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Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Path: spies!sgiblab!!!!!!cam From: (Daniel Cameron Daly) Subject: ZZ synopsis Message-ID: <> Sender: Nntp-Posting-Host: Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1993 17:08:32 GMT Lines: 2585 Sorry for wasting bandwidth, but here is a synopsis of ZZGundam I got from somewhere a while ago. ZZ GUNDAM SUMMARIES #1-25 -------------------------- Revision 1 by William Chow Revision 2 by David Ng and Sheldon Yip Revision 3 by William Chow Vancouver Animation The opening credits proceeds as follows: the show starts with a pan up the ZZ Gundam with upbeat music playing in the background sung by some guy. Then you see the evolution of man (in this sequence: skull, ape, caveman, Amuro Ray (the first Gundam main character), Camille, annd finally Judau. Then there is scene of the Z Gundam transforming into waverider mode, flying to the right. Then you get a closeup of Judau's face in space helmet with reflections, each following the other of a galaxy and two rotating stars. Then you see Char (from Gundam and Z Gundam) shouting followed by Judau shouting. Then you see a missile fired from Z Gundam moving around to the other side of the earth. Then you get a picture of the moon with Z Gundam flying across it. Following this is a giant circuit board. Finally, you see from right to left: Montow, Beja, Eno, Judau, Lena, Edo, and Mashima. Then Z Gundam cuts in and lands behind the cast. ZZ Gundam #1 Ok, this is the first episode of the series ZZ Gundam. Now, it is obvious that they should do a recap for the people who missed a few important episodes of Zeta Gundam. So this chapter is for those who don't have a clue what they are watching. You may note that it is set up sort of like a cut and paste music video. A small light among the stars, with a pan to the Earth. Space is the last frontier for man as they colonize it with space stations which they call "sides". We see a picture of a side with the glassy over look. We also see a bird flying over a city to indicate life is pretty much like Earth on the space station. Then the title appears "Prelude ZZ". A few pictures now, a space colony, a Side, a shuttle, and an early hydrosuit. This machine that fits over a space suit is the first "mobile suit" built. The military took the idea and made them into war machines like the first one MS-00F. We see the evolution today with the Zeta with millions of wires pouring out of it. It all started on Side 3 with the death of Garma Zabi the Zion war started. We see the disaster of a side landing on an Earth city and blowing up killing millions. Amuro Ray finds the prototype Gundam RX-78 and with a instruction manual pilots it into battle. He is the first master of the Gundam. He shoots at a Zaku near a ship and they both get blown to bits. Then a new picture of Papu and his control of the new types. The second war has more destruction as Bosque Om fires the colony laser at side 2 puncturing it killing thousands. Ahgama, the AEUG's main flag ship, and Char Aznable fight the Zions in Zeta Gundam. This series also introduces the Gundam Mark II and the Zeta Gundam. We see the pilot of the Zeta, Camille Bidan. Fa, pilot of Methus, talks with the Aghama captain, Blyto. She is the babysitter for the two kids Shinta and Qum which are running down the hall chasing a bouncing robotic ball named the Haro. Fa talks with Camille. All of Zeta she chases after him for his affections. Their story will continue in ZZ Gundam. She remembers a time (Z Gundam #1) where they were running to school. We also see a time where Shinta and Qum are running around Camille wearing little clothes and Fa steps out of the shower wearing no clothes. We also get a glimpse of Camille and Rosemary who is a new type made as an opponent for the Zeta. However, she takes him as her brother in this scene. Camille saves Fa who at the time was in a Rick Dais. Camille and Char are fighting verses Four Murasame. She is also a new type from the institute. By far, she has been the woman that has closely entered Camille's emotions. Four is running down a hall to Camille. She falls in love with him but she has conflicts when she is torn between duty and love. She is the pilot for the Psycho-Gundam, which we see Camille knock over. In a climatic battle, we see Jerid charge the Zeta Gundam but Four uses her Pycho-Gundam to take the beam blade through the head. Four screams as Amuro and Char look on. They remember a time in the last episode of Mobile Suit Gundam, where they were fighting in the same situation and Lalah uses her droid to stop Amuro's blade from killing Char. Camille holds and kisses Four as she dies. He screams as he loses his first girl. This is just the start of his heart breaks as the war continues. We see the bubbles of Emma Sheen (Gundam Mark II) and Katz Kobayashi (G-Defensor) going out of the picture. Zeta Gundam, Shinta, Qum and the Gundam RX-78 pass us by as well. We now have a quiz done by Qum, Shinta and Char. First we have the Hyakashiki launching off the Ahgama. It also has the Mega Bazooka attachment that wreaks havoc on enemy targets. Next is the Rick Dias flying by a side. Gundam Mark II launches with the G-defensor attachment. The two mecha connect together, showing the two pilots Emma and Katz respectively. ORX-005, which is Rosemary's first droid before getting the Pyscho-Gundam. RX-139, which is the blue droid used by Arzan Gable. Baundoc, the transformable mecha also used by Rosemary. Pyscho-Gundam used by Four. In this combat Camille is in the Mark II as they fight in a city. Quebley, a white droid used by Haman Karn. Zeta Gundam, which is piloted by Camille. It launches off the Ahgama and transforms into the faster Wave Rider mode. Zaku, --- , Gaza, ---, Dobben Wolf, ---, Methus, and Theo just to name a few more. We hear an extended version of the first theme for Z Gundam "Sign of Zeta". I will quickly pan the images you see: Sara Mas, Char, Char & Sara in picture, Garma dies, AEUG messenger, some blonde woman, Blyto Noah, Char & Lyla, Char meets Minaba, Char & Camille, Char, Four hugs Camille, Sirrocco & Sara, Amuro toasts to Char, Fa & Camille, a beat up Blyto, group picture, Minba, Char, the ZZ logo. Side 3, where Haman rules with Minaba as the young acting queen. On side 1, we see a town. The computer shows us a map of the Earth and some orbits. Then we have a demonstration of the air sealing bubbles that prevent all the air from running out of punctures in the hull. The extended theme music for the ZZ Gundam "Anime Jyanai". Again I will go over the images. Fa & Blyto flying by saying "Anime Jyanai" followed by Shinta and Qum. The big ZZ logo, Judau Ashta (the main character), Side 1, city, in a red work suit moving garbage, Judau leaves house & sees his sister Lena. In town, he meets Montow and Eno & Beja. The Ahgama docks on to Side 1. The kids find Arzan's escape pod from his droid that Camille destroyed in Zeta. Judau goes home to get food for Arzan. Judau finds Camille and gets a zap of new type powers. The kids get into the Ahgama and Judau tries to steal the Zeta Gundam. Arzan fights the Zeta with a small utility suit. Zeta blows it up with two missiles. Judau gets away from Torazu and Blyto. Edo introduces herself. Mashima is on the Endora ready to enter Side 1 to get the Ahgama. The video ends with the ZZ Gundam full logo. Episode 2 This is the true first episode of Double Zeta Gundam. The setting is Side 1, Shangrila just shortly after Zeta Gundam. It starts off with Judau in a work suit retreiving a Hizack escape pod. As he does this, he sees the legendary Ahgama docking with Side 1. Aboard the vessel is Fa who is tending to the catatonic Camille and Blyto who is instructing his bridge crew for the landing. Eno hooks up to Judau's suit and reels him in with the winch. They head inside Side 1. In the landing bay, they both try to get into the pod. Judau punches up three buttons and opens the pod. They are both shocked to see an unconcious man inside. Beja arrives with the truck and crane. He goes up to the pod to inspect it. Suddenly, the unconcious pilot wakes up and grabs him. "Where am I?" grunts Arzan. "Side 1, Shangrila" coughs Beja. Judau is at home grabbing miscellanous food. His sister, Lena yells at her brother. He takes off on his green bike to catch up to his friends. When he reaches the pickup, he chucks the food at Arzan. While the Titan chomps on a bagel, the kids mention the Ahgama which interests Arzan immensely. Arzan takes his jacket and prepares to take over a passing van. He throws his jacket on the moving van and jumps across using the work suit to gain access to the cab. He gets inside and throws the driver out the passenger side. Notice tht Judau doesn't feel right with this wrong doing. The truck goes to a depot where Fa's ambulance is being loaded. Arzan sees this and makes a move to heist it. The hold the driver, who is Fa, up at gun point. Arzan is about to slap her but Judau stops him. This is important because it shows Judau is not a bad kid. Gable grabs her access card and tells the kids to open up the back and see what is inside. Meanwhile, Shinta and Qum are hiding underneath the van listening in to what is happening. Judua opens the back to see a person under a blanket. It is Camille. Judau waves his hand in front of his face but no response. Silently and slowly, Camille lifts up his hand inviting this stranger to an inverted handshake. As Judau touches him, he gets zapped but a feeling of newtype powers. He doesn't know what to make of it. Beja drives on past security. Notice that he gives the guard his bag of food as he gets past. Shinta and Qum reach Blyto and they warn him of the hijacked truck. Soon after their message, the van arrives in the weightless section of Shangrila. The goofs try to threaten the Ahgama but Beja just doesn't sound scary, especially when he does "ahhhs" and "uhumms". Torazu is ordered to seize the truck but Arzan pops out to attack him. The target begins as the Zeta Gundam. Blyto defends it but using a gun and fires on Arzan. Judau and friends start throwing the fruit that was in the crates at the hanger crew. Shinta and Qum grabs a gun and starts firing on Arzan. They go flying but Torazu (who is now in a work suit) wraps them up with cord so they don't drift away in the weightlessness. Arazan now switches objectives and goes after the work suit. Judau makes a break for the Zeta Gundam. He gets into the cockpit but Blyto points a gun at him. By thinking fast, he kicks it away. While he is enjoying the decore of the Zeta, he has to push Blyto out and way as the captain tries to oust the kid. Judau gets a newtype buzz as he prepares to use the Zeta, bit of a reminescent insight from Camille. He friends are told to stop throwing fruit by Anostage who has the gun. Arzan uses a light sword to knock Torazu out of the air. He then continues to attack Anostage and kill him with a stike. Fa, Beja and Judau are shocked at the death. Now, Judau has had enough. He feels he must redeem himself for being partially associated with Arzan's murders. He powers up the Zeta for combat. Arzan looks over and decides to attack the mobile suit again. Judau launches the arm missiles but no good. As an interesting note, since they are inside the hanger of Side 1, where did those shots land? And what damage did they do? Arzan tries to attack Judau through the open cockpit door but the Zeta thrusts forward ramming through the roof and then through a wall. The chase contines into Side 1 where the two fly over a girl's house causing her to faint. They square off in the junkyard (as par typical). Blyto is in a car trying to catch them, as well as Beja and crew but we don't see this. Judau accidently activates the beam blade but he fails to catch it. It rolls to Arzan who uses it in a charge on the Zeta. Judau manges to stop him from running the mobile suit through however the upper chest plate is heating up due to the blade. The Zeta's defense systems close the cockpit door as the blade gets dangerous. Judau fires to arm missile into Arzan work suit and blows it up. Blyto arrives to trip the Zeta by wiring a cable around the Zeta with a spare working suit. Beja an Montow are also on the scene rigging somehing up. As Torazu holds a gun to Judau, Beja detonates the explosives. This allows Judau to get away from the Zeta and also allows Arzan to split. Mashima is outside in his vessel. He sends a suitcase inwards to Shangrila before the Endora enters to hunt for the Ahgama. Episode #3 The white suitcase that Mashima sends to Shangrila is opened by some officials. The Axis wants to enter Side 1 to get rid of the Ahgama and other AEUG forces. The Ahgama moves from the docking port into the space station just as Mashima's Endora arrives into the port. Beja and group are fooling around in the junkyard. Judau is partially bragging about his little stint with the Zeta in the last episode. Lena and Edo arrive but Judau wants his sister to leave since she will just get in the way. Montow and Eno mock the two as they imatate them. All this joking around is stopped when the Ahgama flies overhead. Judau jumps into a work suit and pursues. He fires a rope at the ship and hooks on. Mashima enters Side 1 very charismatically and notice the emphasis on Haman's flower. He remembers when he was given the flower. He meets his subordinate Goton in the hangar. Here, he grabs his green Gallus-J and launches off even though mechanics were still working on it. The Ahgama is alerted to a small "abanodoned" work suit is being dragged under the Ahgama. Blyto has the cameras scan around for the intruder and they find Judau sneaking about. He remembers how Amuro got into the RX Gundam and piloted it from the instructions. Same thing happened with Camille and the Zeta. Could history repeat itself with Judau? Shinta and Qum are making food. Shinta is feeding bread into a cutter which is leaving slices floating every where. The Haro II irrates the kid and it gets knocked against the wall. Judau is outside their door when it opens up letting the Haro II out and some bread. The Keyslong comes by but the kids hid Judau above the door. When he is about to enter they give him a piece a bread to eat. After he leaves, Judau introduces himself. Shinta gives him a piece of chicken and a drink. The mechanic spots Judau and runs away just as the alarm goes off. On the bridge, Mashima is detected in his Gallus-J. He jumps on top of the bridge and threatens it with his beam blade. Judau jumps out of his door tied by a rope. He plants a package of dynamite on his foot and pushes off. He gets back inside the ship just as Mashima's foot blows up. The Gallus-J falls out of control and crashes into the junkyard. Fa launches off in the Methus. Qum and Shinta show Judau to the hanger bay where the Zeta is. He tries to walk out to the launch pad as he just about steps on the mechanic. Once on the catapult, he over guns one foot and he falls off the Ahgama while spinning. The Methus transform but it is not much challenge to Mashima. As he charges Fa, Judau gives the Gallus-J a swift kick in the face saving her. While Mashima admires his flower, Fa goes down and picks up the rest of Judau's friends. Mashima draws out his beam blade and so does the Zeta but Judau's sword doesn't energize. Mashima withdraws his sword and charges the Zeta. Judau switches to waverider mode and takes off before Mashima hits him. Flying out of control, the Zeta smashes and transforms out of waverider. Finally, Mashima gets feed up and he punches the Zeta down. He draws the beam blade and goes for the stab. Judau pulls out his blade and energizes it through the head of the Gallus-J. Mashima retreats. Judau returns the Zeta to the Ahgama. He says goodbye to Fa, Blyto and Torazu as he jumps into his work suit. He grabs Lena with the arm and drops her in the cockpit. They ride off towards the city. Chapter #4 On an orbiting space station, the Ahgama lands in junk pile. The garbage acts a means of camouflage to conceal the ship until proper repairs are done. Mashima and the Zion captain are leaving a very rich and posh hotel. Mashima remembers his relationship with Haman and carries a symbolic flower that she gave him. These two men just about run into a truck with Beja, Edo, Eno and Montow on the way to Judau's house. Beja starts to yell back but Edo stops him and tells him continue to Judau's house. Lena, who is Judau's sister, goes out to get some milk. She runs across the truck being driven by Beja and Co. and starts to pursue it. Edo uses the lift on the truck to wake up Judau. She is embarrassed when he runs to the window with his underwear on. The group manages to leave his house before Lena returns with the milk. Mashima drives to the hospital and almost runs over Camille and Fa. He steps out of the car and tries his charm on Fa. Goton is in the car going "Oh brother, trying to hit on every woman they meet." Beja and Company are out by the junkyard looking for the Ahgama. They find a droid hidden in on the flat bed truck. Unfortunately, this one happens to be Mashima's. It stands up and begins to move so Judau runs after it. He tries to capture it by using a grappling hook and rope to scale it. This has mixed success. Fa and the kids drive close to the sight but they get the jeep stuck. Mashima finally notices Judau swinging on this rear view monitors. He steps out of the cockpit (almost falls out) to tell Judau to get off his droid. After an exchange of words, Mashima tries to shake the kid off his back. Beja and company arrive on the scene to slingshot two bottles of pepper/sand into the cockpit. This distracts Mashima long enough for Judau to climb in. However, Judau gets beat up inside the droid. Mashima plans to throw the kid of his mecha when he accidentally kicks the stop lever. The droid starts leaning forward which causes both guys to fall out of the cockpit. They are both hanging on the edge continuing to kick each other off. Finally, Mashima kicks Judau off but luckily Eno is there to catch him. The kids regroup and head back to the junk pile to search for the Ahgama. This time the team finds it. On the flight deck, Judau makes a break for the Zeta Gundam while the others are fighting security. He finally manages to get into the mecha and walk away with it. Just after the Gundam makes it off the runway, he encounters Mashima's droid. Judau tries to fly the Zeta but he immediately crashes it. The two droids smash around the junk pile until the Zeta accidentally breaks a hole in the space colony's hull. The two droids are sucked into outer space. Note: the two mobile suits instantly closed their cockpits for space combat. Captain Blyto is now on the bridge along with the misfits. He tries to tell Judau how to pilot the Zeta Gundam. Judau ends up pulling out of a collision course with the space colony and giving Mashima's droid a good kick in the head. The captain is impressed with his flying ability so he asks Judau to enlist in the AEUG. Fa and Mashima pass each other in their cars as one leaves and one enters the city. Episode #5 Gemon is on Mashima's Endora trying to make a deal with him. He want to have an opportunity to disable the Zeta Gundam. Mashima remembers a time when Haman gave him the flower. Gemon is accepted and he jumps up and hits himself on his droid. What a goof! In the city, the kids are sitting around doing nothing in particular. Fa ist talking about the Ahgama's need for new recruits while Judau, Beja, Eno and Montow are just relaxing on the steps. Lena, Shinta and Qum are beside Fa. The guys want something in return like payment. She warns them that the ship is not a playground. They ignore her lecture. Judau gets up and steals Beja's apple and the rest of the guys follow him. Fa stops Lena, Shinta and Qum from following. Edo is in the docking bady spying. She sees preparation for the attack on the Zeta Gundam that Gemon plans. Mashima is in his quarters floating in the low gravity. He is laying praise and worshiping his symbol of Haman, the rose. Goton arrives outside his door and he listens in. The auto door accidentally opens revealing Mashima's ritual. He grabs Goton and almost chokes him to death. "You didn't see or hear anything? Right?!?" he yells. Goton launches off in a Gaza-D and Gemon takes off in his Geze with another Gaza escorting them. Edo stops in the car by Fa and the kids. She tells them of the potential threat and Fa immediately takes off in the car. Edo and Lena are left to run to the school to tell Judau, Montow, Eno and Beja. Notice that Arzan Gable is in the alley spying on them. At school Judau and Eno arrive late in their class. peter falls asleep in this class which causes the teacher to throw a vase at him. The bored Qum and Shinta are outside the school. They find two chalk field markers and they immediately grab those and start laying lines down on the soccer field. They decide to draw the Zeta Gundam symbol a Z and a G. Judau is called to the board to do a problem when Edo arrives to call them down. She tells him that the Ahgama is in trouble. Gemon flies by and sees the Z and G on the field and immediately assumes it is a signal for the Zeta Gundam. So he lands and threatens for the Gundam. Judau, Montow, Lena, Shinta and Qum run up on the roof and make noise to distract him. Beja and Eno use rope to tie the Geze's leg around a tree and to Edo's truck. Gemon's droid falls over. Notice that manhole is knocked off during the crash. As the Geze gets up, Arzan attacks but he falls into the open man hole. Fa takes the Z Gundam and flies it away from the hiding Ahgama. Blyto tells her that she has to find Judau. Fa arrives in the Zeta and she drives Gemon away to the outskirts of town. The Zeta is knocked over and the auto door is jammed open. The kids arrive to buy some time for Judau to get into the Gundam. They decide to try to pull a gas tank on Gemon by using the truck to pull off one of the supports. Gemon uses an energy mace to incapacitate Fa. Just then Judau comes up to him and gets him to chase him by telling him to kiss his ass. Beja pulls the tank and it rolls towards Gemon. He runs away and manages to flip it over himself. But this was all the time Judau needed to get to the Zeta Gundam. Judau arrives at the entrance of the cockpit when Fa awakes. She starts her attack just as Gemon comes back. Judau is left to hanging on outside the door. Again, the Gundam is knocked down but this allows Judau to fall on Fa. He quickly gets the mecha to kick Gemon. Judau uses a parry to drop Fa out of the Zeta. Finally, he drops the shield and boxs with Gemon. This confuses him and makes him real dizzy since the cockpit of th Geze rotates about the waist to protect the cockpit. So Judau takes the opportunity to pull out the beam blade and cut off all the extension arms of the thing. Judau also stops the idiot when his cockpit is spinning around and around. Obviously the device is broken. Gemon pleads for his life in a pathetic way and spills the beans about his arrangement with Mashima. Mashima is angered by the goof's failure but he expected it. He remembers the time he got his orders from Haman. He apologizes to her like he would to a deity. [Episodes 06 to 10 missing. Sorry - Ed.] ZZ GUNDAM SUMMARIES ------------------- Revision 1 by William Chow Revision 2 by David Ng and Sheldon Yip Revision 3 by William Chow Episode #11 The Hamma Haman is fitted with a new shield that contains three cannons on it. Kara awaits on the side blackmailing Mashima for a droid. She holds out a tape she made with him bad mouthing Haman. Mashima runs into the head of the R-Jaja. So he consides and gives her the red R-Jaja. Eno is cleaning up the supplies as a chicken gets away from him. Judau manages to catch it but he is soon pecked in the head. Eno finally arrives to grab it. The two help fix up the supplies as they talk. Soon, Lena interupts accidently letting go a chicken escape. The Haro II takes care of the two kids Shinta and Qum. They miss the babysitting done by Fa as she is off visiting Camille. Edo tries to comfort them by taking Fa's place. She finds a mirror and starts admiring it. It is now where Lu walks in and makes a crack at Edo. She is irked so she leaves the room. Qum hushes Shinta as they near the detention block. Goton tries to get the kids to open the door to his cell. He tells them that if he lets him go, he will go and get Fa back. Note Mashima sneezes when Goton mentions his name. Well, stupid as the kids are, they let Goton out of his cell. Lu sees him lose so he picks up Shinta and throws it at her. The chase is on. As Goton rounds a corner, he smashes into Eno with a crate of supplies. He grabs a knife and holds the kid as a hostage. The two guys finally make it to the hangar where they get inside a core fighter. Beja is soon told that there is a hostage taking in the hangar bay. Montow and Beja initiate their plan. Lu and Lena bring the core fighter some supplies that Goton requested. Lu gives him two space suits. Lena gives him a box with a chicken in it which serves as a diversion. They almost were able to get Eno out but he manages to close the cockpit. Meanwhile, Beja and Montow open the hangar doors against Blyto's orders. Goton launchs off with Lu in core base and Judau in the Zeta Gundam following him. During flight, he puts his suit on and gives one to Eno wear. Being the goof he is, the core fighter runs into an asteroid and both men are thrown out of the fighter. The Hamma Haman rises from behind an asteroid to attack the Ahgama. Mashima can't beleive the his eyes when he sees Goton begging on a near by asteroid. He picks him up and puts him inside one of the Gaza-D's. Judau and Lu find the core fighter but none is in it. Mashima, two Gaza-D's and Kara's new R-Jaja fly up to attack the Ahgama. Notice that she is getting a headache controlling the stupid droid. On the Arabian Rose, Eno wakes up tied down on a hospital bed. He wakes up with Emily staring over him. She unties him and shows him to the new experimental core top. She explains that it is the third part of the Double Zeta. The Ahgama is suppose to come by and pick it up. Eno is quite impressed. Suddenly, a bridge personnal tells the that the Ahgama is under attack by four mobile suits. The Zeta Gundam and core base return to the Ahgama to fight the mobile suits. Judau comes up to cut a shield off of a Gaza-D. Mashima rears up to attack the Zeta by using his shield to deliever a glancing blow to the Zeta. Lu flies by Judau to save him. Meanwhile, Beja and Montow find it to be an excellent oppurtunity to escape with the secrets of the Ahgama. The go into the hanger and steal a core fighter. However, the two run into Kara's droid. She picks them up an throws them against an asteroid. The Zeta comes by to lay some fire on her. She pulls out her sword and snaps the top of his shield off. Mashima attacks again with Kara grabbing the Zeta from behind. He uses his shield to distinigrate the Zeta Gundam's head. Mashima is estatic that he has destroyed the Zeta. Judau is forced to eject out of his mobile suit. She floats over to an asteroid where he finds Beja and Montow in their grounded core fighter. He pops in and takes off. Mashima gives chase. Lu tells Judau to hang on. She has Eno coming in the new core top fighter from the Arabian Rose. Judau continues to dodge Mashima's fire while Montow & Beja are cramping the cockpit. Kara stops Mashima from the chase. At this time, Lu and Eno appear on the scene. Eno says that they have to link up. Lu says that the core fighter has to get rid of the extra passengers, namely Montow and Beja. Judau pops the canopy and the two guys get out. He pulls the transformation lever to seal up the core fighter. Lu splits off her core fighter from the core base. Judau links up with the core base in the place of Lu and Eno docks on top of him. The fortress spins itself out into the Double Zeta Gundam. Judau is surprised at the transformation considering th Zeta was nothing like this. Mashima is unmoved as he lunges forward to attack. But he is unable to hit it as he is amazed at the speed of the new Gundam. He tries to hide behind an asteroid but Judau uses his beam blade to cut it half. The Hamma Haman runs firing back at the Double Zeta. His shield cannons are having no effect on the Gundam. Judau pulls out the double barrelled cannon and blows away Mashima's shield. He decides to run. Judau is happy for winning a specatular battle. He comments that the Double Zeta Gundam is easier to use than the Zeta. Maybe even to the point that it was made for him? He goes by the Zeta to pick the body and haul it back to the Ahgama. This is where we get to see the rare picture of the Double Zeta pulling the headless Zeta Gundam. So enters the Double Zeta Gundam. Episode 12 You may have noticed that the opening thing theme song has changed slightly. In this one the music is the same but you start with a pan away form the earth,then a pan upwards of ZZ Gundam. Then you get the same evolution of man sequence followed by Z Gundam transforming into a fighter flying left. Three fighters follow the Z Gundam and combine. Then you get the same sequence of Char and Judau shouting. Following is the combined fighters transforming into ZZ Gundam. Then you see Judau in his space helmet with a galaxy reflection in it. Then you see the ZZ Gundam head followed by the Z Gundam skimming over the surface of the moon, followed by the same giant circuit board. Now you see from left to right (in front of ZZ Gundam): Montow, Peter, Eno, Gina, Edo and Lu. Finally, Judau flys in next to his sister. Gremmy is begging to Mashima to not leave the Endora. However, he has to since Kara and Goton will command it now. As they laugh at him, Gremmy is pushed away from the shuttle. Judau is in the core fighter and he is fooling around the asteroid belt with it. He zips past Beja and Edo who are in the core top fighter. A speck of light catches his eye as he sees a disabled Hizack. He decides to haul it back to the Ahgama. On the bridge of the Ahgama, Lena brings drinks for Blyto and Torazu. They recieve transmission that Judau and Beja are using the AEUG's fighters to tow a Hizack. They tell him to stop it and get to the Arabian Rose. Lena and Lu get suited up and they leave in the core top. Eno sees this and objects to taking Lena along. Blyto thinks about how his own kids are doing. The Endora does a frontal assault on the Arabian Rose. Kara just fires at the Rose while it fires back. Both ships are taking damage as they near each other. Gremmy enters the bridge just as the Endora is about to crash into the rose. He yells "Retro thrusters!" The ship slows down and smashes into the rose. The core base arrives on the scene to see the Endora hitting the Arabian Rose. Lu wonders what the hell is it doing there. Suddenly, Gaza-D's show up and she has to run. By coincedience, Gremmy is in one the Gazas and he spots the AEUG fighter craft. He quickly wonders if it could be Lu Luka. Word of the attack on the rose gets back to the Ahgama just as Beja and Judau are arriving with the Hizack. Blyto tells the two of them to stop fooling around and get to the Arabian Rose because it is under attack. Eno interupts and adds that Lena is with Lu who is flying to the rose in the core base. Judau pulls his fighter away yelling Lena's name. His fighter is jerked back since he is still tied to the Hizack. Beja and Edo yell at Judau to stop and unhook himself. Judau guns the engines of his core fighter as the cable breaks between him and the Hizack. The mobile suit is flung towards the Ahgama along with core top. Edo acts quickly an releases the core top so she can pursue Judau. The neglected Hizack is flung towards the bridge of the Ahgama but a tow cable hooks around a gun of the Ahgama to stop it. Eno goes out to retrieve the suit for parts. Gremmy goes out after core base. Lena gets a buz of new type powers as she signals to Judau her distress. Gremmy grabs on to the fighter to stop it. Lu teases Gremmy which allows her to get up to his cockpit. Once there, she pushes him away and goes in the droid to get it to release the grip. Gremmy acts quickly and fires a rope around the Gaza's gun. Lu takes off on Gremmy but it doesn't take him too long to catch up again. However this time, Judau arrives to give her some cover fire. Five Gaza-Ds are launched off the Endora to fight attacking suits. The combat gets pressing as Judau really needs the help of Beja and Edo. They arrive in the nick of time to save the core fighter. Edo, Lu and Judau try for a link up for ZZ Gundam but there is too much laser fire. Eno contacts the bridge and tells him that the Zeta is flyable. He has stuck the Hizack head on the headless Zeta for the time being. It looks stupid but it works he comments. As he launches off to help his friends, Blyto and Torazu warn Judau in unison. Eno arrives in time to give cover fire for Judau and Edo. This allows the three fighters to join together into the Double Zeta. Judau begins with Gremmy by punching the Gaza-D which sends it flying back. Beja and Edo, who are in the core top/double barrelled gun, complain about the jostling around. The ZZ uses the beam blade to chop up two more Gaza-D's. As the Endora leaves the Arabian Rose, Kara launches off in the R-Jaja. In combat, Judau finds that she has troubles hitting this mobile suit. She grapples the Double Zeta as she hits Judau with some newtype powers. Beja and Edo try to wake him up. Lu fires her guns on the back of the R-Jaja which causes Kara to knock the core base aside. This causes the canopy to open and throw Lena out. The scream of his sister wakes Judau up from his hypontic state. He escapes from her grasp and he fires his double barrelled cannon at her. The shot melts a bit of her droid. He presses the button the ZZ knob which fires the head cannon. This shot destroys the surrounding asteriods and incapaciates Kara's droid. Some Gaza-D's take her away back to the Endora. Judau is frantically looking for his sister. He spots the light from the core base. It is Lu waving a beacon from the cockpit but where is Lena? She tells Judau that Gremmy has grabbed Lena and she is on the Endora. The ZZ takes off in an attempt to find Kara's ship but he can't see it. He points his gun up and fires into space in fustration. Episode #13 The Ahgama is docked on to the Arabian Rose. Emile has a tlak with the mechanic about Blyto and the Ahgama. Meanwhile on the Ahgama, Blyto is eating dinner with the kids. Bega is eating a sandwich and when he bites into it, he sprays Blyto with the ketcup. Ann helps him clean off while we see how the rest of the gang is eating. Monto has he face in his bowl, Edo is standing up heaving at her meat, and Eno is eating with some eiquitette. Blyto accidentally flicks his egg aside and he tries to stab it with his fork but he missies. He quiccly retracts as Ann sees him. Judau evades Lu and her constant nagging. He decides to go to the washrooms to ditch her. Edo arrives on the scene and she goes inot the washroom to talk to Judau. She finds him dressed in a space flight suit ready to go for a rescue mission for Lena. He has ripped a pipe from the tiolet and is ready to fight. Blyto enters the washroom but The managed to hide the evidence. They prop it up as if someone was going to the washroom. Beja and Monto are transforming the ZZ Gundma in the hangar bay. Edo enters the hanger with the space suit on a trolley. Judau is tailing with Lu at he time but as soon as he sees the suit he grabs it. While on his way to the ZZ, the mechanic stops him from taking off with it. On the Endora, Gremmy is trying to charm Lena. She refuses to eat and she wants to leave the table. She sits on the floor on her end of th table. Gremmy looks under the table cloth to see under her dress at her panties. Kara takes off in the R-Jaja and Goton follows in a Gaza-D. Judau is locked in a room until further orders. He looks for an escape and she decides to use the ventilation shaft. Edo and Eno are outside trying to scheme of a way to get rid of the guard, Ann. They start a small smoke fire in the next room. They turn on the alarm and they get the keys from Ann. When they enter his room, Judau was up in the vent but he yells at the since it was all smoke filled in the vents. In the hangar bay, Judau makes a run for the ZZ Gundam. Lu fights with him and the kids SHinta and QUm tie up the mechanic. Edo goes inside the Mark II and tries to read the manual at the same time operate it. She manages to break up the fight between Lu and Judau when she smashes the Mark II into the ZZ. At the same time, she almost knees the tied up mechanic. Notice that Beja nd Montow are already aboard te Double Zeta. Judau opens up the hanger doors to let both suits out. Out in space, Edo spots the incomming suits. Gremmy wonders if it is Lu Luka in the Mark II. They set up a net of mines to make it difficult to operate. Judau uses the beam blade to parry an attack from Goton. Kara hits the droid from the back. Goton tries to Edo. The Endora projects a picture of Lena into the combat area as a threat to Judau. Beja gets excited and he pulls the separation switch on the Gundam. The Mark II fires on Goton which causes him to land in the mines and detonate them. He is forced to eject and Kara has to retreive him. Montow and Beja are also caught by the Endora. Episode #14 The Ahgama and the Arabian Rose fly towards the Moon Moon colony. Emily tackles Blyto in the middle of the hallway. SHe has developed a crush on the legendary captain. The decide to dock with it. As Judau and Edo go for the suits, the ship is attacked by hooded footmen weilding polearm like spears. The ship is taken over by the army. Judau separates the ZZ Gundam into its component pieces. Edo and the the mechanic start mock crying. When Blyto, Lu and Emily arrive, they are start mock crying as well. Judau is punched into unconciousness. The group enters the Moon Moon colony. Goton, Kara, Montow, and Beja are already here. They scatter through the town to do some investigating. Judau is with Lasada and they are seen by Beja. Judau sees Kara and they kidnap her. Beja runs to tell Goton while Montow follows them to keep an eye on them. Blyto is being introgated by the old man of Moon Moon. There is also a woman's voice coming from behind a curtain asking a few questions. Lasada, Judau and Kara talk about the politics of Moon Moon. Montow is outside the window spying on the conversation. Judau thought he heard something but it doesn't notice it. Gremmy ties Lena to a Gaza-D's gun and launches off the Endora and into Moon Moon. Beja takes off in the R-Jaja and he is having lots of trouble controlling it so he crashes it. The shock of the dive almost causes Montow to fall from his window perch. The Moon Moon guys start worshipping the R-Jaja as if it was a diety. Lasada spots Montow hiding in the vines. Goton goes into the temple with his guards and demands them to release Kara. They don't know what he is talking about. Kara, Judau and Lasada sees the Gaza-D's and they wave one down. Kara comoderes the mobile suit and flies up. The Ahgama launches of her fighters: Edo in core base, Eno in core top and Lu in core fighter. They start shooting at Kara when they spot her in the Gaza-D. Beja flies by in the R-Jaja and crashes it near Kara. She tells Beja to get out of her droid which he does immediately. While this trade is going on, Lu trades with Judau. The Gundam team links up into the ZZ Gundam. Kara swings her blade at the ZZ but she misses. Judau is distracted when he sees the Gaza-D's with Lena on it escape. He tries to pursue but Kara grabs him. He gets really angry and she stabs the R-Jaja with the beam blade. She explodes but still manages to escape. The crew of the Ahgama are back in the throne chamber talking to the old man and the mysterious female voice. Judau is curious so he pulls down curtain blocking their view. To his surprise he sees Lasada. "Lasada!?" "Lasada? My name is Salasa!" No you are not going nuts. Salasa an Lasada are almost identical in appearance but Salasa has her moon crescent facing right as in the letter 's'. Lasada has her cresent going left as in 'left'. Episode #15 Salasa holds Edo, Lu, Blyto, Emily, Judau, and Kara for questioning. Judau tries to rally for support until he gets so upset he slaps her. He thougt that Salasa was Lasada. "Wake up!" he exclaims. He is slapped back and forced away by the guards. Blyto initates the crew's breaking run from the temple. Emily falls on her way down the stairs so Blyto has to stop to cover her. Lu stays behind to guard her captain. Everyone else escapes. Edo and Judau take the time to talk of what to do next. They are attacked by spear throwers but Montow and Lasada rescues them with a horse driven chariot. The group goes to the subways to search for an alternate route into the temple. They find a subway car that goes close to where they want. Montow plays around with the controls and gets it working. He gets a swelled head but he is ribbed by everyone else. Lu, Blyto, Kara, and Emily are tied up. The small group attacks their guards to free them. Lu says that she doesn't need any help so Edo plays with Lu and doesn't untie her. Everyone is freed except for Kara of obvious security reasons. They make a break for the speed car in the subway. Goton is outside trying to gain support from the colony rulers. He gets very theatratric with his position. The kids try to make a rush on the ZZ Gundam while Montow follows Lasada to an ancient droid. Beja is seen trying to climb into the Gundam and move it to th Endora. Judau follows him up the wooden truss as Edo and Eno divert the guards. This act doesn't get the duo too far as they are captured and tied up. Judau manages to get inside the ZZ Gundam and fly off to find Lena. Gremmy is alerted and he comes in his red Baw. Note the call letters appear on the screen. Judau flies up and kills a Gaza-D in a tunnel to the landing bay. He is afraid to kill anyone else since he may kill Lena by accident. After all, she is stil tied to a Gaza-D.. He quickly retreats when two more Gaza's chase him. Judau spins around and pins one to the ground. Montow gets the old droid working. He lets Lasada out and the all the soldiers worship her. Gremmy arrives to get Lena. He lands in the wrecked bay to get her. Judau arrives in time to see Gremmy holding Lena go inside the Baro. He tries to give chase but an explosion allows Gremmy to get away. Montow dispatches the last Gaza-D. Beja attacks Montow when he steps out yelling "Who's side are you on anyway?". Notice that Beja is trying to get on the good side of Goton again. The story ends with Judau looking back at Moon-Moon hoping for his sister. Lu and Edo give him words of support. "If I do find her, I wanna go back to the colony and live there." Judau says. "We all wish..." ZZ GUNDAM SUMMARY Typed in by William Chow ZZ Gundam 16 On the Arabian Rose, the Ahgama is still attached to it. Blyto looks at a picture of his wife, Mirai. He begins to change by taking off his uniform. Then Emily comes into the room with her report at hand. She sees Blyto in his under shirt and they both are embrassed. As she hands hime the report she grabs him and asks him to take her. He pushes her back as Miria's photgraph floats behind her. She say goodbye to him as if she wasn't going to see him anymore. Judau comes on the loud speaker talking about Moon Moon. Kara, Shina and Qum are doing laundry when the announcement comes on. He continues to talk about Beja and Montow until Edo comes and kicks him. They start arguing and Eno joins in. Edo finally gets fed up and she throws the handset at Judau which connects on his face. Lena is on the Endora playing her piano. Goton and Gremmy sees that there is a shuttle heading towards the Ahgama. They send out a Gaza-D to intercept and bring it to the Endora. In the hallways, Beja and Montow are carrying Zion uniforms but they are knocked over by Goton. Once the shuttle is captured, the Zions waste no time in interogating the crew. Miri Chirida is the red head girl with the pony tail and glasses and Mechina Mucha is the bigger man who is an AEUG representative. The Endora thinks of a scheme to use the shuttle to get close to the Ahgama and take it over. They get ready their new droid the Baw fighter. There is a nice transformation sequence her where it goes into its backpack fighter mode. Goton leads the attack on the Ahgama without Gremmy's approval. The Ahgama sees two signal flares as the shuttle approaches. Goton has got the two pilots talking and flying at gunpoint. He has stashed a few troops with him so they can storm the Ahgama. Once they have landed, the men come out. The first thing they do is plant a small dinky Zion flag on the roof of the bridge. Goton wants to get into the Gundam Mark II but Edo coems drifting by and she kicks him away. Emily gets word of the invasion on the Ahgama and she calls an alert. Judau is in the hanger by protecting the Zeta Gundam from a Zion trooper. Blyto runs into the hanger only to be held up at gun point by Goton. Emily drifts in the room in an attempt to help but she is caught up by Goton and used as a sheild. Kara hears of the attack and she makes her way to the hanger. She starts harrasing the kids to get them to run. Notice she scrubs Shinta's head with the broom. Edo stops a guy from getting into the Zeta. Judau and the guy continue to fight over the controls. Kara finds Goton holding Emily from behind. She acts as another blocking shield for Goton which surprises him. An explosion opens the hallway to space. Goton and Emily are both sucked out to space but they are both wearing space suits. Goton gets inside the Baw fighter and they start to get ready for combat. Judau uses the crane controls to link and transform the ZZ Gundam in the hangar. He exits the Ahgama by avoiding a strike from the Baw and dodging two missiles. The ZZ gets its change to strike back and it chops off the arm of the red mobile suit. They run away and the bridge wants Judau to get them. He notices that a stream of troops are floating towards the suit. Goton dumps Emily out so he can take his men with all crowd the cockpit. Blyto jumps out and grabs Emily in space. She thanks him and cries. Judau breaks the mushy stuff up and returns them to the Ahgama. Episode #17 Blyto on the Ahgama stares at Emily on the Arabian Rose after a brief period of repairs. Judau and Edo are outside the captain's quarters trying to listen to him. The duo is meet by Qum and Kara with Shinta tied on to her. She has been assigned to clean the deck as a POW (prisoner of war). Suddenly the door opens when an angered captain staring at the nosy kids. Judau goes to the bay to see the Gundam. Miri tells Judau that his sister Lena has disappeared and probably has been captured or killed. He bursts out at her by grabbing her and shaking her about. The scuffle is broken up the people around them. Judau gets enraged and he pushes everyone off the loading ramp of the Mark II. Finally, Miri uses her welding gun as a gun (if that makes any sense to you) and starts to threaten Judau with it. He lurches backward causing him to fall off the ramp. Mechia has to reach into the Gundam to extend its hand to bounce Judau to safety. Finally, when he is firmly on the ground, he yells at Miri for begin an insane nut for teasing him with a live gun. She at first wonders what he is talking about until she sees that she left the flame on with her welding gun. "Oopps" is the right word. However, that isn't the last laugh. Eno reminds Judau that they were painting the Mark II and Judau had conviently planted his hand on the leg of the mobile suit. A couple of Gaza D's are ready and waiting inside an old abandoned space station waiting for the chance to attack the Ahgama. They plan to use the old wreck to get closer to the Ahgama. This is classical Trojan Horse strategy. On the bridge of the Ahgama, Lu spots the ship and points the abandoned space station out to the captain. Meanwhile, Judau is in the men's bathroom washing his hands. Suddenly, Kara burst in and grabs him. She flirts with him by wiggling her breasts in front of his face. She tells him that she will help him get Lena back if he will help her off the ship. At this point, Shinta and Qum gets through the door to grab her leg. During the struggle, the intercom goes on saying that the ship will be preparing for an attack. Kara wastes no time by tying the rope around Judau's neck. He quickly breaks free of this but Kara is gone with Shinta has her hostage. Meanwhile the Gaza-D's are about ready to load up for their assault. However, the goof opened the hatch door forgetting the fact they are in deep space. He quickly closes the hatch so everyone can secure their face helmets. The men ready their suits. Edo joins the chase for Kara. The woman uses Shinta as a sling to get her around quicker. Kara gets in core top and prepares blasts her way out of the Ahgama. Judau tried to stop her but he just got flicked off. Edo gets into the Mark II. Kara blasts a hole in the wall to allow her to escape. Judau mounts up in the core fighter while Eno and Qum take flight in the core base. The Gaza-D's launch their attack thinking they lost the advantage of surprise. The Ahgama sustains a few hits as Edo and Lu launch off in the Mark II and the Zeta Gundams. Edo and Lu take on the Gaza's but they are temporarily distracted by missile fire from them. Miri gives some good cover fire from the Ahgama. She is extremely excited by a couple of good hits. Soon the Gaza pilots notice the three parts of the ZZ Gundam flying around. They turn their attention to them and start firing at Kara. This upsets her since she is being harrassed by Shinta and she is yelling at them to stop firing since she is their spy Kara. Judau manages to successfully link up the core fighter with Kara's core top. Now, with the core top in his control all he has to do is get to link up with Eno in the core base. The Gaza's still try to prevent hook up by firing between the two planes. So Eno fires a volley of missiles to distract them. This buys the guys enough time for Eno to drop out off the core base and allow the core fighter to hook up to it. When the explosions clear, they pilots are fearful since they see the untransformed G-fortress transforming to the ZZ Gundam. The Gaza pilots ingore the mobile suits and make a fly by the Ahgama. They notice the hangar open a crack and they see many weapons firing on them. They run! We soon see that they were fooled by a small band of men operating the large hand guns on the mobile suits giving the illusion of many mobile suits. Suddenly out of an asteroid, a quebley with Poodo as the pilot comes forth to attack the Gundams. She uses a psionic missile that fires lasers and darts from place to place. Edo and Lu can't handle the new menace. Finally, the captian decides to use the main pulse cannon against the space station. The blast scares the quebely way as well as destroy the old station. Judau is freaked out since he believes that Lena is on the now destroyed station. He disconnects the core fighter from the ZZ Gundam to take a desperate look. ZZ Gundam #18 ------------- By asteroid we have a red and a green ship docked. They are the ships used and commanded by Gremmy Toto and Haman Karn. Gremmy goes down an elevator to a house, the Zions main capital. He bows before Haman with her hair let down. They engage in converstion and talk about Pyscho-Gundam. A hollow asteroid containing Judau infiltrates the asteroid. In a bathing room in the asteroid, Poodo plays in her tub. She laughs at the previous dog fight where she toyed with the three Gundams. She runs out of the room and down the hall yelling "Poodo Poodo Poodo". She runs across Gremmy and Lena, however she runs away from him. Montow and Beja get tripped up by a guard of Goton while they are carrying a load of apples. They fall and the apples get spilled all over the near zero gravity conditions. Beja gets mad and starts throwing apples at the guy. He makes fun of him and toys with Beja by catching one fruit and eating it. Finally, Montow stops Beja and suggests to him to wait so they can hitch a ride on Goton's hover vechile. Judau walks around the town. Soon, Poodo surprises him and jumps on his back calling him "o-knee-cha" (brother). Montow and Beja are thrown clear of the vechile. They land in a fruit stand filled with apples (of course). When they realize what happened, they are majorly embarassed as a small group looks on. They try to clean up the mess but the store manager is already there. Judau buys Poodo a large sundae which she is spoon-fed by Judau. Lena feels her brother by a trigger of her new type power. Poodo tries to kiss Judau but he gets up off the chair causing her to fall to the ground. But why not he is fourteen and she is only ten! He tries to leave but she asks him to come to her place. (Pretty forward isn't she??) She doesn't want to leave yet since is still half of a sundae left in the container. He grabs the cup and downs it in a mouthful. Notice the dirty face he has as she cheers. Lena and Gremmy are in a dress shop. Lena is dressed up in a gown that she selected. When Gremmy isn't watching, she makes her break for it and runs away. When she is outside, Lena runs into Montow and Beja with a load of apples from the stand. They hassle a car from a girl and use it as a getaway vechile from Gremmy. Poodo buys Judau an ice cream cone for Judau. He eats it in one bite and again she cheers. Gremmy comodeers a car to chase Beja, Montow and Lena. Notice, that Beja's car passes Judau piggy-backing Poodo. The car arrives by the mobile suit bay where Beja notices the red Baroo. The trio piles in as Gremmy arrives on the scene to see his droid moving away. Beja steps on Gremmy's car. Goton and his compliment of guards arrive on the scene in his car. He sees the guard that tripped him earlier so Beja fires the head auto cannon on the car. The chase is on as the Baroo continues after the misfits of guards. Judau carries Poodo into her palace. It just happens to be the home of the Zions central figure head. He his curious as the guards pull their guns on him but then they quickly salute as they see her on his back. Who is she? We now see Haman with her hair down, wearing sunglasses and a swimsuit lying on a lawn chair sun tanning. She suddenly feels a tingle of new type powers due to the presence of Judau. Since she has never meet him, she assumes it is the return of Char Aznable. Judau waits as Poodo gets changed, but he is bored so he escapes by walking out on the ledge. He falls off and is held up by Haman with a gun. She uses her new type powers to study this powerful potential new type. The Baroo comes flying by the house. Beja breaks off the right control stick and crashes it near the house. The ground shaking shock causes Haman to fall and allows Judau to run and escape. Judau gets outside and takes off in a car. He drives off the airlock where he has parked his asteroid. He hopes he is not too late. He finds his core fighter in his fake asteroid. He is soon encountered by Poodo in her Quebley Mark II. She is toying around as she grabs his fighter plane. Miri and Eno arrive in core top and the base that were hidden in some more fake asteroids. Poodo gets uptight and uses her new type powers to launch off the pysihic missiles. The small bits fire at the core base and hits it a few times. Jdau flies towards her and the use of new type powers stuns her for a bit. This allows him to link up the core base and core top to form the ZZ Gundam. He uses the double barrelled gun to blow up her psychic missiles. He blows up five, two and six missiles in three blasts. She gets pissed off and runs away crying. Judau pursues. Chapter 19: The Ahgama is flying near an asteroid field trying to find the enemy forces. Haman's and Gremmy are both hiding in the field. Hizack's are doing regular patrol in an attempt to find the AEUG forces. The Zeta Gundam and the Mark II are inside an fake asteroid doing reconnaissance. Edo is in the Mark II and Lou is inside the Zeta. Montow and Beja are being interrogated by Gremmy. However, he is getting stupid answers to his questions by these two. Suddenly the a large jolt shakes the ship. Judau has arrived in the ZZ Gundam. He wants to sell the Gundam to Gremmy. However, his cover is blown when Poodo recognizes him as the cute guy from the AEUG. Gremmy locks him up in the brig. Beja and Montow find the ZZ Gundam in the hanger and are surprised to see it there. Beja schemes of a way to steal it and sell it to someone else. Judau hears the faint piano playing of his sister, Lena. Poodo interrupts him from an air vent above him by offering to set him free. However, she is tricked when he ties her up and gags her. At this time, Judau doesn't care too much for her. The Ahgama approaches the Zion ships. The attack begins with the two Gundams in the asteroid removing their cover and attacking. They lay waste to a Gaza guard post. Edo goes inside the ship to find Judau, Montow and Beja while Lou remains outside in the Zeta Gundam. Judau arrives in the hanger bay just in time to see the ZZ Gundam walking away. Gremmy also runs into the bay and sees this so he boards his Baroo droid to chase it. Since Beja cannot pilot the Double Zeta very well, he gets caught. Gremmy is about to strike the ZZ but is bowled over when Edo blasts her way into the hanger. She destroys one of her Gaza-D pursuers. Poodo also appears and stops Gremmy from harming Judau. She shows them that she has Lena and takes off in her Quebley. Judau follows her. Edo holds Gremmy under gun point but she is distracted when he launches up the back pack fighter off the Baroo fighter. Her mistake almost cost her life and the Mark II but she manages to remount on the rocket sled before the Gazas could fire on her. Out in space, Lou is engaged in a distractive combat. She chops one Gaza in half, launches two missiles into one, punches another in the head, and energizes her beam sword through another. Poodo is flying through the Zion population center in her mecha. She plays around with Judau by making him crash into her. The two robot land in the middle of a children's park. Lena tries to get out but Poodo keeps kicking her back inside the Quebley. Finally, Poodo resorts to using her "new-type" powers. She launches streams of missiles at Judau. She goes berserk and starts wiping out large parts of the Zion city. Soon, Lena calms her down and the psionically controlled missiles drop harmlessly. Gremmy comes and takes the quebley away and Judau follows. Edo finds the two as they leave the ship. Everyone notices the approaching Ahgama so they all head toward it. Captain Blake decides to use the pulsar cannon and blow up the Zion base. Judau uses the ZZ Gundam to block the path of the shot because he remembers the little kids that are also the ship. Blyto thinks about this for a bit. Finally, Judau is forcefully removed by Edo and Lou. The Ahgama fires the gun and the asteroid/base is destroyed. Poodo is brought back to the Zion ship by Gremmy. Beja, Montow and Judau are thrown into the brig for insubordination. Notice Kara is also in the brig. Episode 21 Judau tries to cheer Senshira up with his comical behaviour. However, she breaks out crying. Torazu tries to comfort her while the rest of the group leaves. Notice that Edo continues to watch over Senshira since she suspects that she is a spy. Zion leader discusses his plans to use a shuttle to destroy the AEUG base. This guy is the leader of many spies including Kara and Peter. The guy is a goof which explains why he trusts Peter. Kara is feeling rather horny and she makes a pass at Blake. Lou stops her and the two have a short scrap over the captain. Judau and Edo interrupt the argument. The group is informed that enemy forces are approaching the base and starting to fire. Senshira and her escort also arrive in the room to see what was happening. Kara knocks them over and takes Senshira as a hostage. The two girls make a break for the hanger bay where Kara steals the Mark II Gundam. The guy in red Torazu, Beja, Montow, and Eno try to catch her but they are knocked off the Gundam. Judau gets into the ZZ Gundam to pursue her. However, the base calls the Gundam to defend the base until the Ahgama and the shuttle lifts off. Kara manages to get the Gundam stuck in a short crawl space. Montow, Beja finally to catch up to her. After Torazu rescues Senshira, Kara gets away in a small car. Shortly she stops at a window overlooking the flight bay. In the hangar, Senshira is handed a suitcase by the Zion captain, Goton. During the evacuation of the base, she stops to talk to Torazu. He yells at her for her selfishness and he finally abandons her crying. The Double Zeta is now outside poised for combat. The shuttle launches out of the bay and tries to make a break for it. However, the enemy forces hold it in place. Senshira discovers that she is carrying a bomb in her suitcase. She realizes she has been used by the Zions to destroy the AEUG ship the Ahgama but she ended up boarding a civilian shuttle instead. Judau comes in to attack the enemy mecha. He rips one in half with his gun and cuts another one in half with his beam sword. The last mobile suit retreats. Senshira is already suited up and ready to carry the bomb off the shuttle. She sees the opportunity to jump on to the retreating mobile suit. Judau almost dismisses todays combat until he notices a glitch on his monitor. With some magnification, he soon discovers someone his hanging on to the retreating mecha. Judau gives chase to the Zion droid. The droid retreats all the way back to the Goton's ship. The bomb explodes and blows up the droid, Senshira and the enemy ship. So much for the goofy crew of the Endora and Goton. Judau is saddened at the loss. Torazu commends her for her act of bravery as well as mocking the enemy for the plan that backfired. He wishes her a nice future. Episode 22 A shuttle lands supplies on the Ahgama. Part of the new consignment are three droids one of them being the Hyshashiki. The orders from Granada is to intercept Haman using the high mega-cannon. Judau and Beja argue about the Double Zeta. Montow speculates with his own design of the Gundam. Shinta and Qum hear Beja and Montow make plans behind Judau's back. Eno and Judau continue to work with the Gundam as we see it transform. Anna picks up the kids as they yell stuff at her. We now visit Haman's forces where we see a Zssa protecting a red ship, the Sedoran. Lakan launches off in his Dreissen with a complement of droids. Haman does a projection speech to her troops about supporting an expansion of Neo-Zion influence. Lu runs into Qum, Shinta, and Anna as the Ahgama puts on the attack alert horns. Judau wants to take off in the Double Zeta. He has a necklace of gernades since he plans to enter the Sedoran to find his sister. Eno tries to stop Judau but he is tangled up some rope connecting some explosive crates to the ZZ. Judau flies out and soon realizes he has Eno as a tag along. He stops and lets he guy in after an abrupt halt. The Zions begin their attack. Lu launches off the Ahgama in the Zeta Gundam and Edo in the Mark II Gundam. The Double Zeta flies in to destroy a Zssa. He flies by the bridge when a green droid flies by spraying shots at him. Judau fires up some diversion as the droid crashes into the battleship and blows it up. Judau flies by Haman's ship. She quickly reacts by sending out a projector image telling him that he can land on her ship. So he does. Once aboard, he is wisked away from the guards by Haman. She brings him to a private room to talk with him. She learns that he is Judau Ashta. Haman tries to use her charm to get him to join her. She realizes at this point, he possess new type powers. Haman tries to kiss Judau but they are spotted by guards. He runs. Lakan's ship, the Mindora, is spotted by the Ahgama so they start firing on each other. The two ships attack each other broadside. Blyto decides to use the pulsar cannon to scare off his attacker. Judau runs away using his gernades to clear a path. He finds a control tower so he throws a gernade inside. The controller sees it and takes off before it explodes. Eno sees the explosion, so he opens the hatch for Judau. The Double Zeta Gundam blows a hole in the airlock door and escapes. On the way back to the Ahgama, Judau meets Lakan in his blue droid. He tries to fire at him but Lakan gets the first and second blow in by chopping the double barreled gun, and scraping the chest armour. Lu and Edo arrive on the scene to provide some distraction. Judau attacks back with two beam blades to chop the droid into two pieces. However, Lakan gets away in the escape pod. We close the episode with a scene of Lena with Gremmy doing ballet lessons. Note the Japanese accent put into the French counting! Episode #23 Poodo is begin brainwashed by Gremmy. She is forced to make Judau her enemy. She sits in a chair very similar to the one in the Quebleys. She sees the Mark II coming in on her firing. Then the picture switches to the Zeta Gundam attacking her. She has her finger on the trigger but she can't bring herself to fire. The Double Zeta comes bearing down on her. It fires a shot at would have hit her in the stomach. She screamsas she passes out. Lena hears a woman's cry so she comes to her help. Gremmy stops her as he leaves the testing area. The doctor carries Poodo away to her room. Beja and Montow are in the hanger bay of the Ahgama when they meet up with Blyto, Qum and Shinta. The captain also takes the time to talk to Judau who is working near the ZZ Gundam. He sympathizes with Judau for the loss of Lena. Lu and Edo join in the conversation as they drift over to the Hyakushiki. Gremmy transfers on to Haman's ship where he has her meet Poodo. In a hanger full of Zssa's. They must prepare to re-enter the atmosphere to go to Dakar in Africa. Torazu studies the data for Dakar. Judau enters the bridge with a basket full of stuff for he crew. He notices that there may be trouble so he goes to gt suited up. Judau jumps into the hangar. He hurls the Haro at Lu to knock her out of the way. He jumps into the Zeta, yes Zeta not ZZ. I think this is due to the fact that the Zeta can re-enter the atmosphere.without the aid of a jel bag. Gremmy had Pood go out to attack and keep the Double Zeta occupied. Gremmy goes along in his Zssa. They meet up wih th Zeta Gundam where Poodo first fires missiles and knocks the Zeta off balance. Judau runs to evaluate the situation. Gremmy tells Pooddo to wait since the Zeta Gundam could be pilotted by Lu Luka. The Gundam team launches off the Ahgama. Lu is in the Zeta, Edo in the Mark II and Beja in the Hyakshiki. Judau has to draw out his beam blade to stop an attack frm Gremmy. At this point, he spots Haman's fleet as well as Gremmy's fleet. He leaves Baw to make a path towards the Endora. The Gwadeun transforms as it tucks itself in for the plundge into the atmosphere. The Ahgama is under attack by a squadron of Zssas. Lu pilots the ZZ Gundam well as she uses he head cannon to wipe out four Zssa's in one blast. Judau uses the Zeta to grab the Quebley so he can talk with the pilot. She opens he canopy to allow her to see Judau. However, Poodo is holding a gun to him. She is forced to shot at Judau due to te brainwashing. They separate as Beja and Edo arrive in the Hyakushiki and the Mark II. They fire and hit the Quebely in the head. She is out of control and begins to fall into the atmosphere. Judau gives chase and allows her to sit on top of the Zeta when in wave rider mode so she doesn't burn up on reentry. The Mark II is on a sled. Beja doesn't know what to do whn his mobile suit starts to heat up but he manages to find the jel bag controls. Lu likewise activates hers on the ZZ. The Ahgama opens her shute to reenter the Earth. Episode #24 Hizacks and variations protect a base at Dakar. The await the attack from the AEUG. The Ahgama finishes reentry so it discards the jel bag, and unfolds its wings. There is excitment in the air as many of these kids have been only brought up on the stations. It is a thrill to be on Earth. Judau checks on Poodo, who is just unconcious. The Ahgama is in the Atlantic Ocean not too far away. A mobile suit pops its head up to see what it has on the radar. The Caple finds the Ahgama. It bursts up and launches missiles at it. The first volley splashes the water near the ship. Lu launches off in the Zeta Gundam. She discovers that that Capule is not as easy to hit as it might seem. Judau is summoned to the bridge to be told about an assignment that he is suppose to do. He is to be picked up by a speedboat according to a morse code signal from their spies in Dakar. A fast boat arrives on the side of the Ahgama to take Judau aboard. Edo has to pull Poodo off Judau since she was getting in the way. Judau arrives on the shore where the African man introduces Judau to his wife. Poodo wants to help Judau out so she manages to get awy from Eno and Edo and steal a core fighter. The two quickly give her pursuit. Judau's host is unexpectly pulled away for some business Judau is very curious so he follows. He finds out that the guy associates with the Zions. He is expected to pilot the Capule and spearhead an attack against te Ahgama. Judau grabs him and shakes him about. It seems that he looks like a traitor but he really needs a situation where he can escape. The guy punches Judau in the stomach and leaves him there. The Capule launches from the base with an escort of five Marine Hizacks. Judau is awakened by the guy's wife. He quickly remembers that he has to warn the Ahgama. Suddenly, a core fighter enters the cave. It is Poodo in the stolen core fighter. She is jealous as Judau as she sees him with another woman. The two board the plane and head back to the Ahgama. When they arrive, the ZZ links together into the G-Fortress mode. Judau goes underwater to find the Capule. He finds the Hizacks just as the are about to fire. He transforms up to the ZZ Gundam and starts killing. He wipes out two with his gun, two with a blade and the last one he points the gun to a head and blows it away. He centers his attention on the Capule which the ZZ grabs and flips around. Tammon is told to go back and reliate. The pilot goes back to the marine base and rams the Capule into it. He swims ashore to greet his wife again. Episode #25 The Zions talk about Minaba and the AEUG, particularly the Gundams. They prepare the desert Zaks for combat. Edo, Montow and Beja are dusting off the joints on their mecha. Poodo in side the Megarider using one of the bays as a bathtub. Judau takes the Zeta Gundam to scout out the area. He switches to waverider mode and takes off. Poodo wonders where Judau has gone and discovers he has taken off in the Zeta. She begins chase as she uses the Megarider. Unfortunately, Lu and Eno were on the ladder up to the Megarider so they got bumped off on to the desert sand. Poodo catches up to the Zeta and she tells Judau to hop on the Megarider. A green Zak spies and photographs this information and returns back to base. The commander launches off the attack force. Poodo gives Judau a drink. As he is sipping from the cup, a missile explodes nearby. A droid attacks from the top of a desert hill. Judau discovers he is in a trap with other mobile suits pop up from the desert. A suit jumps into the sun to attack Judau but the Zeta pulls out the beam sword to parry him. Judau stops for a second to let Poodo out of the cockpit. Machine cannon fire riddles the ground near her as she is almost hit. The Zeta fires back and blows the guy's arm off. Judau sees that Poodo is back in the rider so they run from the scene. Montow is relaxing in a hammock by his suit. Beja comes over and knocks him to the ground for being lazy. The Zion general briefs his troops on how the attack on the Gundam team will work. They will bury the suits and attack when they are in range. Poodo shows Judau a map. They really didn't need it as they encounter the rest of the team. Suddenly, they are being attacked by missile fire from a (singular) mobile suit. Poodo goes inside the Megarider, Judau in the Zeta goes into waverider, and the remaining three pile on the Megarider. The single suit is dodging fire from the Gundam team as he lures them into the trap. The guy is begging his captian to give him cover fire. "Spring the trap! Spring the trap! Hurry!" A wave a shots come out the sand towards the two. The Zak is hit and he blows up as a casuality of the massive barrage. The Zeta backs away as he is tripped up by a suit appearing from the ground. As Judau is on the ground, a Zak is about to hit him when laser blasts from the Gundam team knocks him off. The team fights an easy battle. Edo is knocked down but Lu gives her a bit of help in the ZZ. Finally, there is a Dwange against the three Gundams and the Hyakushiki. The commander looks at his destroyed forces. He does a suicide charge on the Zeta but Judau pulls out his blade and chops him down the middle. The town nearby has a memorial for their dead peoples. Vancouver Animation ZZ Gundam #26 Episode 26 starts with the new theme song, "Silent Voice, Silent Eyes", so here is the description of the opening credits. First, you see a galaxy followed by Haman standing in the distance on the right with her back facing you. Then you see ZZ Gundam flying around followed by a pan of the female characters left to right: Kumu, Lena, Edo, Emily, Lu, Kara, Miri and Poodu. Then you see Judau followed by Amuro Ray and Camille. Next, you see Judau in a space suit running towards you transform slowly into ZZ Gundam. Next, you have Poodu turning her head around followed by Haman floating diagonally to the right. If tradition is followed from Zeta Gundam, this is a bit of forshadowing. Remember what happened to Four Murasame? Following this, you see ZZ Gundam fighting a mobile suit that resembles the Quebeley type (piloted by Haman in Z Gundam) but you only see its silouhette in the distance. Then you see the picture of the moon with ta ZZ Gundam flying over the surface followed by Judau's face in this space helmet with the galaxy reflection. Finally it ends with a picture of the galaxy which appeared in the beginning of all these scenes. Judau is following camel tracks in the desert in the core fighter. He is flying so low he almost smashes into a low dune. Soon, he finds the camel that made the tracks. The devil in Judau makes him sweep low in order to scare the camel but he crashes his fighter in a low hill. When he steps out of this plane and he meets the camel owner, Masei. She gives him water and offers him a ride. The Gundam team is standing around waiting for Judau. Eno makes the mistake of leaning his hand on the surface of the mobile suit and burns his hand. Edo and Lu are arguing over the water supply. Montow and Eno have to restrain Edo from provoking a scrap between the two girls. Finally, the arguemment is settled when Poodo dumps the water over herself. Now the two bickering twins turn their attention to the little brat. They pick her up and harass her for wasting their supply of water. Poodo runs out towards the desert calling Judau's name. Surprisingly, Judau appears on camel-back. Masei drops the young boy off but she takes note that he and his companion are mobile suit pilots. The gang is stopped by the town's people from entering and taking their water. After seeing the resistance they skip that idea for now and suit up for combat. They see the suit and following into the arena where Masei is ready to fight. A trap mine causes the Zeta and the Hyakushiki to trip and fall. Lu changes the Zeta into wave rider mode and files away to regroup. Masei discovers tha her gun is out of power so she now has to resort to close hand to hand combat. She grabs a hose which blows up sand and dust. She tries to spray the mobile suits but Montow gets daring and charges her in the Mark II. He falls into a quicksand-like trap. As the Mark II slowly sinks, Eno comes over to try to give Montow a hand hold to grab on to. Masei flies up and attacks Eno's Megarider. She almost hits them but some missiles explode on her back. It is the core fighter with Judau and Poodu! Judau gets Edo to link up with him so they can make the ZZ Gundam. Lu goes over to help Montow out of the hole. Judau squares off with Masei. He uses his cannon to blow away the cover she uses. She charges against the Gundam team without listening to Judau's pleas to stop fighting. He cuts off the head and the arms off her mobile suit. Judau punctures her cockpit with the ZZ fingers. He gives the controls of the Gundam to Poodo while he steps out to rescue her. He manages to get her to safety before her suit blows up. Poodo protects Judau and Masei wih the ZZ Gundam body during the explosion. Masie is back with her people and her town. She apologizes to her Zion husband for failing. Poodo cries in sympathy. Episode #27 Haman's and Gremmy's ships are by a city where their captains are attending a party. Lena watches the fireworks going off outside. She is dressed in a pink dress for the Zion cermonies which she is unhappy to go to. In her distress, she knocks over a vase sitting on a near by table. She she begins to clean it up, she cuts herself as the maid enters. Haman, Minaba and Gremmy parade through the city streets in their cars. Lu, Montow and Beja are spying around in the audience trying to see what the spectical is. Meanwhile, Judau and Edo are near the hall where everyone is suppose to meet. Poodo arrives to call them away from their post. That evening, Judau takes off in the core fighter. Poodo is all upset so Edo has to slap her to settle her down. The rest of the gang get into their mecha and prepare for attack and crash the Zion rally party. Beja in Hyakashiki, Edo in Mark II, Eno in core top, Judau in core base, Lu in Zeta, and Montow and Poodo in Megarider. At the dance, Lena gets a sudden flash of new type powers which almost causes her to faint. She senses the surprise attack by her friends. Poodo is very impatient so she premarturely fires on shore batteries with the cannon on the sled. A Zssa and more AA batteries are destroyed. The attack has begun!! Judau lands and tries to infiltrate the hall. He notices he has forgot about the wire fence around the complex. He looks up and sees the Zeta Gundam fly overhead. He runs out waving his arems in the air. Lu notices his signal to take out the wall so she spins aroud and knocks a droid through it. Judau easy slips on to the hall grounds. Lena senses this with her powers. She quickly excuses herself from the party. However, this is fine and dandy but Haman also feels Judau coming. Judau gets inside but he is soon meet by Haman holding a gun to him. She tries to convince him that his gesture is totally useless against the Zion alliance. She tries to persuade him to join them. She fires a shot that grazes his shoulder. At this point, Lena appears into the scene and she shields him. A droid explodes near by so Judau uses the oppurtunity to attack her. Haman shoots and nicks Lena instead of Judau. Judau is angered and he starts using his new type powers. Haman, Edo, Beja, Gremmy, Lu, Montow, Poodo and Eno feel him use his powers. Lu finishs off another droid, Gremmy gets a head ache and Eno sees the ghost like apparation appear from the building. Judau conjures a ghost like image that Haman shoots at but normal ordinances have no effect. She runs back to her room crying in panic and shaking scared. Lena and Judau go to the main floor where there is a mess of guests questioning the guards. She uses her influence and a few words about Minaba & Gremmy they manage to get outside. The two run to the core base. Gremmy soon finds out their plan and runs after them. At the core fighter, Judau and Lena find it is guarded. However, with the appearance of the Aldmoura and its compliment of GM's, the guards run away. Judau gets in and takes off. However, Gremmy is hot on their tail with his Baroo fighter. Judau sends out a flare to summon Eno and Lu so he can get the other pieces of the ZZ Gundam. The two come to Judau's help by taking the Baroo off his tail. Poodo gets into the act by destroying a droid firing at the core base. Meanwhile, Edo and Beja get some help in the city by Hiato's GM's. Lu punches Gremmy and she runs away. Judau is hit so he is forced to land in the water. Chapter #28 Hiato's air ship launches many mobile suits into the water to repel an impeding attack from Hamam Karn. Meanwhile, she is preparing to attack and fires a laser blast which hits his ship for some damage. Poodo uses her new type powers to foresee the combat and she runs to tell someone. Beja and Edo are in a city caught in cross fire by the Augusto under the Gremmy's command. Montow and Poodo find Judau and Lena inside a core fighter. The two are still alive but unconscious. Lu also arrives on the scene with the Zeta Gundam. When Judau awakens, he notices that Lena is gone. He is told by Montow that Lena was carried away by Poodo to a safehouse. Poodo and Lena have an argument in which Lena picks up a pipe and starts hitting Poodo with it. Poodo finally disarms Lena and holds her across the neck with her pipe. Judau follows the voices to see the fight. In combat, Edo loses her power sled due to enemy fire. Poodo hears Beja and Edo's cries for help with her new type powers. Judau runs to his core and tells Poodo to say put and look after Lena. Judau arrives at the combat to knock Gremmy off his sled. Suddenly, Edo, Beja and Judau see the Ahgama approaching. Judau knocks off another droid from the Augusto's reinforcements. The Aghama fires its pulsar cannon at Haman's ship doing some damage on it. Judau, Eno and Montow linkup into the ZZ Gundam when Eno launches a pile of missiles to get rid of Augusto. When Judau engages Gremmy in the Double Zeta, he knocks him off his sled. The girl (second command under Gremmy) attacks the Gundam by grabbing its legs. However, Judau turns on his thrusters to drag the woman across the water. Poodo runs out of the hut to go fetch some water for Lena. Lena manages to use her new type powers to over hear a conversation between Lu and Gremmy. The distraction was enough to allow the blonde haired woman to cut off the Zeta's shield. Lu uses her new type powers to blast her droid and her sled. The woman falls towards the hut where Lena and Poodo are. Poodo and Judau are powerless to stop the decent and the droid crashes and sets the hut on fire. Judau only manages to find a piece of cloth near the burning hut. Poodo tells him that she went out for some water for Lena. She is assumed to be dead. Gremmy lands his Baroo and holds Judau at gun point. Judau tells him that Haman's forces are near and they are preparing to mount a large counter-strike. Gremmy leaves the group alone to attend more pressing matters. Lou takes the piece of cloth that Judau is holding and chucks it into the burning hut. She tells Judau you have to forget about her. She is dead and you can't do anything about that fact. The sets Judau in a state of shock. Chapter #29 The Aghama is flying over a desert region in the campaign for Africa. Judau sits outside on the launch bay in his core broken up by the death of his sister Judau. Lu and Edo argue over Judau's behaviour. Edo tells Lu that she should apologize to Judau. She runs up to Judau and tells him that the war must go on and he should forget the past. Judau pushes her aside and runs away. Poodo tries to comfort Judau when he arrives at the door of the bridge. Gremmy has a meeting with Haman in which he later sends out an attack party towards the Ahgama. Lou is working on a piece of mecha when she accidentally drops a wrench from her suspended bench. She asks Beja to throw it back up to her. Since he is a bit pissed off at her still, he throws it back up just out her reach causing her to almost fall off her work station. Montow then tells Beja to make her come down to pick up her own wrench. When she arrives on the floor beside the two boys, Montow starts to argue with her by telling her that it was not a nice to make matters hard on Judau. He also pulls her pony tail and she slaps him. After a lot of bickering, Eno arrives to end the arguement. Lu takes off in a core, Beja in the yellow Hyakushiki, Edo in the Zeta Gundam, Montow in Mark II Gundam, and Judau in the core top. Judau is haunted by memories of Lena and his relationship with Poodo. Lu is the first to encounter Gremmy's forces. She is almost hit twice before the rest of the gang arrives. Beja and Montow remember that Lu and Gremmy had something going a long time ago. Beja comes up with a idea to destroy Gremmy and get even with Lu. Beja and Montow chase after Lu in an attempt to snag her plane. Finally, the Hyakushiki manages to grab the nose and hold her in his arms. Beja calls Gremmy and tells him that he has got his former girlfriend Lu in his core. This distracts Gremmy long enough for Beja to ram his droid into his Baroo fighter with Lu as a shield. Lu and the core is flipped off the droid before Beja stabs the Baroo. The robot explodes but Gremmy escapes and survives the blast. Lou gets back inside her jet and takes off leaving Gremmy stranded in the desert. At a desert city, Judau blasts a droid in the arm while Eno hits one in the head. The rest of the team goes to combat the flames in the desert city. The city has just lost a few ghosot The crew of the Aghama dismisses Lu as a traitor while she flies over the afternoon battle sight. Episode 30 Lu covers her core fighter wit a camoflage tarp in the desert. She prepares to head into a town that she passed over. Gremmy is dying of heat and exhaustion. He sees a Zak tanker heading his way and he collapses in joy. The guys stop and pick him hup. They are very wary as they see his uniform to be a Neo-Zion. Lu is at the gates of a city trying to get in but the guards won't let her pass since they suspect that she could be a spy. She thinks quickly and she makes a play on a blande guy who just happen to be walking by the gate. He waves the guards off and he takes her away with him. On the Ahgama, the Gundam team is applying an oil over the mobile suits to protect them against the sand. Beja gives the sprayer to Poodo who loses control of it. She ends up soaking Beja and Edo before she drops it. Shinta turns off the main hose before too much oil is lost. Eno, Montow, and Shinta then clean up the mess. Lu and the guy go underground via an escalator to a city shopping complex. Note the "Village K" sign. Poodo is talking to Blyto. Judau runs off and launches off with the Zeta and Eno follows with the sled. Edo, who is in the Mark II steps on the sled to give him assistance. Gremmy arrives in the city that Lu does and he also finds the door that leads to the underground city. He remembers how she was treated by the Zak tanker commander. He falls down the escalator right in front of a couple. They giggle and Gremmy tries to look inconspicious. He spots Lu with another guy as they enter a bar. Lu is brought a drink by the new blonde. Suddenly, a hand grabs the blonde's sholder. They both look over to see Gremmy provoking a fight. The two men fight over Lu until Gremmy finally grabs Lu and runs away. The Africans talk about Gremmy and the Neo-Zions but they are soon alerted to combat as they p[ick up mobil suits approaching. Lu gets away from Gremmy by telling him to "GET LOST" (with a bit more tactful way). Poodo is with Judau and she is extremely itchy. She bothers Judau by hugging him. Edo and Eno notice this as the Zeta weaves back and froth. They quickly see several suits on sleds approaching them. These mechs are from the Zak tanker we saw earlier. Combat starts with the Mark II taking a hit to the shield. He lands on the Zeta so Judau lands the wave rider and he transforms into the full Zeta. On the ground, the two advisaries fight as Eno and Edo take on the other suits. Edo manages to get a good hit on their Eyezack. Poodo uses her new type powers to determine where the enemy is going to jump out from. She manages to pinpoint it but Judau is unable fire his gun before it gets knocked away. Judau is about to jump and fire his arm missiles but Poodo stops him. At first he wonders way but the answer becomes apparent when a streak of missiles streak by. They have been launched by the captain of the tanker. The Zeta retreats and hides behind some rocks. Lu meets up with the blonde guy but she gets away from him by slapping him. The Zeta makes a break for the beam rifle that was knocked away earlier on in the fight. Lu arrives on the scene with her core fighter and she blows up a sled and the Zack. Judau is stunned for a second by an impulse of new type powers. The enemy captain charges and fires at the proned Judau. Poodo uses her new type powers to throw up a screen and hit the thrusters to lift off the ground. Edo arrives in the Mark II to hail shots at the suit. The team doesn't clelebrate yet as Poodo warns them of the Zak tanker that is approaching them. The Gundam team runs back to the Ahgama. Gremmy rescues the mortally wounded captain, Dejo. However, it is too late to save him. Chapter 31 Ero explains his battle with the Gundam and his desire for revenge. Gremmy then supplies his new ally with a blue Gelgoo. The two test the droid to see how well it works. However, Ero stumbles and accidentally damages the mobile suit. The Ahgama has suffered some damage but is functional. The captain talks to Peter and Montow about their situation. He tells them to go to the city to find Judau, Poodo, Edo, Eno, and Lou. The pair take the last two sections of the ZZ Gundam towards the city. Edo and Eno are guarding a Gundam under a camouflage net. Judau and Poodo arrive and pry them away from their post. They go to the city to search for Gremmy. When Lou arrives at the rendez-vous point, she finds the Gundam unguarded. Angrily, she drives away. Gremmy talks to the blond-haired leader of the desert city. Judau and his team arrive into the town. Poodo is suddenly alerted by her new-type powers. When she tries to follow it, the group runs after her. They arrive in a busy district of town where many draped merchants are converging. They wonder if they will ever find anything in the city. Suddenly, the town prophet begins preaching to the crowd. All the townspeople kneel down to pray and pay tribute. Naturally, Gremmy stuck out like a sore thumb and so did Judau and his friends. They instantly recognize each other and are prepared to attack when Edo realizes that the city is being surrounded by assault forces. The invasion force is under the command of a purple haired man who resembles an Augusto. Under his command, a black combat leader Gadebu initiates the attack on the city. Ero, who is still repairing his droid, notices that the city is being attacked. He prepares his mobile suit to defend the city. Judau's friends scramble around the city trying to return to their mecha. The group is spotted by a droid but Ero engages the enemy mecha before it fires on the team. Ero destroys the enemy droid by splitting it into two with his beam pole. Gremmy stops the droid which is piloted by the black guy. He is recognized by the commanders of the attack force. Meanwhile, Judau and his group arrive back that the sight where they hid the Gundams but they find none. They are worried until they see the cockpit of the core fighter with Lou inside. "What are you doing here?" Edo asks. "You ought to be more careful" Lu warns. "If Lu didn't cover our mecha up, they would be trashed" says Eno. "I didn't know you cared" Edo said sarcastically. "I camouglaged it if for the sake of others NOT for the likes of YOU" returns Lu. Judau stops them from throwing insults at each other and assigns his group to their mecha. Lu gets the core fighter, Edo gets the Mark II Gundam, Eno and Poodo get the sled, and Judau gets the Z Gundam. Ero attacks two guys by splitting them with his beam scimitar. Gremmy talks to the attackers about the presence of the Gundam around the city. Gremmy gets a droid to go help fight the Gundam. The black guy finally encounters Ero and attacks him. The Zeta and the Mark II Gundams arrive. Gremmy joins the two black guys to attack the Gundams. Edo is knocked off her sled and falls down. She is almost hit by the black guy when Eno and Poodo block the shot the sled. Judau comes to cover Edo and Lu flies overhead spraying the black guy. Judau reviews their situation. There are two Gundams and a core vs. three droids. Suddenly, Montow and Peter arrives with the core legs and core base. Lu gets the two guys to link up to form the Double Zeta. Judau and Eno charges Ero. The Zeta chops his droid and it explodes. Meanwhile the black guy and Gremmy attack the ZZ. However, Lu shoots Gremmy's arm off and kills the black guy. Gremmy surveys the situation, three Gundams vs a droid with a missing arm. He runs. The blond guy is left disappointed at the destruction of his city. Episode #32 Haman's ship flies over the desert. Aboard, we have Minaba and her caretaker. Haman thinks of Char as she prepares her ideas of conquest. The Gundam team are using the Zak Tanker carrier and a flying sled to move their suits across the desert. We have Montow and Beja in the tanker, Eno in a sled, Judau and Poodo in the ZZ, Edo in the Mark II and Lu in the Z. Everyone is feeling the heat especially Judau and Poodo. The come across the Dead Sea. Poodo makes a run for it and dives in. She encourages the others to join her so all but Lu and Judau enter the water. He spots three specks coming from the horizon and yells at his friends, "Scramble! Mobile suits!" Lu runs into the Zak tanker and throws up a smoke screen to hide the land vechiles and the suits. Judau flies up in the Double Zeta and Beja takes the Zeta. Much to Beja's displeasure, the others cheer Judau on. We discover the little raiding party is lead by Augusto in the blue Dressian. He retreats when he sees the Gundams are ready to fight. Back on the Mindora, Gremmy has a talk with Augusto about Gundams. He is lead to a secret room on the ship where Gremmy stores his Poodo clones. After showing his prized Poodo II, they talk about Haman and the Zabi line. At the AEUG base, there are GM III's protecting the Ahgama and the base below. Blyto meets with the leader to see what his orders are. He is told to leave Dakar and head for Dublin. Suddenly, the sirens go off indicating an attack from enemy forces. The leader burns the map as Blyto runs for his ship. Shots from Augusto's squadron burst fuel lines and destroys buildings. Poodo is itching from the swim that she recently had. Edo asks Beja what is wrong with him. Of course he doesn't tell her that he is fed up (jealous) of all the praise Judau gets just because he pilots the ZZ Gundam. Montow and Eno wake Lu up who is dozing off in the Zeta. She wakes up to see the AEUG base burning from the distance. Judau scrambles to his mobile suit but Beja trips him and he takes off in the ZZ Gundam. Lu switches to waverider mode and starts ahead. Edo boards the Mark II and catches up with the Zeta. Notice that Judau almost falls of the Zak tanker. Eno, who is about to fly off in the sled, is pushed off by Poodo so that Judau could use it. Eno yells to Montow to stop the tanker so he can get on. The ZZ Gundam arrives to help the Ahgama by blasting a droid from behind. Augusto takes on the Gundam by skimming it into the water and knocking away the gun. Beja tries to chop him but he is knocked back into the water. The Mark II and Zeta combination arrive to give Beja some help. They destroy two enemy suits before Edo gets her gun knocked away. She calls to Judau for help and the Double Zeta crawls over to give her cover. Judau arrives on the scene with the sled. He tells Blyto to launch off the Hyakushiki becasue Beja is in the ZZ Gundam. Anostage loads the mobile suit on a sled and launches off the Ahgama. Judau gives the control of the sled to Poodo so he can jump over to the Hyakushiki. Once aboard, he jumps back to Poodo's sled and prepares for battle. The Hyakushiki comes into the thick of battle by punching through an enemy mobile suit. Augusto hits the wing of the Zeta which causes Lu to crash in the water. He goes against Judau now. The two parry beam blades but it will be Judau that wins the melee as he cuts off both the Dressan's arms. Augusto dies as the suit blows up. Edo yells at Beja for taking off in the ZZ and Lu waves from her Zeta. Three sleds return to Gremmy's ship which does not impress him. On the Ahgama, Beja apologizes to Judau for taking the suit. He realizes it is the pilot not the suit that makes the difference in combat. The machine s can be replaced but not the pilots. Lu joins the conversation as Beja leaves. Poodo yells at the two in the hangar, "The captain has allowed us to use the showers!" The group runs for it! The show closes with Gremmy looking over his prized Poodo II clone. Episode #33 On the Ahgama, Edo gives a whole pile of laundry to Blyto on the bridge. Poodo, Edo and the two small kids, Shinta and Qum, watch the view. Haman is briefed about the Psycho Gundam Mark II. Judau and Poodo take off while Edo and the kids start sorting out the laundry. Zions launch off three Baws from a shuttle to start a raid on the Ahgama. Poodo gets a new type warning and runs for a part of the ZZ Gundam (core base fighter). Beja and Judau give chase to her in the core top and core fighters. In combat, Beja gets in trouble but is saved when Poodo fires a volley of missiles. Poodo again gets another new type warning about Judau. She quickly flies over to help Judau out. Beja manages to knock one out and another is hit by a close flying shuttle. Beja is likewise almost hit by the flying ship. While in Dublin the Captain, Blyto, is visiting EUG to get some funding for the AEUG. Lu is in the process of camaflauging the Ahgama with trees when she notices a patch of trees moving. After uncovering it, she finds out that the rest of the gang is leaving her to do the dirty work while they go to the city to fool around. Judau goes to help the captain negotiate for the AEUG. Blake is having no success with the rich guys. They continue making jokes about the Ahgama until Judau bursts in and punches out the man at the head of the table. Blake and Judau are both thrown into a basement cell. Meanwhile, Fa is at the hospital helping out. Poodo gets out of the building yelling her name. Eno picks her up in the car. Note that Beja is carrying all the junk for Edo. Gremmy decides to launch a new attack. The rich man's house is hit and is on fire. Fa and the Red Cross arrives to assisted the wounded. She hears a familiar voice coming from inside the building. It is revealed the Judau and Blyto are in the basement cell of the burning house. She rescues them by using a car to smash in the wall. Lu, Edo, and Beja launch off to repel the Zions. Judau gets a trigger of new type premination. Fa quickly takes Judau and Blake back to the Ahgama. Episode #34 Fa breaks Blyto and Judau out of their cell on the Dublin mansion. The Ahgama is now under attack by mobile suits. Poodo takes off in the Double Zeta to help in combat. Beja is fighting and gets a bit cut up but the ZZ comes to the rescue. Poodo easily dispatches two droids. Fa is reminded that Camille is still in Dublin and she has to go back and get him. Blyto and Judau get out of the jeep and run for the Ahgama. Fa turns around and heads for the house that Camille is in. She finds out that he has runaway. Everyone is reassembled on the bridge of the Ahgama conversing about Camille. Poodo wears a gown that was meant for Lena. This saddens Judau and Poodo senses it. Soon, a compilement of men bring Fa back to the Ahgama under gun point. Judau, Edo, and Eno rescue her from her captors. The troop decides to search for Camille. Notice that Fa sees Blyto feel his heart. Judau launches in a core fighter, Lu in the Zeta Gundam, Beja in the Hyakushiki, Eno & Edo in core top/core base. Montow and Fa take off in cars. Poodo is left behind but with some warning with her new type powers she runs to the launch bay and takes off in the unrepaired Mark II Gundam. Gremmy is getting the Pyscho-Gundam Mark II so he can get Poodo II to pilot it. Poodo spots her old master Gremmy and initates her attack. She starts by ramming her sled into his ship. Poodo suddenly gets a flash warning from Camille. "Look behind you!" Sure enough the bald guy, Ariasu attacks her and he pushes the Gundam into the ocean. Meanwhile, Judau and Lu both recieve messages from Camille via their new type powers. He tells them that Poodo is in trouble. Eno, Edo, Fa, Montow, Shinta, and Kumu also get the message. Poodo soon notices that her Mobile suit has run out of power. She starts to power the droid with her new type powers but she ends up crashing the Mark II on the beach. Fortunately, Judau's team arrives with Lu to help her out. Judau is interupted by Camille again "Behind you". Araisu is still flying around reaking havoc. Judau tells Edo and Eno to prepare fo link up and Lu and Beja to give them cover fire. The Double Zeta uses its pulse cannon on the head to destroy a droid. Utterly distingrate it like the wave motion cannon or SDF-1's main gun. After the combat, the group checks up on Poodo. She is severly injured but she says she knows where Camille has gone. She also tells Fa that Camille is recovering because he is using his new type powers to help the group. Judau carries Poodo as she leads them the edge of the beach where Camille sits on some rocks. Fa runs to get him. Episode #35 In the last episode Poodo takes off in the Mark II to attack Gremmy. Unfortunately she severly smashes it up. However, the Gundam team finds Camille again. Camille is still in shock as Fa tends to him. He feels many deaths of people but he is unable to pinpoint it. Judau visit Poodo who is in the infirmary to see what her condition is. He also makes a point of talking to Fa. Haman hands Lakahn Dakaran a note which he takes in stride. He is assigned to initate an attack on an African city. Hiato and Blyto talk about Katsu's death. While searching, he finds a picture of Katz. The team tries to call up Camille but he has left for the hangar bay. Judau, Eno and Fa decided to put him in a core fighter to see if it will jar his memory. Camille tries to run away but Beja stops him. At this time, Hiato sees Camille. The two men see a vision of Katz as they see each other. Judau and Camille begin to link new type powers which brings back memories of Poodo for Judau. Fa decides to take Camille down to a ground base instead of the Ahgama. Lakahn begins his attack on a city, he quickly knocks out T.V. monitor helicopters. Meanwhile, Judau is visiting Poodo in the hospital ward. The Aghama launches out their planes: Judau in a core fighter, Edo in core base, Eno in core top. Beja and Montow are in a rocket sled. Camille uses his new type powers to see Judau. Camille immediately sees a horrifying vision, so he runs out of his room. Judau steps into combat by taking out a green droid. Hiato sees this combat so he jumps inside a droid to up for combat. However, he is hit and about to use a wild Kamakize maneover in an attempt to take out two suits. Judau calls Eno and Eno to link up into the Double Zeta while Hiato is buying them some time. The powerful Gundam easily dispatches two more droids. Judau tries to save Hiato but he dives down and blows up. Camille is on the run outside. He tries to warn all the other new types of the impeding disaster but when Judau and Poodo get wind of it, the disaster happens. The sky over Dublin turns dark as a Side comes crashing down on the city causing a vast explosion in the area. The entire space colony has plunged onto the Earth. The sky over Dublin turns dark as Side 2 comes crashing down on the city causing a vast explosion in the area. The entire space colony has plunged onto the Earth. Chapter #36 Judau, Eno, and Edo get thrown back by the force of the explosion. Judau is thrown against a building and is attacked by Lakan. The Ahgama is forced to land until the colony has settled. We also see Poodo in sick bay from injures she had acquired a few episodes ago when she attacked Gremmy's ship. Gremmy approaches the crash site with his fleet. Judau starts receiving messages from Camille with the use of his new-type powers. He continues to fight off the black guy. Camille is running to the city in a state of shock. Gremmy finally decides to release one of his Poodo clones (Poodo 2). The real Poodo on the Ahgama feels her presence so she tries to go to the bridge to warn Blake. She is unable to walk due to her weakness. Gremmy has the Poodo clone pilot the Psycho Gundam Mark II. Eno is in a core fighter that is buried in rubble. Lu, who is in the Zeta Gundam, helps him free. Edo, Beja and Montow are in the sled and fly over to help out. Poodo arrives on the bridge with the help of the kids. The Ahgama uses its pulse cannon to knock out the Psycho Gundam. However, the shot hits the colony and grazes her. Poodo crawls down the hanger to take off in her Quebly to engage her clone. Edo and team helps out Aldomoura fly without her crew. Beja, Eno and Montow board the ship to see what help they can offer. Poodo goes up to attack the Psycho Gundam Mark II. She fires missiles that fire lasers out of the nose. Psycho Gundam launches defector missiles that block lasers and a counter attacks with lasers. Poodo tries to use her beam blade to cut the Gundam but it fails. Judau arrives to combat against the Gundam. However, he quickly finds out that his double barrelled cannon is having little effect on the armour of the Psycho. Poodo 2 uses her extension arms to pull the Double Zeta closer to her so she can use the cannons on him. Judau launches his back pack missiles which hits the Psycho in her unclosed missile ports. Poodo comes to shield Judau by using her new-type powers to throw a shield around her qebuely. She tells Judau to use his new type powers in order to destroy the Psycho Gundam. Poodo converts herself into a fireball and kamikazes into the Gundam. Her attempt wipes out a lot of the armour on the mecha. Judau prepares to attack to avenge Poodo's death. However, his ZZ runs out of power for the beam blade and the gun. In a angry state, he starts using his new-type powers to shoot up Poodo 2. She is forced to eject in the head module. Judau follows and manages to slices a hole in the escaping head piece. He gets a shocking glimpse of the Poodo clone inside. In his stunned state, he lets the ZZ Gundam fall into the ocean. The crew mourn the death of Poodo. Camille is still running to the city but he collapses due to exhaustion. Fa will later find him in the next episode. Episode #37 A shuttle launches Haman into space. The AEUG gets ready two shuttles to launch off into space. Blyto and the Gundam team are aboard them ready to go back into space. Blyto is sitting by the bridge while the rest of the team is sitting in the loading bay strapped to crates. Edo is sitting beside Judau and theyare talking about Haman. She gets a bit friendly with him and Beja yells at her. From Earth, we see pictures of Fa and Camille looking up at the two shuttle trials going off into space. The scenery changes to a seashore where we see Sara Mas and Lena Ashta. This is really the first indication where we see that Lena is visually alive. Thw two shuttles dock with the Arabian Rose. Judau and Blyto look over at the Nehru-Ahgama. The team is greeted by Emily, Miri and Mechina. Of course, Emily is very formal with Blyto while Miri is very casual with Judau. Emily has Miri show the old crew of the Ahgama to the new one. On aboard the bridge of the the Nehru-Ahgama, Miri leads the Gundam team into the new room. Beja takes the captain's chair while everyone else takes controls on the various systems. Even Torazu and Keyslong enter in the fun. Beja gets carried away with giving orders when he starts yelling over the handset. Two members of the new crew bring in Shinta and Qum into the bridge. The two kids get away and land in Miri's and Lu's arms. The two men don't approve to the ew captain's of the ship. Judau gets uptight but Lu and Miri drag him out. Everyone gathers by the door where Emily, Blyto and Mechina are talking about what is going to happen to the Nehru-Ahgama. Emily wants to give it to Bltyo but he refuses command and gives it to Beja. Mechina objects. When th door is opened there is a dog-pile on Beja and Eno who were first against the door. Mashima is on the Endora with his new lieutenant Lira. Notice that he has been doing some body building. He gives his second in command his precious rose from Haman before she heads out into combat. Mashima is warned when the ship is within range of the the Arabian Rose. They launch off many Zssas. The Gundam team is ready to leave the Arabian Rose but some memebers of the old crew don't want it to be commanded by a bunch of kids. Blyto and Emily hear the objections as many missiles explode nearby. Blyto enters the bridge of the Nerhu Ahgama as well as most of the team. Emily releases the ship from the docking area as Beja launches off. Blyto leaves the bridge as he passes command over to Beja. He runs into two crew members with with kids Shinta and Qum. Liri arrives on the scene in her red Regelgog firing volleys of missiles at the Ahgama. One missile hit blows a hole in the wall and sucks the two crew members and the two kids into space. Judau runs from the bridge to go to the hangar. He wants to use the ZZ Gundam against this mobile suit. In combat, Lira touchs the ZZ with a hand and the two are stunned by a pulse of new tpye power. Edo now runs off from the bridge to take up the Mark II. Lira tries again to stab the ZZ with a beam blade but a wave of NT power keeps them at bay. Judau spots a spec in the sky and realizes it is an AEUG shuttle. "What is that doing here?" He speeds away from her into some asteroids. Judau asks Blyto what is he doing. We see that the shuttle is picking up those people who got thrown into space. He starts heading towards the Arabian Rose when a wave of missiles heads for the ZZ and the shuttle. Judau is quick to react as he uses his gun to take out missiles. He also pulls out his beam blade in order to parry a charging Lira. They disengage as Judau finds a place to hide. Lira goes searching in an asteroid field and sees the legs and the head tip of the suit behind a rock. She comes up from behind the ZZ and is about to shoot but she sees that the Gundam is missing a piece in the middle. Suddenly, a core fighter appears behind Lira and launches missiles which hit her. Notice that the flower that she was wearing loses its petals. Judau leaves his fighter to talk with Lira. He opens up and enters her cockpit. She reachs for gun at the same time Judau sees it. The result is they both touch the gun at the same time and the give each other a new type buzz. Judau is thrown out of the cockpit. Edo arrives on the scene to scare away. Mashima is briefing the troops as Lira comes aboard the ship. He is shocked to see her defeated but even worse, his rose has has lost its petals! The new crew of the Nehru-Ahgama make their way to side 3 as Blyto heads back to the Arabian Rose. Episode #38 On the Arabian Rose, Miri is wondering where her captian is. She is in the hangar playing a poker game saying "He loves me, he loves me not." She is refering to her increasing attraction to Blyto. She is surprised to see him, as she quickly hides the game behind her back. They talk and are getting close when Miri tells them of Side 3. Beja is on the Nehru Ahgama where he has taken the command. Judau and Torazu are talking about Captian Blyto. On the bridge of the Arabian Rose, Emily continues to play her love daisy game. Miri interupts her by grabbing the game. A squardron of three Jamaru-Fins attack. Emily and Miri start arguing as they get attacked. The Ahgama launches her suits: Zeta Gundam (Lu), ZZ Gundam (Judau), Mega Rider (Edu) launch off the new tri-deck Ahgama. Judau has an idea to get an attack on the Jamuru-Fins. He sits on the Mega-rider and uses his new type powers to guide Edo's shot. A blast of the cannon splits and damages one of the suits. Emily is scared as she covers her eyes and cries for Blyto. Beja and Emily plus the rest of the Gundam team view of video disc of Blyto's orders. Everyone is happy and dedicated to his cause except for Beja. He is somewhat surprised but of course he tags along with his friends. Emily is also a bit disappointed that he didn't think more of her. The three Fins are back with Mashima. He gets ready for a combat near Side 3. A pile of Storm Diases and the Jamuru-Fins launch away from the Endora. Liri launches out in her red Regelog. The Ahgama relaunchs the Double Zeta, Mega-rider, and Zeta. Montow decides to join the combat in the Mark II Gundam. On his catapult out, he rams into a Dais and fires on it to blow it up. Note on the bridge of the Arabian Rose, Emily still has her eyes closed with a game floating around. A Storm is about to hit the bridge of the Ahgama but Liri blows it away. The three Fins take on the Double Zeta. Judau can't hit them with his double barrelled cannon or his missiles. Emily calls up the Ahgama and gets Beja to go out in the Hyakashiki to give Judau a hand. After leaving the Ahgama, he quickly finds where Judau is and joins him. Beja is knocked aside by one of the Jamaru-fins. Suddenly, they get a surprising new type message from Lena. Judau concentrates and uses his new type powers to syncronize a hit. He tells Beja when to hit one, and uses his back cannons to wound another. Liri signals a retreat so they do. Liri tells them of the retreat but Mashima still laughs. Episode #39 Beja practises his new command and he knocks himself out when he wins a practise drill. Edo visits the bridge when Beja tries to talk to her about a date but she just pushes him way. "Beja, Not now!" Emily, the commander of the Arabian Rose, orders Beja to send help to a refugee shuttle that is being harassed by Zions. Lu and Edo launch off in the Zeta Gundam and Mark II Gundam to assist it. Back on the bridge, Beja asks Judau why he did not go with them. Judau replies "Don't you think your girl (Edo) can handle it?" The attacking Zions retreat as they see the Gundams approaching the shuttle. The ship is a version of a "Trojan Horse" since it is revealed that it contains Haman Karn (in blonde), her red haired aide, and two Zaku fighters. The Zakus return to attack near the Ahgama. Judau goes up in the Double Zeta Gundam. He cuts two droids in two with his beam blade, shoots one with his double barrel cannon and kills a fourth by launching missiles at it. Toraz wonders, "Why are they using the old Zakus?" The crescent twins, Salasa and Lasala, visit the bridge since they felt something bad is going to happen to them through their new type powers. They have come to the bridge to warn everyone else. Initially, Montow mixes up the older woman Salasa for his girl Lasala. Beja has a laugh until he gets phoned by Lu, who is overworked in the laundry room. Edo, who is working in the kitchen, calls the bridge asking for assistance. Beja finally gets fed up with all their pleas for help and hangs up. Haman sends her aid to throw a signal flare outside to signal the Gazums. Haman finds out that Judau has "new-type" powers and she uses them to tell him to get lost. The flare goes off out in space telling the hidden droids to begin the attack. The two Gazums drop out of the shuttle. They hold the Ahgama by having one droid holding a gun to the bridge and the other standing on one of the launch runways. Montow grabs the Hyakushiki to meet their adverisary. The enemy knows that they cannot destroy the ship with Haman still aboard. Finally, the other Gazaum has come down to hold Montow. This gives Judau, who is in the ZZ Gundam, a chance to step out of the launch bay area. Montow uses the catapult to launch one of the suits off the edge of the runaway. Judau pursues and stabs it with his beam blade. Montow also spears his enemy droid which still on the runway and heaves it into space. Salasla meets Haman Karn in the refugee bay. She senses that the red head is has an evil inclination. Haman notices that she is a new type but she is unaffected by the spells cased at her. Chapter #40 The Ahgama carefully flies through a mine field with the Gundams on the deck shooting at close passing mines. A ship makes it through to land at the space colony which is basically a mock up of Hong Kong. When they land the crew is slapped with a ban on the droids since the colony is a "mecha-free" zone. Note that Lu gets a notice stuck on her helmet. Haman is in a blonde accompanied by a red haired aide. Another sub-plot develops when a kid on the colony wants to steal the Gundam. Yet another plot starts when a pervert starts eyeing the women: Haman, Lu, and Edo. The girls are separated from the guys. The guy's bus is attacked by the kid that wants to steal the Gundam. Judau, Beja, and Montow manage to subdue their attackers. The attackers tell them that he girls are in danger because of the pervert running around. Judau and Eno dress up as girls to infiltrate the pervert's house. Meanwhile, the girls are being lead around the guy's mansion when the two boys arrive at the gate. They make a large sob story that is very pitiful but they finally manage to get inside. The girls are introduced to the pervert. Judau and Eno interrupts them. One of the crescent twins almost gives his disguise away but Edo stops her. Judau is kicked out because he looks too much like a guy. A guard escorts him out of the house. Of course, he pretends to cry as he leaves. Judau escapes from his guard by picking up a vase and smashing over his head. He runs outside and steals a droid. Beja and Montow, who are outside, help the kid take the other droid. Haman uses her new-type powers to find out that Judau is piloting the stolen mecha. She also finds out that he has new type powers also. Edo signals Judau to free them and he uses his claws to release them. A Goku comes out to attack Judau. However, he neutralizes it for the time being. The kid is knocked over by Haman's droid. She steps out of her droid to talk to Judau. She dares him to kill her, however, Judau can not. Haman laughs since she knew that Judau does not have the killing instinct in him. The Goku gets up to stop Judau by blasting his arm off. Both the green droid and the Haman retreat. The kids return to the Ahgama and talk about Mishama's approaching forces. dau can not. Haman laughs since she knew that Judau does not have the killing instinct in him. The Zaku gets up to stop Judau by blasting his arm off. Both the green droid and the Haman retreat. The kids return to the Ahgama and talk about Mishama's approaching forces. CONCLUSION ---------- This show uses the new introduction of ZZ Gundam where the galaxy is shown as the first scene. Episode 41 The colony leader bows to Haman to do something about the mobile suits in the colony. Meanwhile, the Ahgama is still in the minefield around the side. Salasa meets up with Lasada aboard the ship. They remember a conversation that Judau had with his friends in the hanger bay. Salasa gets a head of Lasada when Montow interupts their talk. Montow, Salasa and Lasada all go into town to walk around. Suddenly, they are surrounded by many guards. They run and manages to ditch them in the crowd. While running down the waterfront, they encounter a mobile suit, the Gosum, as it bursts out of the water. The suit is being piloted by the leader who was asking Haman for her help earlier in this episode. The man wants to stomp on Montow but Lasada throws her body on his. The guy stops but his droid falls over due to the imbalance in wieght. He falls over knocking some bricks free from a nearby building. The stones fall very to the two on the ground, in fact, hitting Lasada. Judau and gang arrive on the scene just as the guy in the Gosum retreats. Edo, Lu and Salasa attend to Montow and Lasada as we find out that Lasada has been morally injured. The mobile suit is being chased by Judau and guy along the shipping yard. Judau boards a sliding crane as the other guy distracts it. With the use of such of machine, he manages to knock the suit into the water. When Judau and guy returns, they find Lasada dead. Judau is extremely angry as he yells at Haman. She senses his hatred through her new type powers. Outside, Liri arrives at the colony in her Regelegug. Judau runs up some stairs towards the main temple as he finds Haman walking out. She pulls a gun on him and then five guards appear. Suddenly, an explosion gives him the chance to break away from the Zions. We see that Edo is holding a bazooka riding in a jeep. Judau jumps into the car while Lu gives him cover fire with a machine gun. The guards run for the mobile suits. It isn't too surprising that the car is soon surrounded by mobile suits. However, the Zeta Gundam (piloted by Beja) arrives on the scene to knock a Zaku over. Then Liri appears and knocks Beja over. Judau feels a tingle of new type powers which he concludes it must be Liri. The Zeta charges the Regelgug but she manages to evade and trip Beja. She fires some missiles at the Gundam but that was evaded. On the Ahgama, Montow takes a look at Lasada before he goes to the Mark II to get revenge. Notice that Eno is in command. Liri parries a blow from the Zeta but another suit comes to dig its claws into the shield of the Zeta. Montow arrives at this point to chop the arms off the mobile suit that has just jabbed Beja. The Gundam team begins its fight back. Edo uses her bazooka to kill the eye scanner of one suit, Beja slices off the head of one droid and jumps off another. Montow chases his enemy down and finally spears him. Haman flags down Liri with a latern from a small fishing boat. After the Regelgu picks her up, Haman throws the man a coin. The ZZ Gundam leaves the colony ahead of the Ahgama. Judau says bye to the guy. Montow can't think enough of Lasada as the crew launchs her capsule into space. ZZ Gundam #42 On Core Three, the group is in space suits floating around the asteroid. They duck to avoid detection when Kara's Regeglu & her two Gazs flies overhead. Haman and Minaba having tea on Side Three. Gremmy and Lakakan are in guard. He talks to Poodo II who is flying out in her red Quebley Mark II. Out in space, Judau & Lu are knocked off balance by an asteroid explosion but they still make it inside a service opening of Core Three. In the hangar, the group spots Kara's droid plus her two escorts. They see three men and Ruchina out feeding workers (just like Fa eh?). A guy starts yelling about Haman. Kara arrives on the scene to restore order by using her whip on Ruchina. Judua intervenes in the conflict. Kara stops for a second and quickly remembers him. She runs up to him hugs him burying his face in her chest. Lu and Edo try to break the two apart but they both get knocked off by the spinny broad. The Gaz brothers tells Kara to settle down as they are suppose to prepare for the arrival of Poodo II in the Quebley. The Core Three workers look at the group suspiciously and leave. Ruchina is grateful and gives the group food. She has an affection to Judau (so who doesn't?). Poodo II is met by Kara and her two escorts. She decides to guard the mecha by using her new type powers to throw up a screen of ten psychic missiles. The miners hold up and tie up the Gundam group. Beja gets the double whammy has he is cornered and hit twice. Ruchina is watching all this action but keeps quiet and remains in hiding. She is surprised when she sees her father driving his truck to pick up the group. After he leaves, she runs into the room. At this time, Poodo II enters the room with her sled. Ruchina asks her for a ride. Poodo II accepts. The workers that are holding the crew laugh at the mention of the AEUG. Poodo II drops off Ruchina at the opening of the cave. Suddenly the lights go off in the holding room. The look outs notice someone is walking down the tunnel. To their surprise, as well as her father's, it is Ruchina. The father tries to stop her from seeing anything but she is distressed to see Judau all tied up. He tries to explain to her the circumstances. Poodo II is also in the tunnel listening in. Poodo II tries to use her new type powers but she is screwed up by the conflicting thoughts of Ruchina and her dad. She decides to just summon her Quebley to meet her. In the hangar, Kara chases the automated Quebley. She tries to fire on it, but the pyschic bits fire back at the woman. Poodo II gets in her droid to knock over a Core Three guard. She spots the three girls, Ruchina, Lu and Edo. By using the bits, she holds the three hostage at gun point. Kara and Judau grapple awhile. Just as the two brothers step into the hall, Kara has a change of emotions. Instead of killing Judau, she returns to squishing her breasts in Judau's face. At this point, the wall gets blown open as Beja brings the Zeta out. Eno is in the G-fortress. Judau jumps out to get back inside a core fighter. The group gets linked up to form the Double Zeta. The Zeta is chased by the Reglegu but Kara can't hit him. They parry but she gets uptight and uses her new type powers to fire her all her guns on Judau. She still can't hit him. It is up to the Gaz Left and Right to pull her away. Group tells workers that Ruchina and girls have been taken by the mobile suit (Quebely). Judau vowes to get them back. Episode #43 Haman's Side Three is connected to Core Three as her troops pour in to Core Three in search of the Gundam team. Poodo II is holding Lu, Edo and Ruchina hostage on Side Three. Edo sees a slightly open door and she signals to Lu to make a break for it. They enter the room and try to hold it closed but they fail. Once Poodo II kicks open the door, she finds herself pointing a gun at Minaba and her caretaker. She apologizes for scaring the Zion leader as her guards round up Lu, Edo and Ruchina. Poodo II greets and bows to Minaba in the throne room. As Minaba's aides, she has Haman and her subordinate Kara. The Gundam team starts their plan to a rescue the girls and separate Core Three and Side Three. There plan calls for Beja to be in the ZZ and Montow to be in the Zeta to fly some diversionary cover. Eno in one core fighter must hid in an ateroid and head for the Ahgama. Judau will have another core fighter and he will take that into Core Three with him. The launch bay opens up to start their plan. Bursting out, the two Gundams wipe out three Gaza-D's instantly. Soon, over 70 suits join in the chase. The two asteroids launch off while the distraction is in operation. Montow kills a Gaza and Beja kills a Ga-zown. Eno pops his asteriod cover to reveal his core fighter. He then speeds off to get the Ahgama. The two Gundams fly behind an asteriod while Beja sends off two fake blowup Gundams to mislead the Gaza-D's. Edo, Lu and Ruchina are placed in a cell in the basement of the mansion on Side Three. Edo is trying to pick the lock until Poodo II arrives. She stands up pretending to exercises. She has come to take away Ruchina. Poodo II leads her outside the mansion where she lets her go. Kara and the two Gaz pilots watch from the bushes. Judau pushes through some bushes and finds Ruchina. She tells him where Lu and Edo are as well as what Poodo II is up to. Kara interupts the conversation and she uses a whip on Judau. A red quebley Mk-II flies overhead and destroys a Gaza on her way to the mansion. Once there, she open fires. Haman is knocked down by the explosion but she is surprised that the Neo-Zions had the adacity to attack her. Poodo II uses her psionic bits to fire on the house. Kara and the Gaz L and R brothers counterattack the quebley. The two Gazes charge but she uses the psionic missiles to return fire. Core Three is alerted to that attack on Haman's mansion so the guards are wary. However, the men of Core Three attack back to oust the Zions from their asteroid. Judau finds Edo and Lu in the brig. He shoots at the lock with his gun and that springs them free. The group leaves the area just as it collapses. After running up the stairs, they run into Haman's group which consists of two of her aides, Minaba and her caretaker. The wall caves in as Kara falls backwards on to the building. Judau makes a dive for Haman and Minaba shielding them from the rubble. Showing no gratitude, Haman points the gun at Judau as Kara tells one of the Gaz brothers to take away Haman. They all get on a hand while Kara gives it cover. Poodo II is mad when she discovers she let her get away. The quebley swoops down and fires on the house to blow it up. Judau and company are running to the tram terminals. Why? He shows them that he has resevered a tram car and the core fighter there. Judau pushes the tram outside to space where they meet up with Montow and Beja. Montow starts using the Zeta to take the tram car off the rails on the station. Suddenly, Poodo II's quebely bursts outside. She sees the Gundam team doing their escape. Judau tells Beja to separate and let him have the ZZ Gundam. He opens the mid-section and lets Judau link his core fighter inside. Poodo II is ready to fight but she is stopped by a image of Poodo. This presence of new type powers stuns her. The Gundam team flies away from Side Three and this reawakens her. She gets really mad and she uses the missiles on Judau. Eno approaches Side Three with the Ahgama. He has Torazu prepare the main gun for firing. On Core Three, the men have been able to force the Zions back to Side Three. The leader looks at his watch and says "It's time! Retreat!" The Ahgama fires the main cannon at the intersection bridge between Core Three and Side Three. Poodo II gets her craft vapourized by the beam but she safely ejects. The beam cuts the bridge and kills many Zion soldiers as they try to cross the gap. Core Three quickly speeds away from Side Three as soon as the beam has finished cutting. Ruchina, Lu and Edo now leave the tram car on Core Three. Ruchina is reunited with his father. He congratulates the Gundam team for their work in rescuing his daughter. The show ends with the three streaks of the Zeta, ZZ Gundam and core fighter leaving Core Three and heading to the Ahgama. CHAPTER 44 Emily has Judau and Lou take the ZZ and Z Gundams to survey Haman's forces in fake asteroids. They manage to enter her space colony through a large unsealed hole. Meanwhile, Haman and Gremmy are engaged in a large scale battle. Mashima is given a new flower from Haman. When he has left, Haman whispers a message to his second in command, Liri. Judau grenades a power building on Haman's space station. Lou and Judau sneak into Minaba's house. Haman arrives to see Lou take Minaba out a window. She takes a few shots a Judau. The two talk and once again, Haman tries to convert Judau into a Zion. However, Judau resists and runs away from her. Using Minaba as a shield, Judau and Lou confiscate a shuttle craft for their escape. Since they release her when they escape, Haman sends Mashima after them. The two narrowly escape through the same hole as it was in the process of being sealed. Mashima loses his sled when he tries to stop from hitting the wall that covers the closed hole. The big attack begins when Poodo II launches off in her Quin Mantha. She heads for the Ahgama to destroy it. Emily, who is on the Arabian Rose, uses her ship to shield Beja's ship. Poodo II uses her new type powers to destroy defense projectiles from the Rose and to launch her pod missiles at Emily. The Rose is hit with many missiles which kills her. Note that her image appears when she dies and Poodo II is haunted by Judau and Poodo through their mutual use of the new type powers. Mashima arrives on the scene to take a few shots at Poodo II but he fails to hit her. The AEUG board the ruins of the Arabian Rose only to find the dead Emily on the bridge. In the distance, we see Gremmy and Haman still battling. Episode #45 Mashima rallies his forces for the up coming battle. Gremmy has a talk with Poodo II about her objective. The Aghama is in the process of salvaging parts from the destroyed Arabian Rose. The team finds a flight recorder (the so called black box) which breaks the first lieutenant, Miri (red head with glasses) to tears. "This recorder is one of the only memories of her". Montow comments, "It's getting stuffy around here". Edo also pokes fun at Montow because she thought he was making fun of Miri. He gets angry and closes himself inside a droid. He is still getting over the loss of Lasada four episodes back. Judau commets, "Leave him alone. That's just Montow's way of forgetting the saddness of one's death." Edo and Lou have their usual disagreements and they give each other the cold shoulder. Note the upside down captions printed on the screen. Kara sends out her forces and the black guy leads Gremmy's forces into the fight. Poodo II is with him in her Quin-Mantha. Notice Mashima is going crazy by over using his new type powers. Kara kills two of Gremmy's droids and Poodo II kills two mobile suits before Mashima arrives. The two of them engage into combat trying to get the better of each other. Beja orders a general alert for the Aghama. Beja comforts Edo by telling her that he loves her. Kara takes on the black guy but he fails to hit her. She manages to fend him off with her beam blade. Judau comes to rescue her but her mind is all mixed up on which side she is on. Her alter ego is running amok. Mashima is caught up by some of Gremmy's droids by using extendible hand hooks. He turns into a huge fireball and takes a few Zions with him. Notice that Judau, Poodo II, Kara, Liri, and Haman all feel his death. The show ends with seven glowing queblyes rising from Axis. Could these be the last of the Poodo clones? Episode #46 The second to last chapter! Kara attacks Poodo II and her assorted clones in the quebleys. The Quin Mantha launches out psionic missiles as does Kara. Judau arrives on the scene with his Double Zeta but Edo in the Mark II Gundam waves him off back to the Ahgama. Meanwhile, Blyto has arrived to greet Sara Mas. He meets the supposely dead Lena Ashta. As a reminder, Lena was expected to be dead when a droid landed on the house that she was in. Hoewver, it is now learned that Sara happened to drop by and grabbed her. She also give a video disk showing recent pictures of his family safely hidden way. Poodo II kills off a miscellaneous red droid. She is feeling the pain as her new type powers are constantly bombarding her mind with protest, especially from the original Poodo. Gremmy prepares to ram Haman Karn using the asteriod. You may note that this is what happened near the end of Zeta Gundam. On the Ahgama, they crew sees Gremmy plan unfolding. Judau runs out of the bridge and back into his Double Zeta Gundam. Lakahaka and Poodo II try to gang up on Kara to kill her. Again, Poodo's Quin Mantha and Kara's Regelgu launchs psionic missiles. Lakakan fires at Kara but it hits the left guy and he dies. It is now that the Double Zeta arrives. Judau takes on Lakan by firing a volley of missiles at him. He promptly avoids them. Poodo II wants to help Lakahan by ganging up on Judau but her new type powers gets a pervention message from Poodo. The pain on Poodo II increases. This is analagous to Four or Rosemary from Zeta Gundam. Lakakan tries to hit Judau but his shots are having no effect on the Double Zeta's new type shield. The Gundam fires a set of missiles that miss but it was all that is needed to distract Laka. Judau comes up to his droid to chop at it three times. It blows up. Gremmy continues his plan to ram the asteroid into the space station. Judau kills a grey droid on the way into the asteriod to find Poodo II. Edo and Lu follow in the Mark II and Zeta Gundams respectively. Gremmy has Poodo II land in the city so he can board the Quin Mantha. He sees that she is having problems with the killing since her new type powers are over worked. He is acting like a coach to get her to use her powers. The Zeta Gundam is hit by the psionic missiles. Edo tries to give Lu some support fire but she too is hit. Poodo II readies herself to blast the Gundams when she sees Judau coming in the Double Zeta Gundam. Here Poodo II is being fought over by Judau and Gremmy. Gremmy wants her to remain his servant/creation while Judau is trying in impress on her that Gremmy's ruthless control on her can be broken. A similar idea could be seen in Zeta Gundam when Camille and Rosemary are talking. Judau is edged on by his new type powers from Camille, Fa, Lena, Poodo, Lasada, and Emily urge him on. In his speech, he talks of Gremmy's conquest and many people hear him like Haman, Lena, Eno, Beja, Torazu, and Blake. Poodo II gets a further message from Poodo. Gremmy finally says enough and he grabs her and puts her back into the control chair. Poodo quickly tells Judau to throw on his new type shield as Gremmy fires the main cannons of the Quin Mantha at the Double Zeta. She tells him to help Poodo II. The Gundam is able to resist damage from the shields. Poodo II finally stops powering Gremmy's mecha so the Mantha slowly withers in energy. Judau takes the oppurtunity to hail it with missiles. Funny enough, the missiles do dick nothing to it. The Gundam smashes into Gremmy. Poodo II jumps from the cockpit to be caught by Double Zeta's hand with Gremmy running out of he cockpit telling her to come back. Lu takes the oppurtunity to point the Zeta gun at him and blow him away. Gremmy is surprised at the amount hurt he is enduring. First, Poodo II averts to Judau's words and second, his old flame, Lu pulls the trigger on him. He dies in the blast from the Zeta. Poodo II screams sorry as she is almost killed in the blast. Haman feels his death. She quickly dispatches her Quebley to take on Judau. The drifting asteroid slowly rips its way through a space station. The Ahgama fear that Judau, Edo and Lu are dead since they failed to get out before asteriod collide. The are relieved when they see the Double Zeta appear. It is up to Montow to notice that the Mark II and the Zeta are missing. A quick commication verifies that the Double Zeta contains Judau, Lu, Edo and the injured Poodo II. So we are left with a few loose ends. What is going to happen to Haman? Judau? Poodo II? What about the loose ends like Blyto, Lena and Camille? Well these questions will be answered in the last episode of Gundam. The war is almost over. ck commication verifies that the Double Zeta contains Judau, Lu, Edo and the injured Poodo II. So we are left with a few loose ends. What happens to Haman? Judau still thinks Lena is dead. Well these questions will be answered in the last episode of Gundam. The war is almost over. ZZ GUNDAM #47 (This is it! The final chapter of the Gundam Saga!) In the last chapter, Guremi was killed by Lu, and Poodu II was caught in the blast radius, suffering serious injury. Poodu II is groaning as they bring her aboard the New Ahgama. "Poor girl. She never had any control over her life," says Lu. "No way, I'll let her live the life she wants," responds Judau. Then Judau gets a call from the bridge of the New Ahgama. Judau takes one last glance at Poodu II before he leaves Miri to take care of her. As Judau follows Lu on the lift-grip (a transportation device much like a conveyor belt built into the wall to move people in low gravity), he notices that she has a "nice" ass. In fact, combat has taken up most of his time and he hasn't the time to take up girl-watching. As his eyes survey her body, he realizes that she is quite attractive although she can be a hardened soldier at times. They get off the lift-grip and as Lu turns around, Judau sees her as...Haman?! (actually his Newtype power is acting up) He rubs his eyes and sees Lu as herself again. "What happened?" asks Lu. "Oh nothing. I'm just tired," replies Judau. They continue to the bridge but Judau hears Haman Karn telepathically, "If you want to meet me, come in the Double Zeta. I will be there, alone." Judau tells Lu that Haman is calling for him. Just after, the bridge announces over the P.A. system that Haman's flagship, the Sederan, is hiding behind Mowsa (the asteroid launched by Guremi in his unsuccessful scheme to collide it with Side 3, which would have dealt a critical blow to the Neo Zion forces in episode 46). Judau says,"I know why Haman is waiting. I want a one on one fight, and I think that is Haman's desire too." He kicks off the floor and grabs the lift-grip going to the hangars, leaving behind a confused Lu. Lu calls, "Judau..." but she doesn't follow, and she picks up the intercom to call the bridge. Meanwhile, in the preliminary deck, Judau sees Edu waiting there for him. "What ?" inquires Judau. She says nothing and gives Judau a hamburger. He thanks her and stuffs it in his pocket. "I want to go with you. The Hyakushiki is still operational," she says. "If you're going to come in the Hyakushiki, what going to happen to the New Ahgama's defenses?" asks Judau. "But you can't go by yourself!" says Edu, and she hugs him. "Whoa, Whoa, what are doing?" asks Judau. The two float off the deck, looking like lovers embraced. "Don't die." says Edu, crying. "I don't have much time and I have a lot of things to do." says Judau and they smile goodbye. As Judau leaves for the mobile suit deck, Edu sees Bija in the corner of the preliminary deck. She goes to him. "You can hate me 'cause my friend's going into battle and I won't be there to help him. But I must do my best to protect the New Ahgama! And I don't want you to go and fight. I don't want you to end up like Leena." says Bija. They look down to see the Double Zeta stepping on to the launch deck. "That's right. Let's believe in Judau." says Edu. They stand close and Bija puts his arm around her waist, comforting his girlfriend. All this time Judau was watching the pair on his scanners. "Hey, that's not fair! I'll have to tell Bright about this," muses Judau to himself. Meanwhile, Lu (who was watching) tells Mondo that she thinks there are some problems between the relationships of three people (namely: Judau, Bija, and Edu ). Mondo tells her to mind her own business. Judau is ready to launch and his Newtype power acts up again. Eno radios to the Double Zeta, telling Judau that Haman's ship is still behind Mowsa. "Okay, I'll be there." replies Judau, and he launches. In the sick bay, Poodu II's Newtype power allows her to feel Judau leaving. She tries to get up but fails in her attempt and lies back in bed, sweating and afraid for Judau. At the Sederan behind Mowsa, Haman launches in her Qubeley, and as she leaves her crew, she sees a mental image of Char Aznable and wonders what he is doing now. The ZZ Gundam and Qubeley meet. "Ready to go, boy." mocks Haman. The Double Zeta pursues the Qubeley (heading in the direction towards Mowsa). "This will be the last fight," says Haman and she fires her bits (a mentally controlled beam weapon mounted on a thrustor; psionic missile with laser) at the Judau. Judau, in the Double Zeta, fires his double-barrelled beam rifle at the bits, destroying the bits and part of the holographic sky (inside an asteroid, holographic screens are set up to simulate day and night for the purpose of time and familiarity in an enclosed space colony). The Qubeley blows a hole in the floor of the colony and flies into it. Judau follows. During this time, the New Ahgama is fighting Haman's forces, the Neo-Zions, in space. Bija orders the crew to deploy more "false asteroids (very small asteroids used to camouflage or hide mobile suits in outer space)" to aid in shielding the ship. Lu suggests to launch in the Hyakushiki, and leaves her post. Bija says, "No, I'm going! Come on, Mondo, you use the Mega-rider." "Wait, Side 3 is coming up on the main monitor," says Toraz. Eno, who is on the computer, tells the bridge crew that Side 3 is on a collision course with Mowsa's position and they must leave the area quickly. "Why didn't you say so?" says Bija as he gets back into the captain's chair, "Let's get out of here! Full speed!" Inside the old fortress of Mowsa, Haman asks Judau, "Do you know why I brought you here to fight me?" Judau replies,"I know. It's sentimental." "No, this is where Neo Zions are born. This is the place where we met for the first time (See episode 18)." Haman's Qubeley fires its bits. "This will be your doom!" says Haman. Judau fires the ZZ Gundam's beam rifle but he misses, hitting the wall of the fortress, and Haman escapes out the initial hole she made with the Qubeley's lasers. At this time, the space colony Side 3 collides with Mowsa, sending shock waves throughout the battlefield where Judau and Haman are fighting. The New Ahgama has reached a safe distance but the Neo Zion forces were slow in pulling out and the asteroid fragments shatter a good bulk of their fleet. Inside Mowsa, tremors crack the colony's ceiling, splitting it open to reveal the land of its collider, Side 3. In the chaos, Haman wonders what has happened and heads towards Side 3. Power is lost due to the depressurization and everything becomes dark. Suddenly, a beam slices through the darkness but Haman manages to dodge it. Judau approaches in the Double Zeta, saying,"Haman, you're finished! Side 3 and Mowsa have crashed." "Shut up, boy!" counters Haman. The Qubeley turns to face its pursuer, drawing its beam blade. The ZZ Gundam charges with its hypersabre thrusted forward. "You can't beat me in sabre combat, Haman!" shouts Judau. Haman parries and their blades connect, causing a great flash of light. The flash blinds Judau temporarily, and when his vision clears up, the Qubeley is not in sight. But the flash just bought Haman enough time to sneak behind the Double Zeta for the crushing blow. She fires another volley of bits and their murderous beams slice into the back of Double Zeta. Judau thinks he made his fatal mistake but he is quick enough to hit the lever to separate the 3 fighting vehicles that combine together to form ZZ Gundam. The Double Zeta separates in two and Judau flies out in the core fighter, autocannons blazing at Haman's Qubeley. The core fighter showers the Qubeley's face, knocking out its sensors, the mono-eye. But Haman manages to swat the core fighter away, batting it into a wall. The fighter crashes into the wall, knocking its canopy open and Judau jumps out. Inside the Qubeley, half the scanner system is disabled; the remaining half flickers madly at its cussing pilot, Haman Karn, "Damn, the main scanner is gone!" Haman leaves her Qubeley, pistol drawn, shooting at Judau in zero gravity. Judau takes cover behind some floating debris. Finding a metal pipe in free fall, he manages to knock the gun out of Haman's hand. Haman grapples with him as Judau desperately tries to reach the gun. "Do you want to join me?" asks Haman. "What?! Are you serious?!" exclaims Judau. "You're too good to be killed," answers Haman. "I'm not going to kill you because of Leena. I,m doing because of all the people you killed as the result of your demonic ideas!" says Judau. Yet he hesitates as he remembers what a Newtype told him long ago, "Fate and life doesn't come to you. You must get it by your own power." This slight distraction allows Haman to kick Judau in the stomach and move back towards her mobile suit. "Haman...!" yells Judau with a gun trained on her but he can't find himself to pull the trigger (He has always been reluctant to kill unarmed people and at this time Haman was using her Newtype powers to amplify this reluctancy). Safe inside the Qubeley, Haman manages to catch a glimpse of Judau moving back to his core fighter. She draws her beam blade and slowly advances on Judau through the sight of a malfunctioning scanner display. Judau tries desperately to start the core fighter but to no avail. He sees the huge Qubeley advancing on him and panics, which involuntarily triggers the full might of his Newtype powers and an aura emerges from his body to engulf the core fighter. Haman is surprised to discover that her beam blade cannot cut through the aura. But the aura is still expanding, engulfing the 2 other vehicles that make up Double Zeta, the core top and core base. "What? Does Double Zeta have a Psychomu system (psionically controlled mobile suit) ?" wonders Haman. Even Judau is astonished at the extent of his powers as he watches the parts combine. After the aura yields to darkness, Double Zeta Gundam is reborn! "What the hell did you do?" asks a fearful Haman Karn. Judau answers, "After Amuro Ray, the Gundam served as a "spiritual" repose for its chosen pilots, drawing upon the person's power. So that's what this power can be called to do." Haman attacks but Judau tells her that it won't work, and fires the head's High Mega cannon at half power, blowing away the Qubeley's left arm and wing binder. Haman retreats back to Mowsa and Judau follows. "Help me win, Double Zeta!" thinks Judau, realizing the war is almost at its end. Judau is exhausted after after pushing his Newtype power in reassembling ZZ Gundam but he forces himself to muster up any energy he has left for this final battle. In the tunnels underneath Mowsa, the ZZ Gundam stalks it foe with the double-barreled beam rifle ready. "Where are you?!" says Judau who is peering into the darkness. Suddenly, a shot comes out of the dark, hitting the beam rifle, and blasts it out of the mobile suit's hand. The Double Zeta draws its hypersabre and charges forward and almost runs into the wall -at this dead end??! "What?!" says Judau in disbelief as Haman is nowhere to be seen. Actually, the Qubeley had blown a hole in the ceiling, awaiting its prey to come underneath it. The Qubeley lunges down with beam blade extended and slices into the shoulder of Double Zeta (who was moving to avoid a more serious hit). Simultaneously, the ZZ Gundam had stabbed the Qubeley up through its left leg and into the stomach area (dangerously close to the cockpit). After exchanging blows, the Double Zeta has its arm sheared off and the Qubeley loses its leg. The Qubeley's hatch opens, accompanied by an influx of smoke. Judau opens the hatch of his mobile suit to get a better view and sees Haman bandaging herself. "We both hit simultaneously but I lost this battle." says Haman. Judau says, "We both cannot fight anymore. The battle's over." "Ha, ha. But I will live forever " says Haman weakly and she puts her hand to her shoulder to fight the pain. Judau asks, "Answer me, Haman. If you, Guremi, Poodu, Poodu II and all the Newtype people helped each other, we wouldn't have to fight and this world would be a better place. If this is the truth, why are people all going in the wrong direction?" "On earth, those who live there have their souls held down by gravity so they can't "fly" well (this is similar to what Char had said to Camille in Zeta Gundam regarding the people who are not born on the space colonies) and many will not understand why we are so different. And we must kill these people to save Earth (from future civil war and racial prejudice)," answers Haman. "If you killed me, you would have killed all those people next?" asks Judau. "That's right. I would kill those ignorant bastards but you are..." says Haman weakly. She stops short but manages to continue, "Just go back. Go back." "Let's go together, everything's is finished," says Judau and he offers her his hand. Haman is surprised at this gesture and says,"We must start all over again. I couldn't leave Earth this way. That's why I stood up to to do what I thought was best, and someone interfered, that is, you. Yet are you are saying you are still a Newtype?" Judau doesn't answer and sees tiny globes of tears floating away from her eyes (this is zero gravity, remember?). Haman smiles and starts up her Qubeley. "Haman..." starts Judau but Haman interrupts him,"You remember what I said, Judau." She plunges the battered mobile suit into the core of Mowsa, followed by a large explosion. A large piece of flying shrapnel from the explosion smashes off the Double Zeta's other arm. Judau sees the remains of the main body of the Qubeley drifting away, lifeless. "Haman, you are..." says Judau but he doesn't get to finish because the quaking and cracking throughout the colony has started again. Outside, Mowsa and Side 3 were separating. Then Mowsa's spaceport erupts in fire, setting off a chain reaction of explosions. Judau tries to escape but the ZZ Gundam isn't moving. "Move! Oh please, at least the core fighter!" says Judau. He separates the Double Zeta again and miraculously, the core fighter begins to move. But before he can escape the colony an explosion nearby blows the core fighter back like a leaf. Back at the New Ahgama, Poodu II wakes up, recalling cries from Judau in her dream. She also remembers images of Judau and the core fighter trapped inside Mowsa. "Judau, can't you leave Mowsa?" mutters Poodu II and she tries to get up again but falls back, hitting the wall. Yet with shaky hands, she manages to grab the door. "I must help Judau." says Poodu II and she stumbles out into the hallway. Miri returns with food only to find an empty bed. On the bridge, tension from combat situations has begun to cease. The crew watches the main monitor which depicts the weak explosion of Mowsa. Lu: "Incredible." Keyslong: "I can feel it too." Toraz: "It's like all of space has lost its feeling of fight." Eno: "I think the battle between Haman and Judau is finished." Mondo: "Who won?" Bija: "Of course Judau won!!!" Edu: "Then why isn't Judau coming back?" Finally, Poodu II enters the bridge and Edu goes to help her up. Poodu looks up at Edu and says, "Judau is in danger." "Why? What happened?" asks Edu. Poodu II tries to reply but she passes out. While inside Mowsa, Judau is wondering if Haman had purposely trapped him inside the colony, and also how to get out. He explores possible routes of escape but is unsuccessful. In the New Ahgama, Miri who is treating Poodu II manages to rouse her. "Judau is trapped inside Mowsa, right?" asks Edu. Poodu II nods and tells them to fire on Mowsa. A map of Mowsa is currently displayed on the monitor with targeting crosshairs trained on it. "The High Mega Launcher is ready to fire," says Toraz. "Wait! Are you believing that girl?!!" asks Bija. "If you hit Mowsa, it'll be dangerous for Judau," adds Mondo. Bija asks Poodu II if she's lying. She replies,"Shoot as I told you. Then Judau will be safe." "I can't believe you. How can you be so optimistic??" asks Bija. Edu, with tears in her eyes, replies for Poodu II,"Bija, this is Poodu so she wants to help Judau!" Edu's words touch Poodu II's heart as a form of encouragement, so Poodu II cries too. Bija reluctantly agrees and he threatens Poodu II that if Judau dies as the result of this shot, then he'll kill her. "Okay, Bija, I don't care. But if you do, you'll have to kill me first," counters Edu. The Main Monitor display zooms in on Mowsa, targeting. "This spot?" asks Keyslong. "Yes. But fire at low power," says Poodu II. Bija gives the order to fire and Keyslong initiates the firing sequence. The beam rips through Mowsa, breaking it up. On the bridge, all is quiet as everyone is holding their breath, praying for success. As the debris is smashed away by the beam, the internal structure of Mowsa can be seen. Eno notices a gleam of light in the corner of the screen and realizes that it is the core fighter, and tells everyone. Bija, who hasn't seen it asks, "Really?!" and tells Keyslong to zoom in on it. The core fighter emerges out of Mowsa, covered with ash and soot. On the bridge, Mondo and Eno hug each other, and Bija joins in their celebration. Edu and Lu shake hands while Toraz and Keyslong kiss each other. Edu turns to tell Poodu II, "You saved Judau!" but Poodu II doesn't answer, apparently in eternal sleep, she died with a smile on her face. Edu shouts to the others that Poodu is dead but their loud cheers drown out her cries, leaving her to do nothing but stare and reflect at the brave girl who did everything in her power to help Judau before succumbing to the injuries she suffered from the Quin-Mantha explosion. Inside the core fighter, Judau sees on his monitor the AEUG forces approaching, flashing lights to communicate in code. "Now they come, after all the fighting is over!" says Judau and he bangs his control console and breaks down to cry. The Side 3 battle is finally finished. The Guwadan surrenders to the AEUG and Earth allied forces and many soldiers leave the Guwadan. After a thorough search of the ship, they discover that the Mineba Zabi is a fake double. Even the Mineba in Dakar, Africa (see #27-28, when the Zions were seeking more support and to also extend the Zabi family line) was a fake double, and no one knows where Mineba is except for Haman but Judau doesn't care. After Poodu II's funeral, Judau is alone on the New Ahgama's bridge. It was cold there, not a light was on, and outside the stars didn't seem to shine so bright to Judau, who was depressed. Then Lu enters and stands beside Judau, looking out into the view of space. "What are you going to do after all this?" she asks. "I'm not made to be a soldier. I might go to Jupiter (research mission?)" answers Judau. "Jupiter? It's pretty far away," says Lu. "Yes," says Judau. "Well maybe I might go with you," suggests Lu and she places her hand on his. Then the stars outside brightened. The scene switches to Fon Brown (an asteroid/satellite/"Moon" used as a launch window) where the Jupitoris II (see Zeta Gundam) flies overhead. Amongst the crowd at the spaceport, Judau shakes hands with Bright. "Good luck when you get to Jupiter," says Bright. Judau replies,"Ya, I'll study hard." Lu is standing beside Judau as both were selected as part of the crew going to Jupiter. On the spaceport, their friends from Shangri-La: Edu Biano, Bija Oregu, Mondo Akaki, Eno Ababu and Ahgama crewmembers: Toraz, Keyslong, Sheesa, Saman, Astonage, Toraga, Kumu and Shinta (with the Haro) and Miri Chirida are all smiling, bidding them farewell and wishing them the best. Edu gives them a present and tells Lu to take care of Judau. "I'm not going to baby-sit Judau," says Lu. Judau, who overheard this, says,"I"M going to baby-sit Lu." "This guy has a lot of spirit going over to Jupiter; probably enough to leave the solar system," says Bright. "Maybe I'll go to the end of the universe," jokes Judau. Bright then leaves and goes up a flight of stairs to another deck where two shadowy figures are viewing the launch. They are Sayla Mass and Leena Ashta. Sayla asks Leena,"Are you sure you're not going to meet him? If you don't, you'll have to wait 3 years." Sayla's words were true, for it took a year to reach Jupiter. "I always get in the way of my brother and this time I don't want to do that. If I meet him, he might hesitate to go. I can meet him in the future." answers Leena. "So that's what you think?" asks Sayla. "Yes," answers Leena, having some difficulty replying. She had thought about it for a long time but it is her final decision. Then there was an announcement: "Jupitoris II is ready to leave." Judau bids everyone goodbye and gently pats the head of Kumu and Shinta (who are about to cry) but before he leaves, his Newtype powers act up. He feels a presence. "Poodu..." he says but it wasn't Poodu; it was someone much closer than Poodu that he knew long ago. "Leena?" says Judau with growing confidence that she is on the spaceport. He quickly turns to find her. "Judau!" blurts Lu who is surprised by Judau's sudden departure but he was in the crowd already. Everyone was surprised. Bija asks "Where are you going?" and the rest of the gang pursues him. Bright tells Toraz to delay the launch of the Jupitoris II. Throughout the crowd Judau grabs anyone vaguely looking like his sister, sometimes accidentally scaring some child to tears. Judau continues as the others are further confused by his bizarre actions. "He's nuts!"-"Stop him!" shouts everyone. Bija tries to follow but Bright stops him, "Wait, let him go," he says with a smile on his face. Leena who is on the next deck witnesses the scene and wishes to leave but Sayla stops her. "Let's go down," says Sayla. "But..." protests Leena. "People who are tied together have strong bonds so calm down. You are too nice of a girl to be denied this reunion with your brother." says Sayla. Leena agrees and cries. In the crowd, Judau continues his search and by the time he reaches the elevators, he still hasn't found her and begins to feel despondent. He thinks to himself,"Am I wrong about the fact that Leena is dead? (see #28)" At that time, he can't decide what to do and stands on the spot, thinking. Suddenly, the elevator door behind him opens and there is Leena! "Leena is it really you?!" asks Judau. Without a word, Leena jumps straight into Judau's arms. These two don't need words to describe their joy. An hour after this incident, Judau and Lu have left for Jupiter while their friends from Shangri-La go on to live their own lives. They have left Fon Brown, hoping for the best in the future and they promise to meet again at Fon Brown in 3 years. While Judau and Lu leave, they see the Earth rising over the horizon. Judau was watching from the bridge, "People tied together have strong bonds of friendship and I believe it. Right, Camille?" he says to himself. After saying this, he was surprised at his words. "Did I say Camille just then?" he asks himself. Judau smiles and leans back in his chair, watching the Earth. Lu: "What's up?" Judau: "Oh, I was just saying goodbye." Lu: "To who?" Judau: "Just my counterpart." They both continue to watch the Earth slowly fading from view. ...And so ends the Gundam Saga. -- Cam Daly Phone: (617) 225-7880 22F1 Internet: 550 Memorial Dr "He who fights and runs away, Cambridge MA 02139 lives to nuke the site from orbit"


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