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cat *** *********** *********** *********** *** *********** *********** *********** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *********** *** *** *** *** *********** *** *** *** *** *** *** *********** *********** *********** *** *********** *********** *********** *** *********** **** *** *********** ***** *** *** *** ** *** *** *** ** *** *** *** ** *** *** *** ***** *********** *** **** *********** *** *** *********** *********** *********** *********** *********** *********** *********** *********** *********** *********** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *********** *********** *********** *** *********** *********** *********** *********** *** *********** *** *** *** *** *** *** *********** *** *** *** *********** *********** *********** *** *** *** *********** *********** E P I S O D E G U I D E Lost In Space Cast: Credits: Prof. John Robinson.....Guy Williams Creator...............Irwin Allen Maureen Robinson.......June Lockhart Producer..............Irwin Allen Don West................Mark Goddard Assoc. Prod....Jerry Briskin(yr.1) Judy Robinson..........Marta Kristen William Faralla(2&3) Will Robinson.............Billy Mumy Story Editor........Anthony Wilson Penny Robinson.....Angela Cartwright Music Super..........Lionel Newman Dr. Zachary Smith....Jonathan Harris Robot........................Bob May ============================================================================ Episodes ============================================================================ Year 1: Black and White The Reluctant Stowaway Air Date: 9/15/65 Writer: S. Bar David Director: Tony Leader Guest Cast: Don Forbes, Hal Torey, Byron Morrow, Hoke Howell, Brett Parker, Fred Crane, Tom Allen In the year 1997, the Robinson family takes off in the Jupiter 2, America's first colonization mission to Alpha Centauri. However, a spy for a foreign country, Dr. Zachary Smith, sneaks on board and sabotages the mission by reprogramming the ship's robot to destroy the Jupiter 2 after launch. But Smith becomes trapped on board, and the Robinsons save the ship, but not before it's guidance system is damaged, and the Jupiter 2 becomes lost in space. [Note: Originally, the Robot was a villain, and not the good guy it would later become. Also, Dr. Smith was more ruthless. Several of the episodes contain two air dates. I am not sure of the significance of this, but they are included anyway.] The Derelict Air Date: 9/22/65 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Alex Singer Guest Cast: Don Forbes, Dawson Palmer The Jupiter 2 is pulled into a giant alien spaceship, where they encounter an advanced race of bubblelike creatures. John and Don search for maps and equipment, while Dr, Smith and Will get into trouble. Island in the Sky Air Date: 9/29/65 Writer: Norman Lessing Director: Tony Leader Guest Cast: None While outside the ship, Prof. Robinson's parajets misfire, and he plummets towards the planet below. Don attempts to follow in the Jupiter 2, but Dr. Smith's sabotage causes the retro-rockets to fail, and the ship crash lands. They then search the planet for Prof. Robinson, using the space chariot. [Note: This is the first time the "space chariot"(a combination tractor and bus) is used.] There Were Giants In The Earth Air Date: 10/6/65 Writer: Carey Wilber Director: Leo Penn Guest Cast: Lamar Lundy, Dawson Palmer John discovers that the planet they are on will soon move farther from its sun and freeze. The Robinson's attempt to abandon the ship and move South in hopes of surviving. They encounter a carnivorous Cyclops who impedes there escape. The Hungry Sea Air Date: 10/13/65 Writer: William Welch Director: Sobey Martin Guest Cast: None John discovers that the planet's orbit will again carry it back towards the sun. The family heads back towards the Jupiter 2 in the Chariot, but encounter earthquakes and storms. They cross an island sea to reach their ship. Welcome Stranger Air Date: 10/20/65 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Alvin Ganzer Guest Cast: Warren Oates The Robinsons find astronaut Jimmy Hapgood, also lost from Earth, on the planet. They help him repair his ship, which is in better condition, so that he can return to Earth. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson ask him to take Will and Penny with him, but Dr. Smith plots to have himself taken instead. However, Hapgood enjoys life in space, and no one returns to Earth. My Friend, Mr. Nobody Air Date: 10/27/65 Writer: Jackson Gillis Director: Paul Stanley Guest Cast: William Bramley Penny plays with an "imaginary" companion, actually a disembodied life force living below the surface. When Dr. Smith accidentally injures Penny, the companion unleashes its wrath across the entire planet, until Penny intervenes and calms it down, and then it undergoes a startling transformation. Invaders From The Fifth Dimension Air Dates: 11/3/65 & 8/23/66 Writer: Shimon Wincelberg Director: Leonard Horn Guest Cast: Ted Lohmann, Joe Ryan Luminous aliens capture Dr. Smith, and plan to replace their burnt-out computer with his brain. However, he bargains with them, and promises them Will's brain instead. Thus they are pitted against the Robinsons. The Oasis Air Date: 11/10/65 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Sutton Roley Guest Cast: None Smith eats some alien fruit before it can be tested, and grows into a giant. Convinced that the Robinsons were trying to kill him, he plots to finish them off. However, he is returned to normal size, and does not kill any Robinsons. The Sky is Falling Air Date: 11/17/65 Writers: Barney Slater, Herman Groves Director: Sutton Roley Guest Cast: Don Matheson, Francoise Ruggieri, Eddie Rosson The Robinsons find themselves unable to understand the electronic language of a visiting space family. Wish Upon a Star Air Dates: 11/24/65 & 9/7/66 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Sutton Roley Guest Cast: Dawson Palmer Banished from the Robinson Camp, Dr. Smith takes refuge in the wreck of an alien spaceship, where he finds a machine that can materialize anything one wishes. To get the Robinsons to allow him back into the Jupiter 2, he donates the machine to them. It then starts to play on their greed. The machine's original owner, a strange Rubberoid creature, then returns to retreive it. The Raft Air Date: 12/1/65 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Sobey Martin Guest Cast: Dawson Palmer The Robinsons construct a small space craft capable of carrying two people back to Earth. Dr. Smith takes off in it, with Will, but it isn't on the Earth that they land. One Of Our Dogs Is Missing Air Dates: 12/8/65 & 8/24/66 Writer: William Welch Director: Sutton Roley Guest Cast: Dawson Palmer The Robinsons find a suspended animation test ship with a twenty-year-old dog in it. Then at night, food is being taken off the ship, and growling noises are heard. It's not the dog, however, but a giant, hairy mutant who attacks Judy, until the dog saves her. Attack of the Monster Planets Air Dates: 12/15/65 & 5/4/66 Writers: William Read Woodfield, Allan Balter Director: Justin Addis Guest Cast: None Giant cyclamen plants, which duplicate anything put into them, make an evil duplicate of Judy, in attempt to get the Jupiter 2's supply of deutronium fuel. The evil Judy feeds all of to the plants, while Dr. Smith refuses to tell the Robinsons where the real Judy is. Return From Outer Space Air Dates: 12/29/65 & 5/11/66 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Nathan Juran Guest Cast: Reta Shaw, Walter Sande, Donald Loxby, Sheila Mathews Will is able to use the Tauron's maser device to transport himself back to Earth. However, nobody will believe that he is one of the Robinsons, or that they are shipwrecked. The Keeper Air Dates: Part I--1/12/66 & 5/18/66 Part II--1/19/66 & 5/25/66 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Harry Harris Guest Cast: Michael Rennie, Wilber Evans An intergalactic zookeeper comes by, and the Robinsons are suspicious of the way he treats them as specimens, rather than humans, which is true. He decides to add Will and Penny to his menagerie. Hoping to steal the Keeper's ship, Dr. Smith sneaks on board, but accidentally lets all of the animals loose. The Keeper then says that if the Robinsons do not hand over Will and Penny, he will allow the dangerous monsters to overrun the planet. The Sky Pirate Air Dates: 1/26/66 & 6/1/66 Writer: Carey Wilber Director: Sobey Martin Guest Cast: Albert Salmi Will is kidnapped, and later befriends Tucker the space pirate, who is being chased by a creature from another galaxy. Ghost In Space Air Dates: 2/2/66 & 6/8/66 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Sobey Martin Guest Cast: Dawson Palmer Dr. Smith throws an explosive into a gaseous bog, creating an invisible, destructive force that threatens the Robinsons. Dr. Smith is convinced that the thing is the spirit of his uncle Thaddeus. While the Robinsons figure out how to capture it, Smith tries to exorcise it. The War Of The Robots Air Dates: 2/9/66 & 6/15/66 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Sobey Martin Guest Cast: Robby the Robot Will finds a robot and repairs it. It helps the Robinsons with their chores, but is in actuality an evil robot created by an advanced race. It is programmed to have a will of its own, and it plans to capture the Robinsons for its mas ters, and destroy their Robot. [The robot used is actually Robby the Robot, from several MGM SF movies.] The Magic Mirror Air Dates: 2/16/66 & 6/22/66 Writer: Jackson Gillis Director: Nathan Juran Guest Cast: Michael J. Pollard Penny, and her pet Bloop, Debbie (don't ask what a Bloop is! All I know is that it is something like a chimpanzee) fall through an alien mirror into another dimension, onto a planet inhabited by a lonely, nameless boy. The Challenge Air Dates: 3/2/66 & 6/29/66 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Michael Ansara, Kurt Russell An alien and his son come to the Robinsons, and challenge John and Will to a test of strength and courage to prove their superiority over Earthlings. Unknown to the Robinsons, if John and Will win, they will all be killed. The Space Trader Air Dates: 3/9/66 & 7/6/66 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Nathan Juran Guest Cast: Torin Thatcher When a space merchant attempts to drum up business by destroying the Robinson's food supply, a hungry Smith promises to will his body to the trader in 200 years in exchange for food. Unfortunately, the fine print allows the trader to collect immediately. His Majesty Smith Air Dates: 3/16/66 & 7/13/66 Writer: Carey Wilber Director: Harry Harris Guest Cast: Liam Sullivan, Kevin Hagen Smith is selected to be king of an alien civilization, but later finds the reason--the aliens select only the most useless creatures of the Universe, to be sacrificed to their primitive deities. The Space Croppers Air Dates: 3/30/66 & 7/20/66 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Sobey Martin Guest Cast: Mercedes McCambridge, Sherry Jackson, Dawson Palmer Hoping to get back to Earth, Smith romances the mother of a clan of space hillbillies, unaware that they are growing a crop of plants that feed on animal and human flesh. All That Glitters Air Dates: 4/6/66 & 7/27/66 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Harry Harris Guest Cast: Werner Klemperer, Larry Ward, Ted Lehmann A space thief entrusts Penny and Smith with a neck-ring that turns anything the wearer touches into platinum. Smith betrays the thief and keeps the ring for himself, then accidentally turns Penny into platinum. The Lost Civilization Air Dates: 4/13/66 & 8/3/66 Writer: William Welch Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Kym Karath, Royal Dano, Dawson Palmer According to the rules of an ancient civilization, Will must marry the princess he kissed and awoke from suspended animation. The civilization has been stockpiling soldiers in freezing tubes, and now plans to conquer the universe, beginning with Earth. [For a primitive planet, Earth attracted a lot of universe-conquerers!] A Change Of Space Air Dates: 4/20/66 & 8/10/66 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Sobey Martin Guest Cast: Frank Graham Will returns from a faster-than-light trip into the sixth dimension in an alien spaceship with his intelligence greatly enhanced. Smith, trying to repeat the incident, returns as an old man. Follow The Leader Air Dates: 4/27/66 & 8/17/66 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Gregory Morton Knocked unconscious during a cave-in, John's mind and body are possessed by an alien warrior's spirit. When the rest of the Robinsons become suspicious of John's unusual behavior, he seals them up in the cave, and plots to throw Will off a cliff. Will exorcises the spirit through the power of his love for his father. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Year 2: Color Blast Off Into Space Air Dates: 9/14/66 & 5/3/67 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Nathan Juran Guest Cast: Strother Martin The Robinsons prepare for a quick takeoff when they find that a mining engineer blasting for a life-giving mineral has caused a chain-reaction of earthquakes that will disintegrate the planet. Wild Adventure Air Dates: 9/21/66 & 5/10/67 Writers: William Read Woodfield, Alan Balter Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Vitina Marcus Setting course once more for Alpha Centauri, the Robinson's journey is again hampered by Smith, who first dumps the ship's fuel into space, then almost pilots the Jupiter 2 into a sun. Then Athena, the Green Girl who wants the Jupiter 2's deutronium fuel for food, hypnotises Smith into going into space. The Robinson's rescue of him once again throws the ship off course, and they are again lost in space. The Ghost Planet Air Dates: 9/28/66 & 5/17/67 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Nathan Juran Guest Cast: Sue England, Michael Fox A voice claiming to be from Earth instructs Smith to land Jupiter 2 on the planet it is passing. When Smith obeys, the Robinsons find a civilization of robots who make humans there slaves. The Forbidden World Air Dates: 10/5/66 & 5/24/67 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Wally Cox, Janos Prohaska Jupiter 2 crash lands on a planet whose only inhabitants are a strange little hermit and his giant bird. Smith, Will, and the Robot are captured by the alien, who plans to mobilize an army to destroy the Jupiter 2. Of course, he has no army, as the Robinsons learn. Also, Dr. Smith drinks an alien nectar, later realizing that it is highly explosive, and he may blow up at any time. Space Circus Air Date: 10/12/66 Writers: Bob & Wanda Duncan Director: Harry Harris Guest Cast: James Westerfield, Melinda Fee, Harry Varteresian, Michael Greene A space circus comes to town (or planet), and give a show for the Robinsons. The owner learns that Will has the power to materialize anything he wants, when assisted. He convinces Will to run away with the circus, for the good of his family. The Prisoners Of Space Air Date: 10/19/66 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Nathan Juran Guest Cast: Dawson Palmer An outer-space court accuses the Robinsons of various crimes during their journey, but after questioning, it is shown that Smith was the culprit behind each incident. The Robinsons convince the tribunal not to punish Smith [although I don't know why!]. The Android Machine Air Date: 10/26/66 Writers: Bob & Wanda Duncan Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Dee Hartford, Fritz Feld Smith finds a "Celestrial Department Store catalog" and accidentally orders an emotionless "female" android, whom the Robinsons teach to be human. Unfortunately, the department store's manager, Zumdish, either wants payment, or the android back; preferably the android, since it has been improved upon. When the Robinsons refuse to cooperate, the manager takes steps to force them. The Deadly Games Of Gamma 6 Air Date: 11/2/66 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Harry Harris Guest Cast: Mike Kellin, Harry Monty, Ronald Weber, Peter Brocco, Chuck Roberson A travelling show lands on the planet, and the owner tells Smith that if he agrees to box with a midget and wins, he will be returned to Earth. However, it is a trick, and he loses. The troop is really testing Earth to see if it can be conquered easily, and to save it, John challenges the owner to a battle. The Thief From Outer Space Air Dates: 11/9/66 & 5/31/67 Writer: Jackson Gillis Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Malachi Throne, Ted Cassidy, Maxine Gates Convinced that the Robinsons have maps which will lead him to a space princess, a thief captures Will, Penny, and Smith. Will is made an apprentice thief, Penny is held prisoner, and Smith is marked for death under a pendulum. Curse Of Cousin Smith Air Date: 11/16/66 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Justis Addis Guest Cast: Henry Jones, Allan Melvin An "alien" that Smith is terrified of turns out to be his cousin Jeremiah, who is in cahoots with an intergalactic Mafia in an attempt to murder Dr. Smith and claim his family inheritance. West Of Mars Air Dates: 11/30/66 & 7/5/67 Writer: Michael Fessier Director: Nathan Juran Guest Cast: Allan Melvin, Charles Arthur, Mickey Manners, Lane Bradford, Eddie Quinlan Smith's doppelganger, a space desperado, forces him to change clothes. Smith is then arrested as the real gunslinger, and is taken away to another planet to be executed for his "crimes." A Visit To Hades Air Dates: 12/7/66 & 9/11/68 Writer: Carey Wilber Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Gerald Mohr Smith plays a musical instrument he finds, and is transported to hell, or so he thinks. Actually, it's a prison for one criminal, who pretends to be the devil in order to get Smith to help him escape. Judy and Don also visit "hell". The key to his escape was hidden in the musical instrument, which playing causes him pain. The Wreck Of The Robot Air Dates: 12/14/66 & 6/14/67 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Nathan Juran Guest Cast: Jim Mills Aliens steal and disassemble the Robot in order to find out how Earth machines work. With that knowledge, they plan to build a machine to take over all other machines on Earth, and subjugate the human race. The Dream Monster Air Date: 12/21/66 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: John Abbott, Dawson Palmer, Harry Monty, Frank Delfino To make his android more "human", a scientist drains all emotions from the Robinsons, leaving them unimaginative and apathetic. The Golden Man Air Dates: 12/28/66 & 6/21/67 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Dennis Patrick, Ronald Gans, Bill Troy A lesson in prejudice. Two representatives from their respective planets, that are at war with each other, land on the Robinson's planet. One is a handsome golden man, the other a hideous frog creature. Dr. Smith wishes to help the Golden man destroy his foe, who claims to be the good guy, while Penny wants to help the other, who is unfriendly to strangers. It is later learned that the Golden man was wearing a disguise, and is even more hideous than his foe. He was trying to trick the Robinsons into helping him, but in the end, they saw the light. The Girl From The Green Dimension Air Dates: 1/4/67 & 6/28/67 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Nathan Juran Guest Cast: Vitina Marcus, Harry Raybould Athena, the green girl returns. A big, mean, ugly, nasty, green brute from her home dimension is courting her, and she draws pretty, handsome, brave, pretty Dr. Smith into a love triangle. The big, green lug of course wishes to kill Smith. Also, Will is accidentally turned green, but Athena thinks he looks to 'pretty' to change back. The Questing Beast Air Date: 1/11/67 Writer: Carey Wilbur Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Hans Conreid, Sue England, Jeff County A space knight, a sort of Don Quixote, arrives, claiming to be after a ferocious dragon he has chased across the cosmos. He fills Will with stories of quests and dragons and things, and when Will learns that most of his stories are lies, he loses faith in people. Meanwhile, the knight finally catches up with the dragon he has chased for most of his life, and finds out that it is a friendly, female, sentient life form, and loses the desire to slay her, and also his purpose in life. The Toymaker Air Date: 1/25/67 Writers: Bob & Wanda Duncan Director: Robert Douglass Guest Cast: Fritz Feld, Walter Burke, Tiger Joe Marsh, Dawson Palmer Smith is captured by a Celestrial Department Store ordering machine (remember those?), made into a clown, and put into the toy department. Will and the Robot follow him into the machine, and discover a passage back to Earth. Mutiny In Space Air Dates: 2/1/67 & 7/26/67 Writer: Peter PAcker Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Ronald Long An insane space pirate, Zahrk, abducts Will, Smith, and the Robot and uses them as his crew in his relentless search for his first mate, Mr. Christiansen, who committed mutiny. The Space Vikings Air Dates: 2/8/67 & 7/12/67 Writer: Margaret Brookman Hill Director: Ezra Stone Guest Cast: Sheila Mathews, Bern Hoffman Dr. Smith steals the gloves and hammer of Thor, god of Thunder, and the enraged deity challenges the good Dr. to a duel to the death. Through trickery, Smith convinces Thor that he is ineffectual and would lose, just when Valhalla is attacked by giants. Rocket To Earth Air Dates: 2/15/67 & 8/9/67 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Al Lewis Smith plays sorcerer's apprentice to a space magician, hoping to steal his spaceship and return to Earth. However, the ship is programmed to self-destruct when it reaches space. The Cave Of The Wizards Air Dates: 2/22/67 & 8/2/67 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Bob May, Dawson Palmer, Jim Mills, Michael Fox, Larry Dean Luring Smith into a cave, a computer gradually takes over his mind and body, transforming him into an alien. With a launch window coming up soon, the Robinson's must get Smith's true identity to emerge, or leave him behind. Treasures Of The Lost Planet Air Date: 3/1/67 Writer: Carey Wilber Director: Harry Harris Guest Cast: Albert Salmi, Craig Duncan, Jim Boles A hideous mechanical head mistakes Dr. Smith for its master and tries to lead him to a priceless treasure. A humanoid group of pirates finds out and forces Smith to take them along. A captain joins the Robot, Will, Dr. Smith and Penny on the treasure hunt that yields a disappointing booty. Revolt Of The Androids Air Dates: 3/8/67 & 7/19/67 Writer: Bob & Wanda Duncan Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Dee Hartford, Don Matheson, Dawson Palmer Verda the department store android returns, pursued by an alien superman sent to bring her back or destroy her. When the Robinsons win over the superman's sympathies, the CDS machine simply creates another android, stronger and totally devoted to destruction. ["Crush, Kill, Destroy!"] The Colonists Air Date: 3/15/67 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Ezra Stone Guest Cast: Francine York The Robinson men are captured by female warriors and put to work, while the women are treated to lives of luxury. The men's fate hinges on Smith, who has wormed his way into the Amazon queen's affections and can sabotage her base. Trip Through The Robot Air Dates: 3/22/67 & 8/16/67 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: None Losing power and unable to be recharged, the dying Robot wanders into a gaseous area, where the vapors turn him into a giant. Smith and Will crawl inside him to reverse his ionic process, shrink him back to size, and possibly save him. The Phantom Family Air Dates: 3/29/67 & 8/23/67 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Ezra Stone Guest Cast: Alan Hewitt Will discovers that his family has been replaced by android duplicates. Their creator wants Will to teach them how to act like real humans...or the original Robinsons will die. The Mechanical Men Air Dates: 4/5/67 & 8/30/67 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Seymour Robbie Guest Cast: Jim Mills An army of tiny robots, all resembling the Robinson's Robot, lay siege to the Robinson's camp and demand the return of their 'leader', the Robot. The army is vicious, and want to take over the universe. They realize that the Robot is to kind to help them, so they transfer Smith's personality into the Robot, and vice versa. The Astral Traveler Air Date: 4/12/67 Writer: Carey Wilber Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Sean McClory, Dawson Palmer Will passes through a space warp into 19th-century Scotland, where a ghost and a monster inhabit an old castle. Smith follows, and the ghost learns that Smith's ancestors were responsible for his death. He then plans Smith's beheading. But mercy arrives for both Smith and the ghost (and Angus the monster!) from beyond. The Galaxy Gift Air Date: 4/26/67 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Ezra Stone Guest Cast: John Carradine, Jim Mills Penny's loyalties are tested when she must either watch her family die or give up an amulet an alien warned her not to. Other aliens will transport her to an unreal "Earth" as a reward, if she will sacrifice the gift. They persuade Dr. Smith to help them trick Penny. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Year 3: Color The Condemned Of Space Air Dates: 9/6/67 & 3/20/68 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Nathan Juran Guest Cast: Marcel Hillaire, Robby the Robot Jupiter 2 lifts off only hours before the planet is scheduled to collide with a comet. In space once more, the Robinson's discover a ship full of frozen criminals. Smith releases one, who releases another, and so on, and so on...until a fullscale escape is mounted. Visit To A Hostile Planet Air Date: 9/13/67 & 3/13/68 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Sobey Martin Guest Cast: Pitt Herbert, Robert Foulk, Robert Pine, Norman Leavitt, Clair Wilcox The Jupiter 2 is thrust back in time and lands on Earth in the year 1947, 50 years before they left. The ship is mistaken for a UFO, and a small town near where they land prepares to fight off the invading 'Martians'. Determined to stay on any 'Earth', Smith joins the townspeople, and Will is captured. Kidnapped In Space Air Dates: 9/20/67 & 3/27/68 Writer: Robert Hammer Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Grant Sullivan, Carol Williams, Joey Russo Androids, ruled by a giant computer, capture the Jupiter 2 and force the Robot to operate on their failing leader. Meanwhile, Smith tampers with a time-control device and is turned into a little boy. Shockingly, John is killed by a laser beam. It is learned that the androids can control time. Hunter's Moon Air Dates: 9/27/67 & 4/3/68 Writer: Jack Turley Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Vincent Beck John (yes, he lived) kills an attacking monster which turns out to be the quarry of Megazor, a hunter. As punishment, John is made his new quarry in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. The Space Primevals Air Dates: 10/4/67 & 4/10/68 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Nathan Juran Guest Cast: Arthur Batanides On their way to cap a threatening volcano, Don and Smith are captured by primitives who are governed by a computer, and face two possible deaths: execution by the tribe, or burning under the lava of the volcano. The Space Destructors Air Dates: 10/11/67 & 4/17/68 Writer: Robert Hamner Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Tommy Farrell Smith finds an android-creating device and makes himself a set of conquering soldiers who look exactly like him, and dreams of conquering the galaxy. In trying to stop him, Will falls into the machine, and emerges with Smith's face and a lust for killing. The Haunted Lighthouse Air Dates: 10/18/67 & 4/24/68 Writer: Jackson Gillis Director: Sobey Martin Guest Cast: Lou Wagner, Woodrow Parfrey, Kenya Coburn Before leaving their planet, which is being swept by a space storm, the Robinsons find and take along an alien boy named J-5. They find a lighthouse in space and stop in, where the boy's mental powers and unusual 'pet' are unleashed. Flight Into The Future Air Dates: 10/25/67 & 5/1/68 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Sobey Martin Guest Cast: Don Eitner, Lew Gallo Will, Smith, and the Robot land the Space Pod on a planet which seemingly defies logic. They find fruit that explodes, invisible birds that cast shadows, a deserted wreck of the Jupiter 2, a monument to the Robot, and people who say they are the descendants of the Robinsons, and that the year is 2270 A.D. Collision Of The Planets Air Dates: 11/8/67 & 5/8/68 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Dan Travanty, Linda Gaye Scott, Joey Tata, Dawson Palmer Four space hippies are assigned by their leader to blow up the planet that the Robinsons are living on, without giving them time to make repairs and leave. Their only hope seems to be Smith, who has been transformed into a space-age Samson with green hair by a weird gas. The Space Creature Air Dates: 11/15/67 & 5/15/68 Writer: William Welch Director: Sobey Martin Guest Cast: Ronald Gans Jupiter 2 is locked into orbit around a planet which harbors a creature that feeds on fear. In order to create its life-food, the being causes the Robinsons to disappear from the ship one by one, leaving a psychotic Dr. Smith, who is trying to murder Will. De adliest Of The Species Air Dates: 11/22/67 & 5/22/68 Writer: Robert Hamner Director: Sobey Martin Guest Cast: Ronald Gans, Lyle Waggoner, Sue England The Robot falls in love with a female robot, who is being hunted by law officers of her world for being a killer. A Day At The Zoo Air Dates: 11/29/67 & 5/29/68 Writer: Jackson Gillis Director: Irving Moore Guest Cast: Leonard Stone, Gary Tigerman, Ronald Weber An intergalactic showman, Farnum B., puts the Robinsons on exhibit in his space zoo. During an escape attempt, Will and his captor fall into another time zone, while Dr. Smith uses Farnum's caveboy-helper to take control of the zoo' operation. Two Weeks In Space Air Dates: 12/13/67 & 6/5/68 Writer: Robert Hamner Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Fritz Feld, Richard Krishner, Eric Matthews, Edy Williams, Carroll Roebke Zumdish, now operating a tour agency (finally quit the Celestrial Department Store), comes to the Robinson's planet with clients. Smith seizes the opportunity to turn the presently-empty Jupiter 2 into a resort hotel, unaware that four of the vacationing aliens are really murderers hiding from the law. Castles In Space Air Dates: 12/20/67 & 6/12/68 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Sobey Martin Guest Cast: Alberto Monte, Corinna Tsopei The Robinsons give refuge to a beautiful ice princess who is running from a bounty hunter. When the hunter captures Will, he suggests a trade: the boy for the princess. The Robot takes on the hunter like "el Toro" to save the princess. Anti-Matter Man Air Date: 12/27/67 & 6/19/68 Writers: Barney Slater & Robert Hamner Director: Sutton Roley Guest Cast: None An experiment gone awry transports John to an anti-matter world, and sends his evil double back. Will, Smith, and the Robot attempt to rescue John, who is being guarded by a psychotic, bearded double of Don, and a shackled, evil Robot. The evil John is willing to kill everyone to keep his freedom from the miserable anti-matter world. Target: Earth Air Dates: 1/3/68 & 6/26/68 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Nathan Juran Guest Cast: James Gosa, Brent Davis, Thant Brann Shapeless aliens imprison the Robinsons and make themselves into their doubles (boy, they sure had a lot of problems with imposters), and then hijack the Jupiter 2, planning to go back and conquer the Earth (again! ) . They reprogram the Robot to help them. Will and Smith escape, capture their doubles, and replace them on the journey, in an attempt to stop them. Princess Of Space Air Dates: 1/10/68 & 7/3/68 Writer: Jackson Gillis Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Robert Foulk, Arte Johnson, Sheila Mathews Confusion surrounds Penny's lineage when she is taken for a space princess, put onto an alien ship, and trained to take over the throne of an another planet. The Time Merchant Air Dates: 1/17/68 & 7/24 68 Writers: Bob & Wanda Duncan Director: Ezra Stone Guest Cast: John Crawford, Byron Morrow, Hoke Howell A time merchant, living in a Daliesque world, prepares to kill the Robinsons because they accidentally interrupted his time-trip. Smith, sent back to Earth in 1997, must re-board the Jupiter 2, or watch it be destroyed. The Promised Planet Air Dates: 1/24/68 & 9/4/68 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Ezra Stone Guest Cast: Gil Rogers, Keith Taylor Told that they are approaching an Earth colony, the Robinsons land on a planet whose culture is totally geared for teenagers. Soon, subtle brainwashing causes the older Robinsons and the children to disassociate themselves from each other. Smith becomes a hippie. Fugitives In Space Air Dates: 1/31/68 & 7/31/68 Writer: Robert Hamner Director: Ezra Stone Guest Cast: Michael Conrad, Tol Avery Don and Smith are framed as criminals and sent to the toughest prison in the galaxy. While Will and the Robot try to figure a way to get them out, Don and Smith argue over whether or not to go along with a criminal's escape plan. Space Beauty Air Dates: 2/14/68 & 8/14/68 Writer: Jackson Gillis Director: Irving Moore Guest Cast: Leonard Stone, Dee Hartford, Miriam Schillar Farnum B. is back, and now in the beauty contest business. He tries to sign Judy up as a contestant. Unknown to the Robinsons, if Farnum can't get her to sign, his master, a man of fire, will keep his soul. The Flaming Planet Air Dates: 2/21/68 & 7/10/68 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Abraham Sofaer To alleviate a crisis, Jupiter 2 must orbit a planet for several hours. However, the alien living there, the last of a proud warrior race, will not permit it unless someone stays behind to wage him one last war, using the planet's extensive weaponry. The Great Vegetable Rebellion Air Dates: 2/28/68 & 7/17/68 Writer: Peter Packer Director: Don Richardson Guest Cast: Stanley Adams, James Millhollin On another planet, Dr. Smith plucks a flower, arousing accusations of murder from a giant, talking carrot, who plans to punish the Robinsons by turning them into plants. [EGADS!] Junkyard Of Space Air Dates: 3/6/68 & 8/21/68 Writer: Barney Slater Director: Ezra Stone Guest Cast: Marcel Hillaire Jupiter 2 lands on a planet used as the galaxy's junkyard. With the ship's food supply deteriorating, Smith sacrifices first the Robot's memory banks to the mechanical junkman, then the Jupiter 2 itself. [At this point the show was cancelled. Many feel that the series' first season had been true science fiction, and part of the second, but after that the show deteriorated to campy humor and true silliness (The Great Vegetable Rebellion!!?). However, despite criticism, it drew somewhat of a cult following, and prospered for some time in syndication. As of this date, Billy Mummy has been attempting to get together a reunion revival of the series, but as of yet, no success.] End Of Series ========================================================================== The technical information and some of the summarizations for this compilation are taken from: STARLOG's Photo Guidebook of TV EPISODE GUIDES, Vol. I and Gary Gerani's "Fantastic Television" from Harmony Books All notes and other summarizations are by: Elliott Buchholz [Buchholz@RU-GREEN] % i


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