MEL GIBSON compiled by Bruce T. Goldman Mel Gibson was born on Jan. 31, 1956 in not Austra

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MEL GIBSON compiled by Bruce T. Goldman Mel Gibson was born on Jan. 31, 1956 in not Australia, but Peekskill NY. He is the 6th of 11 children. His father a train brakeman suffered an accident when Mel was 12. At that point his father moved the family to Australia. Mel is Catholic & is married to Robyn Moore, they have 4 children. The eldest is his daughter Hannah, they then had twin sons (Christopher & Edward) and Will is the youngest son. In 1985, People magazine featured Mel Gibson as the sexiest man alive. He also co-hosted Saturday Night Live, performing a memorible skit parodying Lethal Weapon. Attack Force Z (A) 90 NR 1981 Mel Gibson John Phillip Law John Waters Sam Neill Director: Tim Burstall Bounty, The 132 PG 1984 Mel Gibson Anthony Hopkins Laurence Olivier Writer: Robert Bolt (Richard Hough) Gallipoli (A) PG 1981 Mel Gibson Mark Lee Bill Hunter Robert Grubb Tim McKenzie Director: Peter Weir Lethal Weapon 110 R 1987 Mel Gibson Danny Glover Gary Busey Director: Richard Donner Writer: Shane Black Lethal Weapon II 114 R 1989 Mel Gibson Danny Glover Patsy Kensit Director: Richard Donner Mad Max (A) 93 R 1980 Mel Gibson JoAnne Samuel Tim Burns Director: George Miller Mad Max III - Beyond the Thunderdome 107 PG-13 1985 Mel Gibson Tina Turner Mrs. Soffel 113 PG-13 1984 Diane Keaton Mel Gibson River, The Sissy Spacek Mel Gibson Road Warrior (A), The R 1982 Mel Gibson Emile Minty Director: George Miller Summer City 1980 Mel Gibson Tequila Sunrise 116 R 1988 Mel Gibson Michelle Pfeiffer Raul Julia Tim NR 1979 Mel Gibson Piper Laurie Peter Gwynne Writer: (Colleen McCullogh) Year of Living Dangerously, The 115 PG 1982 Mel Gibson Sigourney Weaver Linda Hunt Bill Kerr Michael Murphy Noel Ferrier Paul Sonkkila Director: Peter Weir


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