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From: axolotl@socs.uts.EDU.AU (Iain Sinclair) Newsgroups: rec.arts.manga Subject: Oss!! Karatebu Guide (1000+ lines) Message-ID: <1jqrkjINNhan@syzygy.socs.uts.EDU.AU> Date: 23 Jan 1993 18:20:51 +1100 Organization: University of Technology, Sydney Lines: 1060 OSS!! KARATEBU $@2!G&(J!!$@6u>2<(B $B@5(B (Kangokou High 2nd Year $B4X8^9)3X9;FsG/@8(B) Voice actor: Matsumoto Honori $B>>K\J]E5(B Matsushita is an ordinary harassed, bullied student at Kangokou High, who joined the karate club to put an end to his suffering. But in the karate club, he was harassed and bullied worse. :-) The karate club was legendary throughout Osaka for producing hardened thugs, and sure enough, Matsushita was eventually able to defend himself in fights (though Takagi still ended up intervening in some cases). Matsushita's junior, Sakakibara ($B:g86(B), told him that he could be her boyfriend if he defeated her lover, Nomura ($BLnB<(B). (However, Nomura wasn't really her lover - just a punk after her affections, whom she disliked and wanted to get rid of.) Neither he nor his friend, Saitou, ever have much luck with women, especially if they say which highschool club they belong to. :-) The first few volumes of OKB are narrated by Matsushita. Saitou Takaaki $B@FF#9'><(B (Kangokou High 2nd Year $B4X8^9)3X9;FsG/@8(B) Voice actor: Horikawa Ryou $BKY@n(B $BN<(B Rarely seen without the company of Matsushita, his friend and classmate. Saitou seems to be the more short-tempered of the two (NB: Osaka people are supposedly short-tempered and unrefined. Most OKB characters from Osaka are stereotyped this way, and also speak with a strong Osaka accent). Like Matsushita, he is constantly being picked on and getting into fights. His classmate from junior high, Yamane Junji ($B;3:,=cFs(B), became a Yakuza, and one day he forcibly took the karate club money from Saitou. Kabada Wasaku $B2CGOED(B (Vice-Captain of the Kangokou High Karate Club $B4X8^9)6u-(B) Voice actor: Yoshimura You $B5HB<$h$&(B Kabada is tubby and sadistic, but also weak; he only earned the position of vice-captain because he came to the club every day, even in holidays. This once-bullied kid entered the karate club because he worshipped his sempai, Morigami (the former captain). He likes picking on Matsushita and Saitou when Takagi isn't around. Takagi Yoshiyuki $B9bLZ5A;V(B (Captain of the Kangokou High Karate Club $B4X8^9)6u-(B) Age: 17, Height: 186cm, Weight: 93kg, Blood Type: RHO- Voice Actor: Genta Tetsushou $B8O(B The outrageously macho, tough, wisecracking anti-hero of Oss!! Karatebu. (Actually, in the first few volumes, Takagi is just one of the guys in the karate club, and doesn't appear all that much; but later, he becomes central to all the stories.) He boasts that no same technique will work on him twice, and so far, he's been proven right. Takagi holds the title Soul of Osaka III, meaning that all the student gangs and hooligans in Osaka are under his direct control. So Takagi himself is a "bad guy", though he has certain principles - he loves freedom, and will never fight women. He also has a goofy sense of humour, often cracking terrible English puns like "Thankyou very macho!". Throughout the whole series, he never really loses his cliched Osaka sensibilities. Takagi is an orphan, but he believes Jinrai (Soul of Osaka I) to be his real brother. After an incident that forced him to reassess his life (at the end of vol.15), Takagi left Osaka and went to Tokyo, where he again became embroiled in escalating conflicts with thugs and student gangs. Dire circumstances forced his return to Osaka (in vol.29), bringing him in direct conflict with the Kansai Yakuza and some very powerful martial artists. (The saga continues.) Andou Makoto $B0BF#(B $B@?(B (Captain of the Kangokou High boxing club $B4X8^9)%\%/%7%s%0It-(B) Andou once beat Takagi in a fight, but only because Takagi had bought some baby chickens that morning and was keeping them in his pockets. Later that day, Takagi defeats Andou soundly. (After the chicks grow up, half a year later, Takagi has them for dinner. :-) They occasionally reappear in various strange places.) As with most of Takagi's defeated opponents, Andou subsequently becomes his trusted ally, and teaches Takagi his fighting techniques. One of Osaka's five most powerful gang leaders, he also drives his own souped-up car. Gantetsu $B4dE4(B (Karate club adviser $B8\Ld(B) Takagi's former teacher, appointed to sort out the karate club. Gantetsu is a big fan of Seishun dramas, which is why he has the kanji for "seishun" ("youth", $B@D=U(B) shaved on his head. He is strong enough to crush apples with his bare hands. Arashiyama Kanjurou $BMr;3(B $B4*==O:(B (Student Guidance Counsellor $B@8EL;XF3C4Ev(B) A sadistic teacher who wields a cane with the inscription, "Kyouiku Seishin Chuunyuu-Bou" ("Character Building Stick", $B650i@:?@CmF~K@(B). (TK: He hates Takagi and his club bitterly. He presented the karate club with an obsolescence notice because Takagi fights too often.) Toufukuji $BElJ!;{(B (Kangokou High 2nd year $B4X8^9)9b9;FsG/@8(B) An expert in Seirinji Kempou ($B@:NS;{7}K!"w(B) who defeated Takagi, and took over his position as head tough guy in the class. The next day, Takagi read all the books on Seirinji Kempou he could find, and fought him again. He hadn't mastered Seirinji Kempou, but was able to distract Toufukuji by pretending he had. Honda Momochiyo $BK\ED(B $BEm@iBe(B (Manager of the Kangokou karate club $B4X8^9)6u-(B), and stays with him through his worst defeats. She eventually left Osaka to live with him in Tokyo (briefly). Takagi has only been seen to kiss her once (though she was asleep at the time :-) I think she promised him some "H", or at least a kiss, at the end of the Kantou Chapter, but that hasn't eventuated. :-) Fukuma $BJ!4V(B (Kangokou High 2nd year $B4X8^9)9b9;FsG/@8(B) Voice Actor: Hanamura Kouichi $B2VB<900l(B Another member of the Kangokou High karate club, unassuming and completely bald. When he was out with Matsushita and Saitou, he ran into his old sempai, Narabayashi ($BF`NINS(B). Narabayashi took them to a disco and introduced them to some girls; that night, Fukuma got lucky with a girl called Takeda Mitsuyo ($BC]ED;0Be(B). She told Fukuma that she was pregnant, but she was lying so that she could squeeze money out of him. Takagi told Matsushita that Narabayashi is known for using his girls to extort money from gullible boys. However, Mitsuyo actually began to like Fukuma, moved by his sincerity and devotion. But Narabayashi wouldn't let her go because he still needed to use her in future schemes. :-) Morigami Shingo $B?9>e??8c(B (Former Captain of the Kangokou High karate club $BA0!&6u-(B) Age: 18, Intro: vol.4 Morigami has an enormous scar over the right side of his face, a reminder of the showdown with Jinrai that made him Soul of Osaka II ($BBg:e:2FsBeL\(B). (According to Kabada, Morigami was the only one left standing after that battle.) His second confrontation with Jinrai resulted in the loss of his right eye, and Morigami is now practically blind. He shares Takagi's distinctive star-shaped haircut, a symbol of the Soul of Osaka. He is one of Takagi's mentors, his "sempai of Soul", and it was Morigami who first saw Takagi's potential and appointed him as the next Soul of Osaka. Morigami is a stubborn and powerful fighter, but he is also very level-headed and good-natured. He has mastered the devastating Ryoutoushoutei-ken ("Both Open-Palm Knives Fist", $BN>Ea>8Dl7}(B). Morigami effectively exits the manga in vol.15, but recently he has reappeared (should be in vol.32). Ueda Hiroshi $B>eED$R$m$7(B (Kangokou High rugby club captain $B4X8^9)%i%0%S!)(B Ueda asked Takagi to play for his rugby side, because all his players were hopeless. Yoshimura $B5HB<(B (Kangokou High 2nd year $B4X8^9)9b9;FsG/@8(B) Intro: vol.10 A very effeminate-looking mechanics geek, who helped Takagi to race Hirayama Keiji ($BJ?;37C0l(B). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Three Pillars of Kobe (vol.7-9) Suenaga Zen $BKv1J(B $BA5(B (The Rokkou Oroshi $BO;9Cq$(B) Intro: vol.7 Voice actor: Gousato Daisuke $B6?N$BgJe(B Suenaga earnt his nickname ("the icy wind blowing in from Rokkou Mountain") because of his brutality. He wanted to challenge Takagi, who was by now the most powerful man in the Kansai area. Takagi's encounter with Suenaga led to the involvement of the other two Pillars, who saw the outcome as a challenge to Kobe. Suenaga is bearded, bald, and usually wears a traditional split skirt. He uses the prayer beads slung around his neck (nenju, $BG0-(B) Intro: vol.1 After Takagi defends Matsushita and Saitou from some Shinobugaoka Academy thugs, Kitamura challenges him to a duel. But that day, Takagi has the mumps. Sagawa Akio $B:4@n(B $B>OIW(B (Vice-Captain of the Japan National U. Affiliated High Karate Club $BF|K\9qBg3XIU209b9;6u-(B) Intro: vol.4 The enmity between Sagawa and Takagi started after the previous year's Karate Championship match, which Sagawa won "officially", but which remained unresolved. The rematch is also indecisive. His specialty is the karate "five-step stab" ($B@57}8^CJFM(B). Kira Takashi $B4wMe(B $B9'(B (Kansai No.3 Industrial Karate Club Captain $B4X@>Bh;06u-(B) Intro: vol.11 Kira was Takagi's childhood training partner. As a kid, Takagi always got the attention and praise, and Kira (who was superior in most respects) eventually became bitterly jealous. Years later, they meet again when the local gang leaders get a letter warning of an invasion that will rain blood on Osaka. Kira thinks Takagi isn't capable of handling the crisis, and initiates a battle which he hopes will make him Soul of Osaka IV. However, he finally realises that one needs heart, as well as power, to win the respect of others. The "Fist of Wind" ($BIw$N7}"w(B) is Kira's original technique. Zaoh Rikiyama $BB"2&NO;3(B (Minou Kumayama High Judo Club Captain $BL'LL7";33X1!=@F;It-(B) Sakuma Jujirou $B:45W4V==;zO:(B (Jusohokusai High's Streetfighting Expert $B==;0KL@>9b9;%1%s$+==CJ$3$H(B) Shinozaki Katsuo $B-(B) Iimura Tooru $BHSB<(B $BF)(B (Benten-Chounakadai Academy's Muay Thai Savage $BJ[E7D.CfBf3X1!%`%(%?%$$NLT8"w(B) technique. He disappeared after a showdown with Morigami, but turns up again during the battle for Soul of Osaka IV. However, Jinrai is now the leader of the enormous Shikoku Alliance, and is hell-bent on bringing Osaka to its knees. Jinrai was the author of the letter sent to the gang leaders - he wanted to weaken Osaka before his return. But because he was Takagi's childhood mentor, Takagi preferred to abandon Osaka altogether than to fight him. Jinrai's appearance marks the climax of the Osaka Chapter of OKB. Much later in the manga, Jinrai turns up to save Takagi from otherwise certain-death situations. Gotou Itsuki $B8eF#25@8(B (Waitress at the "I Need You" cafe $B5JCc%&%(!<%H%l%9(B) Jinrai and Morigami were regular patrons at "I Need You", a hangout for many Osaka gang members. The main attraction there was Itsuki, a former model, with whom Jinrai was badly infatuated. One night, when the cafe is deserted, he overhears Itsuki telling Morigami that she loved him. She preferred Morigami's gentle nature to Jinrai's viciousness. After Morigami leaves, Jinrai confronts her. Despite repeated warnings to keep away, she splashes the left side of his face with sulphuric acid, but it doesn't stop him. Then he rapes Itsuki. Morigami comes back, sees Itsuki cowering in a corner, and in a rage says that he'll kill Jinrai. That night, there is a huge gathering of the Osaka gangs, and the showdown between Morigami and Jinrai takes place. Morigami, who still has some sympathy for Jinrai, lets Jinrai take the victory. (As opposed to popular myth, which had Morigami as the victor.) Then the gangs turn on Jinrai, but he defeats them single-handedly. He leaves Osaka, vowing to one day return and destroy it. (TK: Morigami was more powerful and more popular than Jinrai, but he always yielded EVERYTHING to Jinrai because he considered Jinrai to be his "Sempai of Soul" and that's why he adopted Jinrai's hairstyle. Once, Jinrai was a man with a heart of gold, but Morigami's modesty deeply wounded his pride and that, along with his unrequited love for Itsuki, eventually drove him mad. Morigami realized his mistake when Jinrai came back to Osaka, but it was already too late. Jinrai's madness didn't stop until Takagi defeated him in vol.15; he was sent to prison after the fight.) Takanuki Katsumi $B9b4S9n8J(B (The custodian of Tokushima $BFAEg8)$rMB$+$k(B) Nakai Tooru $BCf0f(B $BF)(B (The custodian of Kagawa $B9a@n8)$rMB$+$k(B) Tanaka Hiroyuki $Bedcf9@G7(B (The custodian of Ehime $B0&I28)$rMB$+$k(B) Asakura Atsushi $B@uARFF;J(B (The custodian of Kouchi $B9bCN8)$rMB$+$k(B) Jinrai assigned each of these four hitmen to destroy police stations in inner-city Osaka: Midousuji, Naniwa, Miyakojima, and Ooyodo respectively. Their prime weapons are the chigirigi, claw, mallet, and tanto respectively. Kou Ryuun $B2+(B $BN01@@h@8(B (Caretaker of the Taizen temple $BB@A5;{N1Li(B (Kansai's Rocky $B4X@>$N%m%-!<(B) Intro: vol.5 Some hoons were pestering Momochiyo to ride in their hot car, but the handsome Ootsuka comes along and smashes it up with his bare hands. Momochiyo gets sick of waiting on Takagi and starts going out with Ootsuka; on her birthday, Ootsuka buys her hundreds of flowers. Andou tells Takagi that Ootsuka is the local rising star in amateur boxing. And one of Takagi's minions finds out something else: Ootsuka is the "chief mobilizer" of Kitahara Rengou. When Momochiyo visits Ootsuka in the Kitahara gym, he tears her clothes off, beats her up and chases after her. Takagi turns up in time to save her, and tells Ootsuka he'll destroy him. They fight it out in a public boxing match (with Andou as Takagi's coach). Fukushima $BJ!Eh@h@8(B Intro: vol.7 An affable doctor, whose small surgery is frequented by Takagi, Morigami and other toughs. After the Jinrai crisis had passed, Takagi was knifed by a thug who was trying to gain a reputation by defeating Takagi. This affected him deeply, and while he was being patched up, Fukushima suggested that Takagi should leave Osaka forever. Takagi agreed, and Fukushima helped to make this possible by faking his death. Kira then became Soul of Osaka IV (by Takagi's appointment), and Takagi left for Tokyo, known only to Matsushita, Saitou, Morigami and Momochiyo. Chiba Naoki $B@iMUD>$r$"$:$+$k(B) Sononaka Atsu $B1`Cf(B $BFF(B (Assisting the Soul of Osaka in the East $BBg:e:2Jd:4El$r$"$:$+$k(B) These were replaced by new members when Kira became Soul of Osaka IV. Satsuki Asuka $B8^7nHtD;(B (The out-of-control Head of the Villainesses $BK=Av@{!&=w6'$NF,(B) Intro: vol.9 She held Takagi responsible for the death of the two people she loved most, her sister Satsuki Megumi ($B8^7n(B $B7C(B) and her best friend Sano Yuuko. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Staff and Students of West Shinjuku High (vol.16-19) Tsutsui $BE{0f(B (Shuuei Alliance Executive Staff $@=81QO"9gN5F,2q44It(B) TK: A well-known figure in the Yakuza world, and potentially very deadly. But he has a gentle side, and a strong sense of jingi ("chivalry", $B?N5A(B). He becomes a patron of Takagi and his gang, helping them on several occasions. He was well aware of the fact that Takagi was the Soul of Osaka III. Mikumo Marimo $BH~1@$^$j$b(B (West Shinjuku High 2nd year $B@>?7=I3X1!FsG/@8(B) The first person Takagi met when he came to Shinjuku. She develops a crush on him, and at one point throws herself between Takagi and his opponent's body-piercing blow. When Momochiyo visited Tokyo, Marimo got very jealous, and forced her to go back to Osaka without ever seeing Takagi. Ootake has a crush on Marimo. Shimotori Tatsuaki $BAzD;C$L@(B (West Shinjuku High 2nd year $B@>?7=I3X1!FsG/@8(B) A bespectacled dork who looks a bit like Marimo, from some angles. He was the first person to join the WSH karate club when Takagi reopened it. While visiting Takagi in hospital, he accidentally saw Takagi lying on Marimo (Takagi had tripped and fallen :-) Then he spread a rumour that there had been some H between them. (Neither Marimo nor Shimotori are seen after vol.25.) Hanamori Shizuka $B2V?9@E9a(B (West Shinjuku High Headmistress $B@>?7=I3X1!9;D9(B) Hayashi Yukiharu $BNS(B $B9T<#(B (Vice-Captain of the West Shinjuku High Cheerleaders $B1~1gCDI{CDD9(B) (TK: Hayashi and Takagi never really fought, although Takagi would have easily beaten him. Hayashi doesn't have knowledge of any martial arts, but he relies on his street fighting techniques. He has a GF whom he deeply cares for.) Yamamoto Kouji $B;3K\9@;J(B (Former Captain of the WSH kendo club $B@>?7=I3X1!7uF;It-(B) Kobori Kazuya $B>.KY0lLi(B (Former Captain of the WSH soccer club $B@>?7=I3X1!%5%C%+!-(B) Ishioka Takushi $B@P2,Bv;J(B (Former Captain of the WSH judo club $B@>?7=I3X1!=@F;It-(B) (Their role is similar to that of the Kangokou karate club members.) Sakamoto Tatsuya $B:dK\C#Li(B (Captain of the WSH Cheerleaders $B1~1gCDCDD9(B) Weight: 200kg, Height: 210 cm (TK: Neither Sakamoto nor Hayashi were thoroughly evil, unlike most of Takagi's opponents. But they were obeying their boss, Satou, because they had no choice. Takagi's presence was a serious threat to the current order of Shinjuku. As members of Shinjuku Force, Sakamoto had to eliminate Takagi ASAP or face the consequences. Sakamoto was a member of the old WSH karate club, and his specialty is the "six-step stab" ($BO;7}8^CJFM(B). Ootake Jin $BBgC](B $B?N(B (West Shinjuku High Cheerleader B-squad boss $B1~1gCDBT96BbD9(B) Ootake always wears a long white school coat and a red scarf, knitted for him by his late girlfriend (a victim of gang warfare). He eventually becomes Takagi's most trusted friend. He is a clever and skillful fighter, who can deliver especially powerful kicks. Though his primary martial art is Okinawan Karate ($B2-Fl6u?7=I3X1!FsG/@8(B) Able to disguise himself as Takagi, he provided a vital diversion in the battles against Satou and Majima. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thugs of Shibuya (vol.19-22) Takeuchi Retsu $BC]Fb(B $BNu(B (Ringleader, Shibuya Killers $B=BC+6rO"AmD9(B) Takeuchi's gang of hooligans was competing with Shibuya Force for control of Shibuya. (TK: Takeuchi just wanted to be "free" and to be with those who share the same feeling. Takeuchi never had any money for opening up a store. His ice cream store was leased to him by Tsutsui, thanks to Takagi.) Ogawa Sayuri $B>.@n(B $B>.I49g(B (Leader, Shibuya Force $B=BC+ItBbF,(B) Ogawa wanted to rule Shibuya with terror, which brought her into conflict with Takeuchi. Igari Katsuhiro $BCv!@.(B (Leader of Ikebukuro Force $BCSB^ItBbF,(B) Tanabe is a monstrous man, "bigger than Andre the giant". Owner of the "F" Fashion Massage brothel in Ikebukuro, his lieutenants are the toughest in Dai-Tokyo Rengou. Sometimes he wields a demolition ball on a chain, but his real power comes from his knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan. (In the battle against the Bloodbath Alliance, he also uses Drunken Fist ($BCf9q7}K!?l7}(B) techniques.) David Furuya $B%G%S%C%I8EC+(B (Leader of Ginza Force $B6d:BItBbF,(B) While he knows no martial arts, he has two dangerous weapons -- his gun, an Israel Military Industries Jericho 941, and his formidable intellect (300 IQ). Raiden Taro $BMkEEB@O:(B (Leader of Sumida Force $BKOEDItBbF,(B) With two electrified gloves and his "Electric Death Fist" ($B;`EE7}"w(B), "shorty" Raiden can hold onto his dream of being the biggest guy in Sumida. He can increase the range of his "Electric Death Fist" by using two beryllium whips. Typically, he wears a suit, or a long schoolboy's coat and sandals. He also has a strong physical resemblance to Matsushita, which he was able to exploit in his showdown with Takagi. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Kantou Treaty (vol.25-28) Urushibara Mutsuo $Bk$N=UIw(B) Age: 19 An extremely tough, competent martial artist, whose skill enabled him to form and command the Bloodbath Alliance (Satsuriku Rengou, $B;&Y$O"9g(B), comprising the gangs of Ibaraki, Tochigi, Chiba and Saitama). He practices Shaolin 18 Arhat Hands, and can use his long pigtail as a deadly "third arm". Takagi's final confrontation with Teramoto marks the climax of the Kantou Chapter of OKB. Iwamoto Tetsuo $B4dK\E4IW(B [$BE/CK(B?] (Tochigi's Crude Engineer $BFJLZ$N9S5;;U(B) Age: 20 The oldest and largest member of the Bloodbath Alliance. His spiked clubs have the power to smash hardened steel. Munemasa Osamu $B=!@/(B $B<#(B (Chiba's Raging Bull $B@iMU$NLT5m(B) Age: 19, Weight: 130kg His enormous body can withstand an incredible amount of damage, which is maybe why he has "MSF-91" tattooed on his left shoulder. (TK: He has that tattoo because Gundam F-91 sucked. Munemasa isn't a very impressive character after all, other than he defeated Takagi once.) Like other members of the Bloodbath Alliance, he has investigated the weaknesses of all members of Dai-Tokyo Rengou. He is a practitioner of Super-hard Muscle style. Takei Toshihiko $BIp0fBIRI(B (Saitama's Praying Mantis $B:k6L$Nj0j'(B) Age: 18 The third member of the Bloodbath Alliance, who fought with Tanabe, Kimura and Takagi. He is a master of Praying Mantis style ($Bj0j'7}(B). Urushibara Haruno $B?X5F4](B (Kyoto's envoy $B5~ET$N;H@a(B) Endou Hikosuke $B1sF#I'2p(B (Nara's envoy $BF`NI$N;H@a(B) Tendou Maki $BE7F;??5*(B (Wakayama's envoy $BOB2N;3$N;H@a(B) Intro: vol.30 The Tattenshou scrolls were stored in a vault at the bottom of the pool by the Taizen temple. The three keys to the vault were given to the best martial artists of Kyoto, Nara and Wakayama, and the keys were passed down to the best students of these martial artists. Takagi, who needs the Tattenshou to avenge Kira, must defeat the three holders of the keys (to get the scrolls). Nishijin is a practitioner of Enchanted Swords (Youtouken, $BMEEa7u"w(B) and Tendou is a practitioner of Flower Style kung fu (Kakaken, $BCf9q2V2M7}(B). Tonton $@%H%s%H%s(B Gengen $@%2%s%2%s(B Ankai's most accomplished disciples, who were called back from China to defend the treasures of the Taizen temple. Tonton is the large, pigtailed one who carries a hoe. Gengen is the one in the cap and shorts. He carries a trident dagger (sansensa, $B;0@g:5(B) and knows the strongest Jakyokuken technique. Wakasugi Tatsuya $B/M[!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>/1"!!!!!!!!!!!!B@M[(B $@!C!!(,(,!!!!(,(,!!!!(,(,(,(,(,(,!!!!!!!!(,(,!!!!(,(,!!!!(,(,(,(,(,(,(B $@!C!!(,(,!!!!(,(,!!!!(,(,!!!!(,(,!!!!!!!!(,(,(,(,(,(,!!!!(,(,(,(,(,(,(B $@!C(B $@!C(B Yin Pole Yang Pole $@!C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"57!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!M[57(B $@!C!!(,(,(,(,(,!!!!!!!!(,(,(,(,(,!!!!!!!!(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(B $@!C(B $@!C(B Tai Chi $@!C(B $@B@6K(B $@!C!!(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(B The five elements are Metal (Forward), Wood (Left), Water (Back), Fire (Right) and Earth (Centre) ($B6b!$LZ!$?e!$2P!$EZ(B). Kongoutousui ("Metal Strength Pound Whip" $B6b9dYqYY(B) Senpuukyaku ("Whirlwind of Legs" $B@{Iw5S(B) Shishushikousui ("Four-handed Deadly Tiger Whip" $B;Mb"x(B) An exotic martial arts weapon, used in pairs. It resembles a thin ring of steel, with the blade on the outside, and curvy "wings" growing out from the "grip" (kind of like $B&8(B). There is a small crescent of metal inside the ring, to stop opponents from kicking/grabbing the houshitou out of the practitioner's hands (looks like $BQ:(B). Houshitou Nichirinsatsu ("Corona Slaughter" $BK1fB>bF|NX;&(B) Houshitou Yourakusatsu ("Swooping Hawk Slaughter" $BK1fB>bBkMn;&(B) Houshitou Hienkisatsu ("Returning Swallow Slaughter" $BK1fB>bHt1mMh;&(B) The Houshitou return to the wielder after flying a predefined path. Houshitou Hakkeisatsu ("Fa Jing Slaughter" $BK1fB>bH/R&;&(B) The last-resort Houshitou technique, where Hakkei is performed via the weapon itself. Super-Hard Muscle Style ($BD69E6Z7}"w(B) Through sheer muscle power, the practitioner of this style is able to withstand damage caused by normal blows, electricity, and weapons. "Raging Bull Fist" ($BLT5m7}(B) "Soaring Bodily Rock Smash" ($BfFBN:U4d(B) I-ken ("Mind Fist", $B0U7}"w(B) This martial art is primarily founded on Hsing I Chuan ($B7A0U7{(B) and Wushu. Houkyuu Hatsuryoku (Flung Spherical Power Discharge) $BYF5eH/NO(B Shaolin 18 Arhat Hands ($B>/NS==H,Me4A/NS==H,Me4A>8(B) The ultimate technique of this martial art, extending the force of Hakkei 18 times over. Teramoto used this technique on David, Sabu, Kimura and Takagi. Souhikyaku ("Flying Leg Pairs" $BAPHt5S(B) Gekitoushou ("Attack with Supporting Palm" $B7bF5>8"x(B) Youhosui ("Crooked Step and Whip" $BY9JbYY(B) Self-explanatory techniques that Teramoto used against Ootake. Shorin Juuhachirakan Ryuumakishou ("Shaolin 18 Arhats' Coiling Dragon Palm" $B>/NS==H,Me4AN64,$->8(B) A barrage of fists. Shorin Juuhachirakankou Takutensei ("Shaolin 18 Arhats Deed, Request Heavenly Force" $B>/NS==H,Me4A8yBqE7@*(B) The ultimate body-reinforcing technique, whereby "fervour is heightened". (This technique is so high-level that it causes an organ between the eyebrows, representing the terminus of a Chi channel, to protrude out of the skull.) Southern Style ($BFn7}(B) Similar to karate and Muay Thai. Gansaishou "Rock smashing palm" $B4d:U>8(B Bakuraishou "Exploding thunder palm" $BGzMk>8(B Shinkyokuken ("Gods' Ultimate Fist" $B?@6K7}"w(B) This martial art is based on the best features of all existing martial arts. Tenchi-shinmeishou ("The Heaven and Earth Gods' Palm" $BE7CO?@L@>8(B) (TK: This technique is basically creating a massive blast by tapping into one's hidden potential. Since it completely uses up virtually all the energy in one's body, this should be used ONLY as the last resort. The effect of this technique depends on the size of one's potential power (senshinryoku, $B_*?4NO(B), rather than the current power level.) Jakyokuken ("Evil Ultimate Fist" $B8(B) The ultimate Jakyokuken technique, consisting of a progression from snake->eagle->bear->tiger. Kyuukyokuken ("Final Ultimate Fist" $B5f6K7{"w(B) The most powerful martial arts system devised. Its founder is the father of the Kou brothers. Tattenshou ("Dragon Heaven Ascension" $BN6E7>:(B) The invincible technique of Kyuukyokuken, whose secrets are written on scrolls in Sanskrit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTES: The 8 trigrams/Tai Chi diagram was taken from "Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan", by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming (great book!). $@"w(B This martial art or technique is fictional. $@"x(B These characters are only approximations to the actual characters. $@5$(B: Usually written with the old form. $@]U(B: This is a Chinese-only character meaning "wind (trigram)". $@>b(B: Written as $B6b!\E^(B or $B6b!\F2(B. The former kanji is made-up, but the latter character is a real Chinese-only character (Tou) which means "gong or bell sound". $BF5(B: This is a Chinese-only character (Tou), with "palm" as the radical on the right-hand side, meaning "support". $@!H!V2!G&(J!!$@6u


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