Dragonball Z The Seventh Movie +quot;Three Great Super Saiyin+quot; A Central AnimeAXIS Pr

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Dragonball Z The Seventh Movie "Three Great Super Saiyin" A Central Anime/AXIS Production Translated by Mishima-san Editing: Dave / Andrew Original Translation: October 26, 1993 Dr. Gelo: Num... Number 17! You bastard! Dr. Gelo: What are you doing? It was I who created you! Dr. Gelo: You worthless pile of junk! NARRATOR: Dr. Gelo was killed by Robot #17, which he designed. NARRATOR: However... NARRATOR: Even after his death, his computer tirelessly continued onwards... NARRATOR: ...to build the world's most powerful robot! Title Screen ............ "Three Great Super Saiyin" SIGN: Miss Prettiest Girl in the World Contest KAME: Hey, Woolong, isn't this going to start soon? WOOLONG: Funny, hearing that from you, since it doesn't start until 7:00 tonight. WOOLONG: As I recall, it was some over-sexed old man who had the brilliant idea of lining up early... KAME: But how else are we supposed to get good seats? KAME: This is the Miss Prettiest Girl in the World Contest, you know! KAME: Ooooh, boy. Just thinking about it makes my blood pressure skyrocket! KAME: All those pretty young things lined up... WOOLONG: Pretty young things... KLILYN: YOU TWO! KLILYN: Just stop with your perverted fantasies right now! KLILYN: Trunks is right here, remember?! TRUNKS: No, please, Klilyn-san. Don't mind...I mean.... KLILYN: Who knows what influence you may have on such an innocent young man? WOOLONG: Oh, right! KAME: Klilyn, just what were YOU talking about? KLILYN: Hey, you guys, why are we just standing here? KLILYN: Let's go take a little tour of the dressing rooms! KLILYN: For all we know, the girls might be changing into their bikinis even as we speak! KLILYN: Hmmm... I wonder if there isn't one among them that would marry me... KLILYN: Oh, please, it was just a joke! Honest, just a joke! KLILYN: I aim to be the world's first warrior-comedian. KAME: Come on, Woolong, I guess that means we'll have to tour backstage together. WOOLONG: Klilyn, keep our places in line, okay? KLILYN: Hey! I'll sic the guards on you! KLILYN: Trunks, small favor... Stay in line!! TRUNKS: Klilyn-san! TRUNKS: What now? I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Gokou are done shopping yet... GOKOU: Say, Gohan, why do women like shopping so much? GOHAN: In Mom's case, I think she's relieving stress. GOKOU: You may have something there... CHI-CHI: Gokou-san! Here, hold these. GOKOU: Are we finished yet? CHI-CHI: Next, we'll buy some clothes for you! CHI-CHI: You wear the same clothes all year round! Once in a while I have to dress you up! #15: Son Gokou! GOKOU: Even for Klilyn and those guys, it's pretty stupid to line up a day early. WOOLONG: I thought it was strange that we were the only ones in line. KAME: Oh, well, it gives us something to look forward to for tomorrow. GOKOU: Gohan! You have to eat more than that! GOKOU: You want to grow up big and strong, don't you? GOHAN: Yeah, but I sure can't eat like you do. CHI-CHI: You don't have to stuff yourself. CHI-CHI: If you eat too much, you'll just get sleepy, and you won't be able to study! GOKOU: Excuse me, could I get seconds and thirds? #14/15: Son Gokou! GOHAN: Dad? KLILYN: Owwww! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! CHI-CHI: Gohan! Don't you let go! GOKOU: Who could have done this? GOKOU: Gohan, get Chi-chi away from here! Kurilin, same for you and Trunks! GOKOU: All of you, get as far away from me as you can! CHI-CHI: Wait, I just bought those high heels! GOKOU: Just as I figured, they're only after me. GOKOU: All right, just who are you? GOKOU: All of you guys have the personalities of... robots?!? GOKOU: So, you must be Dr. Gelo's machines. GOKOU: Interesting, indeed. TRUNKS: Gokou-san! GOKOU: Trunks! TRUNKS: Gokou-san! This area is too populated! We're only hurting innocent people! TRUNKS: There's a deserted polar region to the north! Let's go there! GOKOU: Follow us, if you dare! GOHAN: Klilyn-san! KLILYN: I'm sorry, Gohan, but I think we best stay out of this one. KLILYN: We don't stand a chance against that kind of power. GOHAN: But there has to be something we can do! I'm going to help! KLILYN: Gohan! CHI-CHI: Stop! CHI-CHI: You know the summer session of prep school starts tomorrow and I already paid the tuition! GOHAN: But... CHI-CHI: No buts! You promised to study this summer! GOHAN: Between Dad's life and studying, just which is more important to you? CHI-CHI: Gohan! KLILYN: Chi-chi-san... For what it's worth... I know how he feels. CHI-CHI: KURILIN! CHI-CHI: You lazy dog! What are you still doing here? CHI-CHI: Get going! Move it! WOOLONG: Klilyn! Be careful! KLILYN: I don't think I'll ever get married. #13: Son Gokou! GOKOU: Out here, it's just you and us! Come on, let's see what you've got! TRUNKS: If you even touch one hair on Gokou-san's head, I'll... #15: Trunks... GOKOU: Trunks! TRUNKS: Gokou-san... #13: I expected a little more from the great Gokou. GOKOU: Just how many robots did Dr. Gelo make, anyway? #13: Not Dr. Gelo... His computer made us... with the sole purpose of killing you! GOKOU: His computer? #13: Dr. Gelo's desire for revenge was so strong that it transformed into pure energy which was later transferred into his computer upon his death. #13: The computer doubled that hatred, then doubled it again. We are the final product. #13: Son Gokou! The computer has analyzed every detail about you! #13: That is why #15 was able to predict your movements so easily! TRUNKS: Who's ever heard of a computer learning how to hate?! #13: Young fool, killing Gokou is our only purpose in being here. #13: But get in our way, and you can just as easily be disposed of. TRUNKS: If I were you, I wouldn't take me so lightly. #13: Do you think you could last one minute against these two? GOHAN: Klilyn-san! KLILYN: Here I go! KLILYN: Maybe I'll just watch and wait a bit... #13: And now, Gokou, you will now face me... #13: Every one of my circuits has been designed with the sole purpose of destroying you. #13: You cannot leave here alive! GOKOU: Your fight is with me. GOKOU: How dare you hurt my friends! GOHAN: Dad! KLILYN: Gohan, wait! There's nothing you can do! TRUNKS: Gokou-san! GOHAN: Trunks-san! #13: Well, well... I am impressed... You are still alive... GOHAN: Father! #13: Do you really think you can stop my S.S. Death Bomb with nothing but your bare hands? #13: It has enough power to blow half this planet into a fine powder. #13: WHAT THE...? GOKOU: Vegeta! TRUNKS: DAD! VEGETA: Don't get me wrong, Gokou... VEGETA: I'm not here to help you. VEGETA: I have my own reasons for wanting to destroy Gokou, but I am a Saiyan prince. VEGETA: I'm not going to stand around and let a bunch of overgrown wind-up toys beat me to it! #13: Well, Son Gokou, it appears you have yet another companion for your journey to the next world. #13: #15, why don't you escort our new friend? #13: Now then, Gokou, where were we? #13: What? Are you done already? I was just getting warmed up... #13: Or are you just too scared to come out? GOKOU: When will you realize? All along.... You've underestimated us! VEGETA: Now it's my turn, you oversized tin can! GOHAN: Klilyn-san, look! KLILYN: Three Super Saiyans! Now we've got them! GOHAN: Dad! KLILYN: That's it, Gokou! KLILYN: AAAUGH! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! GOHAN: Dad! KLILYN: Come back, Gohan! KLILYN: No, Gohan, don't do it! GOKOU: GOHAN!! GOHAN: It's Picolo! KLILYN: P...Picolo? PICOLO: Greetings, Gokou... GOHAN: I just knew it was Picolo. KLILYN: Picolo. GOKOU: How can I thank you? PICOLO: Not so fast. The fight isn't over yet. #13: You bet it isn't! #13: So, you are Picolo. #13: I see you insist on interrupting my fight with Son Gokou, but we can take care of you just as easily while we're at it. PICOLO: While you're at it? I'm going to turn you into a pile of nuts and bolts! VEGETA: And then there was one... #13: #14 and 15, both beaten? GOKOU: Vegeta! VEGETA: Gokou! Picolo! Don't you dare interfere! This one is mine! TRUNKS: Father! KLILYN: Vegeta! KLILYN: Why does this always happen to me? GOHAN: Father! VEGETA: I told you... If anyone beats Gokou, it will be me! TRUNKS: Gokou-san.... GOHAN: Father! KLILYN: You overgrown computer chip! GOKOU: Energy... Please... GOKOU: Share your energy... GOHAN: FATHER! GOKOU: All your energy... Ocean.. . Mountain... VEGETA: Gokou is mine... I... won't... let... you... interfere! GOKOU: All your energy, let me share in it. TRUNKS: Gokou's trying to make an energy ball? TRUNKS: You! From 20 years in the future I came! I am Trunks! TRUNKS: And I tell you! The people of the future will never know you! TRUNKS: Because right here, right now, Gokou destroys you! PICOLO: Gokou! Show him what a Super Saiyan is made of! KLILYN: Gokou! You can't make an energy ball as a Super Saiyan. KLILYN: Not if your heart is filled with hatred. #13: Son Gokou! #13: SON GOKOU! GOHAN: Dad! KLILYN: I'm sure Gokou unconsciously absorbed the energy from the energy ball into himself, as he has changed into a Super Saiyan. GOKOU: I don't even know myself! TRUNKS: Klilyn-san, you were great! KLILYN: You weren't so bad yourself, Trunks. WOOLONG: You really should exercise more often, you know. KLILYN: Woolong, why you... Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!!! GOKOU: Just take it easy, Klilyn! CHI-CHI: Gohan, hurry and get better, summer school is waiting! WOOLONG: By the way, whatever happened to Vegeta and Picolo? GOKOU: Knowing those two, I'm sure they're fine. ................. More mindless violence, more Dragonball-Z. Didn't think we'd translate it, didn't you? More surprises coming soon. Watch the net. Note: We've left many of the honorifics for purists. These are optional in most translations. .................. Dragonball Z - "Three Great Super Saiyin" has been translated and subtitled for non-profit purposes and as such is not meant in any way to infringe upon the rights of the original holders. This script is a translation of a copyrighted work and is subject to international copyright laws. Permission is granted for the use of this script for noncommercial, non-profit use in subtitling purposes provided that the following requirements are first met: 1. The original credits for translation, editing, and sponsor (that is Central Anime/AXIS) are maintained unchanged and fully credited in the subtitled production. 2. The translation is to not be altered in any way without written permission from Central Anime/AXIS. This includes new Jacosub or Turbotitler editions of the scripts. Written permission can be attained by sending e-mail to the following addresses (please send duplicate requests, as some of the addresses don't work all the time): ssr.com!andrew.brewer%acc1bbs andrew.brewer%acc1bbs@ssr.com If, for some reason, there isn't a response, please contact us via our alternative address: hotmomma!uunet!CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU!Z49SI Or call (718) 966-4047 (Anime Fanatics BBS) and leave mail to AXIS 3. If altered, please send us both a copy of your new script and a video tape of the production. Please contact the above addresses or call Anime Fanatics BBS for an address. ............ With warmest regards, please enjoy the scripts. From fans for fans. Always. Central Anime / AXIS (Anime Xtraordinares Interrogating Society) ................ For more information about AXIS, comments, criticism, or praise, please don't hesitate to either e-mail or contact us via Anime Fanatics at (718) 966-4047 (1.2 gigs devoted just to anime!) We read all mail!


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