Chapter 429 The Approaching Tournament After many hours of training, Biteru managed to flo

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Chapter 429 : The Approaching Tournament After many hours of training, Biteru managed to float in the air. On the other hand, Goten mastered the technique much more quickly and was able to fly at his will. Meanwhile, Vejita was traning at the Capsule Corp. Vejita, turned into super saiya-jin, was praticing under 150x gravity. He had some difficulty maneuvering, but he was making progress. Without Vejita's knowledge, Trunks sneaked into the same room. Trunks had never experienced increased gravity and could barely move. "This is nonsense for you," Vejita told Trunks, telling him to go away. "If I become super saiya-jin then this will be no problem," Trunks said to himself. Suddenly, energy blasted out from Trunks' body. He had turned into super saiya-jin. To Vejita surprise, Trunks now can move freely without being burdened by the extra gravity. Vejita was shocked by his son's strength. "Ok, want to practice with me?" Vejita invited Trunks to fight him. "No. You're too strong for me," Trunks refused. "If you do well, I will take you to the amusement park," Vejita gave Trunks the bait. "Really?,ok," Trunks prepared to fight for a trip to the amusement park. Vejita did not plan to attack. He just wanted to test Trunks. However, Trunks came to Vejita and attacked Vejita in shockingly high speed. Vejita could not hold on much longer. He had no choice but to counterattack to stop Trunks. Vejita punched heavily into Trunks. "You are attacking, that's not fair!," Trunks complained. "Shut up. I will take you to the amusement park," Vejita kept his promise. "Is Gohan's brother as strong as you are?" Vejita asked Trunks. "We are almost equal, but I'm a little stronger because I'm 1 year older than Goten is," Trunks replied. "He(Goten) doesn't even know how to fly." Vejita was puzzled by Trunks and Goten's incredible power. Gohan and Biteru had finally finish their special training. Biteru now could fly easily at her will. "If my father knows I'm going to a boy's home, he will be really mad," Biteru told Gohan, a possible sign of affection from Biteru. Gohan , as naive or perhaps stupid as a kid, did not get it. "My father said he would let me go out if I could find a man stronger than he (Satan) is," Biteru continued. "But no one can be stronger than my World Champion father," Biteru said sacrastically. In his mind Gohan felt relieved as Biteru did not yet find out how much stronger Gohan is than Satan. "I want someone to beat him(Satan). He has been around with a lot of women ever since he won," Biteru said, "therefore I'm going to the tournament." "By the way, who taught you how to fly?," Biteru asked. "Someone who had already died," Gohan tried to seal the fact that his father had died. Yet Goten suddenly cut in and said "our father." "So your father is dead?," Biteru showed a little sympathy. "But he will be back for one day to fight in the tournament," Goten said. "How can you bring a dead person back to life?," Biteru was getting more and more interested in Goku. Gohan did not want Biteru to know that his father and the gang were super-human fighters, and made Goten to shut his mouth.


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