Hi, The local Kinokuniya shipment was late, but still better than nothing at all. Some new

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Hi, The local Kinokuniya shipment was late, but still better than nothing at all. Some new characters were introduced. I'm just doing my best to romanize them. Chpater 421 Who's that girl?! Cell was defeated, thanks to Son Goku and Son Gohan. Several years had passed since the Cell Game, the world had returned to peace. However, no one knows that a new evil is arising. Son Gohan is 16 yrs old now. Today is his first day in high school. The school is in Satan City, a city named after the hero whom everyone though saved Earth from Cell. [Gohan is riding on kinndouun (the cloud) on his way to Organce Star High School.] He jumped off from the sky as he approaches his destination. Suddenly, he hears someone screaming. The nearby Satan Bank is being robbed. Quickly, Gohan hides his belongs, and turns into Super Saiya-jin. Single-handedly, he defeats all the robbers, but leaves as soon as the police arrives. As Gohan leaves, a mysterious black-haired girl appears. She starts talking to the police officier. "He had unbelievable power! His speed, strength.... even stronger than your father!," the police officer told the girl. "Who was he?," the girl asked. "I don't know, but I saw him. He is a golden warrior. He wore the same school emblem as you," the police officer answers. "A golden warrior ...., " the girl keeps thinking. Gohan is late to school. Nonetheless, he is warmly welcomed by the instructor. "His name is Son Gohan. He will be joing us from now on," the instrucotr introduces Gohan to the class. Eliza, one of the students, looks at Gohan. "Isn't he cute, Biteru?," Eliza turns to Biteru, the girl who talked to the officer earlier. " 'Gohan", what a weird name, said a guy who sits next to Biteru." Biteru does not reply. She is still thinking of the mysterious golden warrior. "In my father's video during the Cell Game, there was a blonde ... ", Biteru thinks. Chapter 422 Gohan is really tired! The class go outside to the track field for P.E. Today, they are playing baseball. Biteru tells Gohan to be a catcher. Gohan says ok. The guy who said next to Biteru in class is batting. He wants to show off in front of all the girls, especially Biteru. Indeed, he is a storng sportsman. He hits the ball accurately. It seems to be a perfect homerun, but suddenly, Gohan jumps and floats in the air and catches the ball easily. The entire class is stunned. "Oh,no. I shouldn't have done this ...," Gohan told him- self. He needed to hide his identity. This time, Gohan is the batter, and the guy who first batted is the pitcher. The guy wants to revenge on Gohan. With all his might he throws a speed ball right at Gohan's ball. On the other hand, Gohan is not paying attention to the ball but thinking how he could seal his power. The ball strkes right into Gohan's face. The guy thinks Gohan will be badly injured, but Gohan actually does not even feel any pain when the ball hits his face. No one could believe it. At last, school is over. Gohan is heading to see Bulma to ask her for advice to hide his true identity. --------- Comments : I 'm sorry as I forget who "that guy's" name is. I was in a real hurry this morning. But he looked like Gato in 0083 with his pony tail hair. As a side note, Gohan, aged 16 now, looks exactly like Goku, except Gohan has shorter hair. Biteru, Satan's daughter, looks like Bulma (when first appears) but with black hair. I am not even sure if the series is still Dragonball Z, now that Goku is officially dead. Maybe it's Dragonball ZZ ..... 8^l Last question. To those who have the DB SFC game, how do you defeat the final cell. I tried up real best but Cell was really incredible in the final battle. 2 supershots and I'm dead. Any advice is very welcome.


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