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Newsgroups: rec.arts.animation From: (GRUBB) Subject: Johnny Quest episode Guide was Re: Johnny's Golden Quest on USA Network Message-ID: <1petdkINN73e@dns1.NMSU.Edu> Date: 1 Apr 1993 14:15:16 GMT Organization: New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM Lines: 274 There is such a list on here is a reprint of it: "THE JONNY QUEST EPISODE GUIDE ----------------------------- (All episodes listed here are from the original run of the series in 1964-65.) Plus I should point out that there are plenty of what would be considered SPOILERS if these shows hadn't been shown hundreds of times in the last 26 years. If you are SPOILER ALLERGIC, do not read!!! 1. MYSTERY OF THE LIZARD-MEN Dr. Quest is called in to investigate a series of ships disappearing in the Sargasso Sea. The plot, involving frogmen disguised as lizardmen, is to use a laser beam to bring down the Man to the Moon rocket launch. Jonny and Race get captured and then escape and Dr. Quest foils the evil plans. (This is one of the episodes that Hadji does not appear in.) 2. ARCTIC SPLASH DOWN Dr. Quest and some enemy agents are in a race to recover a rocket brought down in the Arctic by the enemy agents in an attempt to get ahold of Dr. Quest's new missle directional device. 3. THE CURSE OF ANUBIS My personal favorite episode along with "The Robot Spy". It involves an Egyptian nationalist who steals a statue of the god, Anubis. He calls in Dr. Quest to investigate. His plot is to blame the theft on Dr. Quest in order to unite his peoples against the West. Little does he know that his theft has awakened a 2000 year old, giant, unstoppable mummy bent on revenge. The thief traps Dr. Quest and Race in a catacomb and unleashes some poisonous asps to do them in. After they are freed by Jonny and Hadji, the evil-doer meets his ends at the hands of the giant mummy. 4. PURSUIT OF THE PO-HO Dr. Quest is called in to rescue a fellow scientist captured by the Po-Ho natives. Dr. Quest tries to use an airplane and a loudspeaker to do the old "I am a god." trick on the natives but his trick backfires, and he gets captured and is due to be sacrificed along with the other scientist. Race stains himself with purple berry juice and pulls off the same "I am a god." trick with more success and rescues the Doc and his friend. 5. RIDDLE OF THE GOLD The first episode shown with the evil Dr. Zin, this has one of the more complicated plots of the series. A henchman of Dr. Zin, Cassim, and the Marharajah of some country are involved in a scheme with Zin to manufacture gold. They have captured the scientist who has perfected the process and lure in Dr. Quest to bump Quest off since Quest is determined to be the only other person that would be able to determine the gold is man-made. Cassim kills and impersonates the Maharajah after the latter attempts a greedy double-cross. After several attempts on the Quests, Jonny and Hadji discover the captured scientist. Just as he warns them,, they are all captured and put in a cave to be killed. Bandit ends up saving the day, and Dr. Zin escapes vowing to return. 6. TREASURE OF THE TEMPLE Dr. Quest and party go to explore some Mayan ruins in South America. They don't know some bad guys are already there looking for a hidden treasure. The crooks attempt to frighten off Dr. Quest and party to no avail. After Jonny and Hadji stumble over the treasure room, the whole gang is captured only to be rescued by a native the party had befriended earlier. In an escape in an underground river and cavern, shooting weakens several stalactites and.... well, you can guess what happens to the bad guys. 7. CALCUTTA ADVENTURE (This is the episode that details how Hadji became part of the Quest clan.) In India to demonstrate a new sonic beam device of great power, the Quests meet and Indian orphan Hadji, and Hadji's friend, the Pasha Peddler (who has the voice of the Maytag Repairman) a con man and salesman deluxe. Checking out some sick natives, Quest finds a hidden mountain installation who is responsible with their nerve gas experiments. Dr. Quest gets captured and Pasha and the boys help Race rescue him. The sonic device takes care of the snow covered moutain base. 8. DR. ZIN'S ROBOT SPY Dr. Quest is working on a para-power ray gun (hey, I just relate the plot lines!) and Dr. Zin sends a indestructible spider-like one-eyed robot spy to spec it out. Nothing from tanks to flame throwers can stop the robot from escaping with the plans until the para-power gun is used itself. 9. DOUBLE DANGER This episode has it all. Dr. Zin plus one of only two appearances by the sultry competant Jezebel Jade, mercenary-spy and Race's (ex?) flame. Anyway, while Dr. Quest is researching a vine that will produce a suspended animation effect on astronauts, Dr. Zin captures Race and replaces him with an exact double. Zin wants to use the drug to produce nations of helpless zombies at his control. The double is discovered after a suspicious Jade asks phony Race for a kiss and the plot is discovered and foiled. As Jade explains later, "There is only *ONE* Race Bannon!" adding to Race's reputation in ways the family hour would never allow! 10. SHADOW OF THE CONDOR While flying through the Andes, plane problems cause Race to land on a hidden mountain top lair inhabited by a World War I German Baron and air ace. The Baron manuevers Race into a dogfight combat in WWI planes but doesn't bother to load Race's guns with ammunition. It looks like curtains for Race until the title star comes winging in and causes the Baron to crash. 11. SKULL AND DOUBLE CROSSBONES While Dr. Quest is exploring deep-sea marine life, Jonny finds a portion of some Spanish treasure. The cook on the Quest's boat is a planted bad guy who was hoping they would discover where the treasure was. After the Quest crew is captured, Bandit swims to the Police and brings them back to save the day. 12. DREADFUL DOLL Dr. Quest is called in to check out a little girl on a Caribean island who seems to have been hoo-dooed by voo-doo. Dr. Quest, spoiling the whole atmosphere of the episode, announces almost immediately that the girl has been drugged. Seems someone wants to contruct a secret submarine base and is using the voo-doo scare to get plantation owners to leave. First, Jonny and Hadji recue a captured Race and then they all rescue the captured Dr. Quest and foil the bad guys. 13. A SMALL MATTER OF PYGMIES Played mostly for laughs with lots of short and little people jokes, Race develops plane trouble again while flying to meet Dr. Quest (seems plane repair was not among Dr. Quest's strengths!) and lands smack dab in the middle of the pygmies. Dr. Quest shows up at the last minute to save Race and the boys and gets the important letter Race was bringing him. An invitation to a talk on "Are Pygmies a Warm and Friendly People?" 14. THE DRAGONS OF ASHIDA Dr. Quest goes to visit Dr. Ashida, a scientist gone off the deep end. Seems Ashida is big on one on one combats, first involving giant lizards agianst each other and then him against Race. But Race pisses him off by beating him. After the party tries to leave the demented doctor's island, they are forced back by the giant lizards. Now Race must face Ashida's giant henchman, Sumi, in one on one combat to win the party's escape. Race wins again but Ashida tries to keep them and throw Sumi to the giant lizards. But they escape and Sumi makes Dr. Ashida the lizard-snack instead. 15. TURU THE TERRIBLE Written in every globe-trotting scientist's handbook is the rule, "Thou shalt uncover at least one land of lost dinosaurs." This time, the Quests stumble over a pet pteranodon called Turu who is being kept by a wheel chair bound baddie using Turu to terrorize natives into mining a precious metal for him. The Quests bust up his scheme by busting up his prehistoric bird with bazookas. Although the bad guy is a slaver, it still tugs your heart strings when he leaps into a tar pit to try and save his mortally wounded pet. 16. THE FRADULENT VOLCANO After Dr. Quest snuffs out an oil fire with a new invention, an island calls him in to do the same to their recently erupting volcano. As a precursor to SPECTRE's plans a few years later in "You Only Live Twice", the volcanic eruptions are really Dr. Zin operating from a hidden base in the volcano testing a new destructive weapon. Zin brings down Race and Dr. Quest with an invisible ray (which reminds one of the para-power ray gun he didn't get in "The Robot Spy") and captures them. Jonny, Hadji, and a police man rescue them, the bad guys are foiled, but Dr. Zin, of course, escapes yet again. 17. THE WEREWOLF OF THE TIMBERLAND While hunting for some petrified wood in the Canadian hinterlands, the Quests run into a logger who is using hollowed logs for smuggling. The bad guy is using a werewolf costume to try and scare people away, but an Indian called White Feather (who has Race Bannon's voice) and his pet wolf help Jonny and Hadji reveal the scheme. Race almost shoots White Feather's wolf after the wolf fights off the guy in the werewolf costume, but Jonny shows up in time to save the wolf. 18. PIRATES FROM BELOW Dr. Quest is working with a new submarine device which, of course, is also wanted by some nasty bad guys. When Dr. Quest and Hadji are away, Race and Jonny are captured. After Jonny is threatened, Race turns over the sub to the bad guys. They escape and are recaptured and this time get Jonny to reveal where Dr. Quest is by threatening Race. They all get captured, but Hadji uses some hypnotism hocus-pocus to get them out and the bad guys are felled by their own traps once again. 19. ATTACK OF THE TREE PEOPLE Another one played mostly for laughs, as after a boat crash (no planes around?), Jonny and Hadji get seperated from Race and Dr. Quest and are adopted by a bunch of anthromorphic apes. The boys get captured by some two-bit hoods who later also capture Dr. Quest and Race and force them to call for a big ransom to get the boys back. But the apes save the boys and bop the bad guys in some humorous exchanges. 20. THE INVISIBLE MONSTER Along with "The Sea Haunt", one of my *least* favorites. Most of the time, Jonny Quest at least tried to vaguely stay within the realm of scientific possibility, but this episode *really* pushes your suspension of disbelief. It involves a 20 foot tall invisible energy monster (shades of "Forbidden Planet") which they find by dropping paint bombs while flying above it in their portable rocket backpacks. Dr. Quest lures it to its doom by using light bulbs! 21. THE DEVIL'S TOWER Borrowing from several other episodes, Dr. Quest loses a weather ballon on a mile-high plateau which is occupied by another hidden German war criminal with an airplane who is using natives to mine for him. They all get captured and the German tries to fly off with all his mined diamonds. Finding a hidden passage to get down the mountainside, the German tries to throw grenades at the Quests, but ends up eventually hitting his own plane. Ka-pow! 22. THE QUETONG MISSLE MYSTERY Like "Calcutta Adventure", a bad guy's secret base's ecological pollution ends up sickening some natives which brings in the Quest party. This time the poison is from missle fuel from a secret missle base led by General Fong. This time, a phony police man kidnaps the boys to make Quest back off, but Race and Dr. Quest stage a two-man rescue using knockout gas. In a race to escape through a mine field, the General orders the mines exploded just in time to get his own boat. 23. THE HOUSE OF SEVEN GARGOYLES (Great Swedish cartoon accents in this one!). Professor Erikson has invented an anti-gravity device called the Erik-on Bar that, naturally, some bad guys want to steal. A spy is hidden atop the Erikson's castle as a gargoyle. The gargoyle steals the bar but then is shot by his boss off his perch on the castle. As the Quests chase the bad guy's sub down a fjord in a helicopter, the bad guy henchmen try to shoot the helicopter down which only causes an avalanche that buries them and the bar. 24. TERROR ISLAND Another great episode with the second and final appearance of Jezebel Jade. Dr. Quest is kidnapped by an evil scientist growing giant monsters who wants Dr. Quest to help him. In yet another ecological comment 10 years ahead of its time, Dr. Quest points out how the bad guy's waste products are growing giant monsters in the swamps outside. Anyway, Race knows when he is over his head and goes to Jade for help. Then he decides not to wait for her, and ends up (with the boys as stowaways) getting captured only to be rescued in the end by Jade who tells Race, "I told you *I* would handle this." Gotta love her! The bad guy ends up getting fried along with his giant creations. 25. MONSTERS IN THE MONASTERY The Quest gang goes to visit Dr. Quest's friend, the Raj Guru, who is worried that the Abominable Snowmen have come down from the mountains to terrorize his village. But if you have been paying attention so far, you know it is some bad guys trying to frighten off the people and topple Raj Guru. Jonny and Hadji investigate, get captured, escape, have a wild chase scene, and return with the proof of the scheme. However, since the REAL Abominable Snowmen show up to polish off the bad guys, it becomes a moot point. 26. THE SEA HAUNT The series goes out with a poor effort involving a laughable deep sea frog monster and an offensive Asian galley cook cariacture on an abandoned boat. Like the other ridiculous monster in the series, this one is defeated using light bulbs and torches. Dr. Quest finds a treasure in gold aboard the boat which it is inferred that they will keep and they get rescued by a passing plane. Dave Arlington" -- -- Larry W. Virden INET: Personal: 674 Falls Place, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-1614


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