The page written for people who dislike anagrams Transcribed 2188 from +quot;Monty Python'

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9 **** The page written for people who dislike anagrams **** **** Transcribed 2/1/88 from "Monty Python's Brand New Papperbok" **** **** by Jonathan Partington ( JRP1%CAM.PHX%UK.AC.CAM.ENG-ICF@AC.UK ) **** Hello, and welcome to a page written entirely for people who dislike anagrams. Hi, anagram-haters everywhere! Down with all words or phrases formed with the letters of another! This page is specially dedicated to all who hate and despise the pathetic practice of shuffling letters to form different meanings. Let us make one thing clear from the start, there will be no anagrams on this page at all. None whatsoever. So any anagram lovers can just turn to their own page, where they will find their pathetic practice sufficiently catered for. We want none of you here. For too long we anti-anagrammatists have had to put up with the smugness of those who possess the reprehensible ability to perceive concealed meanings hidden in words or phrases. Now no more; this page is guaranteed free from anagrams. So just you put your feet up and relax without worrying whether you are reading concealed anagrams or not. Don't you just hate those bores who can crack an anagram faster than they can pour the irate? I'm sorry. That wasn't an anagram. It was a typing error. It should of course have read 'I rate her pout'. Oh dear. I'm sorry again. That wasn't a typing error. It was a printer's slip. The phrase 'heat our tripe' should have read 'I rape her tout'. Oh golly. Sorry. I'm afraid that owing to a mistake in the proof-reading the phrase 'rip her eat out' has been wrongly corrected to 'ripe teat hour'. It should of course have read 'at trip out here'. Oh crikey. I'm terribly sorry but the phrase 'our pi theatre' which we wrongly informed you was 'the route pair' should have been printed 'rather I toupe'' and not 'ripe hate hour'. Oh no. Drat the bally thing. I'm most frightfully sorry but the phrase 'Report the A.U.I.' has been wrongly given as 'therapeutior', when it should quite obviously have read 'opiate hurter'. Anagrams - A statement It looks very much as though this page written especially for people who dislike anagrams has been sabotaged. It appears that someone has infiltrated the text at a crucial stage and tampered with the words, so that certain phrases have been red teal (7). We apologise to all haters of anagrams for the annoyance. It's all very ira tit gin r (10). But there you ear (3). What can neo od? (3-2). We are taking legal pests (5) to tup (3) the matter right but until then we can only loose a pig (9). The Tiredo (6). **** end of file ANAGRAM2 PYTHON 2/2/88 **** From: JRP1@PHX.CAM.AC.UK To: Clarinet@YALEVM


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