALES. Film focuses on the male sex organ. ADULTS ONLY. Exc. print. FM DEATHDREAM - Chilling version of the MONKEY'S PAW. Great cinemato- graphy, script and perfs. A must-see. FM DEEP RED - Full-length Argento classic aka THE HATCHET MURDERS. Truly a masterpiece. ITALIAN, NO SUBTITLES. PLEASE STATE VERSION #1 Impossible to find elsewhere. Good print. DEEP RED - Billed as the UNCUT version, this version contains all the gore missing from the American release, but edits out some of the extraneous scenes. VERSION #1 is 122 minutes. This version runs about 106 minutes. It's in English, though. PLEASE STATE VERSION #2 when ordering. Print is a bit fuzzy. THE DEFILERS - Exploitation roughie from David Friedman. FM DEMENTIA 13 - Axe murders centered around an Irish castle. Coppola's first film is a mini-masterpiece with a great opening. FM DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET - FM. DEMONOID - Nasty crawling living hand film with exc fx and heavy gore. Features some hilarious dialogue and a shock ending. FM DEMONS OF THE DEAD (Aka THEY'RE COMING TO GET YOU, DAY OF THE MANIAC) - Rare Sergio Martino effort is a giallo masterpiece about a woman involved in a weird sect. Nightmarish. Master is from a clean TV print and includes all of the gore. DEMONS OF THE MIND - Exc. Hammer effort about a mad family. Exc. pr. FM DER GOLEM - Exc. 1920 robot silent. Gorgeous print. FM. DER TODESKING - ADULTS only horror from the director of NEKROMANTIK 1,2. Exc. master. Relentless violence and gore. OV DERANGED - Creepy film is becoming a rare find on video. The story is based on the infamous Ed Gein murders. Probably even better than THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and eerier than PSYCHO. Our master comes directly from the best 35mm original around. DESTINATION MOON - Great sci-fi with exc. spfx. FM DEVIL - Over-the-top Honk Kong possession film w/ thousands of creeping, crawling invertebrates. Shocking fx. Nice print. UK THE DEVIL BAT - Bela Lugosi uses a cologne that attracts a killer bat to dispose of his enemies. Some great visuals. FM DEVIL DOLL - Not the 1936 version, but the rare 1964 atmospheric oddity with Bryant Halliday as a ventriloquist with a very unique dummy. Exc. print. FM DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS - Much better than reference books say, this gem of a space attack sci-fi features a sexy alien and her giant robot who need men for Mars. Sort of a classy MARS NEEDS WOMEN. Gorgeous print was transferred from original 35mm negative. DEVIL IN THE HOUSE OF EXORCISM - Mario Bava's poetic LISA AND THE DEVIL with obnoxious inserts of Elke Sommer spewing green bile. Still worth a look or two. Exc. print. OV DEVIL MONSTER - One of the worst films. Probably worse than PLAN 9. FM DEVIL RIDES OUT - Hammer film aka THE DEVIL'S BRIDE. Eerie. TV DEVIL SORCARY - Rare Asian horror. FM DEVIL STRIKES - Rare Asian possession / bloody horror with bizarre plot and fx. Exc. print. FM THE DEVIL THUMBS A RIDE - Exc. film noir is a real gem. Exc. print. FM THE DEVIL TIMES FIVE - Taut child demon film. OV DEVIL WOMAN - Indonesian graphic horror with a snake woman. Weird and wild. Exc. print. FM THE DEVIL'S COMMANDMENT - FM THE DEVIL'S HAND - FM THE DEVIL'S MESSENGER - FM THE DEVIL'S OWN (Aka THE WITCHES) - Creepy early Hammer film about a strange cult. Great perfs and suspense. Exc. print. FM THE DEVIL'S VINDATA - Good Asian horror. OV DIABOLICAL DR. Z - Jess Franco masterpiece. Exc. print. FM DIABOLIQUE - Suspenseful French classic. FM DIARY OF A MADMAN - Good V. Price horror. FM DINNER WITH A VAMPIRE - Rare Lamberto Bava vampire film with scary fx and sharp direction. The original source for this film was Japanese laserdisc but our source print is a second genera- tion copy. The picture quality is grainy. V DINOSAURUS - Great cave man and stop-motion dinosaurs in present-day America. FM D.O.A (1949) - Film noir. Exc print. FM DOCTOR BLOOD'S COFFIN - Mad doctor brings the dead to life in this strange 1961 sci-fi/horror. FM DOCTOR OF DOOM - Mexi-women wrestling/gorilla brain transplant madness! Highly unusual. Exc. print. FM DOCTOR ORLOFF'S INVISIBLE HORROR - Weird J Franco invisible ape film. FM DOLL SQUAD - Ted V. Mikels girls-with-guns film with Tura Satana. FM DONOVAN'S BRAIN - Classic horror is possibly the best brain transplant movie along with THE ATOMIC BRAIN. Exc. print. FM DRACULA (SPANISH version) - 1931. Actually better than the Lugosi version. With English subtitles. Awesome UNCUT print. FM DRACULA AGAINST FRANKENSTEIN (SATAN VS. DR. EXORTIO, THE SCREAMING DEAD) - Very bizarre Jess Franco sex/horror. Exc. print. FM DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE - Stylish Hammer vampire film loaded w/ sexual symbolism. Great perfs and action. FM DRESSED FOR DEATH (Aka STRAIGHT ON TILL MORNING) - Obscure Hammer film about a lonely woman (Rita Tushingham) who falls in love w/ a psychotic killer. Exc. print. UNCUT 120 min version. FM DR. BUTCHER, MD (MEDICAL DEVIATE) - Graphic gore, cannibalism, sadism, bloody operations, ad nauseum. FM DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE - We have both the 1920 and 1932 versions. Exc. quality. Please specify which version you want. FM DR. JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE - Great Hammer twist on the story. FM DR. JEKYLL VS. THE WEREWOLF - Good Paul Naschy oddity. FM DR. JEKYLL'S DUNGEON OF DEATH - Very odd mix of genres ... classic horror and kung-fu. FM DR. MABUSE, GAMBLER - Fritz Lang silent. Intense. Exc FM DR. MABUSE VS. SCOTLAND YARD - More Fritz Lang mayhem. FM DR. MINX - Drive-in sleaze with sex, nudity and mystery. Exc. print. FM DR. MORDRID - Full Moon production. One copy of this factory-boxed original left. DR. ORLOFF'S MONSTER - Rare Jess Franco killer robot oddity. Very bizarre. Outlandish action and perfs. Exc. print. FM DR. TARR'S TORTURE DUNGEON - Surreal Mexican horror loaded with bizarre and shocking imagery. Asylum patients lead a revolt. Exc. print. FM DUNGEON OF HARROW - Shipwrecked crew and passengers land on an island inhabitted by a sadistic count who is prone to wild hallucinations. Very strange. Great print. FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- E E E E E ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ELECTRONIC MONSTER - Exc. print. FM EL TOPO - OV. Print a little fuzzy. ENCOUNTER OF THE SPOOKY KIND PART II - Good Asian horror tale. OV EQUINOX - UNCUT version. Explorers find a cave inhabited by Satan and a bunch of stop-motion animated monsters. Great film. OV EROTIC GHOST STORY - Good Asian ghost/horror/sex film. OV THE EROTIC RITES OF FRANKENSTEIN - Very obscure Jess Franco sex, sadism, horror is a bizarre twist on the Frankenstein tale. Print is grainy, but this may be your only chance to see this truly remarkable film. UK EROTIKILL (THE LOVES OF IRINA) - Jess Franco sex film. Unfortunately, this is the edited version ... we are still searching for the uncut version. V EROTIKUS - Hardcore documentary on gay films. ADULTS ONLY. OV EVIL BRAIN FROM OUTER SPACE - Japanese Starman film. Absolutely unbelieveable. Great action. Hilarious. FM EVIL CAT - Good Asian horror/gore film with great fx. OV EVIL COME EVIL GO - Bad sex/horror features some of the cheesiest fx in cinema history. V THE EVIL EYE - Rare Mario Bava thriller w/ lotsa eerie action and plot twists. Print is grainy. OV EXPOSED TO DANGER - Gory Asian horror. OV THE EYE CREATURES - Sci-fi with a strong 60s flavor. Fun. FM EYE OF THE DEVIL - Creepy film is a rare find on video. A man sells his soul to the Devil in order to produce better crops. Wife Deborah Kerr wants it back. Effective and chilling. Master is a nearly impeccable television print. EYES WITHOUT A FACE - Subtitled version of the masterpiece HORROR CHAMBER OF DR. FAUSTUS. Exc. print. FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- F F F F F ---------------------------------------------------------------------- FACE AT THE WINDOW - FM FACE OF FU MANCHU - FM FACE OF THE SCREAMING WEREWOLF - 1959 Lon Chaney oddity. UK FACELESS - Ultra-rare UNCUT version of the Jess Franco shocker about a mad plastic surgeon and his disfigured girlfriend. Graphic gore and taut suspense. OV FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (1949) - FM FANGS OF THE LIVING DEAD - Weird Euro vampire film. Exc. FM FANTASTIC PLANET - Cannes award winner. Great animation. Exc. FM FATAL EXPOSURE - FM FATAL PURSUIT - Al Adamson JD/sex film w/ losta violence. FM FATAL TERMINATION - Exc. Asian actioner. Exc. print. OV THE FEAR CHAMBER - One of Boris Karloff's last films. FM THE FEARLESS HYENA - Early Jackie Chan kung-fu action film. FM THE FEMALE BUNCH - Exploitation classic filmed on the manson ranch. FM FEMME FATALE - Sort of an Asian version of LA FEMME NIKITA. OV FINGERS - Violent psycho study with Harvey Keitel. The prostrate exam scene and the ending are unforgettable. OV FIRE MONSTERS AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES - Sword & Sandal FM FIRST MAN INTO SPACE - Exc. print. FM FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS - Colorful outer space fantasy. With a blob monster and other horrors. FM FLASH GORDON - Full-length serial from the 30s. ***** $ 25 ***** OV THE FLESH EATERS - UNCUT stranded island monster film is amazing. A 60s JAWS with gore. FM. FLIGHT TO MARS - Cosmonauts go to Mars and meet a race similar to earth- lings. TV. FOG ISLAND - FM FORBIDDEN ARSENAL - Exc. Asian actioner. Exc. print. OV FOUR FLIES ON GREY VELVET - UNCUT rare Dario Argento masterpiece. Print is slightly grainy nut was transferred from 16mm. FOUR SIDED TRIANGLE - Two men fall in love with the same women, so they clone her. The clone, however, has a very different personality, and falls for the same man. Plot twists galore. Exc. print. FM FRANKENSTEIN AND THE GREEN MONSTER FROM HELL - Hammer film with Shane Briant and Peter Cushing. This is unfortunately the cut version. OV FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN - Classic. Exc. print. OV FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE SPACEMONSTER - Outrageous Peurto Rican monster madness. Shlock at its best. FM FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED - Great Hammer film. Exc. print. FM FRANKENSTEIN'S CASTLE OF FREAKS - Very odd Euro sex/horror with a necrophilic dwarf and transplant gore. Exc. print. FM FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER - Exc. print. FM FRIGHT - Susan George as a terrified babysitter. Great suspense and plenty of shudders. OV FROM HELL IT CAME - Ugly tree demon stalks natives. A rare piece of fun 50s filmmaking. TV THE FROZEN DEAD - Nazi zombies on ice. Rare. Exc. print. TV FROZEN SCREAM - Totally weird zombie cult film. OV FROZEN TERROR (Aka MACABRE) - Very weird, excellent Lamberto Bava film about a demented woman who keeps her lover's head in the freezer. Great suspense. There is hardly a "normal" person in the entire film. A must-see. Exc. print. OV FUGITIVE GIRLS - Ed Wood convict women film. Exc. print. FM FULL CONTACT - Chow Yun Fat film. Lotsa action. UK FURY OF THE WOLFMAN - Paul Naschy wolfman fest. Exc. print. FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- G G G G G ---------------------------------------------------------------------- GALLERY OF HORRORS - John Carradine is featured in this bad anthology film. A must for bad film fans. OV GANGS - Asian punk violence film. OV GENII OF DARKNESS - Mexican horror. FM THE GHOST - Eerie Barbara Steele film. Best print around. FM GHOST FEVER - Asian horror with great fx. OV GHOSTLY LOVE - X-rated Asian ghost sex tale with some of the strangest demons ever captured on celluloid. OV GHOSTLY VIXEN - One of the best Asian horror ghost tales with some comedic touches. Truly amazing. OV GHOSTS LOVE - Scary Asian ghost stroy with great fx. OV THE GHOUL - Long lost early Karloff film. Eerie. FM THE GIANT CLAW - Cheesy fx and an unusual-looking monster bird are the highlights of this fun 50s sci-fi. Exc. print. OV GIANT FROM THE UNKNOWN - FM THE GIANT GILA MONSTER - Uproarious 50s fun w/ a giant attack lizard. FM GIANT OF METROPOLIS - FM THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION - 1975 giant spider film. OV GIRL FROM S.E.X - ADULTS ONLY espionage sex film. OV GIRL IN LOVERS LANE - Exploitation trash. FM GIRL IN ROOM 2A - Euro cult item about a woman involved with a strange sect. Exc. print. FM GLEN OF GLENDA? - Ed Wood sex change / transvestite film. Strange. Good print from video. V GOD OF GAMBLERS II - Asian actioner. Not very good, but fun. OV GODZILLA ON MONSTER ISLAND (GODZILLA VS. GIGAN) - Exc. print. FM GODZILLA VS. THE BIONIC MONSTER - FM GODZILLA VS. KING GHIDDORAH (UNCUT) - Exc. print from LD. This is the version with clear subtitles! GOLDEN PEACOCK KING - Amazing Chinese oddity with a myriad of different monsters and fx, including a giant demon robot. CHINESE language only, but there is minimal dialogue and the story is easy to figure out. A must! OV GOLDEN QUEENS COMMANDO - Great Asian gore/murder/action film. FM THE GOLEM - Awesome 1920 silent. Our version is absolutely the best on video, transferred from a flawless film. GOLIATH AGAINST THE GIANTS - Sword & Sandal FM GOLIATHON (AKA MIGHTY PEKING MAN, COLOSSUS OF CONGO)- Asian King Kong.FM THE GORILLA - FM GUINEA PIG - Super-violent Japanese gore/sex film. Absolutely ADULTS ONLY. Rated XXX for violence. Incredible. OV ---------------------------------------------------------------------- H H H H H ---------------------------------------------------------------------- THE H-MAN - Probably the best blob movie ever made. This Japanese blob melts people in their tracks. Awesome. Exc. print. FM HALF HUMAN - More Asian monster madness. FM THE HAND - Creepy retelling of THE HANDS OF ORLAC. FM HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE - One factory-boxed copy left! HANDS OF A STRANGER - Exc. remake of HANDS OF ORLAC. Exc. FM HANDS OF ORLAC - Classic tale of pianist whose hands are severed, and replaced by an executed criminals hands. Exc. FM HARDBOILED - John Woo/Chow Yun Fat film. Relentless action. Exc print from film. HATCHET FOR THE HONEYMOON - Mario Bava film about a psycho who kills brides on their wedding night. Great Euro-trash is eerie and chilling. Very weird screenplay and arty direction. With bizarrely executed murders and a twist ending. Exc. print. FM THE HAUNTED CASTLE - Eerie old dark house silent. Exc FM HAUNTED MADAM - Great Asian horror. OV THE HAUNTING - Eerie ghost story. One of the best. FM HE LIVES BY NIGHT - Asian giallo!!!!. Chilling and strange. OV THE HEAD - Atmospheric German living severed head madness. Exc. FM HEARTBEAT 100 - Asian version of FRIDAY THE 13TH. OV HEAVY METAL - R-rated animation. Exc. FM! HE KILLS NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AFTER NIGHT ... - Euro-horror with some bizarre twists. FM HELLHOLE (AKA ESCAPE FROM HELL HOLE) - Sadistic Asian women in prison film. FM HELLHOLE WOMEN - Jess Franco film. FM HER SUMMER VACATION - absolutely unbelieveable sex/rape film. Every combination imaginable is featured. FM HERCULES - 1959 version w/ Steve Reeves. Sword & Sandal FM HERCULES AGAINST MOLOCH - Sword & Sandal FM HERCULES AGAINST THE MOON MEN - Sword & Sandal FM HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN - Sword & Sandal FM HERCULES AND THE PRINCESS OF TROY - Sword & Sandal FM HERCULES IN THE HAUNTED WORLD - Mario Bava spectacle. Good fx. FM HERCULES UNCHAINED - sequel w/ Steve Reeves. Sword & Sandal FM HERCULES VS. THE HYDRA - Weird Sword & Sandal. FM HERO SHEDS NO TEARS - Absolutely breath-taking John Woo war film. One one the most emotional films you'll ever see. OV. THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON - 50s sci-fi. Great entertainment. FM HIGH SCHOOL CEASAR - JD shlock. FM HOLY VIRIGIN VS THE EVIL DEAD - Incredible Asian horror living dead / possession / demon film. Excellent! Nice print. FM HOMICIDAL - William Castle PSYCHO-clone. Some good shudders. Exc. FM HORROR CHAMBER OF DR. FAUSTUS - This is the English-language version of EYES WITHOUT A FACE. Highly recommended. FM HORROR EXPRESS - A prehistoric demon sukcs knowledge from people's brains on a trans-Siberian express. Bloody eyeless victims and Telly Savalas. Nice print. OV HORROR HOTEL - aka CITY OF THE DEAD. Eerie witch-tale set in a foggy New England town. With Chris Lee and many similarities to PSYCHO. Exc. print. FM HORROR OF THE WEREWOLF - Rare Naschy film. TV HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB - Possibly the best Paul Naschy film. A living head wants to be reuinted with its buried body. Nice print. FM HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND - In German with NO SUBTITLES. This rare gem features incredibly ugly spider-men who terrorize a group of women on a remote island. Print is fuzzy, but probably the best around. V HOT ROD GIRL - JD racer pic. FM HOUSE OF INSANE WOMEN - Jaw-dropping asylum film with strong horror overtones. Sepai-tinted print. FM HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL - Creepy Vincent Price movie that scared audiences 60s and 70s. Acid baths, hanging corpses, bleeding ceilings, gliding house guests, severed heads ... this film has it all! Exc. print. FM. THE HUMAN MONSTER - 1939 Bela Lugosi vehicle aka DARK EYES OF LONDON. Blind men are murdered in order to collect insurance money. While this description may be bland, the film is not. Loaded with unusual visuals and suspense. FM HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (1923) - Silent version. Exc. FM HUNCHABACK OF THE MORGUE - Great Paul Naschy treat. Scary and gory. Excellent print. FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I I I I I ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I BURY THE LIVING - Tense suspenser about a mortician who discovers he can make people die by sticking pins into a map of the cemetery and can reverse the process by removing them. FM I DRINK YOUR BLOOD - UNCUT Venezuelan print of this 70s drive-in delight that was severely cut to avoid an X-rating. Rabid hippies stalk the countryside. Highly recommended. Print is grainy in spots but very watchable. OV I EAT YOUR SKIN - Bad film wonder. Zombies with fried egg eyes attack I LOVE MARIA (Aka ROBOFORCE) - Excellent Asian robot actioner with amazing spfx. Exc. print. OV I WAKE UP SCREAMING - Great film noir detective/murder mystery. Exc. print. OV ICEMAN COMETH - Stars Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah and Maggie Cheung, and was directed by David Li-Chi. Exc. Asian action thriller. OV THE IMPERIAL SWORD - Kung-fu classic w/ gore. OV INCREDIBLE PETRIFIED WORLD - FM INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES - Strange zombie musical from Ray D. Steckler. Exc. print. OV INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN - Lon Chaney, Jr. fun. Exc. print. FM INFERNO - UNCUT version of the Argento masterpiece. One of his best next to SUSPIRIA. Exc. print. FM INFRA-MAN - Hong Kong madness with Pricess Dragon Mom, a blond Asian woman with a whip and an army of weird monsters. There's never a dull moment in this strange film. Good fx and an exc. print. FM IN THE LINE OF DUTY IV - Top-notch kung-fu action thriller. OV INVADERS FROM THE DEEP - Great puppet sci-fi is surprisingly suspenseful and creepy. A rare find. OV INVADERS FROM SPACE - An installment in the Japanese Starman series. Great film. Really weird. Exc. print. OV INVASION OF THE ANIMAL PEOPLE - Lapland horrors with a totally convincing yeti. The fx are incredible. Exc. print. FM INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS - B-movie sci-fi about bee-women who suck the live out of men during sex. Great film. Exc. print. FM INVASION OF THE BLOOD FARMERS - Drive-in favorite about a Druid cult trying to find the right blood type to revive their queen. Plenty of shocking scenes. Good print. OV INVASION OF THE SAUCERMEN - Fun 50s invasion flick. Due to the rarity of this film, our best master comes from another vendor and is grainy. OV INVASION OF THE VAMPIRES - Atmospheric Mexi-horror. Exc. print. FM INVASION OF THE ZOMBIES - Santo (Samson) the mexican wrestler is pitted against the walking dead. Nice print. FM INVINCIBLE ONE - Shaw brothers kung-fu oddity. Exc. TV print. THE INVISIBLE DEAD - Unusual Franco oddity. Exc. print. FM INVISIBLE DR. MABUSE (aka THE INVISIBLE HORROR) - Stylish E. Wallace mystery. Highle recommended. Exc. print. FM THE INVISIBLE GHOST - Fun 40s ghost story. FM THE INVISIBLE HORROR - Stylish Edgar Wallace mystery/horror. Exc FM THE INVISIBLE INVADERS - Chilling alien invasion film with pasty-faced sunken-eyed ghouls predates both CARNIVAL OF SOULS and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Exc. TV print. THE INVISIBLE TERROR - FM THE IRON MONKEY - Exc. kung fu thriller. Rare. OV ISLAND OF DOOMED MEN - Peter Lorre rarity. TV ISLAND OF FIRE - Asian gangster action film. Four star action. OV ISLAND OF LOST GIRLS - Women are sold in slave trade. Seedy. Exc. FM ISLAND OF LOST SOULS - Exc. 1932 horror/sci-fi about a mad doc who breeds man w/ various animals. A classic. Exc. from film. ISLAND OF TERROR - Carcinogenic turtle monsters plague Peter Cushing and company in this chilling sci-fi. FM ISLAND WOMEN - Rare UNCUT Jess Franco women-in-prison film. 18 OR OVER PLEASE. Nice print. OV. IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA - Great giant octopus adventure/sci-fi. FM IT CONQUERED THE WORLD - Roger Corman monster film with parasitic bat creatures and the infamous cucumber monster. Exc. print FM IT HAPPENED AT NIGHTMARE INN - This is the shorter version of NIGHTMARE HOTEL, but all the shudders are intact. OV ---------------------------------------------------------------------- J J J J J ---------------------------------------------------------------------- J'ACUSE - Dead soldiers rise from the grave. In French with English subtitles. FM JAIL BAIT - Ed Wood shlock. FM JAILBAIT BABYSITTER - Sex/suspense/sleaze from the 70s. FM JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER - Exc. print. FM JUDEX - French superhero film. Great action. FM JUNGLE HEAT - Jungle adventure with Peter Fonda. OV JUNGLE HOLOCAUST - Rare UNCUT version. Sort of a warm-up for Deodato's CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. This one is better in many aspects. OV JUST HEROES - Asian actioner. FM THE JUSTICE WOMEN (MIDNIGHT ANGELS) - Great Asian superheroine film with great stunts and lotsa gunfire. OV ---------------------------------------------------------------------- K K K K K ---------------------------------------------------------------------- KILL, BABY, KILL aka CURSE OF THE LIVING DEAD - Mario Bava serves up another stylish masterpiece. FM? THE KILLER - John Woo blood and bullet actioner with Chow Yun Fat. One of the best Asian films. We carry three versions of this film: approx. 130 mins (uncut) with subtitles (this tape is from Taiwan and the quality rates above average), and a 110 minute version, subtitled or dubbed (quality is flaw- less). Please state which version you want. KILLER ANGELS - Exc. Asian actioner. Four-star film. FM THE KILLER SHREWS - One of the greatest shlock films with many similar- ities to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Exc. print. FM KILLER SNAKES - Rare Hong Kong Shaw Brother sex/gore/horror film. Was originally rated X. OV ************** $22 ************** KILLERS FROM SPACE - Monsters with ping-pong balls for eyes capture pilot. A laugh a minute. Exc. FM KILLER'S ROMANCE - Emotional Asian action/crime drama with heavy doses gore. Exc. print. OV KISS OF EVIL - Rare early Hammer vampire film. Stylish and scary. Exc. print. TV (Aka KISS OF THE VAMPIRE) KRIEMHILD'S REVENGE - Great silent. Exc. print. FM KUNG FU FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE - Chinese kung-fu/horror. Exc. print. OV KUNG FU WONDER CHILD - Absolutely amazing Asian horror/kung-fu/action film. A MUST!!! Exc. print. FM KUNG FU WARLORD 1,2,3,4 - We carry the first four KUNG FU WARLORD films. Note that part 3 is listed under BLAST OF THE IRON PALM. These Shaw Brother films are very scarce. Consequently, the quality is only fair. The prints are grainy, but still watchable. Transferred from video. KWAIDAN - Exc. Japanese anthology ghost movie. This is the full FM4 min version with the infamous snow witch segment completely intact. OV ---------------------------------------------------------------------- L L L L L ---------------------------------------------------------------------- LADY CHATTERLY IN TOKYO - Softcore effort. FM LADY CHATTERLY'S PASSIONS - Soft X farce. FM LADY FRANKENSTEIN - Italian sex horror film with Sara Bay (Rosalba Neri) as the title character. Strange. FM LASERBLAST - Exc. spfx highlight this weird sci-fi w/ assorted monsters. Exc. print. FM THE LAST BLOOD - Exc. Asian actioner. OV LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET - The ultimate film about snuff filmmaking is gorgeously transferred from FM. This is the uncut version with all graphic violence and nudity intact. THE LAST MAN ON EARTH - V. Price as the title character battles zombie/ vampires, the result of a deadly plague. Exc. precursor to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. FM THE LAST ROBOCOP - Graphically violent Asian sci-fi / kung-fu film. OV LAST WOMAN ON EARTH - Nuclear holocaust film. Exc. print. FM LEGEND OF BLOOD CASTLE (Aka THE FEMALE BUTCHER) - Atmospheric, eerie and frightening Euro rarity skillfully directed by Jorge Grau with vampires and witches. Exc. print. FM LEGEND OF THE WEREWOLF - Good wolfman film. OV THE LEGENDARY STRIKE - Great kung-fu film. OV LET HIM HAVE IT - Asian film with Chow Yun Fat. OV LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD - Mexican fantasy by K. Gordon Murray w/ cheesy costumes, bad dubbing, stiff perfs and unintentional hilarity. Rare film ... color is slightly faded. FM LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS - 1960 version. True cult classic. Exc. FM THE LIVING COFFIN - Mexican film based on Poe's "Premature Burial". FM THE LIVING DEAD - Eerie classic. FM THE LIVING HEAD - Weird Mexi-living severed head oddity. Exc. FM THE LONELY SEX - 50s exploitation about a kidnapper and his prey. FM LONG HAIR OF DEATH - Interesting and arresting Barbara Steele ghost tale may be her best film. Exc. print. FM LONG JOHN SILVER - FM LONG ROAD TO GALLANTRY - Ultra-rare Shaw Bros. kung-fu horror tale. Due to the rarity of this film, the quality is slightly grainy. Impossible to find elsewhere. V THE LOST WORLD - Great 1925 silent. Exc. print. FM THE LOVE FACTOR - Sex sci-fi from Britain. Exc. FM LUST FOR A VAMPIRE (Aka TO LOVE A VAMPIRE) - This is the completely UNCUT version originally rated X. Exc. Hammer Studios vampire film with atmosphere and great perfs. Exc. print. LUST FOR FREEDOM - One factory-boxed copy left of this Troma women-in- prison exploitation film. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- M M M M M ---------------------------------------------------------------------- M - Exc. Peter Lorre child killer story directed by Fritz Lang. Great cinemtaography. Exc. print. FM MACABRE - Rare William Castle horror set mostly in a creepy graveyard. Father tries to find his missing child. TV MACABRO - See FROZEN TERROR MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND (aka TOMB OF THE LIVING DEAD) - Absurdly wild Filipino monster flick with great cheesy fx and a weird- looking monster. Great jungle locations, violent murders, and lotsa ketchup. This is the COMPLETE, UNCUT version transferred from a beautiful print. THE MAD MAGICIAN - Interesting Vincent Price madman movie. Exc. TV print MAD MISSION DIAMOND FINGERS (ACES GO PLACES) - Exciting Chinese actioner with awesome stunts. Exc. print. OV MAD MONKEY KUNG FU - Rare Shaw Bros. kung-fu madness. Grainy print. V THE MAD MONSTER - FM MAGIC COP - Wild fx, great demon fight sequences and hideous make-up fx are this wonderful film's highlights. Exc. print. OV MAGIC OF SPELL - Exc. Asian fantasy has everything. FM. THE MAGIC SWORD - Exc. Sword & Sandal adventrue w/ great monsters and good spfx. From Bert Gordon. Exc. print. FM MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY (Aka CANNIBAL FEROX) - UNCUT version of the shocking jungle horrors film. The infamous breast- piercing, castration and brain-eating are all intact. Not available in ENGLAND. ADULTS ONLY. ?? THE MAN THEY COULD NOT HANG - Exc. Karloff film. Exc. print. FM THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH - Rare Hammer film about a man who pre- serves his youth with a strange elixir. Exc. TV print. THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (1934) Hitchcock FM THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (1956) directs FM MASTER'S NECKLACE - Scary Asian horror with great fx. OV MANIA (FLESH AND THE FIENDS) - Atmospheric recounting of the tale of the infamous grave-robbers, Burke and Hare. Exc. print. FM MANIAC - FM MAN AND THE MONSTER - Mexi Jekyll & Hyde oddity. Stylish. FM THE MAN WHO LIVED AGAIN - Exc. Karloff thriller. Exc. print. FM MAN WITH A MAID - Kinky sex drama. Exc. print. FM MANOS, THE HANDS OF FATE - Truly bizarre haunted house film. FM THE MANSTER - Exc. Japanese two-headed monster movie. Nice print. FM MARS NEEDS WOMEN - Good bad film about aliens seeking earth women. FM MASK OF DIIJON - Rare magician mystery. Good print. V MATCHING ESCORT (Aka WOLF DEVIL WOMAN PART 2) - Incredible Chinese gore/horror/action/fantasy with people cut in half and other graphic violence. Exc. print w/ clear subtitles. FM MEET THE FEEBLES - Exc. puppet madness. OV MEN BEHIND THE SUN - Bloody, shockingly violent Chinese film painfully details atrocious acts committed by the Japanese on the Chinese. ADULTS ONLY. Exc. print. OV MENACE FROM OUTER SPACE - Rocky Jones adventure. FM MERMAIDS OF TIBURON - Great b&w 1962 mermaid film with suspense and amazing underwater photography. TV MESA OF LOST WOMEN - Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester) creates a race of spider women who trap victims in a huge web and desiccate them. Lotsa weird events ensue. Exc FM MESSALINA AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES - Sword & Sandal FM METEOR MONSTER - 50s monster fun. FM METROPOLIS - Fritz Lang sci-fi silent. FM MIL SEXOS DE LA NOCHE - Rare Jess Franco semi-hardcore horror film. SPANISH WITH NO SUBTITLES. There is very little dialogue.. all sex and murder. OV THE MIND OF MR. SOAMES - Exc. British sci-fi w/ Terrence Stamp as a man who awakes from a coma in which he had been for decades. Thought-provoking and literate. Engrossing. FM MING GHOST - Exc. Chinese movie along the lines of A CHINESE GHOST STORY with great suspense. Exc. print. FM MISSILE TO THE MOON - Sci-fi shlock w/ giant spiders, rock men and other space perils. Fun, exc. print. FM MOLE MEN AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES - Sword & Sandal FM MONDO CANE - The first mondo film with real-life violence. FM. MONDO EROTICA (Aka TABOOS AROUND THE WORLD) - Docudrama about erotic customs in other countries. ADULTS ONLY. OV MONSTER FROM GREEN HELL - Giant bugs from green hell. Exc. print. FM THE MONSTER MAKER - FM THE MONSTER'S DEMOLISHER - Mexi-vampire oddity. FM MOUNTAIN WARRIORS - Exc. Asian action film. Lotsa gunfire. Exc. print. OV MR. POSSESSED - Scary Asian possession film. OV MR. SARDONICUS - William Castle fright-fest in which the audience decides the fate of the title villain. TV MR. VAMPIRE - Possibly the best Asian vampire movie. It is loaded with scares, suspense, relentless action, character identifica- tion and comedy. OV MR. VAMPIRE 3 - The saga continues. OV MURDER BY TELEVISION - Early Bela Lugosi film. FM MURDER CLINIC - Another very obscure Euro horror about stylish murders around a country asylum. Disfigured monsters and a razor- wielding psycho add to the excitement. Exc. print. ? THE MURDER MANSION - Creepy Euro-horror set in a remote house near a misty cemetery where the dead seem to come to life. FM MY BLOOD RUNS COLD - Troy Donahue psycho film. Rare on video. TV MY FLYING WIFE - Weird Asian horror with bizarre fx. FM MYRA BRECKRIDGE - Too weird to describe. With Raquel Welch, film critic Rex Reed who undergoes a sex change, Mae West and Farrah Fawcett. Kinky Gore Vidal novel brought to the screen is truly an embarassment to all involved. FM MYSTERIOUS ISLAND 1929 - Rare semi-silent version is a remarkable sci- fi. Exc. TV print. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- N N N N N ---------------------------------------------------------------------- NAKED YOUTH - Grueling juvenile delinquent film. Exc. print. FM NEUTRON VS. THE BLACK MASK - NEUTRON VS. THE AMAZING DR. CARONTE - > with south-of-the-border NEUTRON VS. THE DEATH ROBOTS - / wrestler Neutron and his NEUTRON VS. THE MANIAC - / dwarf assistant pitted against various opponents. FM THE NEW INVISIBLE MAN - Mexican rarity. exc. print. FM THE NEW MR. VAMPIRE - More Mr. Vampire madness from Asia. OV NIGHT CALLER FROM OUTER SPACE (Aka BLOOD BEAST FROM OUTER SPACE) - Eerie British sco-fi about a disfigured invader from one of Jupiter's moons who has come to Earth to seek out women for his dying civilzation. Very effective and atmospheric. This film has an unnerving sense of realism. With John Saxon. Exc. print from 35mm. THE NIGHT HAS EYES - Classic horror set on the British moors. OV NIGHTMARE CASTLE - Scary Barbara Steele Italo horror. Steele's husband interrupts one of Steele's affairs and tortures her and her lover to death. (He slowly drips acid onto Steele's face in a surprisingly graphic scene.) Hers and her lover's ghost return from the grave to torment husband and new wife (also Steele). Exc. film and gorgeous print. FM THE NIGHTMARE NEVER ENDS - Remarkable gore film with a very twisted plot and great fx. OV NIGHT CALLER - This might be the best Asian crime drama with horror overtones. It's an emotional rollercoaster ride. Highly recommended. OV NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST - Man is impregnated by alien. Exc. print. FM NIGHT OF THE GHOULS - Ed Wood, Jr. mayhem. Phantom rates this cheer- fully bad film 3.5 phans. Exc. print. FM NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) - The Romero classic. Our print is flawless. FM NIGHT OF THE SORCERERS - Effective Amando (Armando) De Ossorio Spanish horror with an African vampire cult. The first scene is unforgettable where the decapitated vampiress head comes to life ... and plenty of shocking scenes follow! Exc. print. As good or better than the BLIND DEAD films. OV NIGHT TIDE - Sort of a CARNIVAL OF SOULS and CAT PEOPLE combined. Nightmarish Dennis Hopper/Curtis Harrington film about a sailor who meets a strange woman who may be a mermaid. FM THE NIGHT VISITOR - Taut suspense thriller about a lunatic who escapes from a local asylum to avenge those who committed him. Stylish, detailed and weird. Exc. print. OV THE NORTH AND SOUTH CHIVALRY (aka CHIVALRY FROM THE NORTH AND SOUTH) - Excellent kung-fu action film with giant rubber alligators and gallons of arterial spraying. UK NOSFERATU - Creepy Dracula silent with one of the most hideous vampires in cinema history. Exc. FM NOSFERATU IN VENICE - Rare Klaus Kinski vampire effort (This is NOT NOSFERATU 1979). Print is slightly grainy. OV NOT OF THIS EARTH (1966) - Rare original version about a blood-thirsty alien. Exc. film! Quality is slightly fuzzy. V NUDE ON THE MOON - Hilarious nudie sci-fi. An absolute must-see for the raunchy costumes, hysterical music and incredible script. THIS moon has palm tress, clear water springs, gold bricks and a race of nudist mooners. OV ---------------------------------------------------------------------- O O O O O ---------------------------------------------------------------------- OBSESSION: A TASTE FOR FEAR - Incredible recent day giallo w/ suspense, horror/sex/mystery ... you name it. A remarkable film. Exc. quality. OV THE OCCUPANT - Chilling Chinese EXORCIST. OV AN OCCURRENCE AT OWL CREEK BRIDGE - Winner at Cannes, this neat short was shown as a "Twilight Zone" episode. A Civil War soldier is to be executed. As he is hanged, the noose breaks and he escapes to safety. Or does he? Excellent short based on a story by Ambrose Bierce. Video also contains other shorts including Melies' A TRIP TO THE MOON (See A TRIP TO THE MOON). Quality is astounding. FM THE OGRE - Lamberto Bava psychological horror with a weird monster and a strange sript. The original master has gorgeous picture quality. The audio is also excellent except for a few seconds when the sound fades. It doesn't affect the storyline, and only occurs for during a trivial conversation. FM ONCE A THIEF - Exc. John Woo / Chow Yun Fat bulletfest with incredible action and direction. Exc. print. OV 100 CRIES OF TERROR - Eerie Mexican anthology film. FM 1000 PLEASURES - This could possibly be the strangest nudie film on the list. A man has sex with a woman he takes home. He keeps another woman who behaves like a baby in diapers. Murder and sex follows. Exc. print tranferred from 35mm. ONIBABA (Aka THE HOLE) - Great Japanese horror about a woman OPERATION PINK SQUAD 1, 2 - Excellent Asian horrors with incredible fx. In part 2, a flying decapitated head is chased by mini-helio- copters. Great fun. OV OPERATION SCORPIO - Excellent Asian actioner w/ amazing camerawork and astonishing stunts. FM ORLAK, THE HELL OF FRANKENSTEIN - Exc. Mexican monster film. SPANISH WITHOUT ENGLISH SUBTITLES. FM THE OTHER - Spooky tale of a mad little boy who "sees" his dead brother. Exc. print. FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- P P P P P ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PANIC IN YEAR ZERO - Rare hard-to-find Ray Milland sci-fi sees the end- of-the-world. Grim, frightening, intense. Exc. print from 16 or 35mm seems to be missing part of the opening credits. PARANOIA (aka ORGASMO) - Carroll Baker giallo with plot twists galore. Was rated-X in 1968. Plays like a soft R by today's standards. Exc. print. FM PARANIOAC - Creepy Hammer horror with Oliver Reed. TV PARTS: THE CLONUS HORROR - Cult item about a secret organization that clones famous people. Suspenseful, interesting horror/sci-fi is fun-viewing. Exc. print. FM PEACOCK PRINCE (KING) - Wild Asian horror/fantasy/kung fu film with incredible stunts and relentless action. Exc. print. OV PEKING OPERA BLUES - Great Asian action film. OV THE PHANTOM CHARIOT - Bizarre silent. Exc FM PHANTOM FROM SPACE - Invisible alien stalks a remote lab. Good sci-fi builds suspense. FM PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 1925 silent with Lon Chaney. FM PHANTOM OF THE RUE MORGUE (1954) - TV. THE PHANTOM PLANET - Interesting sci-fi. Exc. print. FM PHENOMENA - UNCUT Dario Argento insect film aka CREEPERS. Picture is average, but the sound fades considerably. Original source was Japanese laserdisc, but our master comes from a 2nd genreation video with poor sound quality. We're trying to upgrade. PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES - Eerie Hammer horror about worker zombies who operate a mine. W/ a very effective living dead cemetery scene. Exc. TV print. PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE - Called "The Worst Film of All-Time", this Ed Wood abomination is absolutely worth seeing. FM PLANETA BURG - Wonderful space saga. Exc. print. UNCUT. FM PLANET OF BLOOD - Alien vampire film with John Saxon. FM PLANETS AGAINST US - Exc. 50s sci-fi. FM POINT OF TERROR - One of the two rare Peter Carpenter murder horrors (the other is BLOOD MANIA). FM POLICE STORY 1 - POLICE STORY 2 - > stunts in these tense cops-and-robbers movies. POLICE STORY 3 - / All of them are highly recommended. FM, FM, OV PORNO DAMA (LADY PORNO) - Rare Jess Franco sex/horror in Spanish with NO SUBTITLES. Exc. print. FM PORNO HOLOCAUST - Rare Jess Franco about a deformed man with a killer penis that grows to incredible proportions. Extremely scarce. Print is slightly grainy. OV PORTRAIT IN TERROR - Rare UNCUT film is part of a Yugoslavian effort and part TRACK OF THE VAMPIRE (Aka BLOOD BATH). Print is grainy, but probably the best available anywhere. V POSSESSED - Italian possession film. BE SURE TO STATE WHICH VERSION OF POSSESSED YOU WANT : ITALIAN VERSION OR CHINESE VERSION. FM POSSESSED - Exc. Asian demon film with great fx. Exc. print. OV BE SURE TO STATE WHICH VERSION OF POSSESSED YOU WANT : ITALIAN VERSION OR CHINESE VERSION. FM POSSESSED II - Top-notch sequel features over-the-top gore and horrors, and amazing fx. Highly recommended. Exc. print. OV PREHISTORIC WOMEN - Odd 50s dinosaur adventure. FM PRISON ON FIRE - Chow Yun Fat men-behind-bars film. Good fight scenes. Good print. OV PROJECT "A" - Asian crime drama / kung fu with relentless action. OV PROJECT "A" II - The story continues. With Jackie Chan. OV THE PROTECTOR - Jackie Chan actioner. Exc. film. Exc. quality. FM PSYCHOMANIA (aka VIOLENT MIDNIGHT) - Psycho tale of an artist who nude models end up on the slab. Great opening scene. Filmed in CT by Del Tenney. FM. PSYCHOMANIA - British biker horror film about a gang called THE LIVING DEAD who commit suicide in order to return from the grave and be immortal! Weird. FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Q Q Q Q Q ---------------------------------------------------------------------- THE QUARTERMASS EXPERIMENT - British sci-fi is considered to be one of the best of its kind. FM QUARTERMASS 2 - More incredible sci-fi. FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- R R R R R ---------------------------------------------------------------------- RAINING NIGHT'S KILLER - Eerie Asian giallo! about a killer who strikes only on rainy nights. Very effective murders and nerve- wracking suspense. OV RAMPAGE - Euro version of William Friedkin's film. OV RAT PFINK AND BOO BOO - Ray D. Steckler superhero film starts out as a horror film, then turns to a campy comedy / caped crusader film. Really low-budget and fun. OV RED SPELL SPELLS RED (Aka RED SPELLS RED) - Incredible Chinese cannibal horror film. Over-the-top gore and horror. Exc. print OV REEFER MADNESS - Exploitation film about the fx of marijuana. FM RETREAT OF THE GODFATHER - Asian mafia crime drama. OV RETURN OF DR. MABUSE - Fritz Lang E. Wallace thriller. FM RETURN OF THE EVIL DEAD - Good BLIND DEAD sequel directed by Amando DeOssorio. Print is slightly dark. V RETURN OF THE EVIL FOX - Scary Asian ghost story with a nasty fox demon with extendable arms with knife-claws. Great fx and incredible action sequences. Exc. print. OV REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES (BLACK MAGIC PART II) - Obscure Shaw Bros. horror features black magic hags, alligator gore, ugly zombies, magic spells, brain piercing, ... UNCUT version! FM REVOLT OF THE ZOMBIES - FM RING OF TERROR - UK ROBOT VERSUS THE AZTEC MUMMY - Delirious action highlights this weird Mexican mummy / robot film. FM. ******* $ 12 ******* ROBOTRIX - UNCUT version of this Asian oddity. FM ROYAL TRAMP - Asian sex film with plenty of over-the-top action sequences. FM RUMPLESTILTSKIN - Mexi-fantasy. The title character can disappear and reappear at will. Lotsa fun. OV ---------------------------------------------------------------------- S S S S S ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SAGA OF THE PHOENIX - Sequel to THE PEACOCK PRINCE is a great film loaded with exc. spfx. OV SAMSON AND THE 7 MIRACLES OF THE WORLD - Sword & Sandal FM SAMSON IN THE WAX MUSEUM - Mexi-wrestler Santo (US name - Samson) against archvillains. Exc. FM SAMSON VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN - Eerie Santo madness as the Mexi-hero is pitted against bloodsucking fiends. Exc. print. FM SANTA CLAUS AND THE DEVIL (aka SANTA CLAUS, aka SANTA VS. THE DEVIL) - This is the complete uncut version that includes ALL references to the Devil. Pure Mexican insanity! FM SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS - Santa shlock with Pia Zadora! FM SANTO Y BLUE DEMON EN EL MUNDO DE LAS MUERTAS - Exc. Santo film pits the Mexican masked wrestler against various ghouls. IN SPANISH WITHOUT SUBTITLES. TV SATANIC ATTRACTION - Brazilian gorefest. Exc. print. FM SATANIK (SATANIC) - Ugly woman is transformed into beautiful but deadly sexpot. Stylish Euro variation of Jekyll/Hyde. Exc FM SATAN'S BED - Wild druggie psyhco movie with rape, murder, and Yoko Ono nude. How's that for scary?! Exc. film is certainly not boring. Filmed in gritty b&W. Exc. print from 35mm. SCARED TO DEATH - Strange 1947 horror w/ Lugosi. Exc. FM SCARS OF DRACULA - Exc. Hammer film w/ Christopher Lee. Exc. print. FM SCORPION WITH TWO TAILS - Exc. print. FM THE SCREAMING DEAD - Ultra-rare Jess Franco horror is a demented version of Frankenstein combined with sex madness. Exc FM THE SCREAMING SKULL - Exc. print. FM SCREAM OF FEAR (aka TASTE OF FEAR) - Early British Psycho tale. UK SEEDING OF A CHOST - Sort of an Asian NEKROMANTIK with heavy doses of nudity and gore. Great fx. Exc print. OV THE SEVENTH CURSE - Incredible Asian action/gore/sci-fi with exc. fx, nudity, gore, suspense. It's got everything. OV SEX AND ZEN - Underground film from Taiwan is probably the most remark- able film on this list. It features sexually active ghosts, demon rapists, a wizard who can shrink himself and crawl into a wicked witch's vagina and disgusting fx. You'll watch in awe ... guaranteed. Print is slightly grainy. This is an absolute must-see. OV SEXY NURSES ON AND OFF DUTY - One factory-boxed copy of this hardcore film left. ADULTS ONLY. SHE (1925) - Exc, silent. FM THE SHE BEAST - Barbara Steele possessed by a witch. Very unusual. FM SHE DEMONS - Disfigured women / mad doc / Nazi madness. Fun. Exc. FM SHE DEVILS OF THE SS - Nasty Nazi women movie. Exc. print. FM SHE FREAK - Great mid-60s version of FREAKS with a seedy carnival for a locale. Slimy and gross. You'll probably want to shower after this one. Exc. print. FM SHE GODS OF SHARK REEF - FM SHE SHOOTS STRAIGHT - Relentless Asian girls-with-guns film. OV THE SHOCK - Lon Chaney silent. Exc FM. SIEGFRIED - Eerie silent w/ great fx. Exc. print. FM SINISTER URGE - Moody b&w psycho film from Ed Wood, Jr. SISTERS OF SATAN - Very weird film from the director of DR. TARR'S TORTURE DUNGEON SIX ULTRA BROTHERS VS. THE MONSTER ARMY - Great Japanese puppet sci-fi with super fx. Don't miss it. OV THE SKINNED GHOST - Weird Asian horror. FM THE SKULL - OV SLAUGHTER OF THE VAMPIRES - Atmospheric Mexican vampire fun. Exc. FM THE SNAKE PEOPLE - One of Karloff's last films. FM THE SNOW CREATURE - Yeti shlock. FM SOCIETY - One factory-boxed copy of this Brian Yuzna oddity left! SOMETHING WEIRD - Strange H. G. Lewis horror. Exc. print. FM SOUND OF HORROR (aka VISIONS IN HORROR) - Very obscure Spanish invisible monster fossil scare tale. Truly remarkable. Exc FM! SPACE CHILDREN - Fun 50s sci-fi with cheesy fx. Exc. TV print. SPIES - Fritz Lang masterpiece. FM SPIDER BABY - Totally weird trash tale filmed in eerie b&w with Lon Chaney, Jr. as head of a very strange household. In one scene, a spider woman catches a mailman in her "web" and slices off his ears. A real gem. FM THE SPIDER LABYRINTH - Euro version of SOCIETY is far better and stranger. A spider sect worships a god/half-baby/half- spider. Taut, creepy, weird. Print is grainy and medi- ocrely transferred. Very difficult to find elsewhere. SPOOKS RUN WILD - Bowery Boy horror/comedy. FM THE SPOOKY FAMILY - Asian horror/comedy is practically a rip-off of THE Addams family. Great film. Exc. print. OV SPOOKY SPOOKY SPOOKY - Chinese version of THE EVIL DEAD. With grisly make-up fx, tons of blood and gore, severed limbs, ... Exc. print. OV STAGE FRIGHT - (Aka BLOODY BIRD) - This is the UNCUT version of Michele Soavi's masterpiece. Exc. highly recommended. Great print. FM THE STEWARDESSES - Awful late 60s soft sex farce was a drive-in favorite originally filmed in 3D. OV STONGE AGE WARRIORS - Asian cannibal/gore/horror is, in many ways, better than the Italian flesheater films. Exc. print. FM STARCRASH - Cheesy Corman low-budget sci-fi with surprisingly good fx. Exc. print. FM STRANGE STORY - Very unusual Asian horror combines elements from THE EVIL DEAD and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Effective and scary. NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES. Some people have called this movie HIROKI. This is not the true title. Exc. FM THE STRANGLER - Taut psycho film with Victor Buono. Exc. print. FM STRANGLER OF THE SWAMP - 1946 classic with an eerie atmosphere. Exc. print. FM SU NU JING - Absolutely incredible Asian fantasy/horror. NO SUBTITLES but you won't need them. Impossible to find elsewhere. FM SUCCUBUS (Jess Franco's) - A nightclub performer has trouble distin- guishing between reality and fantasy during her violent act. S&M blood and gore film from Franco. UNCUT. FM SUCCUBUS (aka THE DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE) - Neat Euro horror involving a bus- load of tourists, each representing the Seven Mortal Sins who meet an evil Baron and his succubus daughter. Exc FM THE SUPER NINJA - Violent kung-fu crime drama with torture, sadism, and great action sequences. Exc. print. FM SUPER NINJAS - Truly a remarkable Shaw Brothers release featuring some of the most amazing stunts. Flying ninjas who disappear in a cloud of pink smoke draw-and-quarter their victims. There is a tree demon ninja, an intestines-gouging battle where a good ninja fights with a serious abdominal wound as he steps on his inards, over-the-top impalings, grisly decapitations, and much more. Exc. print. FM SUPERARGO (aka SUPERARGO VS. THE FACELESS GIANTS) - More Mex-citement with the bizarrely garbed superhero against a race of killer robots. A must-see! FM SUPERARGO VS. DIABOLICUS - Obscure Superargo film. Print is slightly grainy. Title is nearly impossible to find. OV SUPERSONIC MAN - A solar energized man defeats natural disasters and evil forces. Amazing and weird. FM SVENGALI - Mesmerist has strange hold over singer. Taut oldie. FM SWAMP OF THE LOST MONSTERS - Bad-beyond-belief Mexican CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON film. A must-see! FM SWAMP WOMEN - Roger Corman jungle thriller. FM SWORD AND THE DRAGON - This version is the longest known existing print. A warrior fights various demons and creatures in order to save his people. A GREAT Russian fantasy with awesome fx. Exc. FM SWORDSMAN - Asian gore/horror/kung-fu actioner. OV SWORDSMAN 2 - Exc. sequel features amazing fx and relentless action. OV ---------------------------------------------------------------------- T T T T T ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TARANTULA - One of the best giant spider invasion movies with great fx. W/ John Agar. Exc. print. FM TARZAN THE FEARLESS (1915) - Possibly the best Tarzan film. Silent. FM TEENAGE BAD GIRL - Exploitation roughie. FM TEENAGE DEVIL DOLLS - Shlock compilation. Exc. print. OV TEENAGE STRANGLER - JD shlock film with drugged punks, murder, sex, racing, wooden acting and great bad dialogue. OV TEENAGE ZOMBIES - Mad woman turns trespassers into zombies with zombie gas. Great jerry Warren shlock. OV TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE - Aliens land in the desert in a drill-shaped spaceship. Teens battle lobsters from space! Exc. FM THE TELLTALE HEART - Spiced up adaptation of Poe's short story. Exc. FM print even contains the very brief nude scen. THE TEMPTER (Aka L'ANTICHRISTO) - Italian EXORCIST clone with goat sex, pea soup vomit, moving objects, TEN LITTLE INDIANS - Agatha Christie's novel is eerily brought to the screen in this interesting Euro version w/ Elke Sommer. FM TENEBRAE - UNCUT version of Dario Argento's UNSANE. Good print. LD THE TERROR - Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson star in this eerie ghost tale. FM. TERROR OF THE TONGS - Violent 60s terror. UK TERROR AT THE OPERA - UNCUT Argento remake of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. FM TERROR CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE - Odd living dead film. B. Steele is plagued by her dead husband whom she helped to murder. He was an occultist, and now he wants revenge. Exc. FM TERROR OF DR. HICHCOCK - The UNCUT version of THE HORRIBLE DR. HICHCOCK. A Barbara Steele ghost film. Exc. FM TERROR OF ROME AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES - Sword & Sandal. Great ape monster and kinky wrestling matches. FM TERROR OF TINY TOWN - A midget western has become a cult item. FM LU TESTATMENT DES DR. MABUSE - Exc. early Lang masterpiece. FM TETSUO - Amazing Japanese stop-motion animation underground film with graphic violence as men become machines. This rare film gets our highest recommendation. Great FM. TETSUO 2: THE BODY HAMMER - Awesome continuation w/ English subtitles. Print is slightly fuzzy. OV THEY'RE COMING TO GET YOU (DEMONS OF THE DEAD) - Rare Euro devil-worship witchcraft film with Edwige Fenech. TV THE THING WITH 2 HEADS - Ray Milland's head is grafted onto Rosie Grier's body. Total fun. Exc. TV print. THINGS TO COME - 1936 H. G. Wells classic. FM THE THIRD SEX - 50s exploitation film about homosexuals. OV THIS IS NOT A TEST - Grim end-of-the-world tale in which nuclear war is inevitable. Exc FM. 1,000 EYES OF DR. MABUSE - Fritz Lang revives the master criminal for another tense film. OV THRILLING BLOODY SWORD - Weird Asian fantasy. OV TIGER ON THE BEAT - Chow Yun Fat & Conan Lee star in this excellent Asian actioner. OV TIGER ON THE BEAT 2 - Conan Lee returns in the sequel. OV THE TINGLER - William Castle horror in which a parasitic centipede creature that lives in spinal cords can scare people to death. Exc. TV print. TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL - John Woo rarity. OV TO KILL A STRANGER - A rare film from DR. TARR'S TORTURE DUNGEON DUNGEON director, J. L. Moctezuma about a terrified woman who kills her rapist, only to learn that he is a was hero. Incredible suspense and a strange ambience. Exc. print. FM TO KILL WITH INTRIGUE - Jackie Chan kung-fu/suspense film. OV TOMB OF LIGEIA - Vincent Price film based on Poe. TV. TOMB OF THE LIVING DEAD (See MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND). TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD - Scary Amando DeOssorio horror about Templar Knights who were blinded for murdering during black masses who rise to claim more victims. Exc. print. FM TOMB OF TORTURE - Exc. Euro horror with style to spare. Exc. print. FM TORMENTED - A woman returns from the grave to haunt her murderer. FM TORSO - Suspenseful horror with Suzy Kendall. Sergio Martino directs. Played on a double with THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. FM TORTURE CHAMBER OF DR. SADISM - UNCUT horrors with Chris Lee as a blood- thirsty living dead ghoul. Surreal, frightening. Exc. print contains the extended journey through the forest of corpses. FM TOUCH OF SATAN - Weird rarity was released under various titles includ- ing TOCUH OF MELISSA and NIGHT OF THE DEMON. A remote farm harbors a 103 year-old witch with a hookarm. Bloody murders, strange ceremonies, suspense, sex, and a very bizarre transformation scene ensue. Recommended. TV TOWER OF THE SCREAMING VIRGINS - Odd Euro sex horror. FM TRAIL - Good Chinese zombie film. OV TRAUMA - Atmospheric Euro-horror with Fabio Testi. FM A TRIP TO THE MOON - See AN OCCURRENCE AT OWL CREEK BRIDGE. Early Melies silent with the infamous view of the moon. Absolutely amazing great quality master. OV TWILIGHT OF THE COCKROACHES - Great Japanimation film. Exc. print. LD TWILIGHT PEOPLE - Filipino version of THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU. Great monsters - half-animal, half-human. OV TWILIGHT SIREN - Underrated Chinese demoness film with amazing fx. Exc. print. FM TWIN DRAGONS - Great Jackie Chan Chinese kung-fu actioner. OV TWO CRIPPLED HEROES - Kung-fu for the handicapped. A legless man teams an armless man to battle evil. Weird exploitation FM TYRANT OF LYDIA AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES - Sword & Sandal FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- U U U U U ---------------------------------------------------------------------- UNCLE WAS A VAMPIRE - Horror/comedy with Chris Lee. FM THE UNDEAD - Strange Corman film. Print is slightly fuzzy. V THE UNEARTHLY - Glandular experiments and a basement full of aborted (living) experiments. Eerie b&w shlock classic. FM URSUS IN THE VALLEY OF THE LIONS - Sword & Sandal FM US VICE - Violent US/Italian JD flick. OV ---------------------------------------------------------------------- V V V V V ---------------------------------------------------------------------- VALLEY OF GWANGI - Good Hammer dinosaur film w/ good fx. Exc. print. FM THE VAMPIRE (1957) - Stylish Mexican vampire film. Exc. FM THE VAMPIRE BAT - Madman drains victims blood. Makes murders appear to be the work of a vampire. Eerie. FM VAMPIRE CIRCUS - Possibly Hammer's best film (along with HORROR OF DRACULA). This is the UNCUT version. Print is slightly grainy. Very hard-to-find. OV VAMPIRE OVER LONDON - 1951. Exc. FM THE VAMPIRE'S COFFIN - Atmospheric sequel to THE VAMPIRE (1957). Exc FM VAMPIRE'S NIGHT ORGY - Very interesting Euro horror is a scary, well- lensed treat. Exc. FM VAMPYR - 1931 partially silent film. Atmospheric. Exc. FM THE VEIL - Karloff anthology. Exc. FM VENGEANCE IS MINE - Exc. Asian version of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE. Raped woman exacts a sick plan of revenge on her tormentors. Exc. print. OV VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES - Spanish zombie film w/ Paul Naschy. FM VENUS AGAINST THE SUN OF HERCULES - Sword & Sandal FM VENUS IN FURS - UNCUT version of this rare film. Recommended. Exc. FM VIOLENT YEARS - JD shlock from Ed Wood, Jr. features a female gang who hold-up gas stations, rape men and murder. Exc. film. Flawless print from 35mm. VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD - Jess Franco sex/horror film with hideous make-up fx. Ov VOODOO BLACK EXORCIST - Weird rarity. Exc. print. FM VOYAGE TO THE PLANET OF PREHISTORIC WOMEN - FM VOYAGE TO THE PREHISTORC PLANET - FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- W W W W W ---------------------------------------------------------------------- THE WALKING DEAD - 1936 Boris Karloff vehicle. Great shudders. TV. THE WAR GAME - Shocking cinema-verite about nuclear war. BBS. FM WARNING FROM SPACE - FM THE WASP WOMAN - Exc. FM WAXWORKS - Eerie silent. FM WEB OF THE SPIDER - Interesting remake of CASTLE OF BLOOD with Klaus Kinski. Exc. FM WEREWOLF IN A GIRLS' DORMITORY - Great fun. Exc. print. FM WEREWOLF VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMAN - Great Paul Naschy film. Exc. FM WHAT! - Rare Mario Bava sex/s&M/horror film. TV print is still violent. WHAT A CARVE UP (AKA NO PLACE LIKE HOMICIDE) - FM WHAT THE PEEPER SAW - Effective Hammer psycho film. OV WHEN THE KUNG FU HERO STRIKES - Weird Asian flick. FM WHITE ZOMBIE - Lugosi leads zombie workers. Slow, but scary. FM WHO SLEW AUNTIE ROO? - Curtis Harrington directs Shelley Winters in this very demented version of "Hansel and Gretel". Truly flawless print. ************* $ 22 *************** WILD RIDE - JD cycle film. FM. WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN (aka SHE WAS A HIPPY VAMPIRE) - Incredible camp with superheroine and her troup of bat-followers who wipe out crime. Great 60s flavor and 007-like gadgetry. FM THE WITCH - Weird atmospheric Italian witch film about a man who is lured to a castle where an evil witch holds a curse on him. Pretty strange. Exc. print from 35mm. WITCH FROM NEPAL - Exc. Chinese witch tale. OV WITCHCRAFT '70 - Frightening docudrama on current-day (well the 70s) witchcraft. Lotsa cinema-verite style photography adds an uncanny kitchen-sink realism to the shocking footage. Very weird. Violence and nudity. ADULTS ONLY. 35mm print is intentionally a little grainy during some scenes WITCHCRAFT THROUGHT THE AGES - (aka HAXAN) - 1921 docu-horror about the black arts. Pretty chilling. Exc. print. FM WITCHES MOUNTAIN - Spanish rarity with stunning imagery and action. A photographer travels to the title location (after his girlfriend sets their son on fire (!!!!)) with a strange woman. What follows is a stylish nightmare with a shock twist ending!! Exc FM WITCHMAKER - Bizarre 1969 witch tale set in the Louisiana swamps. Really strange with a great opening. Exc. print. OV THE WITCH'S MIRROR - One of the best Mexi-weirdo horrors woth very unusual imagery. From the director of THE BRAINIAC. FM WOLF DEVIL WOMAN - UNCUT version of the Asian film. Very weird. FM WOMAN IN THE DUNES - Exc. Japanese horror. OV WORLD OF THE VAMPIRES - Another stylish Mexican vampire film. FM WORLD WITHOUT END - TV WRESTLING WOMEN VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY - Full-length version of this odd film. Exc. print. FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- X X X X X ---------------------------------------------------------------------- X - THE UNKNOWN - Exc. Hammer oatmeal monster horror with great fx. FM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Y Y Y Y Y ---------------------------------------------------------------------- THE YESTERDAY MACHINE ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Z Z Z Z Z ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ZODIAK KILLERS - Asian sex/horror film with some great action. Mostly just sex. OV ZOMBIE LAKE - Jess Franco Nazi zombie film with great underwater photography and very bizarre imagery. This is the rare UNCUT version. Lotsa gore and nudity. OV ZOMBIES OF THE STRATOSPHERE - Feature film condensed from the serial. Exc. print. FM ZOMBI 3 - Rare Bruno Mattei / Lucio Fulci zombie film with unbelieveable gore and ugly, gut-munching, Italian cannibal zombies. Exc. print. FM ZONTAR, THE THING FROM VENUS - Sort of a remake of IT CONQUERED THE WORLD with cheesy bat creatures. Exc. print transferred directly from 35mm. -END-


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