(Mr. Bertenshaw and his sick wife arrive at a hospital.) Doctor Mr. Bertenshaw? Mr. B Me,

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4 (Mr. Bertenshaw and his sick wife arrive at a hospital.) Doctor: Mr. Bertenshaw? Mr. B: Me, Doctor. Doctor: No, me doctor, you Mr. Bertenshaw. Mr. B: My wife, doctor... Doctor: No, your wife patient. Sister: Come with me, please. Mr. B: Me, Sister? Doctor: No, she Sister, me doctor, you Mr. Bertenshaw. Nurse: Dr. Walters? Doctor: Me, nurse...You Mr. Bertenshaw, she Sister, you doctor. Sister: No, doctor. Doctor: No doctor: call ambulance, keep warm. Nurse: Drink, doctor? Doctor: Drink doctor, eat Sister, cook Mr. Bertenshaw, nurse me! Nurse: You, doctor? Doctor: ME doctor!! You Mr. Bertenshaw. She Sister! Mr. B: But my wife, nurse... Doctor: Your wife not nurse. She nurse, your wife patient. Be patient, she nurse your wife. Me doctor, you tent, you tree, you Tarzan, me Jane, you Trent, you Trillo...me doctor! Sergeant-Major: Stop this, stop this. What a silly way to carry on. What do you want? Customer: I wish to register a complaint. Sergeant-Major: Well, this is a hospital. You want the pet shop in the next file...


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