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From: (Troy D Wood) Date: 5 Mar 93 19:45:11 GMT Newsgroups: Subject: Episode Summaries (Season One) Gang, Thanks for the positive responses about episode summaries! Eva will also be posting many of these summaries. Thanks also to Doug Krause who sent me his list of episodes. For today, I'll only post season one summaries. Season 1 (1972 - 1973) Regular Cast - Alan Alda, Gary Burghoff, Larry Linville, Wayne Rogers, McLean Stevenson, Loretta Swit 1. M*A*S*H -- The Pilot Episode Written by Larry Gelbart Directed by Gene Reynolds The Swamp's Korean houseboy, Ho John, is accepted to attend school at Hawkeye's alma mater. The camp raises $2000 to send Ho John to Maine by raffling a weekend in Tokyo with a nurse, much to the chagrin of Hot Lips and Burns. The winner? Father Mulcahy! 2. Henry, Please Come Home Written by Laurence Marks Directed by William Wiard Due to the great success rate of the 4077th, Henry is transferred to administrative duty in Tokyo. Hawkeye and Trapper convince Radar to fake an illness to get Henry to return. 3. To Market, To Market Written by Burt Styler Directed by Michael O'Herlihy After the 4077th supply of hydrocortisone is hijacked by black marketeers, Hawkeye and Trapper concoct a deal with a local black marketeer (Jack Soo) to get some more. The catch: Henry's antique oak desk, which is whisked away by chopper as Henry watches in disbelief. 4. Germ Warfare Written by Larry Gelbart Directed by Terry Becker Hawkeye plays Dracula when he steals a pint of Frank's blood. When he suspects Frank of hepatitis, he works frantically (with Radar and Trapper) to keep him away from everyone, including Hot Lips. 5. The Moose Written by Laurence Marks Directed by Hy Averback Hawkeye ends up winning a Korean girl as servant from the sergeant who purchased her. The girl, unfortunately, has a hard time understanding Hawkeye when he attempts to set her free. 6. I Hate a Mystery Written by Hal Dressner Directed by Hy Averback Hawkeye plays detective when he becomes the chief suspect in a stealing epidemic. His sleuthful work leads him to the guilty party, none other than Ho John (who still hasn't left for Maine). 7. Chief Surgeon Who? Written by Larry Gelbart Directed by E. W. Swackhamer Frank and Hot Lips fume when Hawkeye is named chief surgeon over Frank. They call up a general (Sorell Booke) who arrives in camp only to encounter Klinger (his first appearance of the series), declares the camp nuts and Hawkeye a genius. 8. Requiem for a Lightweight Written by Bob Klane Directed by Hy Averback Trapper enters the intercamp boxing tournament to save a beautiful nurse (Marcia Strassman) from being transferred out by Henry, at Hot Lips' request. 9. Cowboy Written by Bob Klane Directed by Don Weis Henry refuses to let a chopper pilot go home, and the pilot feels there is no alternative but to kill Henry. 10. Yankee Doodle Doctor Written by Laurence Marks Directed by Lee Philips The camp makes a film in response to one made about the 4077th at the request of a brigadier general. Guest appearance by Ed Flanders. 11. Bananas, Crackers, and Nuts (After Me, the Deluge) Written by Burt Styler Directed by Bruce Bilson After being denied R&R, Hawkeye fakes insanity, causing many problems for the psychiatrist (Stuart Margolin) sent to study him. 12. Edwina Written by Hal Dresner Directed by James Sheldon The nurses go to extremes to find a date of Nurse Eddie (Edwina)--they won't go out with anyone until Eddie gets a date. The men draw straws, and Hawkeye is the big loser, especially after Eddie nearly kills him in a scene resembling teenage "mating" rituals. :) 13. Dear Dad Written by Larry Gelbart Directed by Gene Reynolds Hawkeye writes his dad, describing the antics of the 4077th--including Mulcahy convincing Klinger not to kill himself. For the finale, Hawkeye goes to the front dressed as Santa to help save a wounded soldier. 14. Love Story Written by Laurence Marks Directed by Earl Bellamy Radar gets a "Dear John" letter. To help cheer him up, Hawkeye and Trapper try to help him with a new nurse who's into classical literature and music. Radar's "Ahhhh, Bach!" and "That's highly significant," quotes win him a friend in the nurse. 15. Tuttle Written by Bruce Shelly and David Ketchum Directed by William Wiard Hawkeye and Trapper, with Radar's help, invent a fictitious Capt. Tuttle so that his salary can be donated to help a local orphanage. Almost caught by James B. Sikking of Hill St. and Doogie Howser fame, Hawkeye must sorrowfully tell the camp of Tuttle's fate to the whole camp--he leaped from a chopper without a parachute. 16. The Ringbanger Written by Jerry Mayer Directed by Jackie Cooper A colonel (Leslie Nielsen) with a high casualty record in the object of the attention of Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar, who conspire send him home before he gets anyone else killed. 17. Dear Dad...Again Written by Sheldon Keller and Larry Gelbart Directed by Jackie Cooper Hawkeye tells his dad of the cooling romance between Frank and Hot Lips and Radar's correspondance corse. 18. Sometimes You Hear the Bullet Written by Carl Kleinschmitt Directed by William Wiard Hawkeye is confronted with death when he is unable to save an old journalist friend (James Callahan) who is killed on the front. The death spurs Hawkeye to send an underaged soldier (Ron Howard) home. Meanwhile, Frank throws out his back and applies for a Purple Heart. 19. The Longjohn Flap Written by Alan Alda Direct by William Wiard Hawkeye gets a pair of longjohns from home. Feeling sorry for Trapper, who has a cold, he gives him the longjohns, which pass into the hands of most of the camp before getting back in Hawkeye's hands. 20. Major Fred C. Dobbs Written by Sid Dorfman Directed by Don Weis A silly episode where Frank, who threatens transfer, is convinced to stay when hears Hawkeye and Trapper say they discovered gold. The joke's on Frank when he finds, amongst other things, a gilded jeep! 21. Sticky Wicket Written by Laurence Marks and Larry Gelbart Directed by Don Weis Hawkeye and Frank argue over Frank's ability as a surgeon. Then one of Hawkeye's patients starts failing, Hawkeye starts reflecting about his own abilities. 22. The Army-Navy Game Written by Sid Dorfman Directed by Gene Reynolds The camp tunes-in to the Army-Navy football game, only to get bombed and left with an unexploded shell in the compound. When they try to defuse the CIA bomb,it explodes--with American propaganda leaflets. 23. Ceasefire Written by Laurence Marks Directed by Earl Bellamy The camp receives word that there's a ceasefire and erupts into celebration, only to have their hopes shattered when wounded arrive. 24. Showtime Written by Robert Klane and Larry Gelbart Directed by Jackie Cooper An entertainer performs for the camp in the compound. Respectfully submitted, Troy D. Wood Dept. of Chemistry The Ohio St. University


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