Chapter 426 Tenkaichibudoukai (World's best martial arts championship) Feeling defeated th

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Chapter 426 : Tenkaichibudoukai (World's best martial arts championship) Feeling defeated that his identity as the Great Saiyaman was uncovered by Biteru, Gohan returned to Capsule Corp. "I am going to join the Tenkai," Gohan said to Bulma. "Why this time? You did not join for the past Tenkai," Bulma asked Gohan. Gohan explained to Bulma what had happened. "Well, would you like a suit that can mask your voice too?," Bulma asked Gohan. "No... I need a new disguise," Gohan replied. "Why don't you try sun glasses?" "That's right!!," Gohan said to himself. Then suddenly, Vejita appeared. "I'm going too. We are not that much different in strength as we were before. For all this years I've been training. And you (Gohan) have lived in peace for too long to fight," Vejita told Gohan. Then suddenly from nowhere a voice spoke loudly. "I'm joining too!," the voice said. "It's dad, it's dad!!," Gohan recognized Goku's voice. Goku was speaking with Kaiou's help. "How are you doing dad?," Gohan asked Goku. "I'm very fine," Goku answered. On the side, Kaiou mumbled " ... although we are dead." "Prophet Baba lets me return to life for one day. I will go to the tournament," Goku told Gohan. "If I tell mom that dad is coming back she would be very happy!" Goku's voice disappeared again. "Well, looks everybody is going. How about you, Trunks?," Gohan was really excited, but Trunks did not reply. "Well, do you need an outfit like mine so no one will recognize you?" Gohan asked Vejita. "No...., I don't care if people know who I'm," Vejita could not believe how naive and childish Gohan is. "How about Yamcha and Tenshinhan?," Gohan asked. "I will phone Yamcha. Why don't you go and tell Tenshinhan?," Bulma replied. "Ok," Gohan flied away and started to look for Tenshinhan. Gohan had been flying for quite a while, but he suddenly realized that he did not know where Tenshinhan live. Instead, he decided to go to Kame House to look for Kuririn. At the Kame house, a hair-ful Kuririn was found. Without fighting, Kuririn's hair had come back. In the background stood #18 and a little girl (maybe Kuririn and #18's child). Gohan told Kuririn about the competition. "So are you going, Kuririn-san?", Gohan asked. "Well... with Goku, Gohan, Vejita and Trunks, I stand no chance..." "Don't worry. There is even prize for firth place winner," Gohan told Kuririn. "How much is the prize?", #18 stepped forward and asked Gohan. "Ten million zenny for 1st, 5 million for 2nd, 3 million for 3rd, 2 million for 2nd, 1 million for 5th," Gohan replied. "Ok , I will go," Kuririn was moved by the money, "if you don't tell Piccolo maybe I have a chance for the 5th" "Uhmmm I'm sorry, I must tell Piccolo-san." "Well, I will see you at the tournament," Gohan then flied to kamisama's place. At the kamisama's place stood the teenage Denden, Piccolo. Piccolo was excited. "Are you going too, Denden?", Gohan asked Denden. "No. I don't like fighting." Denden refused to goto the turnament. "Actually, I 'm not sure I can go. I would have to quit school to train..., I'm going to ask right now, bye!" Gohan flied off back home. Gohan told Chichi, his mother, about Goku's return. "So, could I join , mom?", Gohan asked in fear of reject. "Of course you can. You and Goku. 10 + 5 million zennies! We have almost spend all Goku left for us. Finally, we have found a use for your father. Goten, you will see your dad!" Chichi agreed to let Gohan fight. At bed, Gohan said to Goten. Let's go training tomorrow. If we want to win we must train. I'll have to turn you into a super saiya-jin," Gohan told Goten and then went to sleep.


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