Chapter 430 Together, the Dragon Warriors As the contest appraoched, all the z fighters tr

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Chapter 430 : Together, the Dragon Warriors As the contest appraoched, all the z fighters trained more rigorously in hope of out-compete the rest. Gohan, Biteru, Vejita, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, Kuririn and Goku, the eighter fighters had determined to join the contest. Finally, the day had come. On the other hand, Mr. Satan did not take any training, confident of his victory. Vejita, Trunks, #18, Kuririn, Gohan, Goten, Chichi, and Bulma took the Capsule airplane to the contest. " Vejita-san, Trunks, Goten," Gohan said, "I think we should not turn into super saiya-jin while fighting," Gohan suggested to all the saiya-jin on board. "Why..?," Vejita asked out of confusion. "When you fought Cell last time everyone saw you in blonde. If you got recognized by the people they will harass you endlessly," Bulma explained. Apparently, the world did not know the z fighters. "Ok... Super-saiya-jin or no super saiya-jin, I am still the strongest," Vejita agreed. "It's no problem for us either," Trunks and Goten replied. Slowly, the plane arrived at the contest. Gohan quickly jumped off looking for his father. In his search for Goku, Gohan found Piccolo. Piccolo did not show any sign of age, still in his optimal condition. Piccolo told Gohan that he had not yet seen Goku. The crowd made a sudden loud noise and Gohan turned around. Mr. Satan , greeted by the crowd, had arrived with her daughter. As usual, Mr. Satan celebrated his victory before he even started. The Z fighters had seen so much of Satan's phoniness and did not pay any attention. Suddenly, someone yelled "Ya-hoooo" behind them. Goku was back. Gohan could not hold himself and went forward to hug his father. Chichi and Kuririn immediately went up to Goku. "Remember, it's only 24 hr," the prophet told Goku. "How have you been , father?," Gohan greeted his father. However, Goku was distracted by Kuririn's headful of hair. "Who is he??," Goku asked out of curiousity. "This is Kuririn-san," Gohan explained. "He's got hair now??," Goku could not believe what he saw. "Goten, meet your father," Chichi took Goten to Goku. "Another son?," Goku did not know he had two children. Goten, appeared a little threatened, stood back and looked at Goku. "Come on, he's your father," Chichi told Goten, but Goten was still to shy. On the side, Vejita and Piccolo spoke not even a word, but they knew they would have good competition from their old friend/rival. "Let's go to register," Piccolo reminded everyone. The fighters walked toward the registration table. First, Gohan registered. "Great ...?," the staff was a little perplexed by Gohan's favorite nick name. "Put me down as the Great Saiya-man," Gohan told the staff. "What is that???," Goku did not understand what was going on. Then Trunks went to registered. "You are joining the under-15 contest?," the staff told Trunks that he could not fight with the adults. However Trunks wanted to fight with his father and Gohan, he and Goten were forced to the under 15 junior division. PS : I checked the fj.rec.comic group and the post had the name Biteru as Bideru. I think I'm probably wrong. I will pay closer attention next week.


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