Chapter 433 Son Goten vs. Trunks The tournament contined. As expected, Trunks and Goten wo

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Chapter 433 : Son Goten vs. Trunks The tournament contined. As expected, Trunks and Goten won easily. It was battle 16, Son Goten vs. Ikose, the brother of Ikoda, whom Trunks defeated effortlessly. "Ok, Ikose, Stopping playing around like your brother," Ikose's fat mother said. Bulma could not stand her and cheered loudly for Goten. "Your dirty son can't beat my son," the fat woman said to Chichi. The fight started. Ikose ran toward and attacked Goten. With all his might Ikose punched into Goten. However, Goten blocked it with one finger. "Let's get more serious," Goten said. Ikose tried harder, but Goten destroyed his attack easily. Finally, Goten landed an attak on Ikose and Ikose fell. Ikose's mother was maddened and attacked Bulma. Chichi punched into the fat woman's and the fat woman fell. Meanwhile, Gohan rejoined Goku. "I'm done," Gohan said. "They repaired the Punch Machine, so quickly?", Goku was surprised. "Your brother won over a 14-yrs old," Biteru told Gohan. However, Gohan was not surprised at all. He knew his brother's strength. "Are you surprised???," Biteru asked. "Not at all," Gohan replied. After many rounds of fighting, it was lastly the final round - Son Goten vs. Trunks. "Let's do our best and see who is better," Goten and Trunks jumped into air. Trunks punched into Goten's face and Goten punched in- to Trunks' face. Neither side seems to be winning. Inside the building, Mr. Satan was watching TV and drinking. "I've heard the two juniors fighting now are strong. I will be fighting with one of them, " Satan said to his servant. "How about taking a look at them?," the servant suggested. Mr. Satan walked out to the platform. He caught a glimpse of Goten, who resembled Goku whom Satan was totally scared off. Then, he looked into Trunks. "No way!!!!!!," Satan thought to himself.


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