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B.C. SOFTWARE B.C. SOFTWARE ********************* * WELCOME * * to the * ********************** HORROR REPORT *************************** * * Volume #1 No. 1 * * * ********************* * * * * * * Greetings Monster/Horror fans: * * * * Welcome to the first edition of the HORROR REPORT; a new * * electronic newsletter that will inform you of the newest * * fright films to come your way. You can tantalize your * * friends and associates with your knowledge of the film * * scene way before each flick comes out. Keep your eyes * * peeled on Rusty and Edies BBS and other hot BBS'S to * * download our weekly report. Start off the new year * * with this special edition devoted to the king of monsters, * * GODZILLA, including the scoop on the new 1993 GODZILLA * * movie! * * * * Each week, B.C. SOFTWARE will present the latest updates * * and info to keep you, the horror fan, fully informed. * * Each edition is merely a small text file that will * * download quickly. So get it weekly! It's free! Feel * * free to post it on any BBS. Each report is not only * * informative, but it's always a fun read! * * * * * * Enjoy! * * * * * * P.S. My handle is VARAN * * * ******************************************************************** The hottest news in the horror field is that GODZILLA, King of the Monsters is back an awesome, new movie! And he is not alone! But we'll get to that later. First I want to bring all the readers up to date on GODZILLA's activities. And he has been very active of late except for on American soil. The last GODZILLA movie to be released in America was called GODZILLA 1985. It was a modern retelling of the original 1956 GODZILLA movie. The new one has excellent special effects and is a worthy remake. It even had Raymond Burr in it who was in the original. If you haven't seen it yet, check out your local video store; they'll have it. GODZILLA 1985 did so-so at the box office. Actually it did quite well for a movie that had no advertising campaign to it. GODZILLA has not been seen on U.S. screens since then. But in Japan, it did well enough to warrant a sequel. In 1990, GODZILLA VS. BIOLANTE was released in Japan. This film picked right up where GODZILLA 1985 left off. This film without a doubt had the best special effects of any Japanese movie in history. In this entry, GODZILLA was the evil, world destroying monster and BIOLANTE was the hero (heros don't always win). The BIOLANTE creature itself defies description. There has been nothing like it in any monster film. If I had to compare it, it sort of resembles John Carpenter's THE THING. In 1991, Toho studios (GODZILLA's creators) unveiled a new epic entitled GODZILLA VS. KING GHIDRAH. This movie is another continuation from GODZILLA 1985 and GODZILLA is again the evil monster of destruction. The adversary this time around is a new monster with old roots. True GODZILLA fans will remember GHIDRAH and MECHAGODZILLA from the old series. Combine those two creatures into one and what do you have? Thats Right! MECHA-GHIDRAH is twice as deadly as GODZILLA! This film, like BIOLANTE, has not been released in the U.S. although I have seen videotapes of both movies in the underground circles. If you want to see them, consult an underground tape trader. Or you can check out STAR TREK or CREATION (TM) conventions. Which brings us up-to-date. It's sad that these last two movies are unreleased here. They are both state-of-the-art, non-juvenile monster movies (unlike the early ones!). If any one reading can pull any strings in the video industry I encourage you to do so! And now, the news you've been waiting for. The new 1993 GODZILLA film is already in release in Japan! It's playing in their theaters right now, and I understand it's a smash hit. It's called GODZILLA VS. MOTHRA! That's right, MOTHRA! This movie is not-I repeat, not- a remake of the 1964 film GODZILLA VS. THE THING. It is the same MOTHRA from the old films, but with a whole new legend behind it. Once again the effects are top-notch and gives American special effects movies (no one can afford them anymore) a much needed kick in the ass. The MOTHRA creature appears in two stages, a huge worm-like catapillar and eventually evolves into the full moth-monster. In another surprise twist there is another creature in the film! This creature is related to MOTHRA but is even more deadly! It is called BATTRA! That's right, BATTRA! GODZILLA has his hands full in this flick! Hopefully the success of GODZILLA VS. MOTHRA will inspire some Hollywood money-types to release the movie here or at least give it a life on video. In any case, GODZILLA is still the king of creatures! ***Next Edition*** NEW CLIVE BARKER SEQUELS!!! ********************************************************************** Comments or Criticism? Write: B.C. Software 6 Englewood Road Peabody, Massachusetts 01960 *********************************************************************


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