Chapter 423 [sorry forgot to read the title] Gohan arrived at Capsule Corp., looking for B

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Chapter 423 : [sorry forgot to read the title] Gohan arrived at Capsule Corp., looking for Bulma to help him hide his identity. "Using his power to protect justice, that sounds like Gohan," Bulma said to Gohan. "Yeah, but I need a way to hide my true power, can you help me?", Gohan asked Bulma. "Ok. I can make you a capsule suit to put on. That'll take around 2 hrs, is that ok?," Bulma started working on the capsule. "Sure," Gohan replied. "By the way, where is Trunks? I've not seen me for a long time," Gohan asked. "Trunks is with Vegita. Vegita said it's time for Trunks to learn combating skills. Vegita wants Trunks to be stronger than you, Gohan.," Bulma replied. "Yuck," Gohan smiled and left to see Trunks. Gohan walked along the corridor in the research center. On his way, he saw Vegita. "Sorry for bothering you," Gohan greeted Vegita. However, Vegita did not pay any attention. "You've lived in peace for too long. Be aware.",Vegita coldly said to Gohan. From behind Vegita, the little Trunks emerged. "Gohan-kun!!! When did you come???," Trunks was excited seeing Gohan. Then suddenly, Bulma appeared. "Here it is, Gohan. It's a wrist pad. Just press the red button to put on the suit." Gohan took the wrist pad and pressed the red button. That, suddenly, a helmet and a super-man like power suit was put on Gohan's body. [The suit however looks very silly] Gohan liked the suit very much. Secretly, Trunks said to himself ," I will never wear someting like that..." Gohan thanked everyone then left. He was excited that now he could protect Satan City without worrying about his identity. "Hey, Kindouun (the cloud), why don't we have a race and see who's faster?," Gohan jumped off Kindouun and sped. While he flew in the air, he saw a speeding car. Immediately, Gohan descended to the ground and stood in front of the speeding car. "Don't you know it's dangerous speeding?," Gohan told the driver. "Whose business is that of you? Get out of the way or I will run you over," the driver told Gohan. "I'm the Great Saiya-man. A peace-loving protector of Satan City!", Gohan told the driver. "Is he nuts???," the driver thought. Then the police came and Gohan left. Comments: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Question : I'm playing the SFC DB-Z game. When I played Goku last time, somehow I managed to toss the opponent up in the air, hit the opponent in the air to the ground, and hit the opponent on the ground again. Does anyone know how to reproduce this move? Thanks!


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