Chapter 428 Biteru learning Bukuujutsu (the flying technique) Gohan took Biteru and Goten

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Chapter 428 : Biteru learning Bukuujutsu (the flying technique) Gohan took Biteru and Goten to teach them how to fly. "First, you must learn to control your ki," Gohan said. "What's 'ki'?," Biteru could not understand Gohan. "Ki is the hidden power that's within everyone of us," Gohan tried to explain. Before Gohan could finish speaking, Goten cut in. "Ki is something like this," Goten raised his palm and aimed at a rock. A blast of energy emerged and destroyed the rock into pieces. Biteru was shocked. It was not something a human can do, she thought to herself. "Is that some kind of tricks , or what is it?", Biteru asked in frustration. "It's ki. Why don't you try now?" Gohan asked Biteru to show her ki. "What?? I don't know any magic like you guys. This is beyond me!" Biteru complained in frustration. "Everyone has ki, it is just difficult to control it. We will try slowly to master your ki," said Gohan. On the other hand, Goku was training in the South Kaiou Sei (South Kaiou planet) Goku was floating in the air, carrying very heavy weights on his appendages. "Isn't that a little outdate?" said the South Kaiou, who ruled the southern region of the universe. The South Kaiou is a man of pride, and somewhat arrogant. "Yes, but it works," Kaiou said. (This is the Kaiou Goku killed. He rules the north, so I will refer to him as the North Kaiou from now on) "Oh yeah, there is a guy named Papoy who can do much better than that," the South Kaiou said to downplay the North Kaiou. "Really? ... Maybe we should train harder... This guy (Goku) is going to join a martial arts contest in my area soon. He is "just" carrying four weights, each of which is 2 tons," the North Kaiou said sacrastically. "So that goes to ... 2+2+2+2 ... 8 tons?????," the South Kaiou cannot believe it. "Oh yeah .... but Papoy can do that too," the South Kaiou lied because he could not admit defeat. "Well, why don't you tell Papoy to join the contest too. Goku, let's make those weights to 10 tons," the North Kaiou said. "10 tons, isn't that a little too harsh?" Goku said. "Turn into super saiya-jin," said the North Kaiou. "Well, that's become much easier then," Goku replied. The South Kaiou could not believe their words. That'll be 40 tons Goku needs to carry. But Goku slowly lowered his head and transformed into a super saiya-jin. "No problem," Goku said as he was not bothered by the 40 tons he was carrying. "???????!!!!!,", the South Kaiou was shocked into silence. "So, is Papoy coming to the contest?,", asked the North Kaiou knowing that the South Kaiou is already defeated. "... I ... will, if I find him .....". The North Kaiou had won the verbal fight. Meanwhile, Biteru finally managed to float a few inches above ground. "That's it, keep it up!!," Gohan told Biteru to hang in there, but Biteru had to stop. "Still that's not bad! You have learned a lot in just couple hours," Gohan said to Biteru to cheer her up. But in the background, Goten, who started at the same time as Biteru, was already flying in the air skillfully. Then, Chichi called them to lunch. Biteru was thankful that the Son family invited her to lunch. "Hmmm, this tastes much better than my house chef," Biteru complmented Chichi's cooking. However, Chichi took the words rather differently. "You mean, you have servants in your home?", Chichi asked. Biteru nodded and continued eating. "How many rooms are there in your place?," Chichi asked again, thinking she had found a great girl for Gohan. "Uhmmm, about 50 rooms, I guess," Biteru replied. Chichi was shocked , and fell in love with her son's wealthy girl friend. "So when are you two getting married?," Chichi asked. Gohan was shocked and the food choked up in his throat. After lunch, the training resumed. "I will come tomorrow at the same time, is that ok?", asked Biteru. "You can learn on your own from now on," Gohan replied, not realizing that Biteru was interested in him. "By the way, I would like to see you cut your hair short," Gohan said. "Really, you like my hair short, don't you?" Biteru though Gohan was advancing on her. "Yeah, so when you fly the hair won't get into the eyes," Gohan said. Biteru felt like a fool and left abruptly. "I don't understand women," Gohan looked at Goten as Biteru left. The next morning, Biteru had cut her hair really really short. Gohan and Goten could not even recognize her in the first place.


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