Subject Re-post of the Hidden Mickey list Date 5 Jan 93 133422 GMT Well . here it is folks

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From: Newsgroups: rec.arts.disney Subject: Re-post of the Hidden Mickey list Message-ID: <> Date: 5 Jan 93 13:34:22 GMT Organization: General DataComm, Middlebury CT Lines: 246 Well ... here it is folks. Through the help of WDW guests, I have a couple of additions to this Hidden Mickey list. I have received many requests for this list and it is much easier to re-post it on a regular basis (how about once a month). The following is a list of the HIDDEN MICKEYS (HM) at WDW. I started with the list that was posted by Sean Squire (future CEO of Disney). I added the HM's that I found by myself or with the help of a cast member. I also added with each one if I confirmed the siting. ===================================================================== MAGIC KINGDOM: Cinderella's Castle -> You can spot Mickey's shadow in the patterns made by the sun shining through the railings along the walkway Mickey should be visible in mid-morning and again in mid-afternoon. (unconfirmed) -> With dinner at King Stefan's, small plate with a 3 inch tall margarine sculpture of mickey was served. (CONFIRMED by (Raymond L Juers) Annapolis, MD) Star Trader Shop (Tomorrowland) -> Mickey as Steamboat Willie appears in the mural. (unconfirmed) Space Mountain -> Some say there are 3 large glass spheres as you exit Ryca 1 that make a Mickey, but it is pretty weak. (unconfirmed) Splash Mountain - Imagineers say that there are 3 hidden Mickeys. -> In the middle of the ride, if you look at all the clouds, one of them has a peculiar resemblance to the Mouse enough to stand out from all the other clouds. I was told that this is behind the boarded up house that the rabbit left. The HM is about the size of a quarter. (unconfirmed) -> At the end of Splash Mountain, in the riverboat scene, the pink clouds in the background look suspiciously like Mickey Mouse lying down for a nap. The feet and belly are in focus, but his head is rather stretched. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) -> At the scene (on your right) where the fox and bear at projected on a screne running over a hill, the HM appears at the very end of the projection. (unconfirmed) Thunder Mountain -> A shadow appears at a certain time of the day that is a HM. You have to be standing at a certain spot to see it. (unconfirmed. You think I was going to spend ALL of my vacation looking for these things?) -> On the ride during the last lift (where the rocks 'fall') there is a lamp overhead that is supposed to have a HM projected on it (unconfirmed) -> Look for the three cactus (cactii?) just outside the exit in the shape of a HM. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) Frontierland Train Station -> There are three wooden barrels (one big and two small) placed to look like another HM. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) ===================================================================== EPCOT Center: Communicore East -> The Get Set Jet Game at Backstage Magic is set on three circular platforms in the shape of Mickey. (unconfirmed) Body Wars -> Mickey is painted clearly in the green brocoli like stuff in the mural over the ride. He is as plain as day if you have patience to find him. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) Land -> Enter and go straight to the railing and look down. The table and stools are arranged to be a HM. During the day the stools are move around a lot so it may not be that way for long. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) -> While standing at the railing, turn towards the entrance and look at the pattern on the floor from the overhead lights. They form a large circle and two small circles on the carpet. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka but it may be difficult to see during the day) -> In Listen to the Land, spot him in the beginning leaf and vine painting as the ride begins. (unconfirmed) Later in the ride, look for the three horseshoes above the barn in the farming scene. (unconfirmed) -> In Kitchen Kabaret, the refrigerator handle is in the shape of Mickey. (unconfirmed) -> In Symbiosis Mickey is reported to be seen four times. - Small stones in front of the crouching Indian man.(unconfirmed) - baseball cal of the man driving a harvester. (unconfirmed) - when looking at the woman taking a water sample in a lake, the reflection in her sunglasses shows the cameraman wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) - The very end shows a farmer standing in a field. As the camera pulls back, the field is shown to be in the shape of Mickey. (unconfirmed) Spaceship Earth -> Just as the ride starts to go up, look overhead at the star panels. In the second panel look to the left side of it and the HM is in the shape of the stars. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) Norway, in the queue/loading area for the ride, look at the mural. -> There is a Viking wearing Mickey Mouse ears on the ship. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) -> The huge mariner on the right side (operating a large wheel) is wearing a Mickey Mouse watch (ghosted Mickey circles). (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) -> The REALLY tough one here is the stewardess with the clipboard. If you look at her chest, HER right, your left, you will see a Mickey profile in the shadows of her white shirt. He is a little distorted but definitely Mickey..too close to be a coincidence. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) Horizons - you can find Mickey twice, maybe 3 times. ->At the entrance to Horizions supposedly if you look down there is a pattern of Mickey's head made from the 3 spot lights in the ceiling above. (unconfirmed) ->In one scene towards the end of the ride, the family is preparing for a birthday party. One of the presents is wrapped in Mickey paper. (unconfirmed) World of Motion - look for Mickey twice. -> In the scene about the used chariot lot, the middle chariot has a Mickey headpiece. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) -> Later, as you approach the 1960's you will find everybody hitting the open road. In one of the cars (a family going on vacation) is a young boy wearing Mouse Ears. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) ========================================================================== DISNEY/MGM STUDIOS: -> First, the main plaza is built in the shape of Mickey's head, with Echo lake making one ear and the planters forming his nose and mouth. Ask any cast member or just turn your guide map upside down. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) Great Movie Ride - Mickey is everywhere (an Imagineer's dream). -> While I worked there I was told there is a Mickey in the Hollywood set on the load dock, but damn if I couldn't find it for 3 months. (unconfirmed. I even asked but a ride op who worked there from day one and he said that there isn't one.) -> As the vehicles enter Gansterland, Mickey's feet can be seen peeking out from under the 'Public Enemy' poster. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) -> As you enter the Gangster scene, and approach the run down porch, looking over your left shoulder towards the roof you will see Mickey's silhouette in a warehouse window. (An interesting point about this Mickey...It was not placed there by the Imagineers, but rather by a guy named Carlos, who was a gangster at the Movie Ride a few summers ago. The fake Warehouse windows are really next to the actor's corridor, where the Mugsy's wait to take over vehicles. There are chairs and a water cooler up's rather cozy. (I was Mugsy in the summer '92) When the Imagineers found out Carlos had cut out a Mickey and put him there, they liked it so much they kept it!) (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) -> Further on in the Movie Ride you can find Mickey in the heiroglyphics of the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene..(last block on the left) having lunch with Donald Duck.. Interestingly, ALSO in the heiroglyphics, directly across from Indiana Jones, you can find C-3PO and R2-D2 carved in stone. There is also a very small heiroglyphic painted with Mickey Mouse ears, but it is not visible from the ride. (unconfirmed, I looked three times but it is rather dark in there. I may have to use the forbidden FLASH PHOTAGRAPHY to finally find it) -> In Tarzan, if you look up into the trees on the right side to Tarzan's tree house, you will see three grapes in a basket with a spotlight on them. Yet another hidden Mickey. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka) Star Tours -> Look for Mickey in one of the baskets circulating through the maintenance area in the shape of 3 laser disks. (CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka. Look for the bin marked 'KMS 81850') -> Also reported is Mickey as a cookie cutter in the bin labeled 'PAD 61257' in front of one of the worker drones. (unconfirmed but it is dark right there.) -> When exiting down the corridor, there are six posters featuring M&M's (the sponsor of ST). There was reported a HM in each of the posters. I found three of the six. A ride op didn't know where they all were either. (3 CONFIRMED by Stan Sroka/3 unconfirmed) ========================================================================== ON THE PROPERTY BUT NOT AT THE PARKS -> Survey markers. -> manhole covers. -> Sand bunker on the sixth hole at the Magnolia Golf Course. -> The putting green at the Eagle Pines & Osprey Ridge Golf Courses. -> When entering the Contemporary Hotel via day guest monorailon the exterior beam, the lights used if the restaurant area are viewed to be in the shape of Mickey. -> I saw a Hidden Mickey while riding the monorial between MK and EPCOT. As you look out the right hand side of the monorail as it passes over the road, you will see that the two lanes of traffic are separated by a row of palm trees. As you pass by, you will see a group of three palm trees in the median strip of the road. When viewed from the proper vantage point, they form, you guessed it, a Hidden Mickey. Confirmed by Russell I. Dyreng (bd670@cleveland.Freenet.Edu) +++++++++++++++++++++ NEW ADDITIONS TO THE LIST +++++++++++++++++++++ From: wallace@titan.trl.OZ.AU (Glenn Wallace) writes: >the left) having lunch with Donald Duck.. Interestingly, ALSO in the >heiroglyphics, directly across from Indiana Jones, you can find >C-3PO and R2-D2 carved in stone. There is also a very small These were present on the original movie set. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ From: (Damon Burke) I go atleast once a week, and i was looking around. I saw the one at the land, with the lights. A host said "there are 10 inside and 8 outside of kitchen kabaret." I found one in a poster. Some woman had an outfit that resembled one. Couldn't miss it. But i didn't see 18. The dunes on the land ride look like a micky from the resturant. I'm going to MGM newyears eve, i'll look around there for some. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ From: (Rich Koster) There is a new "Be Our Guest" commercial for WDW which premiered on the Very Merry Christmas parade from WDW on Christmas morning (but it has been running on network TV since then, too). In the scene where the kid has his Mickey doll on the bed with him as he's about to drift off to sleep, the camera pans over to the resort room window which has a view of the castle. Look at the clouds to the left of the castle as the fireworks are going off. You'll see a Hidden Mickey cloud near the castle! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ From: (Geoff Allen) Hey! I just found a hidden Mickey!!! It's in's signature: >----------------------------------------------------------------------------- > ___________ ___________ ___________ ___ __ > / _________// /____ ____// / _______ // / || / // > / // / // / // / // / || / // _ _ > / //_______ / // / //_____/ // / /| || / // (_) _____ (_) > /________ // / // / _______ // / //| ||/ // /O O\ > / // / // / // / // / // | |/ // | ^ | > ________/ // / // / // / // / // | // | \___/ | >/_________// /_// /_// /_// /_// |__/ \_____/


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