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Newsgroups: From: (Stephanie da Silva) Subject: Tale Spin Episode List Message-ID: <> Organization: Taronga Park BBS Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1993 14:34:48 GMT Lines: 416 All's Whale That Ends Whale --------------------------- Baloo and Kit return an escaped whale to a carnival show for the reward money, only to have second thoughts when they find the animals in the show are being mistreated. A Bad Reflection On You, Pt. 1 ------------------------------ Khan hires Baloo to find out why his planes have been mysteriously disappearing along a certain cargo route. A Bad Reflection On You, Pt. 2 ------------------------------ Baloo gets a big head from over-exporsure in the media but comes crashing back down to earth when he finds out Khan has played him for a patsy in this conclusion to the two-parter. A Baloo Switcheroo ------------------ A magic idol in a lightning storm causes Baloo and Kit to switch bodies. Baloo Thunder ------------- Buzz has a top secret invention -- the helicopter -- and hides it to prevent it from falling into hostile hands, but instead is accused of stealing it. The Balooest of the Blue Bloods ------------------------------- Baloo inherits a baronage and moves into his newly acquired mansion, only to discover that his lineage is cursed! Bearly Alive ------------ When Rebecca mistakenly believes Baloo is suffering from a terminal illness, she allows him his last wish of flying to the Bearmuda Trapezoid. The Bigger They Are, The Louder They Oink ----------------------------------------- Becky's latest get-rich-quick scheme involves sinking money into an obnoxious truffle-sniffing pig instead of for badly needed repairs on the Seaduck. Bringing Down Babyface ---------------------- Baloo is mistaken for a member of famous mobster Babyface Half-Nelson's gang and the only way he can convince the police otherwise is to get Babyface to vouch for him! Bullethead Baloo ---------------- In order to impress the members of Kit's secret club, Baloo emulates a comic book hero but ends up making a fool out of himself. Bygones ------- An aviation legend comes to life -- Rick Skye (and his squadron of seven) -- who reappear after mysteriously disappearing with a shipment of silver during The Great War that happened 20 years before. Captains Outrageous ------------------- Kit tries to get his nerdy friend accepted into his secret club where the prerequisite for admittance is experience in a *real* adventure. Citizen Khan ------------ Baloo and Wildcat are kidnapped by some unscrupulous miners in a hick town and their only chance of escape is by convincing them that Wildcat is really Shere Khan. Destiny Rides Again ------------------- Baloo & Kit discover a golden llama with magical powers in a South American country and the resident baddie pursues them, of course. Double or Nothing ----------------- Baloo breaks his favourite record and must find a means of making 100 dollars to replace it, so he starts by swindling Trader Moe's goons out of some ninja worms. Feminine Air ------------ The only way Baloo can enter an aerial race is to masquerade as a woman which he thinks is a clever idea until he finds out Rebecca is to be his navigator! Flight School Confidential -------------------------- Disillusioned with a Cape Suzette law that says he's too young to fly, Kit goes to Thembria to attend a pilot's school geared for 12 year olds. Flight of the Snow Duck ----------------------- Wildcat and Molly accompany Baloo to Thembria, only to be arrested and incarcerated for playing in the snow. Flying Dupes ------------ Baloo is contracted to deliver a package to the Thembrian High Marshall but is unaware that the present he's carrying is really a bomb planted by a traitor. For a Fuel Dollars More ----------------------- Rebecca comes up with a brilliant idea of starting a mid-air refueling service which steals all of Louie's customers (and pisses him off to no end). For Whom the Bell Klangs, Pt. 1 ------------------------------- Tired of adventure, Baloo and Louie decide to relax, only to run into Katy, a foxy archaeologist, whose goal in life is to find the lost city of Tinabula. For Whom the Bell Klangs, Pt. 2 ------------------------------- A nasty villain by the name of Klang foils Katy's archaeological research and claims the right to Tinabula, while Baloo and Louie go against their better judgement and try to rescue Katy. From Here to Machinery ---------------------- Khan puts all the pilots out of work by buying an inventor's claim to the future of aviation -- the Auto Aviator -- a robot. The Golden Sprocket of Friendship --------------------------------- Colonel Spigot journeys to Cape Suzette to present Thembria's offering to the Friendship Festival -- a golden sprocket which Trader Moe covets. Gruel and Unusual Punishment ---------------------------- In order to impress Rebecca, Baloo decides to slim down so he can fit into his suit so he can accompany her to a fancy dress ball, yet somehow ends up in a Thembrian maximum security prison. Her Chance To Dream ------------------- Rebecca falls in love with a ghost who tries to spirit her away and Baloo and Louie have to burst her bubble to prevent this. I Only Have Ice For You ----------------------- Rebecca is transporting an iceberg for a rich oil sheik, only to have it hijacked by Don Karnage, who thinks there's something valuable hidden inside. The Idol Rich ------------- Baloo competes against Colonel Spigot (who cheats, btw) in a contest that promises to pay off big to the first one to find a lost treasure. In Search of Ancient Blunders ----------------------------- Baloo and Wildcat discover the upside-down pyramid of King Utmost and have to keep it from falling into the hands of Don Karnage while trying to avoid the cursed mummy. The Incredible Shrinking Molly ------------------------------ Weary of always being ignored, Molly sneaks into a mad scientist's lab and is shrunk down to the size of an insect! It Came From Beneath the Sea Duck --------------------------------- Babysitting Molly isn't all fun and games for Kit, who has to keep her from falling into the tentacles of a giant octopus. Jolly Molly Christmas --------------------- Molly writes a letter to Santa reqesting a special gift for her mom -- for it to snow in Cape Suzette. Jumping the Guns ---------------- Don Karnage, in his neverending quest to raid Cape Suzette, takes control of the cliff guns by stealing the Seaduck. Last Horizons ------------- Baloo, in an attempt to gain some recognition, sets off to find the fabled land of Panda-la. Louie's Last Stand ------------------ A wimpy underling of Khan's tries to wrestle possession of Louie's island away by using nefarious means in order to try to prove that he's really not a total loser. Mach One For the Gipper ----------------------- Famed test pilot Ace London allows a top secret jet engine to fall into Baloo and Wildcat's possession, while he ends up with their cargo of pickles. Molly Coddled ------------- Molly finds what she thinks is a doll, but is really a pilfered artifact and the thief who stole it tries to recover it by conning Rebecca. Mommy For a Day --------------- Everyone is too busy to play with Molly, so she adopts an Inkaran -- a cute little critter that posseses some unusual characteristics. My Fair Baloo ------------- Rebecca tries to impress some snobs at a formal dinner on the Spruce Moose, but is embarrassed by Baloo's bad manners. The Old Man and the Sea Duck ---------------------------- When Baloo gets bonked on the head, he loses his memory and forgets how to fly, but meets a retired flying ace who is determined to help him return to the air once more. On a Wing and a Bear -------------------- Baloo's pilot's license expires and he has to take his renewal test from an incredible bozo who's a stickler for going "by the book." Paradise Lost ------------- Wildcat and Baloo fly a "developer" to a lost valley filled with dinosaurs, and are shocked when it is revealed that he intends to take hunting expeditions to the valley. Pizza Pie in the Sky -------------------- While Rebecca is off attending business school, Baloo and Kit decide to start their own pizza delivery service. Plunder & Lightning, Pt. 1 -------------------------- Baloo meets Kit (who is being chased by Don Karnage and his entourage of pirates) for the very first time in this introduction to the series. Plunder & Lightning, Pt. 2 -------------------------- The bank that holds the note on the Seaduck sells it to Rebecca since Baloo is delinquent on the payments, so Kit tells Baloo he possesses an object of value, with which they can use to buy back the Seaduck. Plunder & Lightning, Pt. 3 -------------------------- Karnage kidnaps Molly and Rebecca and holds them as ransom for the jewel and when Baloo goes to the pirate hideout to rescue them, he is betrayed by Kit. Plunder & Lightning, Pt. 4 -------------------------- Karnage and his cronies build a lightning gun out of stolen parts and proceed to trash large parts of Cape Suzette with it. Polly Wants a Treasure ---------------------- A parrot that claims to know where a hidden treasure is makes friends with Kit, but develops an intense disliking towards Baloo (the feeling is mutual). The Ransom of Red Chimp ----------------------- Don Karnage kidnaps Louie's Aunt Louise, only to find out he got more than he originally bargained for. The Road to Macadamia --------------------- Baloo and Louie travel to Macadamia to deliver some goods, and become embroiled in a suspense-filled plot. Save the Tiger -------------- Grateful when Baloo saves his life, Shere Khan promises him anything he wants, only to grow highly annoyed when Baloo turns into a royal pest. Sheepskin Deep -------------- Baloo goes back to elementary school so he can graduate and attend his school reunion, but plays hookey so he can continue to make deliveries for Higher For Hire. The Sound and the Furry ----------------------- Wildcat befriends some cute furries from Bayou Country -- innocent little critters who are being mistreated by a con artist named Crazy Edie. A Spy in the Ointment --------------------- A shady character who claims to be a spy convinces Rebecca they must fly to Thembria to recover a mysterious package from the Thembrian High Marshall. A Star is Torn -------------- Baloo is invited to fly an important stunt in Kitten Kaboodle's latest movie, while Rebecca tries to hunt down who's behind the mysterious accidents that keep plaguing the set. Stormy Weather -------------- Kit is mesmerized by a barnstormer's glamorous spiel and leaves Higher For Hire to perform dangerous stunts in his show. Stuck On You ------------ Baloo and Don Karnage are in for some sticky situations when they both get doused with super-glue and become siamese twins. The Time Bandit --------------- Baloo tricks Rebecca into paying him a day early by playing an elaborate joke on her and fooling her into thinking it's Saturday, not Friday. Time Waits For No Bear ---------------------- Trader Moe contracts Hire For Higher to transport a stolen crown but when Baloo is late with the shipment, the $10,000 fee is forfeited. A Touch of Glass ---------------- Rebecca's attempt to cater to a more upscale clientele doesn't turn out exactly as she planned. Vowel Play ---------- A mobster by the name of Heimlich Menudo pays Hire For Higher to do some skywriting for him, but Baloo threatens to mess it up with his poor spelling. Waiders of the Wost Tweasure ---------------------------- During a typical delivery run to Walla Walla Bing Bang, Baloo runs into an old adversary -- Plane Jane -- and ends up in a race with her to see who can first recover the legendary Ruby Rings. War of the Weirds ----------------- Baloo tries to con Becky into giving him some vacation time by trying to convince her that he's been selected to fly on an expidition to Mars. Whistlestop Jackson, Legend --------------------------- When Rebecca hires the famed aviator, Whistlestop Jackson to increase Higher For Hire's business, Baloo unfortunately discovers there is a fair semblance of truth in the phrase, "Larger than life." Your Baloo's in the Mail ------------------------ Becky wins $50,000 in the lottery and entrusts Baloo to mail her ticket which must be received by no later than 8 the next morning, or she loses everything. -- Stephanie da Silva "Go ahead, shoot -- I'm a Toon! That stuff won't work on me!" -- Bonkers


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