Chapter 425 Bare da! (Sorry, I don't know the meaning of these words) Gohan, in disguise a

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Chapter 425 : Bare da! (Sorry, I don't know the meaning of these words) Gohan, in disguise as the Great Saiyaman, was fighting the robbers on a highway. With his super-strength, Gohan had already defeated one of the two robbers. The remaining one was scared, as he saw how Gohan took the gun and crashed it in one hand. In fear, the robber ran back to the car and fled for his life. Before the robber left, he threw a granade at Gohan. However, Gohan flew up in the air and avoided the damage. "He is floating in the air....," Biteru exclaimed. Gohan saw the escaping car, and chased after it immediately with extraordinary speed. He caught up with the car , which was running at its full speed. Seeing that there is no chance to escape, the robber gave up. After a few seconds after the robbers surrendered, Biteru arrived at the scene too. "Shouldn't we tie them up?," asked the Great Saiyaman. "No, the police will come and take care of them, Son Gohan." Gohan was shock that Biteru could recognize him from his "perfect" disguise. "No, lady, .... I'm not...", Gohan tried to lie. "Why did you leave class?," Biteru asked. "I left the class to go to restroom ....", Gohan answered. "Isn't it clear now that you're Son Gohan, Great Saiyaman?" Gohan said nothing as he knew he failed. "Come on, let's get back to class. Get in to the helicopter" Inside the helicopter, Biteru talked to Gohan. "Are you going to join the World's Best Martial Arts Contest? (ie, Tenkaichibudoukai)", Biteru asked Gohan. "No, I don't want to ...." "Why not? You seem to be so skilled," Biteru tried to convince Gohan to join the contest. "If you don't, I will tell everyone that you're the Great Saiyaman," Biteru threatened to reveal Gohan's identity. "Ah... that ......," Gohan still had not decided. "This is the third time the contest is held. Son Goku won the first one. My dad (Mr. Satan) won the second one. Are you Son Goku's child?", Biteru asked Gohan. "Well,... that," Gohan was reluctant to answer as he did not want to join. "It will be interesting. The descendents of the champions of the Tenkaichibudoukai fighting. My dad will join too. If you don't , I really really will tell everyone that Son Gohan is Great Saiyaman," Biteru knew she had succeeded as Gohan lowered his head in fear. "Ok...," Gohan had no choice but to accept the condition. "Go back to class now," Biteru told Gohan to leave the helicopter, which was still in the air. "By the way, I would really like to learn to float in the air like you. Could you teach me?," Biteru asked Gohan. "Ok...," Gohan answered in silence. Back in class, no one knew the secret between Biteru and Gohan. But Biteru kept watching into Gohan and Gohan felt like a big fool. PS : I think the title "BARE" means the sound when someting breaks.


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