McCoy sayings Lifted from various sources +quot;I'm a doctor, not a . +quot; Pocket novels

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McCoy sayings: Lifted from various sources: "I'm a doctor, not a ... " Pocket novels: dream merchant Killing Time page 30 theoretical scientist Killing Time page 111 carrier pigeon Killing Time page 156 film critic Killing Time page 188 magician Triangle page 82 an engineer The IDIC Epidemic page 168 an actor Time for Yesterday page 94* star-happy spacerat Dreams of the Raven page 78 cosmological physicist Time for Yesterday page 33 magician Mindshadow page 28 wizard Time for Yesterday page 244 computer Time Trap page 88 soldier Demons page 159 spy Battlestations page 25 secret agent Battlestations page 33 DC Comics: computer programmer DC Comics #10: page 14 prospector DC Comics #12: page 17 prizefighter DC Comics #23: page 10 mind reader DC Comics #34: page 7 mother hen DC Comics #35: page 10 painter DC Comics #36: page 23 country gentleman DC Comics #37: page 5 knight in shining armor DC Comics #43: page 15 TV series: coal miner The Empath bricklayer The Devil In the Dark an engineer Mirror, Mirror mechanic The Doomsday Machine psychiatrist Metamorphosis magician The Deadly Years * Spoken by Jim Kirk


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