Chapter 432 The Two Young Fighters (Goten and Trunks) Everyone was stunned by Vejita, who

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Chapter 432 : The Two Young Fighters (Goten and Trunks) Everyone was stunned by Vejita, who destroyed the punch machine effortlessly. Mr. Satan was supposed to be the strongest. He scored 123 on the machine, but Vejita's punch destroyed the machine. Goku was a little uneasy on the unwanted attention. "Don't you overdo that a little?," Goku told Vejita. "Shut up," Vejita , as usual, ignored Goku. On the other hand, Biteru was totally shocked into silence. But Gohan, who stood next to her, was not surprised at all. He had seen this since he was a child. "Isn't that incredible? Can't you surprised at all???," Biteru could not understand how Gohan were not moved by Vejita's super-human strength. "Well, yeah...," Gohan mummbled. "Before the last 10 people, my papa has the best record. 123. But then everyone of them broke my papa's record, scoring over 200." Gohan did not know what to say. The preliminary had eneded. The Z-fighters were qualified for the final. Goku decided to look at how Goten did, and he asked whether Vejita would go with him. "Yeah.. OK. I will go see them," Vejita answered arrogantly. On their way to the junior tournament, Goku found Gohan. "Oh. So your friend is a girl??," Goku was told that Gohan had to leave early to see a friend. "Isn't she cute, huh???," Kuririn looked at Biteru and then at Gohan. "You want to see Goten?," Goku asked Gohan. "Sure, I'll be with you in a while," Gohan answered. Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks were in the dressing room. There are 35 entries for the junior tournament. The rules were the same as for the adults. Surrender, or if one cannot get up in a 10-sec countdown, is the same as losing. The champion will get 1 billion zennies, while the second runner up could get 500 million zennies. Trunks was disapointed that he had to fight with "kids." "Hey Goten. How would you spend the money if you win?," Trunks asked Goten. "Well, I will get myself more toys," Goten answered. "You're still a kid. I don't know what I would do with the money," Trunks said. "Of course, you are one of the richest in the world. You can get anything you want," Goten told Trunks. That was true. Trunks was the future inheritor of the Capsule Corp. Then suddenly, on the other side of the changing room, a young teenager was staring at Trunks and Goten. He approached Trunks. "Huh?? You kids are fighting??? But I am going to win," the teen said as he looked down on Trunks. "Take off. You ugly hair." Trunks and the teen almost got into a fight, but they were led to the platform before the fight started. As announced, the junior tournament will be exactly like the adult tournament. However, as an added attraction. The winner will be given a chance to fight with ... Mr. Satan. As his name was announced, Satan ran toward the platform. Yet on his way, he tripped over. He made a fool out of himself. "Haaaa, that is part of the plan. It's a joke," Satan explained. Of course, who would argue with the "iron" man. Satan was cheered as usual. Final, the junior tournament started. Goku and the gang were at the game. "It's much larger than last time," Goku had never seen such a large platform. Among the audience, Bulma was sitting next to a fat woman. It was Trunks turn. He was to fight the guy who put him down in the changing room. "Let's go, Idasa!!!," the fat woman yelled out suddenly. "It's mama!!!," she continued. Bulma was aannonyed. In revenge, she cheered for Trunks as loudly as she could. Trunks and Idasa were facing each other on the platform. "I'll teach you a lesson," Idasa said confidently. Trunks, on the other hand, said nothing. As the bell rang, Trunks rushed toward Idasa. Trunks low-kiced Idasa's feet. Idasa was falling on the ground. Before Idasa's body reached the ground, Trunks kiced Idasa again into the air. Idasa landed on the platform and could not move. Trunks had won. P.S. : I saw in Jump that there is a new DragonBall Z arcade game. The screen shot looked awesome. I saw Goku fighting Gohan (kid). The screen was huge and detailed. It's not like Street Fighter with little characters and horizontal scroll. The game plays from the viewpoint of the player, much like flight-simulator or Punch out. It looks absolutely amazing....


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