Dragonball Z The Cell Game So the Cell Game starts. Mr. Satan volunteers first, but Cell d

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Dragonball Z : The Cell Game So the Cell Game starts. Mr. Satan volunteers first, but Cell does not pay any attention to him and kick him out of the ring immediately. Then Goku goes up. Goku and Cell start fighting, but neither seems to be overwhelming stronger than the other. Then suddenly,Goku surrenders. He refuses to fight anymore. Instead, Goku tells that there is one person who can definitely defeat Cell. The person is Gohan. All the Z-warriors are perplexed, and think Goku is crazy. On the other hand, Goku is very confident. Cell does not think worthy of Gohan, and he just plays with Gohan. Gohan is beaten up quite badly. "Unlike father, I hate fighting." Cell hears that and laughs.To make Gohan want to fight, Cell releases from his "sting" many little junior Cells. The little Cells then attack all the Z-warriors. Even the super-saiyajin Trunk and Vejita have a hard time fighting the junior Cells. Cell laughs, "Now, if you don't fight, all your friends will die". Then, with only the head remaining, #16 asks Mr. Satan to bring him to Gohan. He wants to speak to Gohan. "If you are fighting for the right course, then there is nothing wrong with fighting." Gohan listens to #16, which Cell immediately destroys. Suddenly, a tremendous blast of energy surrounds Gohan. Gohan now is ready to fight. Quickly, Gohan single-handedly defeats all of the junior Cells. Everyone is amazed, even Cell. But confidenly, Cell says to Gohan, "That's pretty good, but do you think you can defeat me ?". Gohan looks into Cell's eyes and says, "I can defeat you". Cell gets uneasy, and they begin fighting. Gohan punches into Cell's stomach, but to everyone's surprise, Cell cannot withstand Gohan's attack and almost collapses.Cell tries to hit Gohan, but Gohan is to quick. Goku sees that Gohan is winning and is very happy. Cell is mad. "Computer tells me I'm perfect ! I'm invincible !!!!" But Gohan again punches into Cell's stomach. Suddenly, #18 comes back out from Cell's stomach. Cell is no longer in his perfect form. Knowing that he has lost, he decides to kill everyone even at the cost of his own life. Cell blows himself up. Cell's body fattens and seems to be exploding in anyminute. "Attack me now. If you do so, you will all die. If you don't, you still have to die", Cell says to Gohan Gohan regreats that he is playing with Cellinstead of killing Cell immediately At the moment when Cell is about to explode himself, Goku steps up. "Tell mom that I'm sorry", Goku says to Gohan. Goku then approaches Cell and uses his instant teleport to bring Cell to Kaiou sei (Planet Kaiou). "Hi, Kaiou-sama", Goku greets Kaiou, then Cell explodes. Both Goku and Kaiou are killed. Goku and Kaiou's spirits are floating in the air. They start talking. "How dare you kill me for the sake of Earth, I'm the greatest being in this universe", Kaiou whines at Goku. "I'm sorry", Goku replies. But suddenly, they realize that they cannot find Cell's spirit. "If Cell is dead, we should be with him", Kaiou says. Then Goku realizes that Cell is still alive. Cell returns to Earth. All the Z-warriors are amazed. Even w/o #18, Cell is in his perfect form. "Unless the core within my brain is destroyed, I will not die." (a feature from Piccolo) "And thanks to the saiyajin blood, I'm stronger. And thanks to Goku, I can teleport." Gohan hesitates no more and immediately attacks Cell. However, this time it seems Cell is stronger, and losing his father, Gohan seems to have lost his fighting spirit. Then suddenly, Cell says "Let's play no more. Let's see how you can take this. It's enough to destroy the entire solar system". Then Cell prepares a tremendous energy blast and aims at earth. Gohan feels defeated, he does not know what to do. Then suddenly, he hears Goku's voice speaking though Kaiou. "Don't give up. Together we can defeat Cell." Then Gohan prepares an equally large energy blast to annihilate Cell's. The two release simultaneously. But Cell sees Goku's shadowing helping Gohan. The two energy blasts almost equal one another neither seems to be winning. Suddenly, Cell is hit on the side. Vejita hit Cell and distracts him. It's now to late for Cell to concentrate and Gohan/Goku's energy blast overpowers Cell's and completely destroys Cell. Gohan returns to the ground. Then Denden appears, with the newly created Dragonballs and summons the Dragon Spirit. However, the Dragon Spirit can grant only two wishes. The first wish is to revive all those killed by Cell. But Goku cannot be revived, as he has died once already. So the Z-warriors try to determine the second (last) wish. They could not think of any... Then Yamsha steps forward, and says that he wants a girlfriend. Then Kuririn cut into Yamsha and says that he wishes to return #18 to a true human. However, the Dragon Spirit says he cannot do it. Disappointed Kuririn instead asks the Dragon Spirit to remove the emergence-control within #17 and #18. Everyone is perplexed, so Kuririn admits that he likes #18. The Dragon Spirit grants Kuririn the wish. #18, hiding, hears Kuririn and is puzzled herself. She steps forward and tells Kuririn, "#17 and I are brother and sister. We have the same feelings (i.e. she does not want to thank Kuririn )". Then, she turns away and is ready to leave Kami-sama's place. Before she leaves, she turns around to Kuririn and says, "We will see again". Then, she disappears. Kuririn apologizes to Yamsha for choosing to help #18 instead of giving him his girlfriend. Yamsha replies, "No problem. I'm not that desperate". Piccolo turns to Trunk, "Now, you can return to the future and easily defeat the cyborgs". Trunk answers "Yes", and smiles. Trunf would not go back to the future that night. At last, all the Z-warriors depart. Gohan returns to tell his mom Chichi that Goku has died. Chichi faints. At the end, it reads, "A new time has come. From now on, Gohan will be the lead character for the future stories".


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