Chapter 427 The Training Starts! Gohan took Goten to train for the upcoming contest. It is

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Chapter 427 : The Training Starts! Gohan took Goten to train for the upcoming contest. It is Gohan's first time training with his brother. Gohan first turned into super-saiya-jin. On the ground, Gohan made a line. Then Gohan walked to 4~5 feet from the line. "Goten. Do you see the line on the ground? Stand before that line and throw the stone at me," Gohan said to Goten. It would be a good test of reflex to dodge the stones thrown at such a short distance. "Is it really ok?", Goten asked, thinking he may hurt his brother. "No problem" Gohan said. Gohan thought such a simple attack could not give him any difficulties. Goten picked up the stone and threw it at Gohan. Gohan saw the stone coming to his face at an extraordinary speed and barely avoided it. Gohan could not believe his brother's ability. Goten was ready to throw another stone at Gohan, but Gohan asked Goten to stop. "Why don't you just stand back a little bit," Gohan knew Goten was too quick for him. "Ok," Goten replied. Goten repeatly threw tens of stones at Gohan and Gohan avoided all of them. Gohan was ready for another practice when Goten suddenly interrupted. "Brother, could I become like you?," Goten asked. "You mean like me", Gohan pointed to his hair (the super-saiya jin form. "Do you know what this is?" Gohan thought Goten was joking. "Yeah.. Don't you call that thing Super-Saiya-jin?" Goten replied. "Yes. But first your heart must be full of fury ..." Gohan said. But before Gohan could finish the line Goten had turned into Super-Saiya-jin form. "Incredible! It took many practices for father and I...When did you make it to Super saiya- jin?" Gohan asked in surprise. "I did it a long time ago. But mom said I look like a teenage gangster so I did not transform again", Goten replied. "I guess mom really doesn't like the look of super saiya-jin...." Gohan said. "Brother, can we just fight?" Goten asked Gohan. "Do you know how to fight?" Gohan asked. "Mom taught me a little bit whenever you were studying." "Ok," Gohan and Goten started to fight. The fight drags on for several minutes. Gohan could not land any attack on Goten. Gohan then flew up the air and prepared to attack again. "Brother... that's not fair. I don't know how to fly...," Goten said. "You could turn into super saiya-jin easily but you don't know how to fly??" Gohan pondered. "You were much stronger than I could imagine," Gohan said to Goten as he landed. "Really? But Trunks is even stronger than I'm ..." Suddenly, a thought came to Gohan. He was supposed to teach Biteru how to fly. Coincidentally, Biteru was flying her helicopter just behind Gohan. She was heading to Gohan's home. "Goten. Let's go see a special person" Gohan brought Goten back to their home. Biteru was at the door talking to Chichi. Then Gohan appeared from behind. "Why are you cutting school?" Biteru asked. "I need to train for the turnament. Hey, do you want to learn how to fly?" Then Chichi cut into the conversation " Are you guys going on a date?" "No!" Biteru answered furiously. "Don't worry. Gohan don't do sexy things, will you, Gohan?" "NO!!" Biteru was irritated. "Let's just head off and learn how to fly." Gohan and Biteru left for training. PS : In Chinese/Japanese, people refer to their simblings as brothers/ sisters, not by their first names. Thus Goten will say "Ni-chan" to refer to Gohan. Goten won't call Gohan "Gohan". Just a little cultural enrichment ...


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