Academy Award debuts Brooks, James Terms of Endearment 1983 Costner, Kevin Dances With Wol

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Academy Award debuts * Brooks, James Terms of Endearment 1983 * Costner, Kevin Dances With Wolves 1990 * Mann, Delbert Marty 1955 * Puenzo, Luis The Official Story 1985 * Redford, Robert Ordinary People 1980 Nominated Debuts Beatty, Warren Heaven Can Wait 1978 Branagh, Kenneth Henry V 1989 Clayton, Jack Room at the Top [Feature] 1959 Hudson, Hugh * Chariots of Fire * 1981 Joffe, Roland The Killing Fields 1984 Kazan, Elia [Feat] A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1945 Lumet, Sydney Twelve Angry Men 1957 Nichols, Mike Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf 1966 Directorial Debuts Allen, Woody What's Up Tigerlily? 1966 Altman, Robert Delinquents 1957 Antonioni, Michel.. Story of A Love Affair 1950 Ashby, Hal The Landlord 1970 Attenborough, Richard Oh! What a Lovely War 1969 Babenco, Hector Rei de Noite 1976 Bartel, Paul Private Parts 1972 Beineix, Jean-Jacques Diva 1982 Benton, Robert Bad Company 1972 Beresford, Bruce Adventures of B McKenzie 1972 BERGMAN, Ingmar Crisis [Swedish] 1946 Bernstein, Walter Little Miss Marker 1980 Bertolucci, Bernardo The Grim Reaper 1962 Bill, Tony My Bodyguard 1980 Bogdonavich, Peter Targets 1968 Boorman, John Catch Us If You Can 1965 Borzage, Frank That Gal of Burke's 1916 Brenon, Herbert All For Her 1912 Brickman, Marshall Simon 1980 Brooks, Albert Real Life 1979 Brooks, Mel The Producers 1968 Brooks, Richard Crisis 1958 Brown, Clarence Jim Bludso 1917 Brunel, Luis L'Age d'or 1930 Cacoyannis, Michael Windfall in Athens 1954 Cameron, James Pirahna 2: The Spawning 1981 Carpenter, John Dark Star 1974 Cassavettes, John Shadows 1960 Chaplin, Charles Caught In A Cabaret 1914 Crichton, Michael Westworld 1973 Cimino, Michael Thunderbolt and Lightfoot 1974 Columbus, Chris Adventures in Babysitting 1987 Coppola, Francis F Dementia 13 1962 Corman, Roger Highway Dragnet 1954 Corman, Roger Five Guns West [Dir] 1955 Costa-Gravas Sleeping Car Murders 1965 Cukor, George Grumpy 1930 Cukor, George The Tarnished Lady [Solo] 1931 Curtiz, Michael The Third Degree 1926 Dassin, Jules Nazi Agent 1942 DeMille, Cecil B The Squaw Man 1914 Demme, Jonathan Caged Heat 1974 DePalma, Brian The Wedding Party 1964 Dieterle, Will (US) The Last Flight 1931 Dinner, Michael Heaven Help Us 1985 Dmytryk, Edward The Hawk 1935 Eastwood, Clint Play Misty for Me 1971 Edwards, Blake Bring Your Smile Along 1955 Eisenstein, Sergei Strike! 1924 Fassbinder, Rainer Love Is Colder Than Death 1969 Fellini, Federico Variety Lights 1951 Fleming, Victor When The Clouds Roll By 1919 Ford, John The Tornado 1917 Forman, Milos (US) Taking Off 1971 Fosse, Bob Sweet Charity 1969 Frankenheimer, John The Young Stranger 1957 Friedkin, William Good Times 1967 Frears, Stephen Gumshoe 1972 Germi, Pietro The Witness 1946 Godard, Jean Luc Breathless [Feature] 1959 Hathaway, Henry Heritage of the Desert 1932 Hawks, Howard The Road to Glory 1926 Hawks, Howard The Dawn Patrol [Talking] 1930 Hill, George Roy Period of Adjustment 1962 Hill, Walter Hard Times 1975 Hitchcock, Alfred Pleasure Garden, The 1925 Hitchcock Blackmail [Talking] 1929 Howard, Ron Grand Theft Auto 1977 Huston, Danny Mr North 1988 Huston, John The Maltese Falcon 1941 Ivory, James The Householder 1963 Jaffe, Stanley Without a Trace 1983 Jewison, Norman Forty Pounds of Trouble 1963 Kapra, Frank Fultah Fisher's Boarding... 1922 Kasdan, Lawrence Body Heat 1981 Kazan, Elia People of the Cumberlands 1937 King, Henry Little Mary Sunshine 1916 King, Steven Maximum Overdrive 1986 King Vidor The Turn in the Road 1919 Koster, Henry Adventure of Thea Roland 1932 Koster, Henry (US) Three Smart Girls 1936 Kramer, Stanley Not As A Stranger 1955 Kubrick, Stanley Fear and Desire 1953 Kurosawa, Akita Sanshiro Sugata 1943 La Cava, Gregory His Nibs 1922 Landis, John Schlock 1971 Lean, David In Which We Serve 1942 Lee, Spike She's Gotta Have It [Feature] 1986 Lehmann, Michael Heathers 1989 Lelouch, Claude The Right Man 1960 Leone, Sergio Last Days of Pompeii 1959 Leroy, Mervyn No Place to Go 1927 Levinson, Barry Diner 1982 Litvak, Anatole Dolly's Way to Stardom 1929 Lloyd, Frank The Gentleman from Indiana 1915 Lubitsch, Ernst Blindman's Buff 1915 Lucas, George THX 1138 1971 Lynch, David Eraserhead 1978 Lyne, Adrian Foxes 1980 Mamet, David House of Games 1987 Malle, Louis The Silent World 1955 Mankiewicz,Joseph Dragonwyck 1946 Marshall, Garry Young Doctors In Love 1982 Marshall, Penny Jumpin Jack Flash 1986 Mazursky, Paul Bob and Carol and Ted and... 1969 McCarey, Leo Society Secrets 1923 McDowell, Roddy The Devil's Widow 1972 Milestone, Lewis Seven Sinners 1925 Minelli, Vincente Cabin in The Sky 1943 Molinaro, Edouard Le Dos au Mur 1957 Moreau, Jeanne Lumiere 1976 Mulligan, Robert Fear Strikes Out 1957 Nair, Mira Salaam Bombay! 1988 Needham, Hal Smokey and the Bandit 1977 Negulesco, Jean Flag of Humanity [Short] 1940 Negulesco, Jean Singapore Woman [Feature] 1941 O'Bannon, Dan Return of the Living Dead 1985 Olivier, Laurence Henry V 1944 Pakula, Alan J The Sterile Cuckoo 1969 Parker, Alan Bugsy Malone 1976 Pasolini, Pier Paolo Accattone 1961 Paul, Steven Falling in Love Again 1980 Peckinpah, Sam The Deadly Companions 1961 Penn, Arthur The Left-handed Gun 1958 Pinter, Harold Butley 1974 Polanski, Roman Knife in the Water 1962 Pollack, Sydney The Slender Thread 1965 Pontecorvo, Gilio The Compass/The Windrose 1956 Preminger, Otto The Great Love 1931 Prince, Harold Something For Everyone 1970 Reed, Carol Midshipman Easy 1933 Renoir, Jean The Water Girl 1924 Richardson, Tony Look Back In Anger 1959 Riefenstahl, Leni The Blue Light 1932 Ritt, Martin Edge of the City 1956 Roeg, Nicholas Performance 1970 Ross, Herbert Goodbye Mr Chips 1969 Rossen, Robert Johnny O'Clock 1947 Rusell, Ken French Dressing 1964 Rydell, Mark The Fox 1968 Sayles, John Return of the Secaucus 7 1980 Schlesinger, John Black Legend [Short] 1948 Schlesinger, John A Kind of Loving [Feature] 1962 Schrader, Paul Blue Collar 1978 Schroeder, Barbet More 1969 Scorsese, Martin Who's That Knocking at My.. 1969 Scott, Ridley The Duellists 1977 Seltzer, David Lucas 1986 Shepard, Sam Far North 1988 Siodmak, Robert People on Sunday 1929 Spielberg, Steve Night Gallery [TVM Segment] 1969 Spielberg Duel [TVM] 1971 Spielberg Sugarland Express [Feature] 1974 Sternberg, Josef von The Salvation Hunters 1925 Stevens, George The Cohens and Kellys ... 1933 Stevenson, Robert Falling for You 1933 Stone, Oliver Seizure 1974 Sturges, John The Man Who Dared 1946 Sturges, Preston The Great McGinty 1940 Taurog, Norman Lucky Boy 1929 Taurog, Norman Sunny Skies [Solo] 1930 Thompson, Ernest 1969 1988 Towne, Robert Personal Best 1982 Troell, Jan Stopover in the Marshland 1965 Truffaut, Francois A Visit [Short] 1955 Van Dyke, W.S. Her Good Name 1917 Wajda, Andrzej A Generation 1954 Walters, Charles Good News 1947 Wayne, John The Alamo 1960 Weir, Peter Homesdale 1971 Welles, Orson Citizen Kane 1941 Wellman, William The Man Who Won 1923 Wertmuller, Lina The Lizards 1963 Wilder, Billy Mauvaise Graine [France] 1933 Wilder, Billy (US) Major and The Minor 1942 Wise, Robert Curse of The Cat People 1944 Wyler, William Crook Buster 1925 Yates, Peter Summer Holiday 1963 Zinnemann, Fred The Kid Glove Killer 1942 Actor-Directors Bonerz, Peter Nobody's Perfekt 1981 Bridges, Beau The Wild Pair 1987 Convy, Bert Weekend Warriors 1986 Kelly, Gene On The Town 1949 Lemmon, Jack Kotch 1971 Lewis, Jerry The Bellboy 1960 Poitier, Sidney Buck and The Preacher 1972 Pryor, Richard Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life... 1986 Reiner, Rob This is Spinal Tap 1984 Reynolds, Burt Gator 1976 Rivers, Joan Rabbit Test 1978 Scott, George C Rage 1972 Stallone, Sylvester Paradise Alley 1978


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