Chapter 424 Biteru! Emergency Call!! With the new custome Bulma made for him, Gohan decide

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Chapter 424 : Biteru! Emergency Call!! With the new custome Bulma made for him, Gohan decided he would protect the peace and justice of Satan City as Great Saiyaman. No one knew the identity of the mysterious and phony-looking Great Saiyaman. To all, Gohan was known as the Golden Warrior. Gohan was at the door, ready to leave for school. At the door, his mother Chi-chi and his brother, Goten, said goodbye to Gohan. Gohan jumped off onto Kinndouun (the cloud) and headed to school. Gohan was thrilled by the new custome. At school, many people were talking about the mysterious and "ridiculous" Great Saiyaman. "Hey, have you heard about that crazy Great Taiyaman?," Gohan was asked in the school gym locker room. "No! It's Great Saiyaman!," Gohan was angry that no one could remember his surname correctly. "Gees, take it easy.....", the guy was scared by Gohan's anger. In the classroom, Gohan was sitting next to Eliza and Biteru, according to yesterday's sitting arrangement. Gohan , however, did not pay much attention to the lecture. He was still thrilled by his new identity. Then, suddenly, Biteru's mobile phone rang. "Biteru. There is an emergency on high way route 88. Two robbers are running away. We need your help." Without saying a word, Biteru left the classroom. "Thank Biteru again for keeping peace," the teacher said. Gohan was amazed. He looked up to the guy who sat next to Biteru. "This isn't unusual at all. Biteru is always on call to help the police. In terms of power, she is even stronger than I am." Gohan was amazed. However, as peace loving as Gohan was, he wanted to help. Gohan tried to think of a good excuse to leave class. He could not think of any convincible ones. As a last resort, he yelled to the teacher "I need to go to restroom!" and left the room. Hiding secretly, Gohan immediately changed into Great Saiyaman. "High way route 88, in Cell Downtown. That's where they are. ... But where is route 88?????," Gohan did not realized that he was new to Satan City and felt like a fool. Meanwhile, Biteru had caught up with the robber. "Get down and surrender," Biteru yelled to the 2 robbers. One of the robbers, twice as high as Biteru and very muscular, stood up. "What can you do to stop as???" The robber approached Biteru and tried to hit her. Biteru avoided the hit quickly and immediately counterattacked. "That's where they are. I feel her ki!," Gohan flew to where Biteru and the robbers were. However, he stayed in the air above them, hesistated to disrupt Biteru. The robber was angered and drew out his gun. "Let's see how you can take this." The robber pointed the gun at Biteru. Gohan saw the gun and immediately flew down. He took the gun away from the robber and broke the gun into pieces in his hand. It was Biteru's first time seeing the Great Saiyaman. Additional Comments. Some of you may have known, a new member in Goku's family was intro- duced. His name is "Goten" in Japanese, not Gotin for those who knows the name in Cantonese. In Goku, the "ku" parts means emptiness or the sky. In "Goten", the "ten" part means sky. So the author again has a rather clever (and cute) name. Goten is probably 6 or 7. He looks like Gohan when Gohan is first introduced in DB-Z.


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