Dragonball Z episode 200 title Arekara 7 nen! Kyoukara bokuha koukousei [7 years since the

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Dragonball Z episode 200 ~title: Arekara 7 nen! Kyoukara bokuha koukousei [7 years since then! From today I'm a high school student] aired: 1993.09.08 OP: We Gotta Power (Kageyama Hironobu) ED: Bokutachi ha Tenshidatta (Kageyama Hironobu) [There is a new song and animation for both OP and ED. It will take some time to get used to the new songs. The OP and ED animations feature the older Gohan, with pictures of everyone else too.] Gohan blasted and destroyed Cell. So people were living peacefully. But when people got used to the peace, some foolish people appeared. Humans are like that.. In a small city, some bank robbers with guns went to a bank to rob it. Gohan (now a big high school boy) was riding kinton. In the little village where Gohan lived, there was no school nearby. Until now he studied at home (along with his training). But Chichi thought that it wasn't enough, so she made him go to a high school. When Gohan got to the edge of the city, he got off the kinton. The city was called Satan City. The people of the earth believed that it was Satan who had saved the world. The bank robbers were ordering the people in the bank. When they got all of the money in the bank, the leader said, "After we use up all of the money, we'll come back again." Then the sound of sirens approached. Gohan was jogging through the city (at normal human speed). But he looked at his watch. He was cutting it close. So Gohan looked around and made sure that nobody was looking. Then he ran at Saiya-jin speed through the town. But Gohan heard the shooting and stopped. The police and bank robbers were shooting it out, and the police were being over powered. Gohan said, "Again. This city is no good. I have to transform again so people won't know my identity." Gohan became a Super Saiya-jin, and easily pounded the bank robbers. When one guy shot at him, Gohan caught all of the bullets. Then when the bad guys tried to drive away, Gohan used his ki to blast the car. The people who were watching were shocked. There was one mean looking young girl with black hair. She came up behind Gohan (who had returned to normal), and asked him who had caused all of this damage. Gohan said that he didn't know because he didn't see it. The girl wondered who had done it. Then an old guy on the street came up to her and said that it was the "golden senshi". He also said that the senshi was a student at the same high school as her, Orange Star High School, because he had the same badge as her. The girl didn't think there was anyone in her school like that. At school, the girl asked a well built boy with long blond hair (Shabner) if he wasn't the "golden senshi". Shabner said that he wasn't. Then a girl with short blond hair asked if that senshi was stronger than her father. The girl's name was Biideru, and her father was Mr. Satan. Then another boy in the class said that nobody was stronger than Mr. Satan. Then the teacher came into the room. He introduced a new student who just transferred. It was Son Gohan. The blond girl said that Gohan was cute, and also the type that she liked. Biideru said that she felt like she had met him somewhere before. The teacher said that Gohan had gotten perfect scores on all of the subjects in the entrance exam. When the teacher told Gohan to sit anywhere, the blond girl got up and called Gohan. She had an empty seat next to her. Biideru was still wondering about Gohan. [CM animation: Gohan and Biideru in a car. Gohan's little brother picks up the car.] [CM animation: Kaiou and Bubbles in a car. Car runs into Goku and falls apart.] The blond girl introduced herself as Ireza. She also introduced Biideru. While the English teacher was lecturing, Ireza told Gohan that Biideru's father was Mr. Satan. Then Biideru remembered where she had seen Gohan. It was earlier in the morning when the golden senshi appeared. Gohan asked about the golden senshi. Ireza told him that the golden senshi had appeared three times already. He was a boy with spiked up golden hair who was very strong. Gohan finally realized that they were talking about him. Biideru was still looking at Gohan suspiciously. While the English teacher was still lecturing, Biideru suddenly talked to Gohan. Biideru said that the golden senshi had a badge for this school. Also he was seen wearing a white shirt, black vest, and orange pants, just like Gohan. She said, "It's a coincidence, but it's very exact." Then Shabner laughed. He said that Gohan was just a nerd who studied all the time. He also said that Gohan didn't have blond hair. Ireza also said that Gohan looked weak. Biideru said to herself that in the old video where her father fought Cell, there were people whose hair color turned gold in color. Her father had said that it was a trick. Ireza asked Gohan where he lived. Gohan told her, and Ireza was shocked because it was 1000 km away. It was a distance that took over five hours by jet-flyer. Gohan realized that he had made a mistake again. Biideru was still very suspicious. Then the teacher asked someone to translate the textbook. Gohan was looking at his textbook, which had a picture of Mr. Satan. Then Shabner asked Gohan to do it. Ireza pushed Gohan up, and Gohan translated for the class. [It was a story of Mr. Satan.] During gym class, the students played baseball. Shabner asked Gohan if he knew about baseball. Gohan said that he had never played before, but that he knew the rules. Shabner laughed and told Biideru that she could have him on her team. Biideru said that she didn't want him, but Ireza said that since he was so smart, he might come up with some good strategies. Biideru agreed and told Gohan to play right field. Meanwhile Chichi was at home worried about Gohan. While Gohan was out in the field, he reminded himself that the had to make suer that people didn't find out about his identity (powers). So he was determined to act like a normal human and not stand out. Shabner got up to bat. Biideru was pitching (a lefty fastball pitcher), and she was determined not to let Shabner hit. But Shabner hit the ball deep into right. It was going to be a homerun for sure. But all of the students looked up and were shocked, as Gohan was floating in the air with the ball. Gohan was holding onto the ball and thinking about the rules. He noticed that the runner had taken off from third. So he wanted to throw the ball to get the runner out. Gohan cautiously threw the ball very lightly to the third baseman. But the force of the ball knocked the third baseman over. Gohan happily floated down and ran to the bench. But everyone was still staring at him. Gohan realized that he still hadn't controlled himself enough. The next batter was Gohan. Gohan grabbed the bat in a right handed grip. But he stood in the lefty's batter's box. The pitcher was Shabner, and he was still upset at Gohan for catching his homerun. So he wanted to scare Gohan. Shabner threw at Gohan's head, and said to himself that he would die if he didn't get out of the way. Gohan was thinking to himself that he shouldn't hit, because he would stand out too much. So he just stood there as the ball came toward his head. The fastball hit Gohan's head and bounced off. Gohan didn't move and just stood there. Shabner and everyone else was shocked. But Gohan just asked the umpire if it was a hit by pitch, and ran to first base. Gohan was feeling happy because he had gotten on base without having to hit the ball. He thought that nobody had noticed anything wrong. Biideru was still looking at Gohan very suspiciously. When school ended, Shabner asked Gohan which club he was going to join. Gohan said that he wasn't going to join any club. Then Ireza came by and said that Gohan's house was very far away. Then Ireza asked Gohan to drive her home. But Gohan said that his car could only seat one person. Biideru was tailing Gohan as he walked home. Biideru was wondering why Gohan was walking when he lived so far away. When Gohan rounded a building, he noticed Biideru. Then at the next corner, Biideru lost Gohan. Gohan had flown to the roof. Later as Gohan was flying on kinton, he thought that he would have to disguise himself better. He decided to go ask Bulma. This was the most stressful day in Gohan's life. [new character voices: Biideru (Minaguchi Yuko), Ireza (Urawa Megumi)] -- Hitoshi Doi, Toshi Nibunnoichi doi@jrd.dec.com half a UFO catcher doll, half a cel [from JUNET: doi@jrd.dec-j.co.jp]


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